Best Accounting Software of 2021

1 . AAA Accounting

Spanish: Sistema Contable báscio, con soporte de la legislacion ecuatoriana. Desarrollado en PHP/APACHE. En estado 100% operacional. Las interfaces incorporan alta interactividad, componentes basados en Ajax( con frames ocultos y XMLHttpRequest).

2 . AbelliaAM

AbelliaAM is an accounting management software for real estate company. Web based, multi-language and Drupal intagrated.

3 . ABookKeep

An accounting and membership tracking application written for small to medium size churches.

4 . Automated Bank Reconciliation Statement

This project “Automation of BRS” enables a user to perform reconciliation between cash book and bank book, to ascertain the causes of difference and reflect the same in a statement called Bank Reconciliation Statement to reconcile the two balances.

5 . Applewood Computers Accounting System

ACAS contains Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers (Accounts Receivable, Payable and General Ledgers) as well as Stock Control (Inventory Control) along with IRS (Incomplete Records System). This system is written in COBOL and uses Open/GNU Cobol which compiles via C code and is therefore compatible with the following platforms: Linux, Unix, Dos, Mac OSX, Windows providing you have installed the gcc C compiler or an equivalent as well as GC (GNUCobol formally Open Cobol) at a minimum v1.1. It also is working with GC v2.0+. Note that all testing is done using v2.0 and the report writer branch. Current version only utilises standard Cobol flat files be they sequential or indexed. A later version will offer additional support for Oracle and Mysql.

7 . AccGenX

AccGenX is a full-featured Accounting project for Linux. Using PostgreSQL as its base, it is fully customisable to add and subtract specialty modules such as Trust Accounting (for lawyers) and Patient Management (for doctors).

8 . aCCo

The program should contain all important functions for accounting.

9 . account4xoops

this project is a cash accout and cash transaction (for item/service exchange )management module for XOOPS, include account/transaction for orher application development,and also include a database transaction class.

10 . Accountancy

It is a program to keep your books. It follows the standards of belgium.

11 . Linux Accountant and Data Library

A Basic library to simplify buisness application creation, along with administration programs for basic accounting, and management. The underlying tables, are stored by an SQL server, or a local isam base. In early stages of development.

12 . Account CRM

To intergrate open souce CRM {Sugar CRM/Vtiger} and Open source Accounting package.

13 . AccountFor

Originally written to play with CoreData, this eventually grew into an accounting app with the ability to track personal finances, etc.

14 . Account Guard

Account Guard helps you monitoring your expenses. Spend a few minutes every other day with an easy to use GUI and it will tell you where you can improve on your financial situation. Core is a simple but complete library for single-user data-applications.

18 . AccountManager

AccountManager is a simple checkbook application written in C#. It will start very simple and hopefully grow over time.

19 . AccountOverview

AccountOverview is an open-source account overview application, to parse and visualize data from bank accounts, to gain insight into your financial status.

20 . Accounts-Linux

Full accounts system, including web access for order processing and home workers. Systems can be tailored to suite each individual need, and works in multiple currencies. Reports can be self customized. Less keystrokes per entry Invoices and orders processed automatically, reducing the need for manual input. Automatic payment runs Automatic bank reconcilliation

21 . Accounts Manager

Accounts Manager is software for personal finance where you can keep track of all your expenses and incomes fast and easily.

23 . AccSoft

Accountig software for internet provider. This software analyze data monitoring by internet provider. Designed modular structure enabless support for interoperating with network devices, technologies, with another reporting tools and enables network devic

25 . Accua

Accua is a Free Accounting package for Linux/Unix. It will be coded using latest QT 4.2 and is released under GNU GPL.

27 . AcePFA

A personal money manager designed to be easy to use, yet powerful enough to track all your financial needs.

28 . AccountANT

AccountANT keeps track of expenses using the time attested double entry system. It manages the budgets for each account using the /known to work/ envolope system.

29 . Library Acquisitions Database

The Library Acquisitions Database manages the ordering and receiving of items, such as books and video cassettes, for a library system, featuring individual-branch buying and budgeting.

30 . ADempiere ERP Business Suite

NOTE: We're moving! See for more info. ADempiere Business Suite is a fully functional ERP/CRM/MFG/SCM/POS system suitable for large enterprise adoption. The software is fully open source and supported by an international community of developers and system experts.

31 . ADempiere Localización Venezuela - LVE

Localización para Venezuela del Proyecto ADempiere: Manejo de impuestos, formatos fiscales, nómina y recursos humanos, etc NOTA: Las contribuciones de Double Click Sistemas C.A. al proyecto de localización Venezuela se estarán haciendo a partir del 18-04-2012 en

32 . AdminERP

AdminERP es un sistema de Planificacion de Recursos Empresariales (ERP), adaptado al mercado Venezolano, que permite llevar el control de los recursos financieros, humanos, produccion y gerenciales que necesita la empresa moderna.

33 . ADDAM

For accountants using adding machines that produce tape. This software is a virtual machine that outputs 3- column pages of the entries input and totals. 2nd time input does verification producing auto error detection output.


The ADS-LIB-PHP project aims to create a base library of PHP5 classes and functions that serves to support well-structured application development practices especially for use with "CAAT" (Computer-Assisted Audit Tools & Techniques) applications.

35 . AeroED

Software for the Agile Airclub and its pilots. Il allows the pilots to register their flights and allows the Chief Pilot to give away the planes. This soft takes into account all the specific thing that belong to such a big Airclub.

36 . Ahp Software

software used to solve analytic hierarchy process (ahp) in decision making and operation research

37 . aircash

An application to provide a worldwide mobile secure/confidential payment system over the internet and other kinds of insecure/unreliable networks

38 . Ajumbledbox.Budget

Update coming soon. We have had some personal issues and had to stop development. Update - Oct. 2008 Our goal is to provide a user friendly Budget environment. At the Project Web site we have. Live Demo via Projects Page,Bug Tracker,Live Chat,Forum.

39 . Akaunting

From invoicing to expense tracking to accounting, Akaunting has all the tools you need to manage your money online, for free. That's right, completely free. There is no limited or trial version. No hidden charges or setup fees. See your financials online anytime, anywhere on your computer, tablet or phone. We're disrupting the closed-source dominated market and introducing the power of Open Source to accounting world. Akaunting is built with modern technologies such as Laravel, Bootstrap, jQuery, RESTful API etc.

40 . Allevo

Allevo is a cost accounting program which aims to be simple to understand and easy in use. It's available across various platforms and it target's those users who want to do their calculations fast and simple. At the moment a learning software for doub

41 . ALTER

ALTER is a web based integrated ERP system including purchasing, sales, inventory and accounting modules. Out of the box it is ideal for distribution and retail industries. Actually Italian only, but internationalization work is under way.

43 . Amaly Order Managment

Java-Application for order managment. From incoming orders up to the invoice, all business processes are documented. Flexibel configuration. Using JDBC for Database connect to PostGreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, SQLServer or IBM Informix. Reporting with JasperRep

44 . Amigabok

Amigabok is an accounting program for the AmigaOS. It was first released for the Amiga 500 and was left behind quite some time ago. The aim of this project is to update the program to modern standards and continue the development of Amigabok.

45 . Ampheus Accounts

Ampheus Accounts is to be a cross platform domestic accounts package designed for multiple user operation and the option of being deployed on a home server. By using an SQL database to store information the package should be system agnostic.

46 . Ananas

Ananas is a runtime and development environment of Finance Applications

47 . AndSoft

A collection of projects I have developed in the past years. It contains: - a tool to compute height and angle of objects above horizon - a proof of concept of DFT and DWT to reduce audio files - a quantitative library with OOorg interface for Calc

48 . Antidoto - Contabilità e Fatturazione

Antidoto è un software che consente di tenere una contabilità con il metodo della partita doppia e di gestire la fatturazione della propria attività. Adatto sia per uso personale che aziendale.

49 . APAC Accounting and Business Management

Accounting Including: Point-of-sale, Invoicing, Job Costing, Production, Orders, Quotations, Inventory (Stock), Accounts Receivable (Debtors), Accounts Payable (Creditors), General Ledger, Management Reports, Reconciliations

50 . APEX Time Management System

The Time Management System enables companies to record time of their employees and has powerful reporting capabilities for the management. This professional solution is currently used by an IT consultancy firm based in Germany having 200+ employees.

52 . Aplikasi Tabungan Sekolah

Puji Syukur Alhamdulillah SmileCodes ucapkan kepada Allah pencipta alam dan pengatur segala isinya. Hari ini (Senin, 15/10/2012) SmileCodes berhasil menyelesaikan program Aplikasi Tabungan Sekolah versi 1.0 RTM. Banyak hal yang mengganggu hingga waktu pengerjaan yang begitu lama, mulai dari perisapan akreditasi sekolah, tugas mengajar, mempersiapkan RPP dan perbaikan silabus serta adanya pekerjaan lain yang tidak mungkin SmileCodes tulis satu per satu. Aplikasi Tabungan Sekolah ini merupakan aplikasi Client - Server (multi User/komputer) yaitu aplikasi yang dapat digunakan untuk melakukan pekerjaan secara bersama - sama antara Direktur (Kepala Sekolah), Manajer (Waka. Keuangan) ataupun Operator (Petugas Keuangan). Username: Direktur = dir/dir Manajer : mjr / mjr Operator : opr / opr

53 . MyAPP

MyAPP is a web-based double entry accounting system. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL database.

54 . 4GL Applications Repository

The '4GL Applications Repository' is dedicated to development and maintenance of OpenSource applications written in x4GL programming language. Mostly, this applications fall in business oriented, database related (BRDO) category.

55 . APPX BANG! Business Application Software

appx-BANG! (Business Applications Next Generation) customizable financial accounting and distribution applications for business use. Graphical, client-server, Internet enabled, scalable (General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Payroll, Inventory, & more)

56 . Arale - Indonesian Accounting Software

Arale - Indonesian Accounting Software Arale is an accounting engine written in Java and MySQL. It is designed to comply with the financial regulation issued by Indonesian Government, e.g tax handling, reporting, recording, etc.

57 . arcoiris

Arcoiris busca ayudar a los pequeños empresarios, cooperativistas y otros, en la tarea de llevar los libros contables. El programa permite crear un sistema de cuenta y llevar el movimiento diario de la empresa. Ayuda:

58 . ARENAS Control Ingresos y Egresos

Permite llevar un registro claro de todos los Ingresos,Egresos,Proveedores,Empresas,Empleados,Cuentas, Locaciones,usuarios,ncf, y métodos de pago, en su casa,proyectos, condominios o empresa, ya sea para fines personales, administrativos o contables

59 . Argentum Money

Argentum is a personal financial analyser. It is designed to give a review of current spending while automatically categorising costs to produce a detailed report on spending over a certain time.

60 . ARIA

ARIA (Accounting, Receiving and Inventory Administration) is a web based accounting and inventory managment package based off the NOLA project. ARIA aim's to be platform and browser independent with multi-language support.

62 . Arrear_Pension_Calculator

A simple Arrear Pension Calculator app written in python with GUI specifically Govt. employees (Central & State). This application calculates arrear (Due - Drawn) / overdrawn / recovery of pension between any given periods. This app is not associated with the Govt. This app is for informational purpose only. This project is open source under GNU public license v3.0

63 . Sistema @rroba

O Sistema @rroba e um gerenciador de usuarios PRE ou POS-PAGO para o uso em CyberCafes ou LanHouses com LTSP. Desenvolvi este sistema pois tenho um servidor Ubuntu 8.10 com LTSP e os softwares existentes hoje nao possuem os recursos necessarios.

66 . Aurum

A newly formed finance program written in Java. Currently has large security bugs. Use is not recommended.

67 . Australian Tax Engine

Australian Tax Engine provides a Java implementation of the ATO tax calcualtions for use in other software. ATE has a simple UI for testing but is designed to be used as a helper library within other projects.

68 . AutoBudget

AutoBudget takes your homebanking account data and generates output for your spreadsheet that gives you a good overview of your economy. It currently supports the following bank systems: Jyske Bank.

69 . AutoManager 2006ex

AutoManager 2006ex is a application for cargo carrier companies. It was developed to simplify the process of accounting auto's travel, manage list of employes and else...

70 . Automatic VAT

AutoVat provide a tool to freelance workers for invoice and bills management. The tool can generate the VAT form filled to present to the local tributary agency

71 . avsap

AVSAP - Powerful, Flexible and Complete Financial Accounting - wxPython - postgresql - Linux.

73 . Azubuike ERP

An open source ERP/CRM implementation using J2EE and AJAX technologies

74 . bakaliko

bakaliko is a j2me application, which helps in the creation and in the maintenance of shopping lists, using the mobile phone.

75 . BakedERP

Is a Small Business ERP and Accounting software. This project is oriented to give a real solution to developing countries trying stablish a standard ERP and accounting software, all these using Open Source Software.

76 . Balance Home

Balance Home permits you to manage your bills and personal familiar's spending for have a general and detailed balance for a long period.

78 . T-Banking

Banking application for the digital tv. The T-Banking aims to increase the service tools of Banks through the digital tv. With security and comfort, this system permits its clients to do payments and habitation financing simulations using the digital tv.

79 . Online Band Manager

Open Source Indie band manger for working bands. Manage gigs/tour, inventory, income/expenses, e-mail lists, setlists, songs/tabs/audio, contacts, promotion and let it create/update your band website on the fly.

80 . 本生理财 BenSon Bank CMS

本生理财: 免费的个人财富管理系统--本生理财是一个很好用的个人理财工具。小巧玲珑而又功能强大。也可用于中小企业或个人用户的财务管理。Cash Management System - Please download via

82 . Bank Account

Try out our simple banking acount program. Tell us what you think. Feel free to make changes and repost. It is written in c++ coding.

84 . Titleless Online

This is an emulation of an online bankinsystem, customers can login via an encryped interface thru http, and do their banking buisness against a server.

85 . Bank Reconciliation Pro (Excel)

This spreadsheet program makes it easy to prepare bank reconciliations and is also a resource for learning how to do a bank reconciliation. See the list of features below for further details.

86 . Banta

Banta keeps clean your daily work. Banta helps you with: Account, point of sale, List of articles, Manage product, prices, taxes, stock, List of providers, Different pay methods, allowing to adjust your prices where is needed. Runs in Windows, MacOSX, Linux/Ubuntu

87 . Basic Ledger

Basic Ledger is a platform independent Accounting Program, written in Java. The Ledger is in xml format, reports are in html format. No special configurations other than Java required, just download the small .tar or .exe and start.

89 . Baycloud Business Suite

Business suite for SMBs composed of three products: Point-Of-Sale, eCommerce and Backoffice(inventory, warehouse, general ledger, etc). Integrated by a XML based API. Backoffice and eCommerce are built on LAMP. POS is developed in Java.

90 . BBCash

a personal finance application, written in java for platform independance. This app will let you keep track of your money.

94 . Beanie

Beanie is a flexible, distributed open-source accounting system for medium-sized companies. It includes back-end batch processing as well as a GTK GUI. It provides automated purchases, sales and nominal ledgers as well as automated invoicing (via email).

96 . beanz

Personal Finance web based java application

98 . Beigesoft Enterprise Information System

Beigesoft™ EIS is free accounting software. This is JEE-WEB-based software that works anywhere - on MS Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. This is the first version of the successor to Beige Accounting All In One. The main goal was successfully achieved, it works noticeably faster on weak devices such as a smartphone than its predecessor. It works as: * Standalone A-Jetty web-app for standard Java (Ms Windows, Mac, Nix...). * Standalone A-Jetty web-app for Android (use "Beigesoft Enterprise Information System" to find it in Google Play Store or * Standard JEE web-application on any JEE server (cloud). You can download it from central Maven repository See Beigesoft EIS Bob's Pizza example.

99 . Scenario Accounting

An accounting application that provides scenario based accounting rather than the traditional based accounting systems like MYOB Premier or QuickBooks.

100 . BEST Business Technologies

This application offers a complete guide to setting up and running a successful business. It becomes a virtual consultant to users who have no or limited experience in business and need guidance in setting up and running their businesses.

101 . BestBooks

Accounting is hard, and writing software for accounting is even more difficult. BestBooks solves this problem with its Accounting Application Framework. This framework enables accountants and developers to build accounting systems without having to know the entire accounting terminology. Over the years, BestBooks has been one of the most successful Accounting Application Framework software. This platform is enterprise grade and has a lot to offer when it comes to security and data encryption. It is also very easy to use. Stop wasting time developing an accounting system from scratch with the traditional accounting terms. BestBooks gives you the option of a full-fledge ready-to-go software with your preferred terminology. It saves you costs and time of building an accounting system from scratch.

102 . Soccer_Bet_Accumulator

The main point of this project is to create a program for calculate the profit of your bet. Read the help file for more informations about how to use the program and the input/output data

103 . Bezirksreiter

Software "Bezirksreiter" zur Gemeindeverwaltung * Kirchenbuchführung und Gemeindekartei mit Office-Integration, doppelte und einfache Buchführung, Spendenverwaltung * für die Ev.-meth. Kirche, für andere Kirchen und gemeinnützige Org.

104 . biise

(bee-say) A web-based open-source erp application providing affordable business-to-business integration through the use of rdf/owl technology. We give sme's the opportunity to reduce operational costs and reduce the risks associated with growth.

105 . Bilans - power of simplicity

Standard accounting software, designed specially for Polish co-opperative rental accounters. The goal is to make the simplest software, which can be allocated on pen-drive and run on any java supported system.

106 . Bilingual Accounting

It is a web based accounting application that is capable of working in english and one other language supported by UTF-8 especially "Right to Left Languages" such as Urdu, Arabic, Persian etc. This simply means that a transaction once posted in a language is automatically displayable in the other language i.e. you post invoices in English but print them in your local language

108 . BillCalc

BillCalc is a simple system for managing bills between roommates. This software was created to help manage apartment costs in China, where people often move in and out at irregular times, and bills also come at irregular times.

109 . Automated Billing System for ICRadius

Billd is a complete open source billing system for ICRadius written in C. Includes billing daemon with support for variuos billing methods, support for pre-paid cards and administration tools for users management.

110 . The Nexus Billing System [MOST]

The Nexus Billing System is a dynamic environment using MySQL, VB 6.0 and other tools to make your accounting and billing environment onto thin client architecture with data recovery and protection services for your excitement this is all available.. roi

111 . Billing Software

CA-MAZA is a open-source, cross-platform BOOTSTRAP,HTML5 UI built to meet the most demanding needs of its users. It is designed to be very extensible and fully configurable. Finally, an IDE with all the features you need, having a consistent look, feel and operation across platforms. Help full for all small business and merchant's who want to manage their account without help of CA. We hope you enjoy using Code::Blocks! The Team AMIS Code::Blocks Web Site Categories: Integrated Development Environments (IDE), Build Tools, User Interfaces License: for LICENCE COPY MAIL US ON:

112 . Bill Maker 1.0

Create Bills, Invoices. Manage Customers, Suppliers Manage Inventory(Product quantity, sale etc) Design Your own Bill format(Draw your bills) Set of reports(Daily, Monthly, Customer, Supplier) Scheduler Phonebook.

113 . Bill Manager

A utility application for managing any outstanding bills that you owe.

114 . BillMate

A web based system to manage and distribute household bills and expenses among the members of the household.

115 . BillTracker

User friendly bill tracking software for consultancy shops. Modeled after necessities at a local software development consultancy.

117 . Bizplizit Meta System for Business

Attempt to build framework for business systems using simpler classes like Set, Hierarchy etc. Would try to extract abstract functionalities from objects such as Cost Center, Account, Stock, Project etc so that they can share substantial amount of code.

118 . bkerp

An accounting system with HR and Payroll elements. Based on Java technologies, initially, client-server with Swing GUI.

119 . Black Ink

A money management program built upon the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. Includes a variety of technologies, including Hibernate, Derby, Java 5 constructs, and Web services.

120 . BlueERP

BlueERP is a web based ERP for small and medium business. Written in PHP, it is delivered through a LAMP environment to provide web access to your business data, accounts, stock, etc.

121 . BlueSeer ERP

A Free ERP and Accounting Software for Manufacturing Industry. BlueSeer is a freely available enterprise resource planning (ERP) desktop application for small to medium size businesses as well as personal finances. The ERP package supports a fully functional Double Entry General Ledger, Transactional Accounting, MRP, Job Scheduling, AR, AP, Inventory Control, Shipping, Order Entry, Purchasing, Receiving, BarCode Label and Document generation, and EDI to name a few. For personal finance, BlueSeer offers the 'Quick Cash' transactions bundle which allows you to perform Buy/Sell transactions and monitor Expense (misc and recurring) with relative ease. BlueSeer is completely trials, no solicitations...a universal free ERP for Manufacturing. The install is very simple. Feel free to give it a spin and please provide any feedback and/or questions to the services email link on Enjoy.

122 . BNC cash

Ceci est un projet destiné aux professionels qui tiennent leur comptabilité avec GnuCash.

123 . backup (recover) appln business objects

BOBUP - Backup and recovery for application business objects. Backup usually implies backing up files/db - this is non-intuitive. With BOBUP, backup and recover granular info (eg. specific customer) independent of files/db.

124 . BodegaNet

Software para control de almacenes, bodegas y pequeños negocios, con su punto de venta , desarrollado en c# con base de datos en mysql , licencia freeware. DE MOMENTO BODEGANET SOLO TRABAJA CON LA IMPRESORA DE TICKETS TPS100 DE STARS MICRONIC.

126 . Bonsai

Project canceled. Program for simple store management in a small store. It calculates receipts and stores them in SQL. Features: custom categories, simple GUI, discounts. Suitable either for Nokia internet tablet or common PC. Written in Python. See the

127 . book4j

book4j is a opensource adressbook and calendar to manage adresses, invoices and appointments.

130 . Bookkeeping OS

Bookkeeping OS is a bookkeeping software in command prompt mode. Commands to use the program look like console commands. This method allows for the user simple, fast and quick entries. Written in VB.NET.

131 . BootAccounting

This is a fork of FrontAccounting with primarily responsive design (using Bootstrap) as main feature. Another features that will be useful will be added too afterwards.

132 . boox

boox is a very simple Java API for double-entry book-keeping. Data is stored in a SQL database - boox has been developed and tested with postgresql, but should work with any other SQL database for which a jdbc driver is available.

135 . Broad-Cast

The broadcast industry has needed something like this for over 20 years, and no one has had the intestinal fortitude to go up against the only company that provides a similar product. It is a machine control program, an accounting & billing program...

136 . Buchhaltung

This software is intend to hepl small business with their bookkeeping work in a form that lets the user enter almost any financial information, which will be edited, saved to file and may be printed. This software is in German, but an English release wil

137 . Buckeye Service Provider

Buckeye is an apache/postgres/python based account management system for service and subscription providers. Service provisioning, accounting, billing and reporting functions are included.

138 . BuckLogger

A simple tool to view bank statements, save them in a database and reconcile your transactions.

140 . Buddi

Buddi is a simple budgeting program targeted for users with little or no financial background. It allows users to set up accounts and categories, record transactions, check spending habits, etc.

141 . Budgef

Budgef (family budget) : Budgef is component for JOOMLA adapted to the needs for a family. It makes possible to manage the bank accounts of a family . Functional description are described on the site

142 . BudgetEx

BudgetEx is a simple, portable, and no-frills budgeting and financial solution that runs out of Microsoft Office, Open Office, and Most any Office Productivity Suite that supports .xls files.

143 . Budget forecast

This software will help you to simply manage your budget and to forecast your expenses by using trends. No decimal point, use of percentages and graphics. It also include a TO BUY list, a reminder (scheduler). In English and French

144 . Budget Maxx

BudgetMaxx is a php script using mysql, which offers an easy and unique way to do home budgeting. It can be placed on a central server or online and used by several users at once.

145 . Budget Tracker

Budget Tracker will help you track your budget categories, budget plan for each month and actual expenses. Budget Tracker provides quick chart reports that graphically display the budget and expense trends. More complex reports are also available.

146 . Budse

Budse is a simple budgeting tool that implements bucket (or envelope) budgeting. Currently there is a Command Line Interface (CLI) with a Graphical User Interface in progress. The program includes extras such as transaction searching and reports.

147 . BulmaGés

BulmaGés is an Open Source accounting and invoicing application designed for the Spanish (i.e. from Spain) accounting system that pretends to solve all needings for small & medium companies. designed for Linux OS

148 . Bumblebee Instrument Management System

Equipment/instrumentation booking and usage accounting system. Designed primarily for use in academic laboratories where a number of users share a set of instruments (e.g. NMR machines, microscopes, fume hoods).

149 . Bursar

Bursar is a personal finance solution which provides an easy way to manage incomings and outgoings.

151 . Business Minder

Business Minder is a basic accounting program for small (ie sole trader or husband / wife) business. It was created when we were unable to find a low end, open source replacement to MYOB that included: Purchasing Invoicing Inventory GST Reporting

153 . Calamar Time Billing

CALAMAR is a free Filemaker Database for time billing. It supports multiple customers, projects, time recording method, multiple currencies and VAT.

154 . Calculadora de Sueldos y Salarios

Un programa de Excel que calcula aguinaldos, antigüedad, indemnización, salarios variables, horas extras y los gastos anuales de su salarios (analizado por departamento y tipo de remuneración).

155 . Calcula AFIP

Aplicacion para realizar calculos sobre las compras en internet las cuales se ven afectadas por el impuesto de la AFIP en argentina, esto representa un 35% al valor de la compra. Podes usarlo para calcular compras de: por ej. -Juegos -Aplicaciones moviles -Sitios de compras online en general

156 . Calculadora

Calculadora básica para Windows características diferentes muy sencilla de utilizar. Cuenta con actualización dinámica de resultados al modificar algún operando u operación, funciones de copiar y pegar, etc.

157 . Calcutor

An open source calculator, that i wrote as my first piece of programming in c#, anyone can use it and/or modify it. Everyone is welcome to use it as they wish( i.e include it in web pages etc.) and i would be thankful for any feedback you could give me.

158 . Tax Calulator

This can calculate the amount you need to pay tax on the basis of your earnings. Just enter some information and it will do rest for you

159 . Cambria

Cambria is a Point-of-Sale (POS) system that is at its core industry agnostic with Industry specific plugins. It is an OSGi based system that can be deployed as on the Eclipse RCP, Thin client i.e. RAP as well as embedded devices.

160 . Warenwirtschaft CAO-Faktura

Bereits integriert : Angebot, Lieferschein, Rechnung, Einkauf, Bestellung (Einkauf), Mahnungen. Diverse Journale erleichtern die Arbeit. Ein Import von Kunden und Artikeln ist ebenfalls integriert. Die Anbindung an den osCommerce-Shop ist fertiggestellt

161 . CarShare Booking System

CarSharing System. This system will hanbdle the scheduling, invoicing, member management and administrative requirements for a car sharing system. It is specifically designed for sharing of vehicles, and includes fleet management applications.

162 . CartoReso

CartoReso intends to facilitate enterprise computer network mapping.

163 . CASDAdm

Software criado por alunos do ITA para realizar o gerenciamento de um cursinho popular. Com uma interface amigável, propõe a manutenção de dados sobre alunos, turmas, horários e controle financeiro.

164 . Cash2ME

A J2ME MIDLET that keeps track of expenses. Supports COM ports (Irda, USB, etc.) of your mobile to sync with your coumputer (OTA/GPRS is on the way). The export format is QIF, so you will be able to sync with GnuCash or any other QIF capable Software.

165 . CashBook

cashbook is a general purpose php/mysql balancing application that makes it easy to balance your checkbook, keep track of expenses, credit card statements and other home or small business uses

166 . Midas CashDuck

Midas Cashduck is a complete bussiness and store system. The system is built with one thing in mind; simplicity and the rule is that you should'nt pay for more then you need. CashDuck is a cameleon. This means that you can build it however you want

167 . Cash Flow

Cash Flow is a simple personal finance app that keeps track of your monthly income and expense by categories. You can add reminders of upcoming credit card payments. View your account balances at a glance to quickly make sure you have enough money in each account. Start with as little as one month of transactions from a bank. Cash Flow supports checking, savings, credit cards, and cash expense accounts. Cash Flow stores data in text files. The fields in a transaction are colorized by a built-in text editor. Take advantage of the Auto-fill feature to type in previously encountered names quickly. Visit our Wiki pages for additional descriptions! License: Apache 2.0 Current version: 0.77

168 . Cash In&Out

A webbased Application to track your income and spendings throug-out the month. With graphical charts and planned multiuser Option.

169 . CashMoney

CashMoney is a simple, flexible, Python-based personal financial application. CashMoney is based on the concept of transaction tagging (or labeling) for easy searching and reporting.

170 . CashPy

This is a bookkeeping framework written in Python. The idea behind this project is to provide a basic skeleton for managing accounts for personal use, small and medium-sized companies. Currently the development is only commencing.

171 . CashVizMan

CashVizMan is a money visualization and management software. Its intention is to provide easy and quick money management by offering practical visualization options to tear down money management barriers for non-pros (such as a certain developer).

172 . Cash voucher

A small application for printing the receipts and expenditure cash documents.

173 . CatWin NET

CatWin NET is a Spanish Finance Accounting OnLine Application with a web interface based on PHP & MySql which runs on any web server as Apache. It has been developed under the Spanish General Accounting Plan (1990) framework.

174 . CustomBill Lite

Our goal is to write a "Public Relations" system (customer billing, customer DB and customer support) all built into one system. Our second goal is to make it as "good" as a paid system. Yes, our system is free and opensource :)

176 . PyOrganizer

PyOrganizer is a cross-platform (Python/GTK) personal organizer, with a GUI optimized for the Nokia Internet Tablets (n810, n800, and n700). The financial/budgeting features are now operational, and rudimentary mileage tracking has just been added.

177 . CCL - Cafe Con Leche

Cafe Con Leche (CCL) are a crossplataform library (libccl) to make programs to manage internet cafes and program that does just that using libccl.

178 . Cclite

There's work and a first package of Cclite2, using Mojolicious See also a simple tool for mapping and clustering 'anything you want'. New version with solution for Debian packaging and update to template processing for new versions of Perl. This is version mid-March 2017. As I have limited time, most of the focus will be phones, SMS and an app with SMS as underlying mechanism. ============== Community currency for local exchange trading systems (LETS)and other alternative money systems. Multi-registry (group), multi-currency, with inter-registry transactions using web services (SOAP,REST), with rough templates for 17 languages. Various payment interfaces email, SMS, jabber, batch. User manual. Note Cclite is NOT crypto, it's mutual social credit! this is now also here as:

179 . CC-Marketplace

CC-Marketplace the Joomla component for your electronic marketplace for community currencies! CC-Marketplace is a new marketplace component who connects to the on-line banking software Cyclos (

180 . Common Cents

A home finance accounting system. This perl-based web application uses double-entry transactions to track account balances. Also includes auto-reoccuring transactions, budgeting, graphs, OFX import, statement reconciliation and many other features.

181 . Canadian Payroll

Calculates Canadian payroll taxes, CPP, EI, WCB etc. Produces various outputs suitable for either stand-alone or (esp.) in use with another program. Linux GUI in Kaptain. As of 2005-10-14,this project may now be found at:

182 . Cenobi

Cenobi is designed for management accountants, not (only) for statisticians and data mining experts. Carefully arranged default settings make sure you can concentrate on Cenobi's many accounting features rather than worrying about setting up artificial neural networks or genetic algorithms, which are the main machine learning tools under Cenobi's hood. Cenobi's main benefits are: - ease of use - Utilizing artificial neural networks to estimate cost relationships, Cenobi is able to reflect the non-linear cost-behavior, that occurs in most business processes. - This makes your cost estimations more accurate and reliable. - Therefore Cenobi facilitates better informed management decisions. Although Cenobi is particularly suitable for management accounting purposes, it can also be used as a general machine learning tool. The neural networks at the heart of the program are fully object-oriented and therefore highly adaptable. You are very welcome to use them under the GPLv3.

184 . CFDILib

Este proyecto, desarrollado en .net, con lenguaje Basic, contiene código fuente y librerías para generar los XML's que representan CFDI's conforme a la legislación Mexicana vigente.

185 . Personal Cash Flow Forecaster

This Java application forecasts the results of cash flows. The user enters recurring and one-time transactions. The application projects cash flows for any date range in detail and in summary by category and month or year and graphs cash balance.

187 . CGPA SGPA Calculator

CGPA-SGPA is a basically a calculator, designed and developed to calculate ones SGPA (Semester Grade Point Average) or CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average). It is based on latest UGC(IN) grade and its equivalent grade point. Minimum requirements : MS .NET Framework 4.0

188 . Check Book (DoS App)

I wrote this to replace my check book. It does everything a real checkbook does. After you balanced it, it will archive it according to the year and month it was balanced, so that no matter when it was balanced, you can always find the records of your expenses.

189 . Check Register

Check Register is a project to allow you to keep track of all your checkbook transactions on your own computer. Check Register is available only for Mac OS X. It has many features that rival larger apps like Quicken, and best of all, it's free software!

190 . Check Request Web tool

A simple web based application for check requests. The system is to support Electronic Approvals of check requests so you don't have to find a manager to get your paperwork approved. It should also support employee expense reports. Http://www.checkreque

191 . ChecksumValidation

ChecksumValidation is a framework for validation of international bank accounts (IBAN), credit card numbers, german identity cards, german passports and for german bank accounts. Validation is performed by computing checksums. Checksums for german bank accounts are maintained and documented by In sum, ChecksumValidation implements round about 150 algorithms. It may freely be used under GNU GPLv3 licence (see below). ChecksumValidation is implemented in Microsoft .NET 2.0. It consists of: - ChecksumValidation: a class library (DLL) for in-process use - ChecksumSoapServer: a SOAP interface - ChecksumTcpServer: a TCP interface implementing a domain-specific language (DSL) for validation - ChecksumComServer: a COM interface - ChecksumClient: a test utility - ChecksumUnitTest: a 100% covering NUnit test - ChecksumUtility: a command-line tool for helper functions

192 . Chicamin

An integrated client / server or standalone financial accounting package programmed in Delphi / Kylix using Firebird database. NOTE: Project development requires professional/desktop versions of Delphi/Kylix at minimum.

194 . ChimpSkate2000

This is a financial activity analysis tool that reads .ofx files and plots the output in pie chart form.

196 . Chronometron

Une application de chronomètre pour Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard. Permet de chronométrer et en surplus affiche un prix total pour un tarif horaire donné.

198 . Church Office

This is a fork of the original php / mysql infocentral program with added focus on finance and other church management features.

199 . Church Office Management

Church Office Management (COM) is the easiest way for your office to manage the details of the family members in your church. Keep track of all of your families, sacraments, pledges, and know who is involved.

201 . CK-ERP

CK-ERP is an open source accounting / educational / MRP / ERP / CRM system that runs on top of multiple middlewares. It comprises 32 modules - Contact Management, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Self Service, Vendor Relationship Management, Material Requirement Planning, Warehouse, Inventory, Service, Accounting Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Quotation, POS for Cashier, POS for Manager, Human Resources, Staff Self Service, Payroll, Administration, Internationalization, Access Control, Data Import, Teacher, Counsellor, Student, Applicant, Family, Registrar, Edu Administration and Volunteer Management.

202 . CK-Ledger

CK-Ledger (continued as CK-ERP) is no longer active nor supported. Term of distribution had been changed. Please refer to CK-ERP.

204 . Clicks`n`Bricks

Clicks`n`Bricks was originally written for luxury goods retailers. It features Point of Sale (POS), Customer Relations Management (CRM), Inventory Control, Workorders plus more. Because of it's CRM element this program works well for any customer centric business such as Retailers, Serivce Providors and other businesses needing workorders, quotes and invoicing. Program editions contained in the distribution file include Retail, Wholesale, Inventory Control and Service. Users may select the edition that works best for their business. If a hosted version of the program would be preferred please see our hosting company web page at

205 . Clieop03 Tools

A toolkit for reading, writing, editing and converting files in the dutch CLIEOP03 banking format

206 . clipf

Minimalistic personal finance manager with command line interface written on Python.

207 . stock strategist

strateg-king is a free, open source stock technical analysis platform built on c++. including user friendly interface and many usefull feature for analysis

208 . ClubGear

ClubGear - A supporting system for a small/medium organization. Based on PHP/MySQL. (If you want to report a bug(or any in the tracker) in Chinese, please make sure you are using the UTF-8(unicode) encoding when you input in any field. Thanks:)

209 . cmanager

CManager - simple personal finance manager, currently only Polish translation available

210 . CMbE - bivalent Fuel Consumption Manager

Fuel Consumption Manager for bivalent Engines powered by petroleum / LPG. Operating System: Windows/Linux/Mac Language: GERMAN Verbrauchsrechner fuer Fahrzeuge mit bivalentem Antrieb. (Benzin / Autogas) Betriebssystem: Windows/Linux/Mac Sprache: deutsch

211 . cncerp

Weberp中文本地化衍生版4.15发布 1、包含中文会计科目及税收、收入成本的初始信息 2、修改了凭证查询界面 3、新增主题 4、增加了操作者签名记录,并且在相关页面显示和打印 5、包含了中国式票据PDF打印 6、加入了金额合计大写功能 7、BOM支持保密内容,可单独授权或不显示打印 8、修复工单号刷新控制 9、修正了共用物料的发料错误 10、修正了柜台退货账户选择 11、增加了内测科目余额初始化(请谨慎操作) 12、增加了没有定价产品是否允许销售 13、增加和修正了翻译 欢迎大家多提建议意见、交流 :-) QQ群:320212884

213 . CoBIS Banking / Microfinance Software

CoBIS - Affordable, Easy 2 Use, Robust Microfinance Software that efficiently manages Micro-Banking & SACCO Operations. With several satisfied customers we continue to offer Limitless Capabilities. Note: This Project was moved to CoBIS Features: Manage Clients Personal data Create & Manage Savings Accounts Savings Interest Posting. Minimum Savings Balance. Manage Term Deposits, Shares Create & Manage Loans and Automated Loan Repayments from Client Savings Account Loan Interest Computation Options: Flat, Declining Balance, Declining Balance Equal Principle. Over 100 Standard Reports Complete General Ledger Accounting Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Journal Transactions, Daily Expenditure Posting Teller User Debit Limit SMS Alerts (Loan Arrears Reminders) Manage User Permissions Numerous Banking Operations N.B For an Implementation Quotation for your Financial Institution / Bank, Contact:

216 . Compiere Advanced Pricing

This project provide an add-on for The Compiere ERP-CRM for handling Advanced Pricing/Discount engine process. Most of the distribution company in the world need that engine.

219 . Compiere ERP + CRM Business Solution

Compiere ERP+CRM is the leading open source ERP solution for Distribution, Retail, Manufacturing and Service industries. Compiere automates accounting, supply chain, inventory and sales orders. Compiere ERP is distributed under GPL V2 by Compiere, Inc.

220 . ERPLibero

The project is now completely ADempiere ERP based. It consists in a "ready to use" ADempiere Italian Version, with pre-installed translation and localization. ERPLibero is the new project name


COMPOST (Co-operative Operations Management Platform Organizing Share Transactions) is a PHP/MySQL framework for managing co-operatives with complex shareholder structures.

222 . Computer Repair CRM

Computer Repair CRM Open Source Project, A active web based customer management, trouble ticket and billing system for independent computer repair and service professionals and businesses based on the CiteCRM platform which ceased developement last year.

223 . Compta

Compta manages payments and debts for a group of users. Usefull for associations or even group of friends sharing activities.

224 . ComptaHome

ComptaHome is a personal finance manager in euro. ComptaHome est un gestionnaire de finance personnelle en EURO.

225 . CompTaX

Accounting software for French-like accounting systems

226 . ComptesCopains

This tool will help you to balance expenses between you and your friends for a week-end, holidays, parties, without damaging your brain !

227 . Comptine

A simple graphical application written in TclTk available for *Nix, Windows and MacOs-X that helps you with managing your bank account.

228 . ComUnion ERP

ComUnion is helping small and midsized businesses better manage their operations. ComUnion is a fully functional, open platform for Enterprise Resource Planning and Management. Developed using PHP, Javascript and MySQL. Follows MVC design/architecture.


Control of Requests for Cooperatives, support to the “electronic point” and the “leaf of payment”.

230 . Sistema de Contabilidad / Accounting

Sistema de Contabilidad Central capáz de gestionar la contabilidad de una pequeña o mediana empresa. Utilizado por mas de 200 empresas en Uruguay y 100% adaptable a cualquier tipo de empresa. A complete accounting system, developed for all porpouse.

231 . ContaLinEx

Integrated management accounting with multi-import data from LinEx FacturLinEx management and accounting from other applications.

233 . Control de Costos

Software que permite mantener el control de gastos de materias primas que son utilizadas en trabajos paralelos por alguna empresa en particular, reduciendo pérdida de dinero al mantener un orden de lo utilizado.

234 . Control Monedas

Aplicación que controla la entrega y recepción de paquetes(blisters) de monedas de Euro, para bancos y cajas o comercios que utilicen y canjeen grandes cantidades de moneda.

235 . ResellerControlPanel RCP

Ein Kunden- und Bestellmenü für Reseller bei domainfactory ( ISP ), zum managen von Webhosting Kunden. Erstellen von Domain Accounts und Einrichtung der Features, automatische Rechnungsstellung mit dem integrierten Rechnungssystem. Zur Zeit nur Sinnvoll

237 . Copernico

Multipurpose core banking kernel. Java based. Suitable to be embedded into any application needing money and accounts management, financial math, extensible banking functionality.

239 . OnlineKostenStatistics

Wenn du dir schon immer ein Werkzeug für den Überblick deiner Onlinekosten (wie z.B. die Telefonrechnung) gewünscht hast, wirst du dieses hier lieben.// If you ever need a tool to assist you with your onlinecosts (e.g. telephone- bill) you will love it

240 . Cotrugli

Cotrugli is an experimental accounting application written in GNU-APL that uses PostgreSQL to manage its database. At this writing, Seventh Month 2021, it will create a trial balance and allow one to adjust that that trial balance using an application program interface (API). Users well versed in GNU-APL can enter and adjust that trial balance by using the API. There is much work to be done and I am looking for volunteers.

241 . CPStocks

CPStocks is a financial management program for companies engaged in the Heavy Equipment Industry.

242 . Crater

Crater is an open-source web & mobile invoicing app made especially for freelancers and small businesses. It's the complete invoicing solution you need, allowing you to track expenses and payments, calculate taxes, and create estimates and invoices. As both a web and a mobile app, Crater allows you to manage your invoices and keep track of everything even on the go. Crater's web application is made with Laravel & VueJS, while the mobile apps are built using React Native. Crater is a completely free and open source professional invoicing solution. Make the smart choice for managing your budding business's transactions with Crater.

243 . Credit Pool

Credit Pool is a web-based online money transaction database. Its purpose is to be used among groups of friends or coworkers to track debts and credits, and optimize these debts among the group.

244 . CRE Loaded osCommerce

CRE Loaded a branch of osCommerce. Currently version 6, a compilation of many contributions into the latest MS2 release of osCommerce.

245 . NobleCRM

Quick add calls,meetings,tasks from a desktop application ... click in systray and add record.Desktop calendar with auto refresh. Also accounts,contacts,leads,opportunities,projects,cases,documents,bugs and advanced invoice system

246 . Crumena

Simple personal program to manage your spending. No accounting experience required.

247 . CSB58

Mini-proyecto para, a partir de un fichero Norma 58 (AEB - España), realizar diferentes modificaciones que el programa generador no permita (agrupación de efectos, optimización de gastos, etc).

248 . CSBill

CSBill is a web-based billing application, targeted at freelancers, web-developers/designers or any general billing. It is based on the CakePHP framework and uses the jQuery JavaScript library.

249 . C-Vend

C-Vend is a PHP & mySQL based online store application. cShop aims to provide an easy to manage, fully customizable, and robust store management system.

251 . CultPOS

CultPOS is a "Point of Sale" system designed to work with touchscreens. The frontend for making orders (TouchGUI) is written in platform independent C++/Qt, the backend for managing products and accounting (DbGUI) are scripts for OpenOffice

252 . C.U.O.N.

MOVED TO C.U.O.N. ( Common Universally Organized Network ) is a business-application.

253 . Currency-lib

Currency project is a class library that implements functions for working with currencies. Currency class is responsible for arithmetic functions and storage. It implements the integer math with accuracy up to 1/10000. CurrencyInfo class is responsible for storing information about specific currency in accordance with ISO-4217. CurrencyInfoDir class implements catalog of descriptions currencies, as well as searching for descriptions of currency by the ISO-4217 code. It's also provide the data about currency for the country. CurrencyLabel is a widget for displaying currency. This widget supports multiple display formats and styling with Qt Stylesheet. CurrencyLineEdit is a widget for inputting currency. The widget supports multiple input formats and implements autocompletion for entering the currency code. It can be configured to introduce a limited list of currencies.

254 . Custom: POS, Accounts, Stock Management

Custom provides small to medium sized businesses, that buy and sell goods, with: - an e-commerce front-end for their customers - access to anti-fraud protected credit card verification - a Point-of-Sale front-end for the shop floor - Account report

255 . CyberBar Adiministrador

CyberBar Adiministrador its a internet cafe administrator software for windows developed in VB, it will have many features like clients accounts, prints counter, special users and more...

256 . CybOrg. The CyberCafe Organizer

CybOrg, the Cybercafe Organizer, is a point of sales and administration system for internet cafes. It has a web-based interface and is written in Perl using Template Toolkit and a RDBMS. CybOrg uses a Windows/Linux client to block workstations.

257 . Cynics

Cynics Accounting, POS and Inventory Source Code is written in pure VB.Net language, fully compatible with Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and Visual Studio 2008. All processing related code in SQL Server 2005 Stored Procedure, utilizing the fastest processing power of SQL Server, and you can easily integrate your application with few stored procedure called!

258 . Daily Expense Manager

A simple but very useful script for everyone. Here you can store your daily expenses, by following few steps. By default system displays 1 month expenses on main screen. But there is search option available to display previous months expenses detail. DEMO: Demo Login: Demo Pass: dexpensepass For Installation check installation wiki here:

259 . dancarto

ROR based accounting system for fitness or dance club

260 . DataMaster: SQL-Ledger Data Conversion

This project is developing a program to load and update data within the SQL-Ledger application database. Specifically, customer, vendor, and part (including initial inventory and price) information can be loaded. It is written in Java.

261 . Datotahost Accounting software

This is the accounting software for the retail store and small business with the POS system in it,This is complete accounting system with GST,Inventory management,add item in inventory,purchase ,sales,supply,profit loss,report etc are the module of application. India tally software or accounting software gst based accounting software accounting software speed accounting software indian accounting software tally accounting software tally erp quickbook desktop software myob software xero software pos software accounting and billing software accounting billing software inventory management system indian small business accounting software gst billing software Default Login detail:- Username :1 Password :1 Support contact me on Skype-sndp_ln Whatsapp-00918767319666 Installation and support available for everyone chat on skype or whatsapp . installation error can be solve by this software

262 . DayBook

Daybook is a finance management application that allows the end user to track expenses and income, and view reports broken down by category and timeframe View an online demo at

263 . Simple Accounting System

The purpose of daybookaccounts / Simple Accounts is to maintain the day to day financial transactions and produce financial reports of individuals, sole proprietorship companies, small and medium sized companies. Simple Accounts is a financial accounting system package developed in open source php, mysql projects. The objective of the project is to host the accounting package in web and maintains day to day financial accounts. Note : This works in the Client Server Model. Apache, PHP, MySQL should already be installed and the downloaded zip must be installed into the Document Root directory. Only Webmasters can install this software.

264 . dbaccount

PHP development on a program for self employed people or small businesses to create invoices and estimates, expenses, keep track of VAT and get quarterly or yearly balance results. Should be theme based for the program and the reports, as well as the invoices/estimates. Multiple languages. There currently is nothing out there with the same features as DBaccount, be it for good or for worse :) SimpleInvoices does have similar features. Most parts have been build. Including a build-in tool for translating to other language. An installer script is added and will start automatically. Some settings (like database table prefix and default username and password and more) are now set by the installer script. If you feel like contributing, send me a message. Program is done by 90%. Still not use-able in a production environment. Current language maintained and build upon is English

266 . Debtometer

Debto, short for Debtometer is primarily a method of keeping track of shared expenses amongst users. As users record transactions the balances of the users are updated. Common uses are sharehouses, office lunches etc. A way of keeping things fair & open.

267 . Debt Profolio Manager

Debt Profolio Manager is a software for debt buyer/investor to manage the tasks involve in debt profolio purchasing/selling/collecting. It will provide features such as profolio evaluation, import/export debt profolio, purchase, sell, and collect.

268 . Double Entry Based Transation System

Double Entry Based Transaction System (DEBTS). A web based personal finance application written in PHP / MySQL. Support for multiple users. Compatible with most frame / javascript capable web browsers.

269 . DeciGen®

DeciGen® is an ERP with added features for help in decision making process. DeciGen incorporates Decision Support System over an framework of ERP to provide a feature rich solution. It aims to achieve the final goal of IT - to run business smoothly. Dec

270 . Delphi Accounting Project

A updated accounting software for home and small businesses who can't afford off-the-shelf accounting software. Most free software are not user-friendly and have limited multi-user features. This software will be designed for MAC and Windows 7 and 8 users.

271 . denaro : simple personal accounting

A simple personal financial accounting / budgeting tool. Uses double entry bookkeeping. This is 'the application fomerly known as cMonex' :) Based on the sourceforge delphi project monex

273 . Ducks Webbed Assets

A Comprehensive Fixed Assets Register for Tax Effect Accounting (Australian Standards). Web based Perl and Postgresql. Multi user, Multi Entity. A good one for Government departments to hose to NGO\'s so they can keep track off all the assets they have

274 . ค่าเสื่อมราคา

โปรแกรมทะเบียนทรัพย์สินใช้ร่วมกันโปรแกรมของกรมบัญชีกลางได้ - คำนวณค่าเสื่อมทุกรายการ ใช้หลักการแบบเส้นตรง โดยดึงค่าจากตารางของกรมบัญชีกลางมาคำนวณ - บันทึกรายการซ่อมบำรุง - รายงานการซ่อมบำรุง ใช้ฐานข้อมูลเดิมของกรมบัญชีกลาง Access โดยไม่จำเป็นต้องติดตั้ง MsAccess2003 เหมือนแต่ก่อน -รายงานใช้ Crystal Report -ต้องติดตั้ง DotNetFx4.0 ด้วย ติดต่อ โทร 062-6646285 E-mail : Line ID : KXSURAT

275 . DeputyDB

A money management program dedicated to generating annual reports for people appointed by the Court of Protection as deputies for financial affairs. Transactions may be imported from CSV files and allocated to COP reporting categories.

278 . Dharma Internet Cafe Management

A cross platform (Linux, Win32, Mac OsX) client-server internet cafe system written in RealBasic. Features include timing/billing, client management, membership, point of sale and reports. This project aim to ease administration of an internet cafe.

279 . Driving Instructors Dairys

DID (Driving Instuctors Dairy) is a web based dairy and contact management application based on grate EgroupWare project but has been customised for the drving instuctors

280 . Digital Accounting v1.0.83

This program is a simple accounting program designed for small business users. Organize your bills, make purchases easy to track, manage inventory, record payments forgetting. In short, this program will facilitate all your work. Try our product and get rid of the load. The main Features is as follows: 1. Follow-up of Bank Accounts; 2. Safes Account Tracking; 3. Follow-up of Customer Accounts; 4. Follow-up Supplier Account; 5. Inventory Tracking; 6. Sales Tracking; 7. Follow-up Purchase; 8. Payment Tracking; 9. Revenue Collections; 10 Capital management.

281 . DigitalTickets

Scheduling, reserving, issuing and managing digital tickets for cinemas, theaters, stadiums etc. Consists of : DataBase, MIS, POS, TV, KIOSK, NET, Phone modules. POS and kiosk modules execute under touch screen hardware. TV module is for viewing schedule

283 . DjAccount

Desktop software based on Eclipse and Hibernate to provide simple double accounting features for non-profit organizations. Based on the database model used by the Mostar Style association for its accounting.

284 .

This Program Is Open Source, So If You Make That and you haven Bug Please Send Your Criticale To

286 . Docusfera

Docusfera es un sistema contable administrativos para pequeñas empresas diseñado para ser flexible y adaptarse a las necesidades de diferentes negocios. Ha sido creado para cumplir los requerimientos de la legislación contable de Colombia, pero precisamente por la complejidad del sistema tributario Colombiano, encontrará que tienen funcionalidad de sobra para ser usado en otros paises.

287 . dOFX

A simple Java library to parse OFX files.

288 . Dolibarr ERP - CRM

Dolibarr ERP - CRM is an easy to use ERP and CRM open source software package (run with a web php server or as standalone software) for businesses, foundations or freelancers (prospect, invoicing, inventory, warehouse, order, shipment, POS, members for foundations, bank accounts...). Dolibarr is also available with auto-installers for users with no technical knowledge to install Dolibarr and all its prerequisites (Apache, Mysql, PHP) with just one package. Available platforms for such packages are: Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Redhat, Fedora, OpenSuse, Mandriva, Mageia. Other platform can use the generic distribution. This is a modular product, than can be enhanced with tons of external modules (to provide you features not available by default) from Download Dolibarr ERP - CRM here or sign up for 15-day free trial of the cloud-based application with free updates and support at one of the Cloud providers

289 . DoNGO!

DoNGO (Do for NGO) is an accounting program for NGO's. The software is the only software for now that fit in with FASB Statement No.177 and PSAK No.45 (Indonesian) for NGO.

290 . Dosware Payment Gateway (

Dopays is the better software solution to start your own PayPal, StormPay, SolarPay or e-gold type of online business. The Dopays software is a system where members can buy virtual credits to spend at in the different members' sites.

291 . doshlogger

Simple bank statement checker to view and manage your bank statements. Downloaded Statements in csv format are imported into doshlogger and viewed in a Qt GUI

293 . drcr

Dr | (Cr) is a double-entry accounting system developed as a web application. It supports multi-company and an advanced purchase invoice system.

294 . Distributed Simple Accounting

This project will aim to build a three-tiered distributed accounting software. Program developed in Windows environment using Delphi, and MySQL as the DBMS.

295 . Dave's Stupid Accountant

Just another stupid home finance program. This project has moved to Launchpad for all services.

296 . dsBudget

dsBudget is a personal financial management / budgeting application. It runs and stores data locally so you don't have to login or trust someone to look over your data. It runs on all major platforms, and supports all international currencies and lo

297 . C# DTAUS Lib

Lib for parsing (reading) german DTAUS files in C# under LGPL License

298 . Dticket

Sistema administrativo de ventas para pequeñas y medianas empresas , facil de usar , guarda tus folios en Pdf o imprime tus Tickets .

299 . DTPay

Web based billing system: * generation/emailing of invoices, reciepts and reminders (email/pdf) * Mysql db for customers, products (ISPCP) and payment infos (HBCI) provisioned by XML-RPC * SDK for perl/java * SSO

300 . Sourceforge Timesheet System

This is an extension of the Alexandria system or Sourceforge system.Which allows people to develop freely in an open source like manner. After deploying sourceforge at work, we found some minor things laking. IE : extra permission / samba intergration an

301 . Dynasoft TeleFactura

Dynasoft TeleFactura is the definitive BSS OSS convergent Telecom billing software for voice, data, recurrent services (WLR) for operators and carriers offering Telecom, VoIP, Wifi, MVNO, mobile, WISP, ISP, callshop services and any company selling Telecom voice and data services. Managing 1000s of end-users could not be easier. TeleFactura is able to bill CDR data of any type and source (text files, databases and Web pages) and has hundreds of advanced functionality for switchless billing. We also have a Radius AAA integration with TekRadius and Radius Manager which enables the management of pre-paying users and control user-access on your network. Billing includes carrier provisioning, account reconciliation, mediation, call rating. Integrated with TekRadius, Paypal,, Xero, Sage UK and Canada. Full pre/post sales, training and support offered. All solutions can be accessed via any Web browser.

302 . ea-geier

ea-geier is a tool written in PHP intended to handle accounting on a cash bases for Austrian companies (Buchhaltung zur Einnahmen-Ausgaben-Rechnung). With modular accounts code and a multi-lingual design it is easily adjustable for other countries.

303 . Earnings Tracker

Earnings Tracker is a free open source accounting and bookkeeping tool aimed at contractors and freelancers. It enables revenue and expenses to be recorded, and calculates the amount of corporation (business) tax and VAT payable.

305 . Easy Accounting

Easy Accounting is an platform independent(works in any operating system like Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac/Solaries) educational software by which one can generate journal and ledger for multiple companies or users by input the transactions . Version: 1.0.0 (Released at 31-Mar-2014) Recommendations: ♦ You must have the latest JRE installed in your system. .♦ You must have installed Oracle in your system. ♦ Oracle database username & password must be as follows : USERNAME : hr PASSWORD : cse License: Freeware. You can use and redistribute this software for free without any modification of the files provided with the software. Developer: Md. Shihabur Rahman. Desktop , Android & Web Application Developer Email: Follow me on Facebook: Profile: Copyright © 2014, Md. Shihabur Rahman. All Rights Reserved.

306 . Easy Accounting

A GPL accouting package for Home and SOHO users written in Java and mySQL for Indian users.

307 . EasyCash

A simple money management package, designed for ease of use and efficiency, not features or complexity.

308 . EasyShopKeeper

This tool helps shopkeepers to maintain record of stock & selling items. This application is for small shopkeepers Who doesn't have barcode scanner and they want only to record the item stock,sales,profit,loss etc. This project has following features: 1.records item stock with details like item code,name,quantity,cost etc; 2.preapre list of customer items,calculate total cost,discounts and print bills.

309 . EasyStock

Currently being managed by Jonathan Yaniv. This application is an application with an ASP.NET frontend for the webshop. We are currently re-coding this project and we should have a new stable release some time within the next 4 months.

312 . easywork accounting

PT Easywork Indonesia is a company engaged in development of systems that include instrumentation and software, as well as product development. The instrument we have developed is microprocessor or microcontroller-based electronic instruments for various purpose, such as: Automation. Designing control systems for automation in industry and smart building, such as temperature and humidity control systems, security systems, control systems for elevator, escalator, lighting, and so forth. Displaying system. Applying digital technologies in the world of display for various purposes such as promotion, information center, customer flow management (queuing machine), and so forth. Development of digital system accordance with client specifications. As for software, we developed a system that includes: Easywork Framework. A framework which is used as the basis for developing all software owner by PT Easywork Indonesia. In other word, all software developed by PT Easywork Indonesia

313 . eBankBooks

We have created a new mobile cloud App that integrates all of the backend office functions needed by every modern business – things like invoicing, job costing, expense tracking, cash flow and tax reporting. It’s called eBankBooks – ‘A Business in a pocket’. Our app possesses qualities essential for addressing the requirements of modern business landscape: 1. This super web app is built from the ground up to be a touch application so you can have access to vital business tools on any tablet, smart phone or your desktop computer. 2. Our app has secure multi-user access. 3. Oh by the way - did I mention that our App is free?? We’ve chosen to make eBankBooks app free so that consultants & contractors can take advantage of all the benefits of having a virtual office in the cloud without the cost (we get paid through advertising and sponsorship). 4. Your data is secure and we back it up every night on our industrial grade servers. We guarantee the data is yours

314 . eBudget

Personal budget accounting system which provides quick and proper expenses registration and then analyze and make financial plans (budgets).

315 . Eclipse Finance

Currently at planning stage, Eclipse Finance is intended to be an integrated platform to manage your finances whatever you want to do (trading, accounting, planning your retirement...) Eclipse Finance is based on Eclipse RCP.

316 . EcoKnowMICS

EcoKnowMICS (Economic Knowledge Management, Integration, and Communication Services) is a suite of software services for economic policy research. Its core component is the Virtual Proxy Economy, an ontology-driven tool for integrating economic data.

318 . eComBill

Web based billing in php + database (e.g.mysql). Create, edit billable items. Search patients/costumers/clients, view/generate bill reports/receipts. Originally developed for hospital & health billing . Easy adaption for other businesses.

319 . eComm

eComm is open source business solution based on .NET framework and C# language. Should be ported to Linux for Ximian's Mono project. From start it runs on Windows 2000, XP, Windows.NET servers with .NET framework and MS SQL Server 2000 on server.

320 . eCRM - Contact & Expense Claim

eCRM - Contact & Expense Claim is a web-based customer relationship management that includes User Contact Management and Expense Claim Management.

321 . EveryDiArY

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option).

322 . Enterprise Contact Management System

Enterprise Contact Management System is a Multi-user centralized client-server architechture contact database. It allow an enterprise to manage contact in one central database. Feature will include, importer/exporter to popular email/pm program.

323 . EekBoek

Accounting software for small and medium-size businesses, developed for the european style of bookkeeping. EekBoek has both a versatile, scriptable command-line interface (CLI), a GUI, and a programmable API. NL: Boekhouden.

324 . Editor para Entidades Locales Españolas

eele es un editor de cuentas generales en formato XML para las entidades locales españolas obligadas a la rendición telemática de cuentas mediante la plataforma

325 . eFact

eFact is a project framework for Bulgarian small business. In framework include modules for Accounting, Store, Clients, Vendors, Billing, Employee, Generator for Report; WinAPI, xmlParser and dbServer lib base o.'s xHarbour project.

328 . e.f.solution

E.F.Solution is opensource project is a complete solution for businesses, societes, who managed both the billing and pay slips, and accounting. In java product with E.D.I. netbeans and database MySQL.

329 . EkonomOS

EkonomOS is a free, open source double-entry accounting software suitable for larger multiuser non-profit organizations. Using EkonomOS, the accounting can be done/browsed from anwyhere - even from Internet Cafe!

330 . and eLawManager

This is a crossplatform java suite, for workflow and data management of Law Firms. eLawManager is the english ver. - is the italian. It's a standard client-server application with a webapp version.Support OASIS opendocument and openoffice.

331 . Elot

"Elot" is software for electronic records management. А если по русски. То это программа для формирования электронной отчетности в ИМНС и ПФР России.

332 . EmoInvoice

EmoInvoice is an open source initiative to provide a modular accounting system for integration into other systems.


Diagram (JGraph) driven simulator. Bondgraphs > nonlinear differantial system > plot: implemented for economics and ecology. Network analysis: emergy propagation implemented. Would also fit for electronics, mechanics, cost, GWP, footprint analysis.

334 . Enapex - microERP and HRware

Enapex LE and Enapex Professional is a collection of interconnected Office Communications and Human Resources (HR) toolkits that enable you to perform such functions such as secure inter-office memos, time and overtime tracking, or create an internal and

335 . EnterpriseXP

EnterpriseXP is a time-tracking system, which is capable of managing your own projects, employees, and give you useful time consumption reports. It is the ideal complement of your enterprise accounting sw. EnterpiseXP is currently avaliable IN ITALIAN

336 . Envelope Budget Tracker

A simple budgeting program that uses envelopes to track income and expense transactions. This is a bare bones program that does what it needs to do, not give hundreds of features that the average person won't use.

337 . Envoyce

Envoyce is a Invoicing, Issue Tracking, Payment Gateway and Customer Logic Solution built on PHP5. It's primarily designed for Small Businesses and Service Providers alike.

338 . ePikselis

Sistēma ePikselis Attālinātas Piekļuves Aplikacija. Pārvaldi savu profilu un pikseļojies!

339 . ePro

ePro is aiming at standardizing and optimizing the entire procurement process for enterprises. We are focusing on userfriendliness, easy installation and intuitive workflow. It reduces time consuming non productive activities and helps decrease expenses

340 . ER/Box

ER/Box is an effort to leverage the database independence infrastructure found in the Compiere Integrated ERP & CRM Solution to create an easy to set up, out-of-the-box system with Compiere's feature set.

341 . Eresoft Accounts Professional

Accounting software for small to medium scale businesses operating in Africa. It will have the following modules: 1. Payable, 2. Recievable, 3. Order Entry, 4. Purchasing and Stock Control, 5. General Ledger and 6. Job Costing.

342 . ERIS

ERIS is customizable, platform-independent and open source Point of sell (POS) system for Indian retailers.

343 . ERPAuphelia

Doté d’outils accessibles aux administrateurs du logiciel chez le client, les générateurs d’écrans, de rapports, d’objets, de champs, etc. sont des outils qui offrent une très grande latitude aux entreprises.

345 . EscrituracaoWeb

Sistema academico open-source de escrituração fiscal. Desenvolvido em ambiente web com Java e JSP, irá ajudar no trabalho de registros fiscais e geração de relatórios para o fisco.

346 . E-Sportmanager

The E-Sportmanager is a web based application to manage (sport) clubs. It integrates the administration and accounting for the members, the staff and bank accounts of the club.

347 . Essential Budget

Essential Budget is a graphical personal finance manager designed for efficiently tracking home finances. It is currently the only open-source personal finance manager to implement mature budgeting support. Cross-platform using Java and Eclipse's SWT.

348 . etrader

e-Trader provides the complete set of functionality to support the back-office tasks related to equity as well as commodity trading. It also provides the integrated financial accounting.

349 . eurobookings

This is a double entry bookkeeping program, which I wrote with python, wxpython and mx.DateTime. These programs have to be on the computer to run the program. The analysis is not yet finished.

350 . EuroBudget, Free Java Accounting Tool

Eurobduget, Small Office Software written in Java, is one of the first free personnal accounting tool. Webstart Enabled. Could be seen as a small free Microsoft Money or Quicken.

352 . evidences2

EVIDENCE é um sistema de gestão financeira gratuito construído a partir da arquitetura do software Excel da Microsoft, foi desenhado para oferecer ferramentas e soluções de análises acessíveis tanto a usuários avançados quanto a leigos, por meio de versões amplas e simplificadas que oferecem o controle total de informações e lançamentos contábeis, sem a necessidade de conhecimento avançado em tratamento de dados.

353 . Ahmad Excel Automation

This project is for persian people to convert numeric to the string number for example: 123 to یکصدو بیست و سه

354 . excel-to-tally-import-ledgers

Excel to Tally using PHP - Import Ledgers This code illustrates how to read data from Excel sheet and import it into Tally Software for free without using any third party tools or software. Read all about Excel to Tally here:

355 . excel-to-tally-bank-statements

Excel to Tally, Import Excel Bank statement in Tally ERP using udiMagic Excel to Tally utility. 1. Start Tally and open a Company 2. Start udiMagic 3. Select option "Excel to Tally" 4. Select option "Import data into Tally" 5. Click the Browse button and select the Excel file "Vouchers-Bank-Statement-ICICI-Current.xls" 6. Select the XML file "Vouchers-Bank-Statement-ICICI-Current-XML-tags.xml" 7. Click the Start button

356 . excel-to-tally-import-items

A software utility to read data from Excel sheet and import it into Tally Software for free without using any third party tools or software. We use PHPExcelReader class to read the Excel data and PHP Curl to post it into Tally ERP 9. The Excel data is read and converted into XML. It is then posted to Tally automatically without any manual intervention. This is done using HTTP POST request on Port 9000. If there is any error, the same is returned by Tally software. Read all about Excel to Tally here:

357 . excel-to-tally-templates

Download Excel to Tally templates To import data into Tally, several excel templates have been provided with the udiMagic software. This project contains all the latest excel template files including the templates for the older versions. Steps to Import data into Tally 1. Start Tally ERP and Open a Company 2. Start udiMagic Software 3. Select the option Excel to Tally 4. Select the option Import data into Tally 5. Click the Browse button and select any Standard Excel template provided with udiMagic converter 6. Click the Start button Please note that this repository includes only the excel templates. You must download the udiMagic software separately from to import data from these templates into Tally ERP 9. The DEMO version of udiMagic is free to try for limited period. Read all about Excel to Tally at

358 . ExMan

ExMan is a small, lightweight personal accounting/expense manager. It gives functionality to track expenses on a daily/monthly basis, and can exclude some of the items on demand. Written in Qt4 framework, which makes it a cross platform application.

359 . expcents

A simple small business/personl expense, income, sales and inventory tracker. It is platform and database independent and written in PHP.

360 . ExpensInt

This system is meant for small - medium business looking for a expense management, time tracking, project assignments, project status reports, and a normal operation environment for IT companies that assign consultants to projects, to set expectations.

362 . Expense Submittal System

The Expense Submittal System (ESS) is a Web-based solution for expense reports and expense report processing. ESS provides report entry, approval routing, corporate policy checking, credit card statement importation and report payment. The latest versions allow for a paperless process via receipt scanning and texting.

363 . ExpenseTracker

ExpenseTracker is a pure Java project that captures personal expenses. It works as a standalone application as well as web-based application.

364 . ExpTracker

expTracker is a simple multi-platform expense/income accounting solution written on Mono (C#)

365 . EzWatt-Billing

This is a small personal project i have been working on for a while. It is for my FBLA competition in March. All it really is a billing system.

366 . EzyBiz

Business sales chain management for sole trader to medium business. Many features, including fully customisable forms, auto tax calculation, magic menus, etc. Accounting, ERP, very nice looking software that is easy to use.

367 . fachri

Fachri is a opensource web based bussines management based off the ARIA and NOLA project with ajax enhancement.

369 . Factunomo

Una aplicación sencilla para la contabilidad del autónomo. Facturación, control de gastos, resumen de IVA e IRPF, informes trimestrales y anuales. Desarrollado en Java

370 . SimpleInvoicer 2.0

Nueva versión con nuevos módulos y características: sistema de recordatorio, gestión de artículos/productos/servicios, autofinalización de todos los elementos del texto! SimpleInvoicer es un programa de facturación increíblemente sencillo y fácil de usar. Usted quiere escribir sus facturas como siempre lo hizo, disfrutando del apoyo de un programa maravilloso? SimpleInvoicer Desktop es su solución! Usted prepare algunas facturas en su celular, donde su cliente por ejemplo, y las completa en la oficina? SimpleInvoicer Móvil es complemento perfecto! Está disponible para Android en Google Play Store. Eche un vistazo a la presentacón breve aquí en Wiki. *** SimpleInvoicer Desktop es gratuito! *** No requiere instalación. Usted copia el programa en su ordenador e inmediatamente lo puede utilizar. *** Privacidad: Todos sus datos permanecen localmente en su equipo! *** Requisitos de configuración mínimos.

371 . Facturier

Free opensource software for creating, storing and printing official documents.

372 . FacturLinEx

The suite of Gestion LinEx is being moved to Lazarus It is old news that FacturLinEx is moving to Lazarus. The majority of the units are now written for FacturLinEx 2.0 and the old units written in Kylix3Open are being transfered.

373 . Fakturama - Invoicing Made Easy

Fakturama is an open-source software solution designed for enterprises for creating invoices, as well as delivery notes, while managing and editing your online web shop. Fakturama was especially created in order to provide a comprehensive invoicing program that is compatible with office suites used worldwide, like LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice. Fakturama makes it easy to create invoices, manage products, contacts, documents, payments, shippings, VATs and all the other constituents of a web shop.

374 . Family Flows

Family Flows is an accounting program for families (or small business), based on flows of materials, services, energy and money. Its concept is very simple: for everything that enters in your home something must exit.

375 . Family Management

The Family Management application lets you manage your financial incomes and outcomes in an easy way. Add, Manage and Remove your Accounts and never lose track of your money. The source code is inside the application. Coder: Nick . Happy coding !

376 . Fixed Asset Management System (FAMS)

FAMS is an open source business application for management of assets, supporting purchase order entry/tracking/printing, receiving and acceptance of purchased items, tracking during physical inventorying, and so forth.

377 . المحاسب السريع

برنامج محاسبة بسيط يقوم بالوظائف الأساسية, دفتر يومية, دفتر أستاذ, ميزان مراجعة, كشف الدخل, ميزانية

378 . fastcompta

fastcompta est une comptabilité OpenSource. Elle permet de saisir les écritures et imprimer les états et balance. fastcompta is an open source accounting software. You can save and print your ledger and balance.

380 . FaxAccounting

Simple web based accounting system to manage prepaid fax accounts. Customer prepay, then their balance is adjusted by .xx per page. User accounts, reports, and simplicity are key. User simply selects customer, inputs number of pages, and saves record

385 . Fenix gestion

Administrative system for accounting and specialized functionality to industrial security business. Keep track of GNC cylinders, fire extinguishers expiration dates.

386 . FileFormatteer

This program facilitates automated exporting of payroll data by Payroll Service Bureaus in conjunction with the SwipeClock online payroll timekeeping service.

387 . Finance

Finance is a multiaccount personal finance manager that provides all the tools needed to track balances and budgets.

388 . Finance-Bank-HDFC

This Perl module provides an interface to the HDFC netbanking service at http:// / netbanking

389 . FinanceJ

FinanceJ is a Java personal finance application. A simple interface allows the user to track income/expenses vs budget. No accounting experience required. FinanceJ is designed to run on the eeePC's small screen size 800x600.

390 . Personal Finance Manager

The PFM (Personal Finance Manager) is a financial organizer and planner which was developed with the idea that no human has the time or motivation to track each and every expense in their busy schedule.

391 . Finance Tools

This project is to build complex financial models for analyzing business decisions. It will include features for annuities, perpetuities, discounted cash flow, net present value, future value and more.

392 . Financia

Web based software for personal finance administration

393 . FinancialAssistant

Personal financial assistant software run on Symbian mobile devece . Such as S60 v3 fp2 series. Support exchange and sync financial data with pc via bluetooth or tcp/ip.

394 . Financial Calculator

This program has 11 parts for 11 different financial calculations. By this program, you could calculate financial calculations more accurate than normal programs. This program shows large numbers completely rather than in exponential form. However, still there are some limits; for example, very large numbers (more than 10000 digits) cannot be accepted as an input data. Some calculations also cannot be done with even much fewer digits too. It’s because of some limits for some computer calculations. You could translate this program into any language that you prefer. You have to use one of the official languages of this program to know how exactly putting the translation text lines. You could save the result of the calculation into the output file or save it into the database of the program, which is on top of each section. You could change the text color of the output file (except simple text files which cannot have any color).

395 . Financial Calculator (Windows setup)

This program has 11 parts for 11 different financial calculations. By this program, you could calculate financial calculations more accurate than normal programs. This program shows large numbers completely rather than in exponential form. However, still there are some limits; for example, very large numbers (more than 10000 digits) cannot be accepted as an input data. Some calculations also cannot be done with even much fewer digits too. It’s because of some limits for some computer calculations. You could translate this program into any language that you prefer. You have to use one of the official languages of this program to know how exactly putting the translation text lines. You could save the result of the calculation into the output file or save it into the database of the program, which is on top of each section. You could change the text color of the output file (except simple text files which cannot have any color).

396 . financialmath

Financial mathematics library. If you have wondered can i do everything that excel does in financial mathematics through a java library, then this is it.

397 . Financiamento CAIXA (2007)

Pequeno programa que faz simulações de financiamento da CAIXA. Inclui taxas de seguro MIP e DFI. Pode-se salvar os valores calculados. Desenvolvido para ambientes *nix e win*, utilizando Lazarus e Free Pascal 2.2.0.

398 . FINANZware

FINANZware is a simple bookkeeping software for home use. It enables you to sum up your expenses and incomes over a specified timeframe and helps you to keep track of your Receipts.

400 . finic

Client-server database application. Develop language Python. Database Berkeley DB. GUI interface wxWidgets. Additional Python components: pybsddb, RPyC, wxPython, pyExcelerator, Crypto, reportlab.

404 . firecash

A web based accounting software for the auxiliary fire brigade written in php/smarty.

405 . Fixed Assets Pro (Excel)

A spreadsheet program that registers fixed assets details (including location) & calculates depreciation. Fixed Assets Pro (Excel) is both powerful & yet easy to use. See the list of extensive features below for further details. The program is a VBA project.

406 . FixedPoint

Tim Peters' + Write docs for the Library Reference manual. I expect the existing module docstring will be a good start. + Create a test driver for Python's regression suite. + Have fun modernizing it, if you like (for example,

407 . flacker

Flex based developer tools and utilities for Quickbase hackers.

409 . flockbase

Church Accounting Software, Church Management Software, Church Membership Software

411 . Fortune Manager

Fortune Manager can be used for the techincal analysis of shares, recording & tracking the transaction of shares, share price alerts, portfolio management, tracking bank account, mutual funds and basic accounting function.

412 . FoxAce

FoxAce is an open source Real Time Enterprise Management Application designed to minimise the time spent keeping records, & maintaining Books of Accounts. The vision is to develop a full fledged Moduled ERP application with focus on SMB sector.

413 . Frappe Books

Frappe Books is a free and open source desktop book-keeping software that's simple and well-designed to be used by small businesses and freelancers. It's got everything you need from a small business accounting tool: invoices, billing, payments, reporting and more. It's made to work offline using a local SQLite file as the database, so you don't have to be dependent on a Cloud service provider. Frappe Books features a clean and modern, web-friendly UI, beautiful invoice templates, standard financial reports and other great features. It's inherently portable and secure, as your data is never uploaded into the Cloud.

414 . Free 1s on java

The purpose of the given project consists in the system engineering compatible with the program 1С at a level of an initial code of the previous versions (or with a minimum quantity of changes).

415 . Contabilidade Livre

Sistema de Gestão Contábil (Folha de Pagamento, Contabilidade, Livros Fiscais, Ativo Fixo, RH, etc)

417 . FreeCoins

FreeCoins for Palm OS� is a personal finance manager with a synchronisation module for GnuCash under development. The program supports double entry bookkeeping, multiple accounts, split transactions and quite a few other features.

418 . FreeDebks

FreeDebks aims to be a simple double entry bookkeeping software.

419 . FreelancerBooks - Project Management

FreelancerBooks is a free, web-based project management system written in PHP with MySQL database back end. FreelancerBooks was initially designed for freelancers and agencies but it can be used for any professional service provider/organization. It will allow the freelancers/managers to have full control of the projects from client lead to completion. Freelancer book features include: Download the latest version from: 100% Free Cloud Version

422 . FreePos

FreePos is a multiuser Point of Sale ( Point-of-Sale or POS ) app written in Visual Basic and PHP for web-based Linux use. Currently available modules are inventory, backoffice, cash reconciliation, Purchases. English and Spanish TPV ( Punto de Venta )

423 . FreeSIS

FreeSIS is a opensource Salesman Information System

424 . FreeTemplateOffice

FreeTemplateOffice is the fastest way to create great-looking office documents like business letters and invoices directly online and download them instantly. No login or account creation required. No word processor needed. Free of costs.

426 . Free-Vote

A complete system for Web Based elections & consults. Support for multiple, concurrent, fully programable elections, separate lists of voters, Web based user/lists/vote admin, email feedback, etc

427 . FreeWERM

FreeWERM is a web-based application that can manage the HR side of any business. It stores attendance, payroll, personnel, and departmental data. It can also create Excel reports and PDF documents based on the information in its database.

428 . Project FreshAcct

This project is intended for building Developer's Kit in developing accounting system using Delphi as main development tool. The Developer's Kit has capability for doing accounting logics like book-keeping, General Ledger, Financial Report generation, e

431 . FriFinans

FriFinans is an accounting application for users that are not satisfied with web-type systems and who needs an cross-platform, multi-user, multi-lengual system. Features PDF reports, real client/server. Use CVS checkout or Ubuntu repo for testing.

432 . FrontAccounting

FrontAccounting (FA) is a professional web-based Accounting system for the entire ERP chain written in PHP, using MySQL. FA is multilingual and multicurrency. For further information and more downloads, visit our website,

433 . FrontHrm

FrontAccounting Human Resource Management Module

434 . FrOpenSell

A retail point of sale system. The primary focus of this project is the database schema/specification, attempting to make a specification that will facilitate easy development of compatible clients to access and use the data.

435 . Frugal

Frugal is a simple yet powerful personal finance and stock portfolio management application. It provides quick on-line stock quote and currency rate updates and easy to understand graphical and textual views of your financial situation.

436 . Fruity Banking!

A double-entry personal finance program with a clear, easy to understand web-based UI and a high degree of flexibility.

438 . gAcc

Personal account manager like Money or Quicken. gAcc is currently implemented with GTK (QT will follow). QIF import/export and CBB (and possibly other pam) import will be included. >>> THIS PROJECT IS NOW HOSTED ON SAVANNAH <<<

441 . GaTaX

Gatax está desarrollada con herramientas y aplicaciones de Software Libre. El lenguaje de programación en el cual se ha desarrollado es PHP (versión 5.x). Y se gestiona la base de datos del sistema mediante MySQL. Trabaja mediante Apache para el servidor Web, se trabaja con la generación de archivos PDF para reportes utilizando la libreria FPDF 1.7.

442 . GAzie - Gestione Aziendale

Multicompany finance application written in PHP using a MySql database backend for small to medium enterprise. It lets you write invoices, manage stock, manage orders , accounting, etc. Send tax receipt to electronic cash register.

443 . gbkeeper

Book Keeping interface for typing in vouches,book entries, gross and netamount on vat clients in a neat ncurses interface.

444 . gconta

gconta is a countable information system. It's written in C using GTK. It uses xml for a flexible configuration, and libgda to provide a independent data storage of the DBMS

445 . gctb

G-CTB (GNU Contabilidad) (GNU Accounting) this is an implementation of a basic system of accounting. This is developed for GNOME, we use GNOME-DB, LIBGDA libraries.

446 . Gedemin

The Gedemin project is an open-sourced, object oriented, post relational rapid application development (RAD) tool especially aimed for creating of business ERP/MRP database systems.

447 . Geeampiere

Geeampiere is a Open Source ERP , CRM , SCM , HRMS with Integrated Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions. Geeampiere is a integration of Adempiere and Pentaho with best web gui.

448 . Geebis

Geebis is an easy to use, web based ERP system for small businesses.

449 . General Ledger

General Ledger is a modest attempt to create an open source personal finance manager for windows, using DHTML (JavaScript), ActiveX (the File System Object) and the HTML Application infrastructure.

450 . GeneralLedgerFinancials

Accountant's Friend is a General Ledger accounting system that provides the basic G/L and related accounting procedures for a small business. Typical businesses might be Accounting, Law, Product Resale, Computer Programming, Website Design, Repair, Training, or others. You do the G/L Transaction Entry with the system, and at the end of the month prepare your Financial Statements. The G/L system prints reports on all aspects of the G/L accounting. You might also be interested in a similar app at It has graphs and other features. Find this and/or other free programs at: 07/12/2020 Code Updated. Ver 7a The application can now update/change the Fiscal Year Begin Month on the Company Information screen. Also, the APP also produces Graphs once you have G/L transactions.

451 . GenialCompta

Free Basic accounting Excel Software to French/Belgium treasurers or accountant beginners Logiciel gratuit de comptabilité sous Excel destiné aux trésoriers d'associations ou aux comptables de petites entreprises.

452 . General Ledger

Double entry bookkeeping - Features: (1)-Accounts are always in balance. (2)-Visual setup for balance and income reports. (3)-Builtin backup and restore. (4)-Multiple companies or divisions. (5)-Consolidate reports through a mapping file.

453 . GestiONG

GestiONG es un programa de gestión administrativa y contable para organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro.

454 . Gestion MGD

Programa de contabilidad Gestion MGD, conversion a codigo abierto, con python y pyqt

455 . gestshin

Gestshin is a personnal accounting application running on a web server

456 . get_xyz

Universal IP-traffic collector. Can gather data from Cisco IP Accounting / ipcad, Mikrotik, NSG, Revolution routers.

457 . Gfact

Este programa sirve para el registro, impresión y control de facturación con código bidimensional, de acuerdo a la Legislación de México.

458 . GNU Finance Manager

This project will be a finance manager for use with people who run consulting firms. It's done in C/GTK+ and runs on GNOME. Mysql will be used for the back end of the database, and it's pretty simple now. I hope to add some graphical analysis and repor

459 . Gibbon

Gibbon is a point of sale (POS) front end or a cash register to be integrated in an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) like Interchange, Linux Kontor, SQL-ledger, phpShop and Gnu Enterprise. Gibbon is aiming for retailbusinesses but are inspired b

460 . GNU/JePapaha

Enterprise Resource Planing, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprice Information System, Enterprise Acounting System

461 . Global Entity Administrator

Project aimed at the world community of people and businesses (all of them, "entities") connected by the Internet, to facilitate private business administration with the aid of public entity validated information, also contained in the GEA system.

463 . gnc2ods

OpenOffice XML Filter for loading a GnuCash XML file into an OpenDocument 1.1 spread sheet.

464 . gnofin

Gnofin is a light-weight personal finance application for GNOME.

465 . GnuAccounting

An open-source java accounting application that integrates OpenOffice, Apache Derby and HBCI/FinTS to create and manage invoices, credit memos, delivery notes, bills etc. Imports from kTimeTracker, Task Coach, VCF, Hibiscus, Moneyplex, Starmoney, exports to Winston, VCF, openTrans et. al.

466 . GNUBudget

GNUBudget is an application designed to manage budgets for individuals and businesses.

467 . Evaluation of GnuCash in Ooo

This is an macro with the purpose of downloading GnuCash output data to an embedded database. Once the data is there it can be evaluated in any component like Base or Calc.

468 . GnuCash

GnuCash is a personal and small-business finance manager with a check-book like register GUI to enter and track bank accounts, stocks, income and expenses. GnuCash is designed to be simple and easy to use but still based on formal accounting principles.

469 . GnuCash Portable

GnuCash Portable provides a style NSIS launcher enabling GnuCash to run from a portable drive without installing it on the host machine.

470 . GnuCashToQIF

GnuCashToQIF converts a GnuCash XML file into multiple QIF files, one for each account. Transfers remain intact, and double-entry income/expense accounts become categories.

471 . GNU Enterprise

We no longer use as our hosting site. You can find more information about our project at --- GNU Enterprise is a project aimed at developing a complete enterprise level business environment.

472 . gnumoney

gnumoney is a free and open source accounting software including inventory accounts, sales taxation etc. the software is amied to be highly modular so that other developers can add more features to the existing system.

473 . GO Gestionale Open - Open Source ERP

GO Gestionale Open (GO Open ERP in english) is a completely free and open source ERP with more than 2000 installations in Italy. The program has an intuitive graphical interface and can manage multiple users and multiple enterprises. Companies can use it from sales to purchases, to manage the warehouse and the accounting. It also includes functions of activities planning, CRM and it can be used to exchange simple messages between users. You can download GO freely, and if you want you can subscribe an assistance contract with us.

474 . GoogleCalendarBill

Events in Google calendars form the base for bills, to be completed with rates, text and other items. The program outputs bills in PDF format, which may be mailed. The program offers a simple debitors/creditors accounting.

475 . GovernERP

Open source fund accounting system for governmental and non-profits where scalability, robustness, maintainability and standards compliance are critical. Modules include GL, Cost Accounting, Budgeting, Procurement, Stores and more.

476 . GrowthPath Cashflow Simulator

Simulate business working capital cash flows by changing credit terms, customer payment behavior, credit limits and demand levels. Experience how cash flow problems can kill a business. V2 uploaded for OS X

477 . Simple expense records for GPE

GPE Palmtop Environment equivalent for Expenses on the Palm. Supports payment types, categories, expense types (mileage, meals, parking, etc.), notes, currency selection etc. Data to be stored in a sqlite backend using the Query Object Framework.

478 . GPM Contabilidad Edicion especial

Sistema de Contabilidad gemeral, compilado especialmente para administrar Capillas, Iglesias, Centros Cristianos, etc. la Clave del Supervisor es "mpg" , para otro tipo de instituciones adquiera la versión comercial

479 . gPowerStation

gPowerStation manages communications, processes and relationships with your customers, vendors and business partners. gPowerStation combines CRM, SFA, BI and workflow management tools with email, instant messaging, fax and PBX servers.

480 . Visual Basic Objects for Crystal Reports

(See the homepage for more info). Long term goal - A simple reusable set of VB objects for use with Great Plains and Crystal Reports apps. Current development: a crystal reports ActiveX control to simplify printing reports (for the benefit of the end user

482 . Greg's Bank

Greg's Bank will include a calculator for Determining where your paycheck goes to (uses a simple math type code) and it will include a Checkbook. The project is a work in progress but once completed I plan on incorporating multilevel security.

483 . Grisbi

Grisbi is a very functional personal financial management program with a reasonable set of homefinance features.

484 . GRISBI for Windows

Port of GRISBI a GPL accounting manager ( under Windows. Depending of the GRISBI version the port should be done using CYGWIN or in a native way. You will found here all stuff needed to install, use and compile GRISBI under Windows

485 .

A port of gribsi ( to native osx user interface (cocoa)

486 . GrisbiChart

Tool written in java (swt, JFreeChart) to view the accounts recorded in the backup files Grisbi. For the moment it's just a prototype.

487 . A personal accounting software

Grisbisback is a personal accounting software, released undr GPL. Our aim is to provide you with the most simple and intuitive software for basic use, and still very powerful if you spend a little time on the setup.

488 . grisbisql

grisbisql is a php mysql interface to the software grisbi. Grisbi is a GPL accountig manager ( who works under linux, mac X and windows.

490 . Gryn accounting program

Accounting program for small business and education. Currently uses the Qt GUI library and MySql data base backend.

491 . gstockcalc

gstockcalc takes care of your custody account(s) and your stocks. It is mainly for the german stock market, but can also be used for other stock marketplaces. gstockcalc calculates losses and earnings and can display a 30 day chart for each stock.

492 . Gsys

Gsys (pronounced "Jesus") aims to be a complete management system for Greek organizations (fraternity/sorority). It is coded from the perspective of a chapter treasurer with plans to address user management, financial, and PR concerns.

493 . HOME

The Habitat Open Management Engine is a J2EE database application built on Jakarta Struts for Habitat for Humanity affiliates in the United States. HOME will help Habitat affiliates track information pertaining to local homeowner mortgages.

494 . Hackerspace Management

A web-based membership system designed to assist Hackerspaces and similar organizations with Membership management, accounting, voting, authentication, and provide immediate access to necessary documentation for new and existing members.

495 . HBCI4Net

This is a .NET/Mono port of the HBCI4Java project, a library that provides an API for using HBCI homebanking protocol in own CLI applications (.NET/Mono/DotGNU/etc.).

496 . Home Banking System 4

Home Banking System is a tool that helps you track all your financial operations. Apart from your bank accounts, it allows you to track all your expenses. You can view various reports-e.g. how much did you spend on food in the last two months.

497 . HelgAccounting

web-based accounting application for home use and small/medium businesses. Key features: highly customized reporting, budgeting, extended features for managerial accounting

498 . henglian

亨联系统是一个开源ERP系统。包括一个eclipse RCP客户端和服务器端。

499 . henglian erp

享联ERP是一个开源的ERP软件,它包含一个eclipse rcp客户端和J2EE服务器.提供企业级的管理方案.

500 . Heshbonia

Heshbonia is an accounting software, designated for the special needs of the Israeli market, both single and double sided accounting.

501 . H.F.P Basic-Calculator

A basic calculator built in visual basic 2008.I have lots of features to include in later releases so re-visit once in a while.I will also be releasing the source code for anyone who wants it.

502 . Hi, Bill

Simple PHP estimate and invoice generator for freelancers and small businesses, built entirely over PHP and XML, with a beautiful, clean and easy-to-use interface.

503 . hibiscus

A homebanking application using the german HBCI standard. All information (accounts, transactions, addresses,..) are stored into an embedded database (mckoi). language: Java,  (SWT-UI). Runs as a plugin within the Jameica framework.

505 . HomeLAN Bill

HomeLAN Bill is a billing system for home networks and ethernet-based internet service providers. Home page:

507 . Home Accounts

HomeAccounts - A simple accounting program for personal use at home. This software is developed to help maintain one's personal accounts at home in linux operating system. It is developed with pure Java2 and MYSQL database.

508 . HomeBank

«HomeBank» is the software you have always wanted to manage your personal accounts. It brings you many features to analyze your finances in a detailed way instantly and dynamically with powerfull report tools based on filtering and graphical charts.

511 . HomeManagementSystem

HomeManagementSystems will be a suite of modules or services aiming to make our personal (family) live easier by assisting with daily processes like finance, tasks,cooking,shopping,homework etc.

512 . Hours to SQL-Ledger

We took the "Hours" project, which is an open source PalmOS based hours tracking application, and created a perl script which runs on the SQL-Ledger server, parses the emailed project hours, and inserts the data into SQL-Ledger's "Time Card" databas

513 . Harsy Sistemas - NOLI Contábil

Este é um sistema completo, desenvolvido em Dataflex, pela equipe de desenvolvimento de projetos em código aberto da Harsy Sistemas, visando realizar o controle contábil empresarial.

514 . HuBH Buchhaltung

Buchhaltung mit Soll-/Ist- Besteuerung für doppelte Buchhaltung oder Einnahmen-/Ausgabenrechnung. Buchungen erfolgen fortlaufend im Journal und die Hauptbuch-Eintragungen und eventuelle Umsatzsteuer-Buchungen erfolgen sofort und automatisch. Alle Salden werden sofort berechnet und angezeigt. HuBH ist einfach zu installieren und sehr einfach und sicher zu bedienen. Fehlbuchungen sind fast nicht möglich. HuBH ist "Open Source" und kann kostenlos verwendet werden. Betriebssysteme: WINDOWS 3.11, WINDOWS 95, VISTA und Windows 7 (32 Bit und 64 Bit) Unter BSD, Solaris und MAC (mit Intel Prozessor) funktioniert HuBH lt. Kunden Angaben ebenfalls.

516 . HydraAcc

Hydra is a 3tier finance software with unlimited number of communication protocols from tcp/ip to file sharing.Also using dynamic load of modules and ado.

517 . IAccounts

An accounting system written in C#. This project is open for discussion and review and contribution is highly appreciated. Please take a look at the source code as it is in its infancy and suggest ways for improvement.

518 . Convertitore IBAN

Converte le coordinate bancarie in formato ABI, CAB e CC in un codice IBAN, e viceversa. Conforme allo standard italiano.

519 . IBANC SEPA Software

Crea lotes de transacciones, adeudos y mandatos. Convierte CCC en IBAN e identifica el código BIC. importa archivos desde su ordenador y exporta en formato XML. También compatible con el pago de salarios, opción de multiusuarios, y cuentas bancarias multiples. Software en varios idiomas disponible en toda Europa, lo que le aporta a sus ingenieros un conocimiento de todo el mercado para buscar las mejores soluciones. Actualmente, más de 12.000 clientes en todo el continente confía en SEPA.

520 . IBS

Accounting and Billing program for ISPs with PrePaid VoIP/Dialup/Lan services.

521 . travel management

The application is designed to Travel Agencies and Tour Operators. It keeps track of bookings, payments, documentation, customer profiles, suppliers and services. Custom travel packages can be easily calculated from hotel and tranport price lists.

522 . iceB - accounting software for Linux/Win

IceB is personal and corporate financial accounting (bookkeeping) software that can manage multiple accounts, multiple bases, and multiple users. It manages third parties, expenditures, and receipts categories, and also budgetary lines, financial years, and other. Support multiplatform - Linux/Unix and MS Windows (include Windows7)

523 . accounting 4 all

ICEBERGO Accounting aims at providing the world with state-of-the-art user friendly accounting applications, which are exclusively designed and developed in Microsoft® Access and deployed using Microsoft® Access Runtime.

524 . ifriqiya ERP and CRM

Ifriqiya is a free ERP and CRM solution. It is intended to serve wholesale business with 3-50 users. It covers all the business process from partners, orders and supply chain management to accounting and performance analysis.

526 . Invoices For Small Business

The project aim is to provide a simple interface for a small business to handle invoices. The project right now support only Hebrew interface.

527 . iGrisbi

iGrisbi is a Mac OS X native port of Grisbi, a personnal accounting application running under GNU/Linux and Windows, released under the GPL licence.

529 . ILM - ISDN Line Monitor

ILM is a utility for the ISDN Line Monitor, an ISDN line monitoring hardware sold by many dealers in central europe. (e.g. Conrad and EgTel). It provides functions to: - retrieve all recorded information - erase all recorded information - config

530 . (imca) For Chartered Accountant

This Software is designed to be used for --making financial report, --keeping audit evidence obtained --create notes --create schedules --track time and report usage --making format of report --import export excel files still in developing and adding features... if you are interested you can ask for a password... This software creates a sqllite based file with extension (.imca) , such file are portable .. this application is designed to track the time, data, user, and all the thing .. and records into the (.imca) file can be used as a working file... multiple organisation,, can be created in a single file... you can also export one organisation data from one (.imca) file to another...

531 . iMobileCash

Keep track of your accounting on the go. iMobileCash is designed to keep track of your accounts and where your money is going using double entry book-keeping. The web interface is designed to be accessed on a mobile device with access to the web.

532 . iMoney

Cocoa-Java based double-etry Personal Finance software.

533 . Incasso

This is software for incasso (debtor collection agencies dutch) to create a dossier and to keep track of payments.

534 . CIS - Customers Accounting Scheduleing

INC’s Customer Information System is a simple, intuitive, back to the basics accounting, schedule, and employee information system base on an extendable and modular approach. CIS can manage and integrate other enterprise processes as needed.

536 . Infinity PFM

Infinity PFM is a open source personal finance manager with support for budgets, OFX/QIF/QFX import, color reports and charts

537 . IngrGast

Simple program to manage incomes and expenses of a home. It provides statistics, charts and reports of the incomes and expenses.

538 . Inline XBRL Extractor

Please note that this project is no longer being actively maintained, and the extractor does not support Inline XBRL v1.1, or more recent versions of the Transformation Registry. For more information on the standard, please see An XSLT-based tool which takes a primary input Inline XBRL file (e.g., "input.xhtml") and produces a primary output raw XBRL file (e.g., "output.xbrl"). It may also process secondary input documents and produce secondary output documents.

540 . Interest

Interest is a financial management system for personal investments. Interest can keep and analyze all transactions. It has chart and reporting features, price importing capabilities and a tree-like management of accounts grouped together in portfolios.

541 . Interna

Interna is a billing software able to manage customer- and productrelated data and statistics. The document managment is able to generate the types quotation, order confirmation, delivery note, invoice and credit advice in english and german.

542 . Intopia layer

Free open-source platform to create web-based Excel type software applications. Software include next modules: users, users admin, rights groups, documents/files, languages, contacts, companies, system correct and check. Added some basic finance modules (examples): invoice orders, equipment and contract management.

543 . Investment Company

This project is to build a database driven investment company website. The website able to manage members (investors) registration details, activities, and managing their investment portfolio.

544 . Invoice

GPL/OpenSource - Easy Invoice system, with the look to the future on cashier system, storely system and easy dual accounting. Aims with export to PDF,xml,... For payer and no payer DPH. With support multilanguage and template.

545 . Invoice Management

An invoice management software. The software provides functionality to create invoices, search invoices and export the same to an excel file.

546 . Invoice Ninja

Invoice Ninja is a free and open source invoicing, expenses and time-tracking app built with Laravel and Flutter. It offers a plethora of great features, including custom branded invoice design, recurring invoicing and auto-bill clients, real-time quote creation and custom proposals, expense reporting and so much more! Invoice Ninja is also capable of handling online payments from more than 40 payment gateways, including Stripe, PayPal and WePay. It also accepts payments using credit cards, ACH, Bitcoin and more. Get paid online, organize project workflows with Kanban Boards, and track time online via your Webapp account all with Invoice Ninja.

547 . InvoiceSystem-Invoicing System in Delphi

InvoiceSystem is a program made in Delphi (Kylix in future) to manage invoices, stocks, clients, cash-flow, client status, and many other features. It will support graphics and data export XML, HTML, PDF, Excel, Word and many other formats.

548 . Invoice With Roshi

A simple easy to use tool where you can create invoices and store locally. The software is 100% offline, that is, it does not need the internet to work (although you do need the internet during setup).

549 . Invoicing-AR-Inventory

This is an educational/sample/demo Invoicing program written in vba and MS-Access. It is for a small, or personal, business. It should give you practice in learning/use of Invoicing, and installing on the desktop, and programming in vba and MS-Access. Note that the free MS-Access Runtime is with the download . You need MS-Access if you want to work with the program code (part of Office 365). The program processes Invoicing and Quotes, and produces reports for A/R, Inventory and Accounting Purposes. Read the readme file, and manual for greatest use of this App. This is an upgrade of Version to 5e. The application can now produce a Revenue Graph, you can add Inventory on the Invoice, and print mail labels. The MS-Access Runtimes for 32/64 bits are included. Find this and/or other free programs at: You might need to set the Run property in the Desktop Icon to Minimized for the program to center in the screen.

550 . invoicing-car-repair

This is an educational/demo Invoicing program written in vba and MS-Access. It is for a small, or personal, Auto Repair type business. It should give you practice in learning/use of Invoicing, and installing on the desktop, and programming in vba and MS-Access. Note that the free MS-Access Runtime is with the download . You need MS-Access if you want to work with the program code (part of Office 365). The program processes Invoicing and Quotes, and produces reports for A/R, Inventory, History and Accounting Purposes. Read the readme file, and manual for greatest use of this App. This is an upgrade of Version to 5b. The application can now produce Parts/Labor totals on the Invoice. You can also print Customer Mail Labels. Find this and/or other free programs at: You might need to set the Run property in the Desktop Icon to Minimized for the program to center in the screen.

551 . inwai

inWai is a web-based invoice management app developed by Warp Networks S.L..

552 . ipassbook

iPassbook is an soft that to keep account.To manager income and expense.Please Forgive my poor English. ^-^

554 .

The reference libraries encode and decode IPDR usage documents in either XML or the binary format. Libraries are available in C and Java.

557 . iReceipt

iReceipt is an electronic copy of a paper receipt at points of sale or an order fulfillment slip (invoice) of a mail order (including web/e-mail ones). iReceipt is digitally signed with a possibility of digitally signed annotations and can be web hosted.

558 . iRIS Restaurant Management System

Reclaim your freedom with iRIS! The purpose of this software is to help restaurant owners to retain their sanity. How? iRIS enables owners to spend more time with customers; and less time on mundane tasks like printing invoices or keeping track of sales.

559 . ISPBill

ISPBill is an ISP billing and management system. It features automatic generation and emailing of invoices, receipts and statements, a customer interface, a ticket system, and much more. ISPBill is intended to continue where cwispy left off.

561 . ISP-Support

ISP-Support is full functional Management System for Web-hosting and Server-hosting Internet ServicesProviders. Contains Customer Evidence, Services Registration, Customer Billing, Technical part and much more.

562 . Israel Tax Bookkeeping

bookkeeping software , an implemementation of israeli accounting requirements. תוכנה לניהול ספרים לפי הכללים של מס הכנסה. תיהייה מאושרת למס הכנסה

563 . ITContractorApp

An application for developers in the IT contracting market. The system will track all forms of activities such as Salary, Sales, Dividends, Expenses, and Invoicing etc.

564 . IFRS Taxonomy Modules Manager

ITMM, developed by the IASC Foundation XBRL Team, is a GWT based web application, which allows to browse and combine XBRL Taxonomy modules. It therefore combines XML, XBRL and Java related technologies. Visit to see ITMM working

565 . iTool Open Connector

C'est un ensemble de composants pour les applications d'e-commerce (Joomla / Virtuemart, OSCommerce) et autres,echangeant des données de comptabilité, gestion commerciale Ils s'interfacent avec les solutions d' Itool Systems: Facto , Compt@

566 . iTrade - Trading and Charting System

Trading system written in Python including Quotes Management, Historical and live data, Import/Export data, Charting, Candlestick, Technical analysis, automated alerts, portfolio management, risk management, currency exchange, and much much more ...

567 . iTramp

A small personal financial accounts manager for MacOsX(10.3+). It supports multiple accounts, categories, tranfers between accounts and periodic transactions.

568 . Ivan's Accounting Tools

This is an app you can use to check your accounts homework. It is a VERY basic accounting software which most of the core functions are written within 11 hours. It is designed to mimic manual accounting(done by hand), therefore making it suitable for students and maybe lecturers. You will be greeted with a seemingly empty form when you first launch the app, that is the General Journal, to add a journal entry, simply click Journal > Add Entry. I wrote this after I had taken Principles of Accounting I. This application might be very limited as I have not yet taken Principles of Accounting II. I will add more features to the program as I progress through my course. Note: In no way is this a full fledged accounting software although it is entirely possible to run a small to medium sized business with this app.

569 . IVS

IVS - Invoice Verification (and Payment) System - IVS is an invoicing system that allows users to create invoices and send them to customers to pay the invoice online or via an Asterisk based IVR. Transactions are processed via the BluePay Gateway v2.0.

571 . j2Wallet

j2Wallet is a Expense Manager designed to work in every device that supports MIDP 1.0 (PalmOS, Cellphones, etc...). j2Wallet let you managed every penny that in/out of your pocket.

572 . JAccount

JAccount is a Java personnal account manager (actually only in french). Fonctions : Import bank data in csv format, Category Analyze between two dates or by month with historic analyze. Category & configuration editor integreted.

573 . JAccountant

La idea es hacer un sistema de contabilidad que permita la generación estados contables (balances, diarios, asientos, mayores), debe permitir ademas guardar informacion sobre los clientes y ser totalmente portable.

574 . jahoca

jahoca (java home cash) is simple java cross-platform accounting application

575 . Janga

The Janga Project is an attempt at creating a full suite of billing/management software for small-to-midsized ISPs (not just webhosting providers). This suite will support maintaining routers, radius, dns, apache and IIS hosts.

577 . Omonia (formerly Quicksilver)

8. Mai 2005: We have discontinued SourceForge as a download place for our open source projects. You can now download these projects directly from the XLOG Technologies GmbH web site at

578 . Java Ledger

This will be an accounting application operated at least in the beginning from the command line. It will do basic account or book keeping. It will give you journal reports, accounts reports, ledger account reports and balance sheet reports, also maybe income statements reports. Journal and Chart of Accounts are kept in xml files.

579 . Medical Billing Made Easy

This project is designed for the purpose of creating a Java Web-Based Platform for Medical Billing and transmittal of insurance claims. Still in planning stage, looking for volunteer developers.

580 . jBilling

jBilling is a web-based enterprise billing and rating system. It manages your subscribers with automatic invoicing (email and PDF) and payment processing (credit cards, checks, direct deposit). Robust, well documented and easy to use!

581 . JBooks

JBooks is a Java-based personal finance application. The main interface is a checkbook-like view, which allows you to enter and see your transactions. It is based around an SQL relational database, using a double-entry system for all transactions.

582 . jBudget

jBudget is a program for tracking personal finances. It allows the user to create a budget by defining several expense categories and allocating funds for each of these categories. The budget can then be used to keep track of where the money is going.

583 . JCash

JCash is a full featured, Java based money management application. It will provide all of the standard checking and expense account management functions, planning and budgeting capabilities and synchronization with the PCash PalmOS application.

585 . JClerk

the aim of jclerk is to provide a free and easy to use accounting software for small businesses in switzerland. the project has been moved to origo at:

586 . JCollectIt

JCollectIt is a small and simple application for managing associations and their members. It allows to create german DTAUS files for membership fee payment. If you want more focus on managing take a look at

587 . jcsb19

Cuaderno 19 is a spanish banking standard from the Consejo Superior Bancario CSB for making payments from client bank accounts. jcsb19 is a Java library to generate CSB 19 documents, also known as "domiciliaciones".

588 . JCS CFD (cliente)

Esta librería contiene los componentes del cliente. Hasta el momento incluye la base de un visualizador de comprobantes fiscales digitales.

589 . JDatev

JDatev, a Java Swing Finance Accounting Application using the German Datev SKR 03 Standard. German: JDatev eine plattformunabhängige JAVA Software zur doppelten Buchhaltung basierend auf dem Datev SKR 03 Kontenrahmen.

590 . JDette

JDette is a Java software to manage debts with an user friendly interface

591 . JeNiFEr

Projeto em Java que implementa a especificação da NFe e deverá ser atualizado conforme novas especificações forem surgindo, vide portal Java project that implements the Brazilian Governament's NFe spec.

592 . Jest

Free accountin software Gestione contabilità in partita doppia

594 . JFamilyTreasury

JFamilyTreasury is personal finance manager for summary about incomes and daily expenses. Records can be classify to groups, making reports and chars.

595 . jFin

Open source derivatives trade processing.

596 . JFinanceManager

JFinanceManager is a personnal finance manager. It supports different account types, categorisation of expenses, multiple currencies and more and more features. It is very easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface.

598 . JFire - Free ERP & Trading Platform

JFire is a trading platform including ERP, CRM, accounting (full double-entry) and cross-organisation-trading written in Java based on J2EE, JDO and the Eclipse RCP. See for more information.

599 . JFS Accounting

JFS Accounting, Fribok, is a project for a free accounting software developed in Java. This accounting software includes the cycles of sale, purchasing, inventory and accounting.

601 . jGnucashLib

SEEKING NEW MAINTAINER. Java-library for manipulating the file-format of the gnucash open source accounting-software. Usable to automate accounting-tasks using e.g. HBCI or invoice-parsing or to simplify the preparation of your taxes. Contains a portable gnucash-viewer/editor.

602 . JigsawBMS

JigsawBMS (Business Management System) is a web-based system for managing sales leads, contacts, accounts, quotes, invoicing, projects, and tasks within SME businesses. All quotes and invoices etc. are template based and can can be exported as PDF files.

603 . JISPE- A Complete Accounting Software

JISPE is the Personal Edition of the consistent software JIS which stands for Jewellery Information System. This software manages and keeps track of all your accounts. This edition does not include the Inventory System. Happy Accounting!!!

604 . JKtoCheck

A Java library for checking german bank account numbers. (Eine Java-Bibliothek zur Überprüfung von deutschen Kontonummern).

605 . Java Business Accounting API

This is a Java Business Accounting API that consist of invoicing, general ledger, stock/inventory control and other business API that will assist java developer to build a business software with ease.

606 . JMoney

JMoney is a personal finance (accounting) manager written in Java. It is built using the Eclipse RCP and can be extended using plug-ins. If you wish your accounts program could do something that it cannot then download JMoney and write a plugin.

608 . jOpenMoney

Open source accounting project.Primary focus in this project is to develop proper model or framework of accounting system in MVC architecture.

609 . Journal Entry

Standalone Journal Entry desktop client, with Derby as embedded database. Utilized Hibernate mapping, JDesktop and others technology. Able to export data into excel/CSV format to import to legacy ERP. Simulate General Ledger module in legacy ERP system.

610 . dhalbe-Admin

A webbased application for simplifying working with a Free-Radius server and an MySQL as Backend-Database. Common tasks are generating prePaid accounts / cards in various formats, designing layout of printable cards and much more.

613 . jPMT

Gerenciador de Financiamentos - jPMT Mortgage Manager - jPMT

614 . jPortfolioView

Extension to the famous GnuCash-Project to simplify the handling of yor portfolio. View your portfolio, add new assets to or update the prices easily.

615 . jRaport

Prosta aplikacja służąca do tworzenia raportów kasowych. Zapewnia automatyczne tworzenie podsumowania, wydruk i zapisywanie raportu.

616 . JAVA form and report builder - JRPT

JRPT is a library of JAVA objects and generic JSP files which enables the report creation offering many features at no programming cost. The package contains doc with examples of reports and their implementation in JRPT.

617 . jsams

JSAMS is a system that manages all the accounting documents. All the flow of a simplified accounting management system, an estimate can be transferred to a command or a bill, a command can be transferred to a delivery order or a bill, a delivery order can be transferred to a bill, a bill can be transferred to a credit note, a credit note is the final document of the accounting management. That can be also possible to transfer partially a command or a delivery note to a bill!!!

618 . jTaxEngine

A form-driven tax engine. A tax engine will be developed for the U.S. Federal tax law but it is generic and can be adapted for any form-based tax system.

619 . jteklif

Bu Program müşterilerilerinize teklif hazırlamanız, bu teklifleri çıktı almanız yada pdf gibi formatlara dönüştürerek müşterinize göndermeniz içindir. Jteklif, Java ile geliştirilen açık kaynaklı, ücretsiz bir yazılımdır. Yazılım için Netbeans ide kullanıldı. Veritabanı için Derby db, MySql, MariaDB kullanılıyor. Geliştirme çalışmaları Pisi Linux işletim sistemi üzerinde yapılmaktadır. Java ile geliştirilmesi sayesinde Java yüklenen her platformda çalışacaktır.

620 . Juggernaut Trader

A Sales and Bought order processing system for use initially in a builders/timber merchents and warehouse. Written in Python and designed to be used across a number of OS's.

621 . jWallet

Java/Swing based personal finance management tool. Allows you to govern your budget by putting your expanses/investments in one place. It also provides additional central services such as online investment funds/share prices, messaging services and other

625 . kahemba

Kahemba is a client server accounting application written in wxPython

626 . Kalbit

Kalbit Enterprise ERP is complete integrated with ERP Accounting features which fulfills requirements of an organization’s related to finances or management, Kalbit ERP provides complete solution which is supporting small, medium to large scale companies, Kalbit ERP is real time online software which is accessible through online server IP. Moreover Kalbit standard functions such general ledger, account receivable, account payable, Kalbit is embedded with turbo financial reports, Kalbit is including inventory management along with services, multiple warehouse, integrated with ecommerce website, It is complete example of organization’s financial management & it’s operations

628 . KaPiR

Financial software for small organization contains many modules

629 . Kardia

The Kardia software system is a browser-based CRM, donation, and finance system designed specifically for nonprofit missionary/humanitarian/NGO organizations. It is open-source software and may be freely used by anyone, and is powered by the open source DDSL (declarative domain-specific language) Centrallix application platform.

630 . Kash Money Manager

The purpose of this project is to create an application that not only works seemlessly with the KOffice suite, but also one that is capable of dealing with multiple different types of currency. This application should be able to handle day to day tasks o

631 . KBooks

An accounting/bookkeeping application for small and medium sized businesses. The goal is to provide functionally similar to and potentially better than QuickBooks.

633 . KFinance

KFinance is a private financial world Manager who lets you run your business in an account. KFinance can run several accounts each other with combination.

634 . KMyMoney

This is a very old site. Make sure to visit the project page at to get latest releases. This site is unmaintained and only kept for historical reasons.

636 . Kommerce

Kommerce is a software for small business company who want to manage their sales and stock. It is designed to be a ready to use software and use the "keep it easy" way.

637 . Kontenrahmen für Deutschland

Standard chart of accounts ("Standardkontenrahmen") as needed by accounting software to meet German requirements. Includes tax automatics, data for creating "Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung", "BWA", "GuV" and "Bilanz" and utils for different accounting software.

638 . könyv-L

A sigle entry accounting system (according to the Hungarian financial laws)

640 . KOSBI

Aim of this project is development BPM (include treasury functionality) and BI solutions

641 . Kotidien

Kotidien est une application dédiée à la gestion de votre argent. Comptes bancaires, cartes de paiements autonomes, et portefeuille d'espèces. Totalement libre et gratuite, elle vous permets de tenir vos comptes d'une main de fer. Écrite en Python 3 et compatible Linux (intégration parfaite sous KDE via l'utilisation de QT 5.12), Microsoft Windows 7 et supérieurs, Mac OS 10.11 et supérieurs. Kotidien vous donne un accès permanent et en temps réel sur vos différents soldes, permets aussi d'automatiser l'écriture de vos transaction récurrentes, de pointer celles mises à jour sur votre interface bancaire, etc Agencées au jour le jour, supplantées par une vue calendrier, et synthétisées sur des graphiques clairs, toutes vos transactions sont réunies au sein de Kotidien. La complétion automatique des différentes informations permet une saisie plus rapide des données. Plusieurs languages vous sont proposés avec par défaut le Français.

642 . KPiggyBank

KPiggyBank is a money-management program designed for people who don't need to worry about complex transactions and fees. KPiggyBank is for people who just need a simple way to keep track of their money.

643 . ktoblzcheck

A library to check bank account numbers and bank codes (BLZ) of German Banks. Is not (or no longer) hosted here but instead on

644 . KwaMoja

KwaMoja is designed to help you manage your business in a more efficient and profitable manner. It combines your book keeping needs with all the tools to plan your inventory purchases.

646 . landlord

Landlord is a Rental Unit Program used for the rental of Leased Land, Leased Homes, Leased Apartments, and Equipment. This is a very slow process because I am learning all of this new, hopefully this will help others.

647 . L'âne

L'âne (aka L'anePOS) is a (GPL'ed) point-of-sale (cash register) and backoffice program for retail businesses and restaurants written in Perl on Linux/Unix. It uses PostgreSQL for backend storage.

648 . Lazaro

Lázaro es un sistema de gestión comercial pequeño pero flexible y ampliable (facturación y POS) para Windows y Linux.

649 . Lazy8Ledger

Lazy8Ledger has all you need to do accounting for any business or personal use. Included are all the standard reports that are the basis of accounting needs, tools to make your own reports and a powerful analysis tool providing bar, line and pie charts.

650 . Lazy8 Ledger

Professional double-entry accounting ledger with advanced reporting and analysis. Fully documented and instant context help on every field. Tutorial included. Streamlined for very easy installation and a simple, friendly and intuitive user interface.

651 . Account Manager

A simple personal accounting manager as an Eclipse desktop application. Handles multiple accounts and users. Also provides with basic accounting framework including : model, persistence, views, ...

652 . LaundryDCJewelry

complete accounting package (gl, receivables, payables, payroll, inventory) + Jewelry store accounting/inventory + Laundry/Dry Cleaning billing + linen & industrial rental package. All modules completely integrated.

653 . Ledgerdemain Accounting

Accounting system for small businesses in Java. Schema (database) compatible with SQL-Ledger and can be run in parallel with SQL-Ledger. Provides a Java/Swing GUI and components that can be used in automating accounting functions.

654 . LedgerLink

LedgerLink is a component and class library for Borland Delphi that provides two way data integration with Intuit\'s QuickBooks via their QBXML interface.

655 . LedgerSMB

LedgerSMB is an ERP, featuring accounting (including AR, AP, and GL), quotation and order management, and more, for businesses with small to medium transaction volumes. The system has been shown to easily handle thousands of AR/AP transactions per week. Data integrity, security, quality, and responsiveness are key values for our community, both among the developers and, we hope, the users. Additionally we aim to make LedgerSMB into a platform to integrate with, or even serve as a framework for building, other applications. We highly value community contributions and aim to stimulate growth through a broad community by actively providing support and documentation.

656 . LedgerSMB - Oscommerce bridge

This software provides a means to link Oscommerce to LedgerSMB. Customers, Parts, orders and inventory are synchronised between the two systems enabling the Oscommerce website owner to use a commercial grade accounting system.

657 . Le Facturier

Le Facturier sert à établir les factures, à enregistrer les paiements correspondants à ces factures, à préparer les factures à préparer des bons de commandes ainsi qu'à faire les relances. Avec sa partie gestion des dépenses, il permet de savo

658 . LETS Connector

This project is a Local Exchange and Trading System admin tool, accessible from the web for the use of LETS members. It is composed of an online directory, accounting and payment system, and an online newsletter.

659 . Financial Engine Library

libcash is a library layer for databases to store and manage financial information, it uses Gnome Database Access library (GDA) and allows to create accounts, save transactions, get account's balances, do basic financial analisys and more.

661 . Money manager core library

a personal finance management application featuring a relational database backend, many categories for each transaction. This module implements the business logic of the application, and can be extended with user interface modules.

662 . LibOFX

This is the LibOFX library. It is a parser and an API designed to allow applications to support the OFX banking standard (mostly used for bank statement download). To my knowledge, it is the first working OpenSource implementation on the client side.

663 . LIstFOrmatCONverter

Sometimes an upgraded application changes data formats which can break compatibility with previous versions. If import/export text files are of the following format: "descript1","descript2","descript3" "data1","data2","data3" "data1","data2","data3" then this program can rearrange the data of large exported files in order to be imported into another version or application with little effort.

664 . LimonCafe

Limoncafe is an internet or an entertainment saloon management tool. You can easily set different prices for each different machine. It also can use as renting system.

665 . Linet accounting

Linet is a double sided accounting software that got the approval of the Israeli tax authorities. The code is written in php and powered by mysql. Interface languages: hebrew and english.

667 . LinxBooks

LinxBooks – Have faith and carry on. Overview LinxBook is a simple and easy-to-use business accounting application. Linxbooks includes basic features that help the businesses create invoices, quotations, manage payments, payrolls, contracts and expenses Download at GitHub: Demo is at: (user: admin, password: admin123)

668 . LionCoin

LionCoin is an simple double entry accounting application developed with Visual Studio.Net running under Windows. LionCoin is released under the GPL licence.

669 . LInux Pour l'Entreprise

This project aims at developping a set of programs for business needs, such as accounting, payroll and inventory.

670 . LoanAnalyzer

Graphically view fixed and adjustable rate loan balance and monthly payments (principle & interest) over the life of the mortgage. Also outputs loan amortization schedules to a tabbed excel worksheet.

672 . Locanda

Locanda is an innovative booking management system designed for any touristical structure such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, guesthouses, farmhouses. Featuring a user-friendly and dynamic web interface, Locanda allows a seamless management of all the resources an owner has to control: Bookings, Rooms, Room Types, Guests, Extras, Price Lists, Seasons, Conventions. It is a system developed by the Open Source Lab c/o Sardegna Ricerche, Sardinia, Italy.

674 . TransProCalc

TransProCalc: cross-platform tool for managing project docs and assignments, and financial data for translation projects.

675 . Localization of ADempiere ERP for Serbia

Adapting ADempiere to the Serbian language and accounting standards. Превод Адемпjера, креирање контног плана и додатних модула по РС 33 стандарду за Србију.

676 . kivitendo, known as Lx-Office

Lx-Office is a fork of the accounting package SQL-Ledger that is independently developed since 2003. It is especially customized to meet German requirements regarding accounting and financial reporting. There is also a module for CRM. In March 2012, Lx-Office was renamed into "kivitendo"  to rule out misunderstandings  by equating name part "office"  to "office package" for spreadsheets and text processing. The new name comes from the Swahili, translated it means "practically". To preserve the project history, the sourceforge area will keep the previous product name for the time being.

677 . LYna - Gestão de Salões de Fitness

Aplicação para Gestão de Salões de Fitness (e Ginásios). Permite gerir terceiros(clientes e fornecedores), criar turmas, emitir vendas a dinheiro e controlar os consumos por cliente.

678 . Complete GnuERP for MacOS X

The goal of this project is to give to the MacOS X platform his own ERP, based on PostgreSQL ( Le but de ce projet est de donner un ERP ŕ MacOS X, basé sur PostgreSQL (

679 . maetys

Logiciels de gestion (gestion d'entreprise). La liste des fonctionnalités est en continuelle évolution. Actuellement sont en cours la comptabilité, la paie ainsi que la gamme Audit. Plus d'informations sur la page du projet.

680 . Magento - Sage Accounts 50 Integration

The objective of this project is to bring together developers and Small Business users of Sage Accounts 50 and Magento Community Edition to create an opensource 2-way integration module to link your Magento website with Sage Accounts 50 to maintain stock control & pricing, upload/ download products, process orders and manage your finances. Whilst there are several modules that already do this, (Some very good and some extremely bad), but there is one thing they all have in common, extremely expensive to setup and maintain. So with the spirit of Magento world class leaders and contributors to the open source community, my aim is to get some developers that want to contribute to this project and develop a module for the small business out there. So if you are interested in this project as a user or developer please join us in the discussion page so we can get the ball rolling.

681 . magnum

Simple ERP project for accounting, receivables, payables, inventory and shop management. Contains also a complete web shop module. Implemented completely in Java with postgresql as backend. This webapplication runs on tomcat.

682 . Magot

Magot is a cross-platform personal finance manager written in Python. A check-book like register GUI allows you to enter transactions and track bank accounts, incomes and expenses. It's based on formal accounting principles, PEAK and WxPython.

683 . Mall Information Management

Application for managing information in Shopping Center Building Management, including Accounting, Tenant, Account Payable, Account Receivable, and Inventory

684 . manageXcel

managexcel is an open source, total business management solution delivered in PHP to enable SME's to conduct their business online using a system that addresses ERP + CRM to provide a one-stop portal.

685 . Manejo de Subastas

Sistema para el control de subastas para una casa de arte, que permite el ingreso, actualizacion y administraciòn de piezas, proveedores y clientes, al igual que el control de subastas.

686 . manticore-trader

manitcore-trader ist eine umfangreiche Software-Sammlung für den Handel von Zertifikaten auf Aktien, Rohstoffe, Indizes und Währungen im kurz- und mittelfristigen Bereich.

687 . Marketeer

Marketeer is a PHP web based CRM/ERP/CMS system specially designed for greek small and very small corporations. Easy and simple to use for any bussiness owner.

688 . Mass payment MT-101 for salaries

These are 2 simple and ugly web forms: (1) list of employees with their IBANs and usual salary (fired persons are not deleted, but will not show in the next monthly payments) (2) monthly salaries (per month) with export in MT-101 format You need to configure the name of your company and each of your IBANs (in different banks) in file DBASE.PHP

689 . MasterInvoice

This is to further develop an invoice billing system I developed a while back. The basic rough client side is done. The admin panel create clients, invoices, email invoices and login info for clients is still in infancy and not functional yet. Client vie

690 . Millennium BSA

Millennium Business Suite Anywhere (BSA) is web based ERP/CRM solution with integrated BPM. Millennium BSA automates resources' planning (MRPII), distribution, inventory, payroll, HR, purchase, sales. Millennium BSA is distributed under GPL V2.

692 . Medical Refunds Tracking & Analysis

This project implements a couple of screens that enable users to manage their medical bills for refunding by an insurance company. Contractual (business) conditions are largely configurable, hence one or more contracts can be added and refunds analysed.

693 . Meges

Meges es una aplicación de control/asignación de flujos de caja para pymes, incluyendo la gestión de cobros y pagos

695 . Meritomony

Our goals are: To develop open source software that can be put used freely by individuals and communities. To implement banking and currency systems in online, virtual systems so that we can better understand and improve them.

696 . Merkur's cafe

System build in PHP, which serve to planning workers attended time, create statistics and counting sales, comunication between workers, create workers accounts, logging attended time.

697 . Mess Manager

This project is aimed at providing a automated system for managing a canteen.

699 . MFbyAS - Monitoraggio Finanziario

Italian web based financial monitoring system. Balance sheets, indices, reclassifications, sensor of attention, trend diagrams. 6 years online. More than 2500 voices of accounts and algorithms. Modelling system to make your own algorithms, sheets,indices

701 . mgurdu

my test project on for testing

702 . Mibooks

A desktop app to exchange accounting data between MIFOS and your accounting package at will

703 . MicroData (Small Business CRM/ERP)

MicroData is an open source, easy to use, all-in-one business software for small companies. It manages appointments, contacts, tasks, notes, projects, products, documents, offers, invoices, and much more. It is based on the famous Suneido Platform.

705 . microMoney

The microMoney project aims to simplify financial management for people. It's based on the developer's personal opinion on how a pratical financial manager should be, without options you'll never use, or that can confuse you.

706 . MobileExpenseTracker

MobileExpenseTracker is a small J2ME MIDlet (MIDP) to track expenses on a mobile. The expenses can be grouped by categories, sums are available. The expense data can be exported to a PC and stored in a CSV file to be used in some spread sheet.

707 . MiG Financial

MiG Financial is a collaborative web based accounting solution for households and small businesses. It allows for account and expense tracking as well as image upload of receipts for various transactions.

708 . Mighty Office - Improving the Flow

Mighty Office is an integrated task management and billing solution. Advanced Project Management and Task Delegation tools will speed workflow. Less advanced features, like the Time Log, and Invoice Generation abilities can make any office mighty.

709 . Mırnav Muhasebe Otomasyonu

Mırnav PHP kod tabanlı, işletim sistemi bağımsız, açık kaynak kodu bir muhasebe programıdır. Muhasebe programının bütün modülleri birbiri ile entegre olmakla birlikte, ileride sektörlerin ihtiyaçlarına göre ek modüller eklenecektir.

710 . MK Consultant Tools

MK Consultant Tools helps Independent Beauty Consultants for a certain major cosmetics company manage their business more effectively. Features include billing, ordering, accounting, and inventory management. MK Consultant Tools will interact with the o

711 . myMoney

Еаsy то use bookkeeping system. Track yout income and expenses. Tells you whether you live within your means for any period of time. Small businesses, home economics or personal use. Files compatible with spreadsheet like Excel

713 . Mobile Expense

The mobile expense is a midlet for tracking expenses. The aim of the project is to be fully configurable by the user, using time/data context and also GIS in future.

714 . Mobile Money

MoMo (short for Mobile Money) is an application to track your day-to-day expenditures on your Java capable mobile phone. It resembles Microsoft Money in order to quickly transfer data from MoMo to MS Money.

715 . Moneta

Moneta - Is a web-based personal financial manager, designed to be easy to use, with multiuser mode.

716 . Monetux

Monetux is a bussines financial web service programmed in python, that gives an interface build around XML-RPC/SOAP protocols full accesible by any other graphic interfaces. The objective is to create some managament and financial systems for small bussi

717 . Monex

Personal finance manager based on double entry bookkeeping principles. Features: account tree view, transaction filtering, multiple currencies, multiple exchange rates, transaction scheduling, download of financial data (not yet implemented), +++

718 . Money manager

a personal finance management application featuring a relational database backend, many categories for each transaction. This module contains the first, very basic user interface.

719 . Money Back

Money Back is a software that helps you and your friends to control and manage repayment between each other.

720 . Money Baron

Manage your personal finances with the Money Baron. Setup accounts, track transactions and assign to categories, reconcile, budget, reports, charts, etc.

722 . myMoney-go-round money matters software

The aim is to put cashflow forecasting and budget planning tools into the hands of the ordinary person, enabling people to easily check for losses if they need to, and to make more of their money otherwise.

723 . MoneyJar

MoneyJar is a Java library to help with implementations for demanding financial applications. This library simplifies money management, rounding, currency conversion, tax calculation (tax-on-tax, multiple tax) and invoice management. Highly configurable.

724 . moneymokey

hii this will be a small and best acc software for institutions like bussiness terminals and small scale vendors of some domestic materials. so i need some coders and planners for this my project. thanking you.

726 . Money Management

Keep a personal record of your money transactions in a simple way with Money Management. With multi-users you can have all your family or split your economy between several accounts.

727 . Money On Rails

This software provides an easy way to register all your expenses allowing they to be categorized and displaying info and charts about where your money is being spend.

728 . MoneyPlant

MoneyPlant is an accounting package for small to large Enterprises. It covers all aspects of accountancy and allows users to generate custom reports, balance sheet etc. Can be used as standalone or client/server program.

730 . MoneyTrack

MoneyTrack is a personal financial recording system, means it keeps track of your incomes / expenses via a database which can be accessed in different ways. There are several frontends available (web frontend, java-client, ...).

731 . Camna Money Tracker

Keep track of your money by recording transactions in categories. This is a great tool for helping budget your money or keep track of royalty payments. It syncs with a web-based system.

732 . Money Trakker

Money Trakker is a simple account calculator to keep finances between a few people or household.

733 . MoneyView

MoneyView is a personal finance and accounting manager to track bank accounts, income and expenses. No double-entry accounting, MoneyView is designed to be simple and easy to use. It provides a way to migrate accounts and their categories and histories from MS Money. MoneyView can read QIF and OFX files downloaded from the banks, and does automatic categorization based on your own existing operations. Please go to the web site below for download and more information.

734 . MoneyWatcher

MoneyWatcher is a free software, used to manage your personal accounts. Since statistics are very important, you can generate quite a few reports.

735 . MoToCa - Money To iCalendar

Java application that parser MS Money generated csv reports to iCalendar format, in order do allow users to follow their bill schedule on their preferred calendar application.

736 . Mozeo

Mozeo permet de gérer ses finances personnelles ou familiales très simplement, sans connaissances préalables en comptabilité. C'est l'une des seules alternatives gratuite pour les néophytes sous OS X et Windows, fournissant tous les outils de base nécessaires pour maîtriser son budget. Toutes les opérations sont simplifiées au maximum pour profiter d'un gain de temps, ce qui implique une large automatisation des tâches. Une particularité permet aux clients de la BNP de charger automatiquement leurs opérations dans la base du logiciel, en utilisant un module interne. Mozeo est destiné à toute personne qui ne souhaite pas passer trop de temps à gérer ses finances, tout en ayant une idée générale de sa santé budgétaire en quelques clics, de manière graphique et tabulée.

737 . MPE Money

MPE Money is an intuitive and simple to use professional finance manager.

738 . Bodyshop Data Assistant (BDA)

BDA is an automotive repair shop ('autoshop' or 'bodyshop') management system, taking a crash estimate through to job card and invoicing. VB6 with Access or SQL back-end. If you download please provide feedback.

739 . muhasebeci

muhasebeci is a free accounting program. it is for all size firms.

740 . mula

This is database backed web application for the management of investment clubs (a type of partnership.) The purpose is to do allow members of an investment club to manage members, monthly dues, voting, meeting minutes, track stock portfoltios and more.

741 . multi-currency-import-excel-to-tally

Recording multi-currency vouchers in Tally ERP can be a difficult task. These excel templates provided with udiMagic software, help you import vouchers with multi-currency in Tally ERP, quickly and easily. You need to specify the Currency, Forex Amount, Rate of Exchange for recording payment, receipt and other entries. You can also import Base-currency vouchers by keeping these columns blank viz. Currency, Forex Amount, ROE. Forex and Base Currency To import vouchers with Forex, specify the Currency, Forex Amount, ROE. To import vouchers in Base currency, keep the "Currency, Forex Amount and ROE" columns blank. Please note that this repository includes only the excel templates. You must download the udiMagic software separately from to import data from these templates into Tally ERP 9. The DEMO version of udiMagic is free to try for limited period.

742 . Multilingual Accounting

It is a web based accounting application that is capable of working of working in english and one other language supported by UTF-8 especially "Right to Left Languages" such as Urdu, Arabic, Persian etc. This simply means that a transaction once posted in a language is automatically displayable in the other language i.e. you post invoices in English but print them in your local language

743 . Munashe Payroll

Keep customer records Unlimited number of employees Multiple payrolls Unlimited number of users Generate and print all Payslips at once Print reports ZIMRA, NSSA, NEC, Bank Reports Automatic update and management of leave days Automatic calculation of PAYE, AIDS Levy, Taxable Income, Credits, NSSA, NEC Payslips and reports print preview Manage Personal Details, Work Details, Bank Details, Leave Details Define short term and long term employment contracts through employment periods. Unlimited number of Pay Points, Departments Select and sort employees by departments, pay points or any detail User accounts with restricted access to your payroll system

744 . Murray

Murray is a web-based financial accounting and budgeting application that is targeted for personal use and small businesses.

745 . Musician Master

This project will build an application that will help band leaders and solo artist manage contacts, song lists, demos, contracts, calendars, venues, personnel, equipment, payroll, and itineraries. .

746 . Mutasyon

Mutasyon is write with PHP, Smarty, HTML, CSS and JQuery. We can create customer, invoice and products with it and tracking money which input or output. Mutasyon can; 1) Add customer, 2) Create invoice, 3) Add product and product images, 4) See invoice detail and print invoice 5) See product detail, amount, price, tax and profit 6) See money input and output history. And its support multi language and template. Note! Please if you see any problem tell me. Thanks

747 . MyAccount

An open source project for managing personal and home accounts.

749 . MyBalance

Very easily save your checking, savings, or other money account balance and complete transaction log. Uses text files to save the data. Open source under GPL v2. Written in C# 2017 community edition.

750 . bank statements manager - myBankTracker

myBankTracker - a LAMP personal finances management tool based on automated processing of bank statements. After download, bank statements are automatically splitted into tags based on predefined rules. Streaming of the results on a local webserver.

751 . MyBusiness

MyBusiness is a project which aim to store personnal money moving and help the user to see how he spend his money, where make saving, etc...

752 . MyCash

A personal finance program. Our life here has been short. We have decided to move to The name of the project has changed to Loominate.

753 . mycompta online

Mycompta is a set of php, JavaScript and Java scripts using Mysql database for collaborative accounting (and payroll) between a company and his charter accountant. It is based on event inputs.(accounting entries are generated)

754 . MyCosts

Keep you costs on your mobile device. Quick add, edit, remove costs, multiple currencies, reports, filters.

755 . MyErp: Software gestionale Open Source

Accounting and ERP Software in italian - Software contabile e gestionale in italiano, multiaziendale: primanota, contabilità ordinaria, semplificata, ritenute d'acconto, cespiti, partite aperte e scadenzario, vendite, fatturazione e magazzino.

756 . MyFina - Personal Finance Manager

MyFina is a web-based personal finance and budgeting program for managing accounts and expenses. The system aimed at those who have little or no financial background to gain control over their money. The system was built using PHP (CodeIgniter) & MySQL.

757 . myInvoice

MyInvoice is a simple php/mysql based invoicing system aimed at freelancers and small businesses. It allows the user to manage clients/invoices, clients to log in to view and print invoices, and also features automatic email notifications.

759 . mymogo

mymogo is a simple accountmanagement application for Linux and Windows. mymogo is developed with easy in mind. Easy intuitive interface, easy to handle transactions and a persistent way to storage your data.

763 . MyPhpMoney

MyPhpMoney is a tool written in PHP to manage bank accounts thru a web interface. It uses mysql to store data and relies on PHPLIB (template, session and database abstraction).

764 . Personal Finance Manager

Personal finance tool. Main features allows you to - import files (such as OFX files) with operations - organize your expenses and your own budget in categories - run reports based on previous and future expenses.

765 . My Portfolio Manager

Easy to keep record your share transactions. Get the amount buyable or receivable with different broker. Holding stock position . This project is sponcered by

766 . MyQuipu

Programa de contabilidad, con interface Web. Programado usando PHP y MySql.

767 . MYTaxTables

Software utility to allow the quick conversion of government defined tax rates into data files that can be imported into major accounting packages. Initial focus will be on the Windows platform and the MYOB accounting system.

768 . NAAP

Not (just) Another Accounting Program. Server/Client Accounting Transactions over XML SSL HTTP based API.

770 . Volcano

Volcano - solution for integration Microsoft Dynamics NAV with Microsoft Dynamics RMS

773 . Neogia

The ERP solution Neogia leans on OFBiz ERP sturdy technical foundations, a set of technical and business components well known for their high coverage, flexibility and great sturdy. OFBiz Neogia solution covers finance, manufacturing, CRM and e-commerce

774 . NERPA open ERP project

NERPA is an clusterable/distributable/scatterable open ERP/CRM/ProjectManagement software, targeted to public application services, warehouse centers and frontend/backend corporate IT infrastructure.

775 . NetBilling

Open source traffic accounting and billing system with zone-based tariffication.

776 . netLedger

Class library for storing double entry account transations, transaction batches, and account opening/closing balances.

777 . NeuClear

NeuClear is a project to create a distributed network for transaction clearing. This will allow whole new forms of p2p ecommerce and financial applications.

778 . NobleCRM CRM invoice inventory

Desktop based calls,meetings,tasks,accounts,contacts,leads,opportunities,projects,cases,documents,bugs .Customer invoices,orders,accounts receivables,contracts,supplier invoices,orders ,inventory transfers ,multiple locations,inventory control.

779 . NoInterset

This project is to create an Open Source Financial Package with No Interest system. The financial system with this project mainly works with no interest and making the profits by involving in projects as partners and not as loaners.

780 . NOLA

The NOLA web based software package allows your business to effortlessly reach further than previously thought possible. NOLA consolidates your company's accounting, inventory, point of sale, contact management, billing, puchasing, and reporting in one

781 . Nomad PIM

Nomad PIM is a free extensible personal information manager. It contains modules for personal notes, journal, address book, personal finances, task management, time tracking and evaluating basic fitness measurements.

782 . Northwindplus

An Extended version of the popular Northwind Database that comes with MS access and SQL server. Includes Sales,Purchase, Inventory and Finance. Intended for ease of use and minimum user training where some functions are intentionally left out.

783 . jledger

JLedger was a double-entry ledger application, written in Java. Project is discontinued, because of upcoming EU-patent issues.

784 . NotaNET

Applicazione per la gestione semplice della prima nota

785 . Nota - Fatture, Magazzino, Contabilità

“Nota – Il software gestionale” è un software che consente di gestire le attività contabili/gestionali di una piccola-media azienda. Il software inoltre prevede la possibilità di gestire il proprio magazzino e consente di curare molti aspetti del ciclo di vita aziendale. Potrebbe essere avvicinato molto anche ad un CRM, fornendo infatti come quest'ultimo strumenti per l'intera gestione aziendale. “Nota – Il software gestionale” è inoltre un framework che consente di sviluppare velocemente software gestionale per qualsiasi propria esigenza. Adatto sia per uso personale che aziendale è ideale per la gestione dell'attività di professionisti e piccole-medie aziende.

787 . Num To Arabic

This project is meant to convert a number (eg: 45) into words/text in Arabic. Eg: خمسة و اربعون This is meant to be a PHP function and I plan on making this fully GNU GPL 100%.

788 . Num To Word

Num To Word is very simple software to convert numaric amount into word. This is written in java. When you enter the amount in numaric it automatically put commas and give useful output in word. Enjoy it.

789 . Num To Word for Android

Num To Word is very simple software to convert numaric amount into word. This is written in java. When you enter the amount in numaric it automatically put commas and give useful output in word. Enjoy it.

790 . nxBill

Open Source Php/MySQL billing/invoicing system and customer and product register. Multilingual, editable layout.

791 . New Zealand Finance Manager

Finance manager for New Zealand home users and small businesses. Includes interfaces with many major banks, accounting functionality and various other useful tools. Easy to use without any formal training in accounting.

792 . Open Business Accounting (OBA)

OBA is a web based business accounting software modified from sql-ledger to suit accountants ,auditors and who required massive data entry. it comes with some new modules such as quick-entry, sales summary, unique transaction number for managing indivi

793 . openBaraza Business

Baraza Business Management System by Openbaraza is designed to manage business transactions and make book keeping easier. It contains various modules that can be used by all kinds of business (small, medium and large). The system contains modules such as transactions, administrator operations and reports generated after various transactions recorded in the system. Some of the benefits of the system include: - Accuracy and Speed - End-of-Period Reports - Data Manipulation

794 . obliquid

Obliquid is a PHP/XML framework for building groupware Web portals. It provides Lego bricks that may be composed to build an Internet application. It has multilingual support and themes. Modules include user management, calendar, news, cms and messaging.

795 . Open Business Solution ERP+CRM+E-Commerc

Open Business Solution is a complete business solution including: A/R, A/P, G/L, Sales, Purchasing, Inventory, Store Front, File sharing, Email and Calendaring. This is provided through a web based interface.

796 . Office Manager

Encompasing office management healthcare software for medical practices, doctors groups, DMEs, retailers, etc. It does User/patient management, point of sale, scheduling, sign-in, inventory, insurance claims, accouting, etc. Any OS!

797 . OFX to QFX Converter

Quicken needlessly removed support for importing QIF files in version 2005 and later. This program converts Microsoft Money OFX files into Quicken QFX files. It's a very simple process but this program gives it an easy-to-use user interface.

798 . GlobalClient

GlobalClient is a multi-user, role-based, plug-in extendable, DB-abstract application for small and mid-size enterprises, written in Borland C++Builder.

800 . OLFIX

An administrative system for small to medium sized companies. It will contain functionality for order, inventory and billing as well as bookkeeping. It is primarily aimed at european users.

801 . OmegaCart

OmegaCart is a next-generation ecommerce solution built on the CakePHP framework.

802 . Operational Management System

omis.t-77 is an operational financial management and information system. It allowes you to create and manage for example invoices and other financial documents. The software creates reports about your business, so you can see how you're doing.

803 . Om Trading

This project is to maintain item price list, stock management.

804 . Online1 Business Suite

This project is to develop an new erp system based on java for small to medium business. The aim of the project will be to offer the functionality of most of the high end erp systems with full customization.

805 . Internet Banking Script

This is an Online Banking Script, its fully automated that handles banking transactions. The script comes with: - An Admin Portal (This controls and monitors the activity of each account created.) - A User Panel - SQL Database File The Project is Coded In - PHP - MySQL - HTML5 - CSS - Bootstrap - jQuery With Customer Support Demo link

806 . Online Banking

Online banking which provides basic functionalities like deposit & withdrawal of amount from User accounts. This is very basic structure project, helpful to learn about Apache Struts & Apache Maven Technologies Used: 1) Apache Struts 2) JSP 3) MYSQL 4) Hibernate This project is Apache Maven built project. For designing part, project is having twitter bootstrap UI. Using bootstrap js & css The project name is "Presto" Please Rate the Project Thank You.

807 . Online Paystub Generator

In a fast-paced world, you may not be able to set aside enough time to create your pay stubs manually. For you, it may be a frustrating task, but deep down, you know it is an essential task for you to do. So, now is the right time for you to jump on the bandwagon and start generating your pay stubs online in a few basic steps. How can you do it? You can easily create/generate your pay stubs using a tool named check pay stubs. What is this tool? A Pay Stub tool is an earnings statement generator that displays a complete breakdown of an employee’s current pay. It is also referred to as a paycheck stub and check stub. Let me tell you that American professionals verify this tool, so you can blindly rely on it. There are no chances of any error.

809 . open4invoicing

open4invoiceing is a small program intented for small business to issue invoices, billing, for keeping information about overdue invoices and more

810 . OpenAccount

Open accounting system, web-based, simplified as much as possible, widely-available, designed for Ukraine personal, commercial and government use

811 . Professional Practice Open Accounting

Open Accounting is a time, job, and expense billing system. It is well suited for professionals in private practice. Examples include consultants, diagnosticians, and lawyers. The retainer feature can track pledges for non-profit organizations.

812 . Open Accounting

***** OpenAccounting has been replaced by OAJ/OpenAccountingJ ***** Please visit the OAJ page on for more information.

813 . OpenAPR

An Open Source APR calculation algorithm for Closed Ended Loans. Comparable to Win APR from the OCC, but as a .NET DLL (also web serviced).

814 . OpenAspect

OpenAspect - entire business, one place. A scalable, secure ERP and CRM system, including Asset management/servicing, Inventory, Logistics, AP, AR, GL, and more. Front-ends can be 'plugged-in', using PHP, ASP, Java, Delphi, and many more.

815 . OpenAssets

OpenAssets is intended to be an all-in-one finance platform for personal and small business use. With a focus on providing a viable open and easy to use alternative to Microsoft Money. Uses a MySQL backend and PHP/ajax driven web interface.

816 . OpenBar

This will be an application to manage small food business. This should cover clients "at moment" and regular clients accounts, providing to the owner an easy way to get his/her clients balances, improving administrative tasks.

817 . Open Case Management

An open source effort to build a Case Management and Accounting system for the legal practices in the US.

818 . Open Books bookkeeping

Open Books is a cross platform open source booking application project positioned to meet the needs of small to medium firms looking for an open source alternative to MYOB or Quickbooks.

819 . OpenBooX

OpenBooX is a project based on OpenAccounting and offering a complete double entry accounting system as a WEB application. It targets mainly north american audience and improves it's parent project in order to be the perfect replacement to QuickBooks.

820 . OpenCAGO#

OpenCAGO# Es un software Libre para Control, Administración, Gestion y Organizacion de ventas. Stock, Clientes, Proveedores, Ventas, Compras, Devoluciones, Gastos, Contabilidad, etc Desarrollado con C# y Gtk# (Mono), con independecia del tipo de Base d

821 . Open Cash Flow

This project is designed to be a web-based PFM (Personal Finance Manager) with capabilities of automating many tasks involved in handling finances (paying bills, generating reports, monitoring budgets).

822 . OpenCompiere Business Solution

OpenCompiere is 100% compatible with Compiere, but with additional features, bug fixes and extensions. OpenCompiere is not one of Compiere forks, but a Compiere enhancement version. OpenCompiere intends to became community friendly project.

823 . openConta

Aplicacion para el manejo de contabilidad de una empresa a traves de un sitio web con ASP.NET. Proyecto de la Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala por el curso de Software Avanzado del curso de vacaciones Diciembre 2008.

825 . Open DNN ERP

Open DNN ERP is a .NET DotNetNuke ERP Application that will include General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, Order Entry.

826 . OpenFactura

Aplicación y librería en python para impresión computarizada de facturas de acuerdo a la norma NSF-7 del Servicio de Impuestos de Bolivia. La experiencia de construir una aplicación en Python.

827 . Open Faktura

Open Faktura is a Open-Source Faktura System that uses PostgreSQL as Database Engine and is written in C++/QT, because it is platform indepentend and QT is a powerful C++ Framework with good SQL Features.

828 . OpenFatturaPA

Il programma permette la gestione delle fatture elettroniche.E' possibile gestire i propri fornitori o clienti, verso cui emettere le fatture, ma grazie all'importazione della fattura elettronica, è possibile anche gestire il magazzino dei prodotti.

829 . openFDM

It is a free Web based Financial Data Manager specially for SME or SOHOs who are not ready to buy accounting packages like Tally, etc.

830 . OpenFigaro

The project OpenFigaro is intended to be a OpenSource software for Frisoer Goods economy. It will be simple to use and small. It uses the open source RDBMS Firebird as datastoring and it is written in Delphi.

832 . Open Funds

A fund accounting system by use for governments and nonprofits. In addition to a general ledger, the system will contain systems for receivables, payables, payroll, fixed assets and budgeting.

833 . OpenInsure

Open Source Insurance automation software. Complete policy processing system, contact management, full accounting module for managing income and expenses.

834 . Openjel

Openjel es un proyecto dirijido a pequeñas y medianas empresas. Este es basicamente un aplicacion base que puede ser utilizada para la creacion de aplicaciones mas completas dirijidas a cada empresa en particular.

836 . openMagnus

Sistema de Gestion Empresarial para los giros de Seguridad Privada.

837 . OpenMatters

OpenMatters is a GPL-licensed practice management suite for lawyers. It aims to provide case, document, and contact management, time billling, and email integration.

838 . OpenMiracle

Miracle I The next stepping stone of open miracle Miracle i. which helps in showing you the graphical representation of the company status. A unique software with unique features in it and also to be the first in market. Miracle irepresents entire openmiracle modules by projecting various graphical representaions with most idealistic view. Financial statements can be easily analyzed using pie-charts,user interface is more flexible now with the help of coloring system and bar-chart rating. An over all statistic view of a company in a single click!! Miracle Skate..! Fed up of data base migration ?!!Try Miracle Skate Miracle Skate helps to migrate data from Tally accounting software to Open Miracle without any loss of data and it helps the customer to enjoy the features of latest business accounting software-Open Miracle.

841 . Payroll Service for the Small Business

There is a need for a stand-alone payroll module that is readily modifiable to meet regular changes in tax laws and to permit use in venues and under regulatory conditions not anticipated in the original code.

842 . OpenRDA, commercial FOSS fund accounting

Governmental & non-profit accounting, hr & tax software for K12, local/municipal & non-profit entities of all sizes. Built using Qt, supports MYSQL & MYSQL Server. In production at 145 organizations across the US. Supported by OpenRDA, Inc.

843 . OpenSAP

What is the OpenSAP? Free plug-ins for SAP Business One (SAP B1), that I developed privately. Since upgrading to 8.8.1, I have to convert them and in doing so, I am open sourcing them. I am hoping others will join with their own stable add-ons :-)

846 . opensoft

ERP solution customized for Peru. Also includes a module for fuel management on service stations.

847 . OpenSourceBilling

OpenSourceBilling or OSB is a simple, open source web application for creating and sending invoices, receiving payments, managing clients, and tracking and reporting. There’s no need to pay for these services because OSB does it all for free and easily. OSB can produce reports of sales, payments and collected revenues, and simply makes billing and invoicing hassle-free. OSB comes with plenty of built-in features, such as recurring invoices, exporting to PDF, time tracking, receiving payments through Paypal and credit card, Freshbooks and Quickbooks data importing and more. It also supports several different languages as well as currencies.

848 . Open Source Payroll

Developing Payroll and HRD sistem has not standarized for each company, we place this open source payroll give user expandable for using in your company.

850 . opentaps open source ERP+CRM

ERP and CRM suite, including eCommerce, inventory, warehouse, order, customer management, general ledger, MRP, POS. Database independent service-oriented architecture (SOA)

851 . OpenTax

Open source tax software. For now, that's all I know.

852 . Open Tax Solver

OTS is a safe, secure, easy-to-use program for calculating Tax Return Form entries, and determining your tax-owed or refund-due, for Federal or State personal income taxes. Includes updated versions for US 1040, Schedules A, B, C, D, and for several states. OTS provides both graphical and textual interfaces for quickly filing out your tax forms.

853 . TIM

a customizable database application used since 1994 in Belgium. Old, but being actively maintained. Written in Clipper and Xbase++.

854 . opentradesman

opentradesman is a web application based on yii (php) to control goods, products, accounting, invoices and provide interfaces to common databases and structures like taxes, online banking,...

855 . OpenTrans.NET

A .NET (C#) implementation of the openTRANS 1.0 standard. See for further details on the standard. (openTRANS 2.0 will be implemented in a seperate, upcoming project.)

859 . OptimaSAL

OptimaSAL (Sistemas Administrativos Libres) es un conjunto de herramientas para la gestión de pequeńas y medianas empresas. El objetivo es cubrir la necesidad de programas en plataformas libres tales como punto de venta, contabilidad, nomina, etc.

860 . ORATIO

Oratio is an Italo-French ERP (a double entry accounting system), with remarkable improvements and new functionalities. In addition to the original functions, it features manufacturing management (MRP1 and MRP2), analytical accounting, sales and purchase

861 . Order Integrator

Order Integrator is an order management program that allows you to import sales from osCommerce, eBay Blacktrhone, and Channel Advisor so you can ship them with Endicia Internet Postage and export them to QuickBooks.

862 . ORE/Open Rating Environment

ORE aims to be a complete Open Source solution for enterprise revenue management including functions of a rating engine, a billing engine and provisioning and mediation systems.

864 . osFinancials Accounting Software

osFinancials is a free accounting package, easy to install Stock control and point of sales integrated with good support and plugins. Import from osCommerce, virtue-mart magento zenchart etc. Full reportdesigner reportman and all reports are made in reportman so can be adjusted to your needs. Full professional accounting package with support. Now with support for 3 databases Firebird Mysql Postgress See our instruction video

865 . os:inventory

Os:inventory is world wide first open source solution for management of fixed assets. It is designed for large infrastructures with lots of locations and lots of fixed assets and It supports online and offline mobile device of any manufacture.

866 . Open Source Practice Management Project

Browser-based Medical Practice Management System, written in PHP and Javascript, served by a mySQL DBMS. XHTML/CSS2 GUI for platform independence. Not restricted to any one medical specialty. Built to maintain HIPAA security standards.


As of 2006, there is no active development on OSSuite.

869 . Management System OTA

This project tries to fulfill the financial management needs of a Hellenic Local Authority Organization. Its purpose is to organize the accounting service of a Hellenic Local Authority Organization.

870 . Oursin

Management and Accounting software for small and French-like establishment.

871 . Winery Management

Manage wine from Crush to bottling. Includes; 1. Cost Tracking 2. Quality and Taste 3. Yields 4. Crush plans 5. Treatments 6. Blends 7. Gains and Losses 8. Lots 9. Growers and Contracts 10. Variety Composition Much more

872 . oxerp

OXERP is an Open Extensible ERP. It provides full core features of ERP and CRM solutions : accounting, customer management, supply chain... Designed for use out of the box and easy to customize : invoice printing templates, accounting process...

873 . OyVey

OyVey is an easy-to-use E-Commerce shopping cart application written in java targeted for non-J2EE java servlet engines such as Tomcat or Resin. Features include web services, discount management, inventory tracking, cc authorization, & a modifiable UI.

874 . Pacio

Open source double-entry bookkeeping system for mac os x.

875 . Paghe Open

Software gestione paghe per elaborazione cedolini, calcolo contributi, compilazione dichiarativi mensili e annuali.

876 . PAI

PAI is a system in portuguese brazilian that means (Programa de Administração de Imóveis).The system assists the administration of properties. Includes rent control and expenditures flow, among others. Made up in php so could be accessed from the web.

877 . PaiNPai

Personal finance manager. This will help individuals to manage their personal finance information easily and bring all finance data in digital format. Project is named as PaiNPai (it is a Marathi language phrase) meaning each and every penny.

878 . Painting Contractor database manager

MySQL database frontend written in Visual Basic.Net. All features neccesary to running a small-medium painting business will be included; keeping paint color information, customer acount, tax records etc... Uses local DB and replicates to remote backup d

879 . PalmCoins

PalmCoins was renamed to FreeCoins. You can find it at

881 . papyrus

Projet de logiciel de gestion commerciale pour PME sous la forme d'une application Web.

882 . Parsley

Project Parsley is a project to develop a free, web-based, customisable, extensible, cross-platform enterprise accounting system for sole traders, partnerships, clubs and societies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

883 . PatchOwe

Mit PatchOwe können Sie Ihre gesamten Schulden verwalten und einsehen, Rückzahlungen erstellen. Zusätzlich können Sie Ihren Geldbestand eingeben, um dann Ihren Gesamtgeldbestand nach Begleichung aller Schulden zu sehen. Auch möglich sind sogenannte "virtuelle Zahlungen". Sie können Produkte mit Ihrem Preis eintragen, um dann berechnen zu lassen, wie oft Sie ein Produkt kaufen können und wieviel Geld Sie danach haben werden. In zukünftigen Versionen können Sie sogar sogenannte "Einkaufslisten" erstellen und abspeichern.

884 . payables-disbursements

AF - Payables is a Windows Based Payables APP written as a sample application for programmers who want to learn VBA and the MS-Access database. So you can use it to help if you are programmer . You can also use it to do Payables for a small business (1 – 15 employees). Before beginning, please note that setting up, and logging into the APP, is described in the Appendix. Also read the readme.txt file in the program directory. Note that the program is a conversion of the Invoicing APP. So variable names, and tables, may, or may not, be converted from the original APP. (For example the old variable may have been m_cust, and is now m_vend. If you are reviewing the code, remember some of this code may be somewhat odd.) Now Ver 1b has been updated to 1c. You can now change the Fiscal Year Month on the Company Information screen.

885 . Irish Income Tax Calculator

The PAYE Calculator is aimed at PAYE Workers, Contractors, and Company Directors in Ireland. The objective of this Windows 10 application is to provide an idea of how much PAYE, USC, PRSI and LPT one could expect to pay annually. Another feature in development is information regarding available tax reliefs that can be claimed and how a tax refund can be claimed annually. The scope of the project is to provide users with as much information around taxation as possible. If you like this application and what to support future development, you can donate €1 or $1 to through PayPal or through

886 . PayRollFileConverter

This is a simple converter that will change line by line csv file for conversion to ADP software input

887 . Payroll OnDemand

Payroll OnDemand is the best Payroll software for small and mid-sized businesses in India. It will automate the entire payroll and HR processes of an organization. Payroll software process is programmed to enable HR professionals for managing the data and information of the company’s employees on the regular basis.

888 . Payroll PRO

Payroll PRO v1.0 is a simple payroll designed in visual 2005 to calculate wages in a specific time frame. Database used is MS Access.

889 . payup

Payup is a web application for managing IOU's between a group of people. It's good at summarizing and simplifying complicated situations.

890 . Pbx Accounting Billing

Call accounting/billing software which uses SMDR facility of phone centrals. It uses a set of scripts for data(calls) aquisition/recording and preprocessing before import into a mysql database. The billing is done with PHP using a strong set of criterias

891 . Pluging Collections for General Ledger

The objective of this project is to facilitate the adaptations of SQL-Ledger with easy tools for experienced users, as well as the development of modules in an open community. Modules: Reports, Consolidations, Fiscal Balance, Fixed Assets

892 . Peachtree Data Conversion

Build data conversion tools to convert Peachtree Premium Accounting for Distribution to an open source accounting system. Phase 1 - Select a package most similar to Peachtree Phase 2 - Build data conversion tools

893 . Pearl MIS

Pearl MIS, is a fully functional ERP suitable for institutions of any size. Fully web-based, it provides functionality in various modules including inventory, invoicing, warehouse, accounting, among others.

894 . peersite

Peersite is a suite of components (servlets, tag libraries, java classes etc) for creating and managing social market network web-applications: that is, a social network with added market functionality, for example using pseudo-currencies.

895 . PEGestion

Gestión para Pequeñas Empresas o Autónomos. Presupuestos, Albaranes, Facturas. Gestión de Stock. Característica principal: SENCILLEZ de UTILIZACIÖN. Lo que no es necesario, SOBRA. MOLESTA. PHP + AJAX + MYSQL + CSS + HTML + javascript.

896 . PeKaVau

Walther's PeKaVau is a utility to enable German users to keep track of their correspondence with their health insurance. Written in 'Winbatch', the UI is German, the code is English. Since I do not have enough time I donate it to the public domain

897 . Pencil Pusher

Business Management software. From sales to HR to support. A simple web based interface to handling the majority of business functions.

899 . Penny Ledger

A framework of data entry and reporting plugins that are used to build basic accounting modules. These, in turn, are used to build accounting software for home, club and societies, small business and specific industry applications.

900 . Perkiraan OSA

Perkiraan OSA (Open Source Accounting) adalah aplikasi akuntansi sederhana yang dibangun dengan CodeTyhon IDE (FreePascal based), ditujukan sebagai bahan pembelajaran sekaligus diharapkan dapat diimplementasikan di lingkungan ril.

901 . PerlPunch

PerlPunch is a full featured timeclock program for keeping employee hours.

902 . pERP

eGroupWare ERP Group of Modules. Multi currency, multi location with an emphasis on manufacturing. Allows manufacturing with customer options. Also supports invoicing from ProjectManager.

904 . Personal Money

Personal money is a simple project developed in Java for handle the personal financial.

905 . Personal Finance API

Pf-api has been created to provide the developers a simple Personal Finance API written in Java to create finance applications. This api supports multiple accounts, double entry as well as single entry based transactions, investments etc...

907 . phacturaE

phacturaE es un conjunto de clases que permite interacturar con los webservices, de factura electrónica, de AFIP de Argentina.

908 . Phasis

- Un programma gestionale scritto in Python ed utilizza i moduli wxPython. Database SQLite e Mysql e predisposto per tutti i database. Le piattaforme testate sono: Linux e Windows . Base dati in architettura client/server.

909 . PHecking

Phecking is a checkbook system written in PHP. It relies heavily on the xAjax Framework for Ajax functionality and MySQL for datastorage. Features include limitless account management, check reconciling, custom reports, and more.

910 . Phiscal

Phiscal is a cross-platform collection of integrated PHP applications designed to cover the needs of small/medium size businesses in the following areas: UK Tax and PAYE payroll, Accounts and Contacts, Stock and Webstore Management.

911 . HyperLink Phoenix HRM

Building a human resources management system based on Microsoft technologies: .NET 2.0 with C#, MS SQLServer 2005, CAB, Enterprise Lib, Smart Client... This is a mix of desktop and web app solution

912 . PHPAccounts

Simple Web based accounts application useful for small business, freelancers and consultants. PDF invoices generation, automated email reminders, CSV spreadsheet export, cashflow/profit reports, timesheet tracking.

913 . PHPAdvocat

PHPAdvocat (Anwaltskanzlei-Suite) is a web based office suite for lawyer offices to manage contacts, files/documents, invoices and events. It is written in PHP and stores data in a PostgreSQL or MySQL database. Though it is mainly designed for german offices it should be adoptable for other countries.

914 . PHPBalanceSheet

PHPBalanceSheet is, as its name suggests, a balance sheet application implemented in PHP. The idea came from a real-world situation: filing tax returns, which requires the collating of taxable income and tax-deductable expenses.

915 . PHP Check Printer

Prints check data onto printable check pages via CSS files tailored to specific printable check formats.

916 . phpDomainRegister

phpDomainRegister is a Webhosting application. It allows customers to order domains and webhosting packages.

917 . PHP Easy Life

PHP web-based project that includes modules for address book, birthday, reminder, bank-account, billing, articles... with includes multi language support and users-permissions/themes/configuration

918 . PHP-EinnahmenAusgaben

PHP-EinnahmenAusgaben is a PHP/Webbased finance manager (Einnahmen/Ausgaben-Rechnung) for small companies in Austria or Germany.

919 . Free PHP/Codeigniter Expense Manager

A simple but powerful PHP script to manage your expenses with multi-user level and permission. Our expense management system designed to help individual or business budget, track and possibly control your expenses. It supports tracking of both your expenses and income. This expense management system provides an integrated set of features to help you to manage your expenses and cash flow. It provides the ability to group your income/expenses into categories and lets you set a budget and track expenses in the category. Screenshot and more details: Demo: Username: Password: 123456 To add custom CRUD to his project to this link and click on Customize button About Us *** Build with Web Project Builder *** A product of IBR Infotech

920 . phpEZAccounting

Back to Basics - phpEZAccounting aims to be a PHP/MySQL based Pure Journal Accounting program featuring Single-Company, Single-Currency, Multi-User and Multi-Periods. Also suited for end of year consolidated voucher entry.

921 . phpFaktura

A plattform independent accounting and billing application written in PHP/MySQL.

922 . PHPFaktury

PHPFaktury to prosty w obsłudze skrypt służący do wypisywania faktur w formacie PDF. Skrypt oprócz wypisywania faktur pozwala w prosty sposób przeglądać archiwum faktur, bazę towarów / artykułów, bazę kontrahentów.

923 . phpFAM

phpFAM - online Fixed Assets Managment system

924 . PHPFinance

PHPFinance is a web based financial management program that can be used for income/expense flow managing , reporting and logging using a database

925 . phpHF

Prosta aplikacja do zarządzania rachunkami i płatnościami oparta na bazie MySQL i interfejsie PHP. / Simple application for managing bills and payments based on MySQL and PHP.

926 . PHP Invoice

A simple PHP invoicing script that allows creation of invoices as well as output to PDF.

927 . Web based accounting package.

Feature rich accounting package (specifically designed for oil industry but not limited to) based on php and PostgreSQL. It will closely follow the perl based GPLed sql-ledger package hosted on sourceforge.

928 . PHP License Admin

PHP License Admin is a simple PHP script intended to help small to medium size organizations better manage their software licenses.

929 . phpMoneyManager

Web-based personal finance application allowing the logging of banking transactions and personal expenditure

930 . PhpMyCash

PhpMyCash est un outil de gestion de compte en ligne. Gérer vos comptes dans différentes banques Classez vos opérations suivant différentes catégories Suivez vos dépenses par mois et par catégories Établissez un budget prévisionnel et comparez

931 . My Ciber Admin

My Ciber Admin pretends to be a tool for ciber cafes administrators, not a time billing software(not for the moment), written in php 5.x it simply helps the administrator to organize the ciber local.

932 . PHP OnIn

PHP OnIn is a simple online invoicing system built in PHP & MySQL.

933 . phpOrganisation

phpOrganisation is a web-based accounting and business process application. It includes contact management, client info (CRM), partner info, accounts, project and contract management.

934 . PHP QuickBooks IIF Viewer/Converter

A QuickBooks IIF file viewer and format converter. Parse QuickBooks IIF files and display them in a nice table. Convert QuickBooks IIF files to SQL compatible with BambooInvoice.

935 . phpRechnung

phpRechnung is easy-to-use Web-based multilingual accounting software.

936 . phptally - A simple Accounting Software

Web based Accounting Software like Tally With the entry of a voucher (this is what we call all accounting transactions) all books of accounts, all reports, all totals & sub-totals are updated instantly. There is nothing more that needs to be done - whether you are inserting a forgotten entry, or correcting one

937 . phpTimeSheet - timetracking organizer

Timesheet / Timetracking organizer/scheduler using PHP and MySQL - manage workers, projects, companies, worktime - logging every-day come- and go-times, contracted hours, overtime, workspace and project-hours, attendance-time, holidays - create rep

938 . PHPTimeTrak

PHPTimeTrak is a web-based time tracking application with advanced reporting and tracking abilities. Get rid of those punch cards and hand written sheets already! (PHPTimeTrak is based on the GPL project PHP Timeclock.)

939 . WebCash

A quick and simple Web-based account management system with the ability to handle credit, savings, and checking accounts and QIF and CSV data.

941 . PiggyBook

Single-entry bookkeeping system. Easy to use. Tracks incomings and outgoings. Tells you whether you are living within your means for any time period. Small businesses, household management or personal use. Files compatible with spreadsheets such as Excel

945 . pleder

Pledger is a Open Source Ledger based on PHP/Ajax

946 . Pledge

Pledge is a multiuser, multiunit general-purpose accounting package. Pledge can track time, money, inventory, and comments. Pledge's architecture is designed to allow others to implement data stores, user interfaces, and reports. Visit the home page!

948 . PacheName

PacheName is a small accounting application that use to calculate members costs in a group

949 . PocketWallet

PocketWallet is a personal finance and checkbook manager designed for use on handheld Linux systems. It is based on the Qt Embedded library, and is written for the Qtopia (QPE) and Osiris PDA environments.

950 . POIS - PHP Orders Invoices and Sales

PHP Orders Invoices and Sales. A web-based db driven interface to manage orders, invoices, statistics of sales, customers, suppliers, products, PDF reports. XHTML and CSS compliance. It uses PEAR for database and forms. Internationalization in progress.

952 . Portfolio Manager

This program serves to keep track of different types of accounts (technically an infinity number of different types). Currently only bank and equity accounts are supported. Data is saved on the user's computer and encrypted using the DES-algorithm.

954 . postLog

postLog is a multi-user invoicing and time analysis tool for people who work on many projects at once. Time-tracking data is imported from TagLog. There is also support for entering adhoc entries and recurring charges. Invoice due dates are also tracked.

955 . postria

A rich Internet application (RIA) front-end for Postbooks

956 . PostSolution

PostSolution is an project to develop a Cross Platform Human Resources Manager for small companies, using Java 1.6, having Swing components as GUI and using Hibernate to connect to a MySQL database.

957 . pragtico

Sistema de sueldos con interface web. Simplifica la liquidacion de sueldos y jornales y esta pensado para un entorno multiusuario y multiempresa. Especialmente diseñado para estudios contables o empresas de servicios de contratacion eventual.

959 . Pricing

Customizable Single PHP File - Requires PHP - Offers four (4) pricing functions: - Calculate Percentage Off using Sale Price & Original Price - Calculate Sale Price using Original Price & Percentage Off - Calculate Original Price using Sale Price & Percentage Off - Enter Cost and receive recommended Retail, Markup, Sale Price, and Percentage Off - Provides easy instructions for customizing program for preferred tier markup and discounts.

961 . owl

The program imports the files cvs-list of sales from the site, generates invoices for payment for brand labels on the package. Stores a database of sales, generate reports.

962 . Prio

Prio is used for invoicing, accounts payables and receivables and book keeping for a small company. It's based on Ruby on Rails and a PostgreSQL backend, though it should work with any SQL server.

963 . ProBIND

THIS PROJECT IS DISCONTINUED. ProBIND is a web application designed for managing the DNS zones for one or more servers running the ISC BIND DNS server software. For more information, visit the project website.

964 . productools

A basic acountancy software with enhanced tools for small and medium company.

965 . Open Project Control

A simple AJAX ERP management tool for small project based companies such as builders, designers, or software developers. The ERP supports the management of projects with cost-plus or fixed price contracts using budget items.

966 . ProjectMan

Project and account manager with invoices, orders, contacts (clients/suppliers), payments etc.

967 . ]project-open[ - Project Server

]project-open[ is Web based enterprise project management application with a focus on finance and collaboration. It’s main purpose is to coordinate the work of project managers, project members and stake holders across multiple projects. Target organizations are companies or corporate departments that need to track finances, tasks, and resources for a large number of concurrently running projects. ]project-open[ consists of about 200 modules for resource management, time sheet management, HR, CRM, ITSM, collaboration and financials. ]po[ is built on top of, an open-source Web platform featuring role-base permissions, workflows, dynamically extensible objects and full-text search.

968 . Projeto Jose

The Joseph Project is a financial software (Income, expenses, bill payment, bank reconciliation...), multi-plataform (Windows/Linux/Palm-OS) Client/Server, that can be used by companies, small busines, personal finances, churches, non-profit, etc.

969 . propertymgr

Web hosted software to manage properties. Initially focused on the owner/occupier market with full support for double entry financial accounts, lease administration and accounts receivable/payable.

971 . Ptax2001

Ptax2001: A simple tax product that calculates your 1040EZ income taxes for the year 2001. It is an update from Lisa Koch's Ptax98 program. What I've added were the tax tables used in calculating the 2001 taxes. And the ability to print PDF quality tax fo

972 . PTiExecutivo

PTiExec is a .PHP, .JS and MySQL based system, been overall a fully administrated finantial, scheduling task, client management billing system. Features PDF file generator, mass e-mailing invoices, task and event handling, quote, order and tracking.

974 . Punchout! Timecard System

Punchout! is a simple and straightforward time clock system that allows an administrator to set up multiple clients each with their own pay rate. The user can then punch the Punch In! or Punch Out! button to track their hours and pay.

975 . PyCarga

Este proyecto pretende crear una opcion de codigo abierto multiplataforma para la entrega de informes al ministerio de transporte por parte de las empresas de transporte a nivel nacional en el sector colombiano.

976 . PyGtk Posting

An accounting software written in Python and Gtk+ 3 with a backend of Postgresql. A free and open source alternative to Quickbooks and Peachtree. This software is usable but needs to be fleshed out.

977 . pyLedger

Multi-user accounting system for small to medium businesses in Python; compatible database with SQL-Ledger, GTK GUI. Planned modules: Accounts Payable (AP), Accounts Receivable (AR), Point Of Sales (POS), Inventory Control, Time Sheets, Finacial Reports.

978 . pymeGNU

pymeGNU es un software de Punto de Venta (PoS) para la Pequeńa y Mediana Empresa (PyME) programado en PHP con acceso a Base de Datos usando ADO-DB.Desarrollo implementado bajo licencia GNU/GPL.

979 . Pymenthon

Python based web application to manage small and medium companies. Keep track of invoices, submissions, suppliers, expenses, and accounts.

980 . PyMEsLibres

PyMEsLibres es un sistema de gestión comercial orientado a PyMEs. Incluye diseño de tablas y documentacion. Corre en Linux y Windows. Desarrollado con: C# (Mono), GTK#, MySQL/PostgreSQL, DIA, Remoting.

981 . pymgd

Programa de contabilidad y facturación, clónico de Gestión MGD.

982 . Pynance

Pynance is a personal finance manager written in Python using the wxPython GUI toolkit and SQLite. It aims to be a simple but powerful tool for taking control of your finances. It will include a ledger, budget, billing schedule, reports and much more.

983 . PyOFX

PyOFX converts bank statement download files in the old OFC format used by MS Money 97 to the new OFX format.

984 . pyPets

Una herramienta de software orientada solucionar los procesos de informacion en la clínicas veterinarias cubriendo las necesidades diversas como CRM, historiales clínicos, citas, medicinas, vacunas, control de ingresos y egresos y mucho mas.

985 . Pysa

A cross-platform personal finance application written in python that can be accessed from a web browser on your desktop.

986 . QashMoney

QashMoney is an accounting and budgeting application for the Sharp Zaurus SL5500 and its relatives. It features several account types, parent and child accounts, currency support, and budgets.

987 . QBiOSS - Quickbooks Importer

QBiOSS connects directly to a Miva Merchant online store (via a plug-in module) and imports the orders into Quickbooks. Plug-in Module for Miva Merchant 4.x is included in the project.

988 . QuickBooks Open Object Model (QBOOM)

QBOOM: a PHP5 based object model (OM) for the QuickBooks (QB) accounting system via SOAP calls to the Remote Data Connector (RDC) for QB. Currently The SOAP interface to QB works, the object models are in the planning stage.

989 . Quickbooks - PHP API

.NET QuickBooks API server written in C# that PHP connects to to issue commands to the Quickbooks XML interface. All commands are parsed and the resulting XML is sent back to the PHP class. This is an extremely useful tool to hook up PHP applications (w

990 . QFirma - Firma na open source

QFirma to program dla firm. Program pozwala na wystawianie faktur, faktur pro forma i korekt. Umozliwia prowadzenie gospodarki magazynowej. Potrafi takze generowac raporty wykorzystywane do ksiazki przychodow i rozchodow.

991 . Flouse

Simple personal account manager. Programming Langage is C++ / Qt (trolltech). Main features are: - Works with MySQL - Multi-user, multi accounts - Easy and user-friendly - .csv export ( usefull for OOo graphics ) - wizards

992 . qhacc

QHacc is a personal accounting program based on Qt. It features double- or single-entry bookkeeping and a reconciliation window. It also provides support for memorized and split transactions, graphing, reporting, archiving, and scheduled transactions tha

993 . QIQ ERP

QIQ ERP is a Enterprise Resource Planning system, written in VB/ASP for Small Enterprises. The goal is to create a cheap, user-friendly yet complete and powerful system, that can be used on the Windows OS.

994 . Qmoney

a personal finance management application features a relational database backend, many categories for each transaction reporting by categories drill down reports easy to use user interface

995 . QNE Accounting Software

QNE Software Sdn Bhd (QNE) is a dynamic organization located in Kuala Lumpur (KL) that actively provides Accounting System to the South East Asia market. QNE’s solutions are designed specifically to meet the requirement of local business practices and challenging environments. Since QNE (formally known as OneStop Software Solutions (M) Sdn Bhd) was formed on 15 August 2001 under the Companies Act 1965, QNE’s is known for its strong commitment to research and development. As a result, QNE was awarded the MSC Pioneer Status in April 2005. With a strong commitment to research and development, QNE is able to provide users with new applications and features that help the users to meet the challenging and demanding business environment. QNE is also dedicated to participate actively in MSC and share the vision towards a K-economy in the year 2020. Supported by a localized team of qualified and skilled technical specialists, QNE is capable of providing speedy responses to users which add

996 . qpayroll

a project for the accounting subject at our school, calculates wages etc.

997 . QT MySQL Budget

A QT/MySQL/C++ Program to create and maintain a budget in a MySQL database. It includes the ability to create budget allocations and expenses and to view the totals for the current month and the combined total of all previous months. You can also view and

998 . Qtcash

Qtcash is a Qt financial management application. It will be written for both the desktop, and for Qt Palmtop Environment, with synchronization functions between them.

999 . qtContgen

Multiplatform client-server accounting application. Follows romanian accounting law. Uses Qt (4.7) Works with MySql (5.0 and above) and Posgresql (8.3 and above)

1000 . QTGasComp

Database manipulation software for comparing and record keeping of gasoline purchases. For your PC or java-enabled mobile phone!

1001 . qtHesap

qtHesap is a simple personal finance manager. it can store your expenses and incomes. it is written with qt4. it uses qsint charts to draw charts. you can find qsint charts project on

1002 . Qualequity

Trade journal and equity growth visualization software. Currently supports only OANDA account history format but may be extended to other brokers' formats in the future.

1003 . Quick-Money accounting software

Quick-money is a modern accounting software that aims to be equivalent to Money or Quicken. Its main objective is to reuse any existent component that helps to produce quickly with high quality.

1005 . R6 Checkbook

R6 Checkbook is a simple and easy to use checkbook application that follows the double entry accounting method. It provides the ability to also generate transaction reports for each category.

1006 . Tracker - Rails Expense Tracking Web App

Tracker is an accounts and expense tracking management web application written in Ruby On Rails. It has a simple and intuitive user interface that allows users to create accounts, associate them to expense categories, and track payments and collections.

1007 . rapidoaudit

RapidoAudit is an application to help financial auditors to do their job. It allows auditors to keep the audit jobs done, supervise other colleagues work, and keep track of the findings.

1008 . RAS

The Right Accounting System(RAS) is a true Web base and innovate financial system, designed for multi-department and multi companies to process vouchers, print all G/L reports and financial statements. KEY WORDS:finance/finacial/accounting/ledgers

1009 . RBill

This is a RubyOnRails project to implement a billing software. Though designed to bill IT services, it can be used to bill any kind of service.

1010 . ReadyCash

ReadyCash - программа учета семейного бюджета

1011 . RealCIX Personal Finance / Accounting

Robust personal accounting with function of double entry booking, e-billing, tax processing, budgeting, and foreign currency ex rate revaluation. Multi-language is supported. Pl enjoy encrypted p2p invoice transfer and info-on-finger style user interface

1012 . Real Estate Manager

A real estate agent management application incorporating lead prospecting tools, a buyer/seller contact database, sale process and workflow, campaign management and other functions. Developed in C#, backend mySQL and/or SQL2000.

1014 . ReceiptTracker

The purpose of this project is to develop an open source receipt program that will record receipt data and allow it to be viewed/filtered/sorted. There is also a PalmOS application to allow PDA data entry (and subsequent importing) while away from home.

1015 . Recycle Bin for Tally ERP 9

Recycle bin allows you to retrieve records that you may have accidentally deleted in Tally Accounting Software. It is a free tool developed by Shweta Softwares - It is similar to Windows Recycle-bin which allows you to recover the deleted files.

1016 . Red-Cherries-Accounting

Red Cherries Accounting is an open source web based (online) financial data management free accounting software written in PHP with MYSQL being database management, for small and medium organizations with important features such as debtor & creditor management, purchases & sales management, proper supplier and customer return management, payment handling, location based accounting facility and comprehensive accounting reports. It also allows to handle excellent organizational data management, organizational services management and comprehensive user roles and user permissions management. Support services available include formal training, cloud server hosting and more advanced support for customization. Long-term benefits include upgrade Red Cherries Accounting to Red Cherries ERP to meet more advanced organizational requirements.

1017 . Regatta - Software for schools

Regatta is a planning system for school personnel on a set of small tasks. It provides a better employment and mobility of teachers over the many activity programs. It supports budgets (time/money) of activity programs and forecasting of personnel needs

1018 . renTrack

This is a rental property management web app. At this point I'm writing it by myself for my mother, who is a rental property manager, but if it picks up steam great.

1019 . Report generator

A fine report generator. If you(r program) need(s) to create beautyful printed pages from a database, then this is what you are searching. Supports postgresql and mysql databases.

1020 .

Retailer.Org is a POS(Point Of Sale) program aimed specially to minimarket alike retailers, allowing them to have a real time control of their inventory, sales and other basic data. an alpha release is already available. very easy to use for the retailer

1022 . Rivet Software Dragon Tag XBRL Enabler

Dragon Tag is a Microsoft Word and Excel add-in used to create Interactive Data (XBRL) filings from financial statement documents. It has been used by over half of the SEC Interactive Data Filing program participants. See

1023 . Rivet Software Dragon View XBRL Viewer

Rivet Dragon View XBRL viewer is the solution for viewing XBRL taxonomies and instance documents. Whether you are exploring XBRL for the first time or need more advanced capabilities, Dragon View is the easy to use, robust solution.

1024 . Life Cycle Assessment Spreadsheet

The Life Cycle Assessment Spreadsheet allows you to calculate carbon footprints and other environmental impacts for given product systems. Use requires basic skills in LCA and matrix algebra, but rewards effort with professional analytical tools.

1025 . RoadWorks

RoadWorks is a project to develop an advanced and professional personal business software. The software will assist the users to start and maintain a personal business. See Web Site for details.

1026 . roger

Roger: money management software for PocketPC. Easily store and manage all your bank accounts with nice tree and split view. Dedicated views allow you easy to keep up with your Cash Account, Bond, Equities and Funds

1028 . Pure

It began as a small C++ calculations program then became a Visual Basic calculator and is now C++ once more.

1029 . rotki

A portfolio tracking, analytics, accounting and tax reporting application that respects your privacy

1030 . RPN Calculator Gadget

This is a calculator that uses the outstanding way of entering numbers HP uses in their calculators, called RPN, Reverse Polish Notation. It is designed a really minimal calculator implemented as a sidebar gadget for Windows Vista.

1031 . R-TAS

R-TAS is a rental income, invoicing and cost tracking system for landlords and small property management companies. The system was designed to be very intuitive and user friendly. V1.0B5 Now Available! Transfer your data over using the DMTA R-TAS was created in Filemaker Pro. Three versions are included in this download: 1) The raw FMP12 File which can be run on Filemaker Pro 16 or higher or Filemaker server. (may work on older versions but not tested) 2) Compiled runtime App for Mac 3) Compiled runtime App for Windows The compiled runtime Apps do not require a copy of Filemaker Pro to run. The FMP12 file can run as a stand alone single user system or as a multi-user on Filemaker Server with Web Direct. It should also run in Filemaker go on iPad but we have not tested it yet. For more information, overview videos, and access to the Web version demo visit the R-TAS home at:

1032 . Rubysteps Financial Planning Software

A PHP application, built on the XAMPP server platform, which will handle personal-finance record-keeping and budgeting in keeping with the system and principles taught by financial planning expert and radio personality Dave Ramsey.

1033 . RWACalc

RWACalc started out as an Risk Weighted Asset Calculator for Android OS. RWA is calculated as per Basel II rules for selected retail products (should be same for Basel III). Other Basel asset classes will be added over time.

1034 . RWA Calculator For Android

An open source application to calculate RWA based on advanced IRB rules under Basel II. Currently three retail Basel asset classes are provided, revolving, mortgages, and other retail. As I get the other formulas for other asset classes I will add them. This application is an my exercise in learning Android programming. This application is useful if you deal with Basel II compliance in your organization. The Basel III rules still apply for the retail formulas.

1035 . RyA ERP

Sistema ERP para pymes, hecho en php y Postgres, compras, PDV, ventas, inventario, stock, clientes, proveedores. Software 100% Paraguayo. Configurable, modulable Actualmente esta en desarrollo se agradeceria cualquier apoyo.

1036 . SaasCash

SaasCash intends to provide a simple double-entry accounting services WebApp, that can be used a a Saas (Software-as-a-Service) solution by small businesses or professionals.

1037 . saCASH

saCash is a Quicken-like financial account manager. It handles multiple accounts, account transfers, and reconciles information. Tested with PostGreSQL, and MySQL.

1038 . MoveSacco - Sacco management system

Our Sacco ERP is an integrated account Sacco software and Microfinance Management System with a number of modules which enable a sacco to manage its operations. Custom SACCO. Best Sacco Management Software - Microfinance Sacco software ... Sacco Management Software / Sacco system / loan system / chama software ... We provide the best Sacco software in Kenya – Micro Finance Management .

1039 . SaiPACS

SaiPACS strives to help Primary Agricultural Co-Operative Credit Society of developing nations. SaiPACS presently is being used by PACS in Himachal Pradesh state of India, as a management tool. This project is now has windows native client.

1040 . Saldos Bancarios

Saldos Bancarios Program of Banking Balances and destiny of the money. ooHG code (MiniGUI Compatible) compiler (x)Harbour. Programa de control de saldos bancarios y destino de fondos. Código en ooHG (Compatible con MiniGUI) y compilado con (x)Harbour.

1042 . Samooha - Empowered Business Networks

A Decentralized Business Platform that simplifies the process of connecting businesses with that of customers and vendors. Samooha is growing as a popular networked Collaborative Business Environment. Samooha-S is the community edition hosted here

1043 . samproj

Samanyolu Project's Common Documentation and Libraries

1044 . Sistem Akuntansi Open Travel

Sistem Akuntansi Open Travel untuk pengelolaan keuangan travel agent. Memiliki fitur multiuser, multi cabang (multi unit kerja), pengelolaan aset, biaya-biaya operasional, kerja sama antar travel, pengelolaan saldo deposit, laporan keuangan.

1045 . Small Business Finance

Small Business Finance provides a framework and specific applications for financial planning and controlling in a small business environment. The extensible system is based on "practices" that users can add and extend.

1046 . Scout Shop Stock Control

I am currently developing a stock control program for Warrington Scout Shop. It will also work with other scout shops and with a little modification as a basic stock control program for any shop. It is also hoped to include an online ordering system too.

1047 . senhao


1049 . SequelBasis

SequelBasis is a PostgreSQL-based tool that calculates mutual fund data (cost basis, capital gain, portfolio allocation). Multiple currencies are implemented and fund data can be converted to other currencies using appropriate daily exchange rates.

1050 . Serva

As a webhoster, you need to do accounting for your provided services. Serva is a web application which does this for you.

1051 . Servis [the server information system]

Servis was written in PHP/SQL/Javascript for usage with a MySQL database. It allows historical tracking of daily totals (sales, tips, etc.) for restaurant servers over a 5 year period and displays weekly/monthly/yearly data.

1052 . SGCon

SGCon é um sistema de gerenciamento contábil, que foi criado visando proporcionar ganhos consideráveis de produtividade e consistência nos dados manipulados.

1053 . shaktikendra

ShaktiKendra is an accounting software made for small business firms. In due course of time some features like portfolio management capabilities will be added. Only PhP and MySql have been used in this project. ShaktiKendra is extremely user friendly.

1056 . SIA. Sistema Integral de Administracion.

SIA es un Software ERP de gestion Integrada de administracion de almacén, facturacion, compras, ventas,contabilidad y bancos para un entorno empresarial para linux, unix o windows. Desarrollado bajo Java y Mysql para multiplataforma en red multiusuario.

1058 . Sidomac Invoice management

A web-based invoicing application that allows users to create invoice. Generate invoice in PDF format, email invoice directly to customer. Various reports available to track overdue invoices.

1060 . SIGAFS

Es un sistema administrativo para entes sin fines de lucro (entes de la administración publica Venezolana) para el control de presupuesto, banco, nomina, contabilidad, compras, cuentas por pagar, inventario y caja.

1062 . SiGeFi

SiGeFi is a Financial Management System, with focus in the needs of the administration of the money in each personal life and house. It's written in Python, so it'll run in every system that supports Python.

1063 . Sistema de gestion de gastos

Sigega es un sistema de gestion de gastos multi compania, el cual te permite crear cuentas y en base a cuentas registrar facturas para diferentes companias, luego podras minitorear y controlar los gastos.

1064 . signERP

The Goal of the Project is to provide a ERM(Enterprise Resource Management)/CRM(Customer Relationship Management)-System for signmaking companies.

1065 . SilverFish

SilverFish is a group of web-based office applications that will make life in the office easier. It includes a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), billing software, accounting software and support software.

1066 . Silver Thread

Silver Thread is a unique personal finances management tool that combines the ability to track, income, expenses, budgets, and financial goals. All of which is integrated in a information rich format that is easy to use and comprehend.

1067 . SiMancil

Sistem Informasi Manajemen Usaha Kecil ( SiMancil ) adalah aplikasi berbasis web yang berguna untuk mengelola Usaha Kecil & Menengah, dengan fitur Akuntansi, Pembelian/Penjualan, Stok produk, dan Pegawai. Dapat diakses melalui browser di segala media baik offline maupun online. DEMO : Default user & password : simancil

1070 . SiMoney

SiMoney is build in Java J2ME. It is supported from every J2ME enabled device with CLDC 1.0 and MIDP 2.0. SiMoney is able to manage personal accounts storing transaction on different accounts, category, payee, date, currency.

1071 . Simple Accounting

Ideal for the Sole Trader or (very!) small business. Features include: Manage Customers Manage Products Create Orders & Invoices Import Banking Data VAT Analysis Record receipts including scanning to database Reconcile expenses to Bank Data Label Designer Create Branded Product Labels Branded Order, Invoice & Label with your own corporate logo etc

1072 . facs

Keep track of costs by entering your incoming invoices. Optimized input efficiency, move from field to field by tab, choose from previous suppliers, import suppliers from external source (program-data). Distribute costs over departments/costplaces. Lookup, total, print cost-invoices/period. Use for Direct Cost calculation. Program is written in Gambas 2.

1073 . Simple Invoice Creator

Simple Invoice Creator is a invoice template filling application written in Java. Using Java Swing as user front end, SQLite as storage.

1074 . SimpleInvoicer 2.0

New release with new modules and features: dunning system, managment of items/products/services, autocompletion of ALL text elements! Check out more: SimpleInvoicer is a free and simple desktop program for invoicing. It's easy to use. You just want to write invoices and you don't like the hassle with too much administration? Then SimpleInvoicer is the right solution for small businesses! NOW with integrated management of payments and dunnings! You draft your invoices remote on your phone and complete the details later at your office? Then complete SimpleInvoicer desktop by SimpleInvoicer mobile. You get it for Android on Google's Play Store. SimpleInvoicer desktop is for free! No installation required. You just copy the program on your computer and start. Everything is on your computer, no remote access required. It just requires Java on your computer. Privacy: your data are stored locally on your computer!

1075 . SimpleInvoicer 2.0

Neues Release mit neuen Features: Mahnwesen, Waren-/Produktverwaltung, Autovervollständigung auf ALLEN Textfeldern. SimpleInvoicer macht Rechnung schreiben einfach und leicht. SimpleInvoicer ist ein einfaches und leichtes Rechnungsprogramm, besonders für Kleinunternehmer, Freelancer, Freiberufler. Neu: mit integriertem Mahnwesen! Und SimpleInvoicer kann mehr! Es ist eine kombinierte und integrierte Lösung für den Desktop und das Smartphone! Sie skizzieren Ihre Rechnungen remote auf Ihrem Smartphone, beim Kunden zum Beispiel, und kompletieren Ihre Rechnung später im Büro? Dann sollten Sie SimpleInvoicer Desktop mit SimpleInvoicer Mobile ergänzen. SimpleInvoicer Desktop ist kostenlos! Keine Installation notwendig! Einfach das Programm auf den Rechner kopieren und loslegen! Alle Daten sind auf Ihrem Computer! Kein Internet-Zugang erforderlich!

1076 . simpleinvoices

Simple Invoices is a simple web based invoicing solution for personal/home-office/small business needs. Simple Invoices offers the basic option to enable people to create and manage invoicing. Refer: for more info

1077 . Simple Loan Calculator

This is Simple Loan Calculator Script code. You can calculate the monthly payment, the amount of interest paid, the total cost of credit. It is built with JavaScript. Get more free projects :

1078 . SimpleSMDR

Web based SMDR application that uses Perl scripts to capture streaming SMDR data from Mitel PBXs and stores it in a database. This data is then available via a web interface. Visit for more info.

1079 . SimpleTracker

SimpleTracker is a time tracking program to record how much time employees spend on projects and report it in percentages or dollars. An online demo is available to try before downloading. (Java Recording Client/PHP Reporting Site/MySQL)

1080 . SimplifyEm Property Management Software develops property management software and property management tools for landlords, property managers, and tenants. Products offered include SimplifyEm Pay Rent Online, SimplifyEm Property Management Software, Property Management Forms and a directory of Property Management Companies. products have been featured in Forbes, Chicago Tribune, Accounting Today,, Inman News and other publications. The company has partnerships with Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions (FNRES), Bay East Association of REALTORS(R), San Diego Association of REALTORS(R), IPX1031, and many other leading real estate companies. More information is available at

1081 . sirius signing server

Sirius-Sign is a signing and verification server with it's focus on high throughput and easy integration into an existinig landscape. For signature creation smartcards with OCF and PKCS11 interfaces are supported. An EJB container is required.

1082 . Skrooge

Skrooge a personal finance management tool for KDE4, is now part of KDE extragear. Information here is obsolete, please go to

1083 . skyBuilders timeLines ASP version

skyBuilders timeLines is a collection of over 300 Active Server Pages for managing content, commerce, collaboration, and customers on a community computer using any ODBC-compatible relational database and an open database model/schema.

1084 . The SQL-Ledger Documentation Project

SL-Wiki is an attempt to build an open source, community controlled documentation repository for SQL-Ledger, which do date doesn't exist elsewhere. This project will also provide alternative email lists for SQL-Ledger.

1086 . SmartAccounting

SmartAccounting is an accounting solution for small companies. With the program you can manage accounting tasks, print business reports, print invoices, manage received payments, make payroll (planned feature) and routine paperwork (planned feature).

1087 . SmartJariHRM

Human Resources Management Tools for e-Punchcard e-Leave e-Perporming e-Payroll

1088 . Smart Project

Smart Project software provide a alternative J2EE solution for project management.It will try cover all domains defined in the PMBOK. for example, scope management, risk management, human resource management, etc.

1089 . Smart Project Accounting

SPA is a solution which helps developers to manage their working time on a project. It will log when the users started their work and when they finished. After the project is finished an accounting for each project member can be created.

1090 . SmartSacco

SmartSacco is a comprehensive accounting system for both the backoffice and frontoffice operations of co-operative societies a.k.a microfinance institutions or SACCOs in some countries

1091 . sme accounting

An open source web based accounting work with Agile methodology in mind. Based on Spring Framework and Hibernate.

1092 . smERP

smERP (small-to-medium Enterprise Resource Planning) is a web services based server and smart client ERP solution targeted at small to medium enterprises. It supports multiple users with differing access restrictions and will connect to ecommerce.

1093 . Scheduling Matrix Professional

This project will create a calendaring system to schedule client/service providers daily. This will also create an accouting system to bill the client and track the service providers time as well as set up payroll for the provider.

1094 . Snidget

Snidget is a python program which tracks your financial information, in particular your expenses and income. The user adds each transaction on their accounts and snidget can provide reports about how much you're spending. Includes both CLI and GUI.

1096 . Swiss Open source Accounting Project

The goal of the SOAP (Swiss Open source Accounting Project) is to develop an easy-to-use, yet comprehensive and professional-strength, accounting application that runs inside PHPgroupware or E-Groupware.

1097 . SA - Sociedad Anonima

Gestión de pedidos, facturas, albaranes. Control de la tesoreria. Contabilidad. Nominas. SA es una aplicación libre de gestión global de la empresa, basada en web, altamente personalizable, multientorno (independiente al sistema operativo y al gestor

1098 . ARKSSoc

The Software will be use to maintain financial details (accounting) of a Housing society(ies)

1100 . Software for beauty salon

A salon software helps to organize the work as a unified mechanism of the company's working process. The salon computer programs designed for the beauty salon allow to organize your work in a comfortable and simple way. Each employee has the individual access to this salon scheduling software program. Moreover the salon computer software is adapted in accordance with the employee’s position. Now you won’t have any problems with the salon management thanks to this beauty software. The salon administrator can register every client just by opening the electronic card under the client’s name with the help of this salon manager software. Our program takes into account all the peculiarities of working in the beauty industry and it will make you a winner among all your competitors! Automation of the beauty salon’s management also demonstrates the level and rate of the organization that influences largely on the clients’ attitude and opinions of the partner organizations.

1101 . soho-account

A book keeping program for personal / home / office use. Thanks to Harbour-project and Linux for giving my code, a new lease of life. I am releasing it in public domain, in the hope that it may be useful to someone starting with xBase / Linux.

1102 . Solicont

Sistema de Contabilidad destinado a facilitar las funciones del contador, multiempresas, Integración de libros de IVA y Contabilidad, Flexibilidad a través de módulos, Análisis financiero.

1103 . SOLID Accounting

SOLID Accounting adalah aplikasi bisnis yang berbasis akuntansi yang mampu mengelola data keuangan, inventasi dan stok kontrol. Fitur utama SOLID Accounting adalah : - Pengontrolan Stok / Inventori - Analisa Omset Penjualan - Laporan Hutang Piutang - Laporan Keuntungan Uptodate - Keamanan Sistem & Data Dengan tampilan yang sederhana memudahkan pengguna mempelajari dan menggunakannya.

1104 . Solunas Hotel Booking Engine

Manage small to medium size of hotels, holiday flats, guesthouse or rent-a-car. Online booking and visual availability is provided. Grouping of active members give communitys the ability to provide online booking service.

1105 . SourceTap CRM

Advanced, enterprise-class J2EE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite including Sales Force Automation (SFA), marketing, campaign management, and customer service. Features similar to, Netsuite, or Siebel OnDemand.

1106 . SPA-ERP

Prvi cjelovit open source knjigovodstveni sustav prilagoden za hrvatsko trziste.

1107 . Spectrum Savings Accounts

Spectrum is a program that helps you manage your savings by letting you create virtual savings accounts. Spectrum also allows you to set up standing orders, change it's appearance, import/export accounts and many other things. Keep in mind that Spectrum is not a banking app. It is simply a way for you to keep track of your savings. Your account data is saved locally in a JSON file, so don't use Spectrum for any sensitive information. At the moment it is available in these languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Japanese. Please keep in mind that I'm an independent developer. I can't afford a code signing certificate. I'm also not a trusted developer in the eyes of Microsoft. So please be aware that Windows Defender will warn you when downloading or running Spectrum for the first time. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about that, but I can promise you that Spectrum is just a simple Electron app. You can visit the GitHub repo to have a closer look at the code if you want.

1108 . Numbers Speller

Программа осуществляет преобразование чисел в прописной формат с поддержкой целых и дробных чисел, а также денежных сумм.

1110 . Sphere-ERP

Sphere-ERP is an open-source web-based Enterprise Resource Planning system. The used database is PostgreSQL.

1111 . ERP PMO Gestão de Projetos e Obras

ESTAMOS EM FASE DE ATUALIZAÇÃO DOS SERVIDORES VIRTUAIS PARA REDE LOCAL Para ser comunicado envie um e-mail para Somente e-mails corporativos serão atendidos, com informação do contato que deseja ser notificado e telefone fixo.

1112 . SQLAccounting

Open Source accounting software running with MySQL or MS SQL, written in Java.

1113 . SQL-Ledger

Accounting/ERP system for manufacturers, retail and service businesses. ***** WE ARE NO LONGER MAINTAINING SOURCEFORGE AS A SOURCE FOR DOWNLOADS, PLEASE SEE TO GET THE LATEST VERSION *****

1115 . Server Side

Server Side is ment to add easy v-hosting abilities along with a very complete set of webbased tools for configuring, working with, and monitoring of server. All on a webbased platform.

1117 . Staff Commission

A Pascal program allowing a company to calculate commission to the salesperson based on the number of sales of the company's product(s).

1118 . Stansoft

Stansoft is a Linux financial accounting software system for business. It is designed for data entry efficiency with an ncurses text-based terminal user interface. The database engine is PostgreSQL or you can optionally use an Informix database. Developed using Aubit4GL.

1119 . STAR Client

(S)chneider (T)ransports (A)ccounting (R)ich Client is a business application for administrating a transport company's customer base, truck fleet, cost of repairs, invoices and delivery notes.

1122 . Stipend

A set of modules for creating business applications. Stipend has certain fixed modules such as accounting, inventory etc. and a glue layer to create custom application based on those modules.

1123 . StockRunner

A stock strategy simulator which let's you write a stock trading strategy, and simulate it's run on past data. Written in Java, and intended for the TASE stock exchange.

1125 . Mini Storage Manager

A fully functional Mini Storage management tool. Tracks your facilities, your tenants, monthly payments, and various other information. Uses PHP/MySQL to dynamically display all the data you need. Great for small businesses.

1128 . Sunbird

The Sunbird is a personal financial management application base on double entry bookkeeping. 玄鸟是一款基于复式记帐法的个人财务管理软件。

1129 . Suniant ERP

Suniant offers a framework solution for small-medium sized businesses. This solution includes integrated accounting(payable, receivable, general ledger etc), order and inventory management, CRM, payroll, and extensions to add SCM and manufacturing.

1130 . SuperPFM

SuperPFM (Super Personal Finance Manager) is a fully functional single entry personal finance software package with optional advanced features that can help you automate most of your personal finance tasks.

1131 . SutiAP

SutiAP is comprehensive cloud-based accounts payable software that helps businesses manage global supplier payment operations effectively. The solution suits for companies of all sizes and across various industries. SutiAP caters to every business requirement with its outstanding features that relates to various financial management levels-Invoice capture, approval, and payment. Some key features include multi-channel capture, automated n-way PO matching, duplicate verification, invoice validation, PO/Non-PO invoice approval, multi-level payment approval, automated payment routing, payment reconciliation, tax compliance, accounting system integration and advanced reporting & analytics. Since our solution is built on open-platform architecture, it can easily integrate with various third-party applications. SutiAP gives complete access to company’s financial data and one can track invoices & payments from days, weeks or months through centralized repository.

1132 . Expense Report Software

One of the leading travel and expense management software solutions, SutiExpense gives complete visibility over the business spending so as to let businesses manage their expenses in a much more efficient way. SutiExpense accelerates the expense process while combating fraud by assuring policy compliance. Our comprehensive features let you track & record expenses, figure out areas for cost control, speed up the approval process, and shorten reimbursement cycles. Our software is a perfect fit for all business lines and easily integrates with external applications to meet all your business needs. The best part about our software is the travel integration, which reduces the hassle of travel booking online. SutiExpense assures better operational efficiency and accuracy over the expense process.

1133 . Swedish SQL-ledger

Swedish accounting program based on SQL-ledger. SQL-ledger is modified to work with swedish laws and regulations.

1134 . SWTworkbench

SWTworkbench is:Essential Budget--the only open-source personal finance manager with mature budgeting support, Essential Data--a library making standard SWT controls data-aware, RCPLite--a simple RCP framework with an Eclipse 2.1 look, and more SWT tools

1135 . SYMBOL (Surf Your Money Books On Line)

SYMBOL brings double entry financial accounting to your web browser. Includes Debtors, Creditors, Payroll, Timesheets, budgeting and multi-dimensional accounting. Using Apache, Perl and PostgreSQL with extra features including text versions of reports.

1136 . syntax

Eine Finanzbuchhaltung für Selbständige und "Nichtbilanzierer" nach SKR03/04. Die Anwendung läuft als Plugin innerhalb des Frameworks Jameica.

1137 . Hospital System Osiris (HIS)

The system hospital osiris, it is a program for the administration of hopistales, this constructed in Glade+Mono+Sharp+GTK# and run GNU/Linux

1138 . BlueOxygen Takatu

Takatu is a Tax System for Indonesia, we will develop based on Indonesian Goverment, several feature under development are for PPH 21, GST/PPN.

1139 . Talend Compiere Component

Component for integrating data with Compiere using Talend Open Studio. See the Wiki (main web page) for details, and the forums for discussion.

1140 . Tariff Eye

TariffEye is a business intelligence software for analysis of banking tariff. It has a builder to construct and digitalize tariff and a reader to simulate portofolios for further analysis and forecasting of banking costs. May be adapted for other sectors

1141 . TaxCalc

Tax calculation program for South African citizens earning just a basic salary.

1142 . TaxCloud

The TaxCloud sourceforge library provides source code for integrating TaxCloud with both Open Source and proprietary-licensed shopping cart systems. TaxCloud is a free, nationwide sales tax calculation and remittance service.

1143 . Tax Code Software

Free, Open Source US Federal and State Tax Preparation and E File Software for Taxpayers, Tax Preparers, and Goverment Revenue collection agencies.

1144 . tax computation

imports postings from bank account or recurring payments from several sources. Export these informations in csv format for double entry bookkeepings. Supports SKR03 and SKR04.

1145 . Tax Manager CZ

TaxManager umožňuje vystavit faktury, příjmové a výdajové doklady a další doklady nutné k vedení daňové evidence. Umožňuje také výpočet očekávané daně + plateb za sociální a zdravotní pojištění.

1146 . TaxoBeetle - from legacy to XBRL-GL

A java framework for the extraction of legacy data from application databases, in XBRL-GL format, using simple Velocity templates, and a tagging language for transaction reconciliation, using the same XBRL language.

1147 . XBRL Taxonomy Generator

A set of tools allowing non-specialistic users to build taxonomies for XBRL 2.1 (Extended Business Reporting Language), starting from reports in electronic format. MS Access data entry tool, in italian language. Lbl, Ref, Pres, Calc linkbases. See Docs!

1148 . Tree Based Accounting and Management

A Workflow based Management and Accounting packaged for Home, Micro and Small Business. Customer-Schedualing-Order-Invoicing-Payables plus a simple real time double entry Visual Accounting Package. PHP-MySQL C-Panel compatable.

1149 . TBillZ - Customized Billing software

TBillz, the Billing automation software developed by TechCmantiX Technologies, India provides the complete solution for automating every day sales operations. The software can be used to track purchases from manufactures and to track sales to retailers.

1150 . Tcalc -- Text Calculator

Tcalc allows you to to do all your accounting with plain text files using the full power of your favorite text editor. Use free-form text for ledgers, spreadsheets, invoices, or any type of numerical data.

1151 . TDRSoft

Software para gerenciamento Financeiro e Contabil. Com extensăo para controle de Vendas de Produtos e Serviços. Controle Orçamentário, Ativo Permanente e Livros Fiscais. Contabilidade com modulos para atender a Contabilidade Publica.

1152 . TechyTax

Moved to GitHub: TechyTax is a web-based tax tool for small companies. It calculates VAT returns and generates fiscal overviews. No accounting knowledge is required. The goal of this project is to make the tax process as easy as possible for small companies.

1154 . Tekir

Tekir is a web based business automation application.

1155 . TelDaBase

TelDaBase ist ein php/mySQL-Skript zur Aufteilung und Auswertung der Telefonrechnung (Rechnung Online der Deutschen Telekom AG) eines gemeinschaftlichen Telefons (z.B. WG,Studentenwohnheim); asterisk cdr-Datensätze werden optional automatisch ausgewerte

1156 . Telefony

Projekt CVUT FEL v Praze. Automaticke vyuctovani telefonich hovoru.

1157 . TEMS -Time and Expense Management System

Keeps track of times entry and expenses reports of employees and contractors by projects and accounts, automatically generates invoices with details. You can print weekly time cards and expense reports by employee, project, and account. It allows you to review and approve times & expenses before generating invoices. This application is ideal for who bills their clients by time and material basis, such as IT consultants, Lawyers, CPAs, Government Contractors etc. Full featured demo site: Play with it from your browser to find out if it will fulfill your requirements, before downloading it.

1161 . THC Accounting

This is an accounting program I am writing for use in my business. It uses a MYSQL database for storage, and is programmed with the Qt toolkit.

1163 . The Hawk

The Hawk is an accounting solution for general purpose business. It maintains both general accounts and Inventory. It provides a large variety of reports and analysis tools for business study.

1164 . OpenCRM

OpenCRM is a CRM/ERP Application. It organizes the relation to Customers and Suppliers. It lets you write Invoices,manage stock,acquire customers,tasks/appointments,dunning,manage orders,use cash desk components such as drawers,display,Barcode scanners.

1165 . th-ERP: ERP POS stock accounting payroll

ERP application, including point-of-sale (POS), stock (inventory/warehouse), purchase, payables, receivables, general ledger (accounting), payroll, human resource (HR), time tracking, project management. th-ERP is written in PHP and using MySQL

1166 . Thyme

An easy to use accounting program for small business. Can be translated into any language and hopefully be very configurable without introducing complexity. Written in Java, using a Apache Derby embedded database it can be used on any operating system.

1167 . TijdR

TijdR aims to be a time tracking application meeting the requirements and needs of a scientific institute. TijdR is concieved as a three tier implementation and is written in Java.


TIMEEFFECT is a PHP4 based, multi user system for recording time employees spent on projects. It includes facilities to manage agents, customers and projects. Users may generate reports and statistics as well as accounting reports in PDF format.

1169 . time-keeper

Watch your money add up in real time, using your hourly wage. Then print a simple PDF Receipt. This application is perfect for tracking hourly pay on small projects like computer repair. Feel free to contribute and help me make the application even better!

1170 . 3TimeReport

A simple webbased tool to report time worked for a customer or project used to help billing customers in a easy way. Programmed in PHP and MySQL.

1172 . Employee Timesheet EJB Component

This product is a simple, web based, employee time tracking Enterprise Java Bean component. Employees enter their time usage information on a web page, or upload an XML timesheet. Managers can then generate reports.

1173 . tinybooker

Dual accounting core functionality: Assisted establishing new accounts, Localized scheme templates, Standard reports in plain text and HTML, Assisted opening the next financial year, Accounting example as a demo, All pure Python, License GPL.

1174 . Tiny Cash

Tiny Cash is a simple application providing help for people, families and small business to manage their balance.

1176 . Freelancer tiny ERP

FEATURES income - outcome tracking calendar - project tracking EASY-SIMPLE use for offline and online use Home , Live demo

1177 . tinyPayroll

The tinyPayroll application is intended for small businesses to be a simple, platform-independent time-tracking and payroll tracking solution.

1178 . Toes Online

Toes Online is a person registration and management system which can be used by organisations to registrate members. It is a powerful tool with many features, including e-mailing, grouping and financial tools, with much focus on security and easy usage.

1181 . Towers

Tower : This Projects aim to develop an application for Complex building management in apartments and passage etc.تاورز : مدیریت مجتمع های تجاری و مسکونی برای گرفتن شارژ می باشد

1182 . Trade!

Trade! is an account transaction management system to manage transactions (like payments, withdrawals, automatic profit transactions, commisssions), clients/investors and their accounts including conditions and agents in a trading business.

1184 . TransactionSafe

A personal accounting project, based on the idea of getting the data models and fundamentals right first. Expect a large number of documentation-only updates before seeing working code.

1185 . Transcraft My Accountant

book keeping functions for the individuals, IT consultants, services companies, and small to medium businesses. Template reporting/auto tax calculaltions/ledger posting/password protection, year end migration, scheduled entries, invoicing and tracking

1187 . Treasurer

"Treasurer" is a web-based application that can be used to register and track monetary transactions between members of different groups.

1188 . Tribal Installment Loans Calculator

Managing any loan well takes a lot of effort when it comes to making the right payments on time. In order to help users in the same, the Tribal Installment Loans Calculator is the right tool. It is a comprehensive tool that lets users decide the budget for their situation; choose the right loan type and the repayment options. And what makes it even better is that it is absolutely free of cost.

1190 . Trinka Five Books and PM

TrinkaFive is a simple yet sophisticated bookkeeping and project managment software for all sizes of businesses. Included (but not part of its main intent) is a tarot magick utility for casting prosperity charms and sigils. Currently being programmed.

1191 . TrustMaster trust account manager

TrustMaster is a financial application designed to manage trust deferrable expenses. TrustMaster is written in Java and deployed using the Java Web Start Framework. Data is stored in the embedded Apache Derby database.

1192 . tucniak

GNU GPL accounting and store application based on ANSI SQL DB Server with various frontends (now supporting mainly MySQL).

1193 . TurboCASH Accounting

TurboCASH Accounting, entry level Accounting package for single users, small networks and distributed networks. Delphi development in Windows, Linux in Wine. Accomodates developer scripts, local plugins and multi language translation. Ideal for SME market

1194 . Turquaz Financial Accounting

Turquaz Financial Accounting is a complete double entry finance solution targeting small and medium size enterprizes with Inventory Management, accounts recievable, accounts payable, general ledger, journal, multi currency, advanced report and analysis

1195 . Tustena CRM

Tustena CRM is an Enterprise-Class Customer Relationship Management server written in C# for the .NET platform with many advanced features like Companies/Leads/Contacts Manager, Calendaring, Groupware, Email Marketing, Reporting, Orders, Catalogs, etc.

1196 . is an Education Institute Management Software written in Java using mysql databases.This software can manage the institute and does the vital jobs in the institute such as income reporting.

1197 . Tux Point of Sale

TuxPOS is a Point of Sale system for *nix based operating systems, The aim of the project is to create a powerfull and dynamic Point of Sale application that small to large businesses can use.

1198 . twCash

Personal finance tools designed to help you track what you're spending, with an emphasis on future financial goals, that it's also a single html file, and can be modified in any supported browser without needing a server

1199 . XBRL Processing Engine

This UBmatrix Processing Engine is an SDK for building XBRL-enabled applications. The engine is the essential component to read, write, and validate XBRL. This project was released under UBmatrix Inc. Learn more about EDGAR Online XBRL Processing Eng

1201 . Acc

An Accounting Software like Tally in Java


UKM finance is a systems to manage finance and small bisnis. Its developed under JAVA. It have feature to log transaction and the type, maintain customer, maintain partner , and report feature

1203 . UKP

Univerzalni Knjigovodstveni Paket (UKP) je Open-Source softver za obavljanje knjigovodstva. Koristi MySQL bazu podataka i KDE 3/Qt okruženje.

1204 . CSV Importer for Unicenta

This is a desktop application that makes importing stock quantities into a Unicenta database easy. This application enables a user to select a file, define a Database connection and choose to overwrite or append the data in the database. If a UPC doesn't exist in the products table, it gets rejected because I don't want stock levels for non-existent products. If the CSV file contains invalid data like 1. Empty lines 2. Non-numerical values in the quantity field that line gets rejected and the application proceeds to the next line.

1205 . uniCenta POS

Keep up-to-date with the latest news - Visit uniCenta's main site uniCenta oPOS v4.6 .1 is the latest community release. Get the latest uniCenta oPOS v4.6.3 if you would like to make a contribution and support the project or need business support help. Get the latest uniCenta oPOS v5.0 BETA if you need JAVA 11 and MariaDB support. See our website for more details! uniCenta oPOS is a multi-lingual - 17 languages - commercial-grade POS (Point-Of-Sale) software. It is multi-location, multi-terminal and multi-user and runs on industry standard hardware. Installing uniCenta oPOS requires MySQL and is simple and fast to implement.

1206 . UnkleBill

UnkleBill is a financial multiplatform software that helps you to monitor your personal accounting. With this software you'll manage one o more accounts with the mechanism of the double entry accounting. Home Page:

1207 . unternehmer

Open-Source Software für den Mittelstand. Verkaufs- bzw. Einkaufsrechnungen erstellen, Waren erfassen, Kunden erfassen, EÜR, GuV usw.

1208 . Uricont

A personal project about an application for home-made accounting. You can easily see your main expenses.

1210 . Vaad Bait (Condominium Committee)

Condominium management software dealing with: a search-able address-book of all the residents, owners and service-providers ; keep track of the committee's incomes and expenses ; reports and notices

1211 . Value

Value is a complete PHP/MySQL and J2EE middleware / server side accounting system/ERP/CRM geared for users ranging from soho to large corporations.


It is a calculater which would calculate vat on different and ever thing is user defined.

1214 . Veettukaaran

Name Veettukaaran in Malayalam means "One who looks after the house". This free and open source personal accounting software looks after many day to day activities of a house like Home Accounts, Fuel efficiency, Todo/Birthday/Anniversary reminders etc.

1215 . Vehicle Tracker

Web-based PHP system for tracking vehicle-related expenses, mileage, and the like for a group (family, company, etc.).

1216 . Consultant Vendor Management

Consultant Vendor Management software is an invoice based system written with consulting companies in mind to enter timesheets, generate invoices, track payments, commissions, payroll and expenses from one single location.

1217 . Venture Command

A postgresql database framework written in python and wxwindows. Aims to help fill the large gap between personal/SOHO applications and enterprise: Landlords, retail, construction etc. Focus is on ease of customization by developers.

1219 . Vets Simple Invoices

Vets Simple Invoices is a based on Simple Invoices. It has added ability to add multiple animals to each customer. Each animal has got a detail page with a health record. It is very basic and easy to learn how to use.

1220 . vintage-billing-accounting

This is legagy system that is written for Unix and DOS, but actually now only works under Windows (32bit or 64bit using DOSBox). It even installs like a Windows program, but email for help if you need it PBAS is for more general Service and Inventory businesses, and is feature filled. Download the program you like, and a manual is accessed by pressing F1 from the main screen. For Educational use, learn how to setup the Chart of Accounts, read Financial Statements and Produce Invoices and Estimates. Learn how to use a full featured accounting system. (Press ctrl-F10 if your mouse gets stuck in DOSBOX.)

1221 . vintage-car-repair-billing

This is legacy system that is written for Unix and DOS, but actually now only works under Windows (32bit or 64bit using DOSBox). It even installs like a Windows program, but email for help if you need it ASIS - The Auto Service Information System is for Car Service and Repair businesses, and is feature filled. Download the program you like, and a manual is accessed by pressing F1 from the main screen. For Educational use, learn how to setup the Chart of Accounts, read Financial Statements and Produce Invoices and Estimates. Learn how to use a full featured accounting system. (Press ctrl-F10 if your mouse gets stuck in DOSBOX.)

1222 . Vita Petty Cash Software

An online Petty Cash system for small companies developed in PHP and MySQL. Simple to use: add Parties who receive cash from you and who submit cash to you, make payments, see reports etc.

1223 . Vizacc Time Tracker

Vizacc Time Tracker is an open-source time tracking program. This is part of the Vizual Accounting system for Windows. The program allows you to keep track time spent on various projects.

1224 . Vogon personal finance tracker

Project has moved Github at Check out the live demo at Simple web-based personal finance tracker using * AngularJS on client-side * Spring MVC on server-side for AngularJS request handling * JSP for page generation * JPA and Spring Repositories for entity management * H2 database for data storage, or a server-provided PostgreSQL (OpenShift/Heroku) Named after the Vogons ( race who were known to be extremely boring accountants. Contains prepackaged WAR files for: - OpenShift ( (even free accounts): * WildFly ("WildFly Application Server 9" cartridge). * Tomcat 7 ("Tomcat 7 (JBoss EWS 2.0)" cartridge installed). - Heroku ( (even free accounts). - OpenShift Tomcat cartridge also works in Azure Jetty and Tomcat web apps. 2.0 and earlier versions also have a standalone version using Java FX.

1225 . Video Store Management System

VOMIT (Videostore Online Management InTerface) is an administration system for video/music stores. Users can view, stock items w/ covers over the net, while the shop owner has all the tools to make the day-to-day store operations intuitive and painless.

1226 . vosae-app

Vosae is a powerful application to finally simplify your daily company management. You can now enjoy an enterly new experience to manage your invoicing, your calendars and your contacts. Vosae-app exposes Vosae resources though an API. Now available on Github: See the projet website:

1227 . vosae-web

Vosae is a powerful application to finally simplify your daily company management. You can now enjoy an enterly new experience to manage your invoicing, your calendars and your contacts. Vosae-web is the Vosae webapp. Now available on Github: See the projet website:

1228 . GOL Vote Book Accounting Package

GOL Vote Book is a PHP/MySQL/Apache financial accounting software based on the manual vote book used by the Government of Lesotho. It produces reports in PDF format.

1229 . VPrice

VPrice is a cost price calculator for Linux. It is designed for producers who need to have their product prices calculated "on the fly"

1230 . vTiger Sales Orders into Purchase Orders

vTiger 5.04 Open Source CRM. Turn Sales Orders into Purchase Orders with one button click. We have made many other modifications and integrations with other software like QuickBooks and Zen Cart.

1231 . w3money

PHP/MySQL software to manage internet payments and transactions. This software is a backend for multiple users allowing them to make payments among each others. It will not support any "real currency", just a new "web currency".

1232 . Wampum Personal Finance

Personal financial manager like many others, but hopefully different. The emphasis is on integration with existing applications (GNUCash) and office suites like OpenOffice. The application uses a standard HSQLDB database for easy JDBC integration.

1233 . wanda accounting

this pice of software will be a full webservice for accounting. the accounting will be used for wifi projects run on donations or fees.

1235 . Wave CSV Import Creation

This application solves the problem of creating a Wave Accounting import file from another CSV export. The scenario is your business has multiple streams of income and each source provides a different formatted CSV export and you need to import the necessary transactions into your wave accounting dashboard. With the Wave CSV Import Creation application, you load your export CSV financial file, map the fields to the required Wave fields, and then save your new CSV for importing into wave accounting

1236 . W.BIZ Personal Accounting

A small personal accounting software for single users. Includes accounts, categories, recipients and transactions in this small application. This project is maintained by WENNERBERG.BIZ and is used to evaluate working with Open Source software.

1237 . GnuLedger - Open Source Web Ledger

GnuLedger - an open source financial solution. GnuLedger includes all of the functionality that home users need to manage their finances, and is currently being re-written in PHP to provide for a faster, cleaner, and simpler application.

1239 . WebAccounts

WebAccounts is Open Source Project for Accounting software that has an AJAX based pop up interface for selecting from a large number of accounts.

1241 . WebBanker

This project builds upon existing Web Services technology to provide a reliable system for management of account data from a bank network with multiple codependent branches, each supported by a hardware cluster.

1242 . web(b)h FiBu fuer deutsches Steuerrecht

Web(b)h wurde aus dem Wunsch geboren, ein einfaches und vernuenftiges Buchhaltungssystem zu haben, das unter allen Betriebssystemen und Oberflaechen funktioniert und deutsches Recht abbildet. web(b)h ist mandanten- und multiuserfaehig. Update V1.21 Patch ist jetzt verfügbar (27.01.2016)

1245 . Web-based Business Accounting and ERP

Web-based Business Accounting and ERP solution incorporating Accounts Payable and Receivable, Purchase and Sales ordering, Inventory Control, Material Resource Planning, Fixed Asset Register and Petty cash.

1246 . webERP Accounting & Business Management

Entirely web-based. It is coded in efficient PHP to present a very low overhead on hardware presenting screens fast & capable of working over low bandwidth connections. Now with HTML 5 & javascript form validation & table sorting. Mature codebase with a wealth of features: - Multi-currency - Multi-inventory location - Serial and Lot tracking inventory - Full double entry general ledger - Weighted Average or Standard Costing - Manufacturing works orders - Material Requirements Planning - Shipment costing - Contract/job costing - Fixed asset management - Sales Analysis - Expense claims - Can be integrated with an number of 3rd party wikis Particularly suited to wholesale, distribution, manufacturing and now also as the hub for multi-branch retail businesses (with an external deskop POS add-on). Translations into over 20 Languages. Easily modifiable code, written using simple and accessible PHP for ease of maintenance and understanding. Reporting direct to UTF-8 PDF

1248 . Web accountig and managing

This project is focused to build enterprise wide systems, which integrate in a very efficient manner the current bussiness flow. From manufacturing to accounting.

1249 . Web-enabled LETS System

WebLETS is a fully web-enabled LETSystem (Local Exchange and Trade System), incorporating most if not all typical functionality of traditional LETS software and/or paper based systems. This may now be the best open source LETS software availiable.

1250 . WebMoney

A Ruby on Rails based websystem for managing communal debt/bills. With a SOAP interface for remote data access and third party client compatibility.

1251 . WebPayAS2018

This is a sample payroll program, and PDF book, for learning payroll and PHP/MySQL. It is a web app, written in PHP/MySQL. The webapp is for a small business, with 1-15 employees. It should give you practice in learning payroll, installing on the web, PHP and MySQL. The WebPay App calculates payroll, and produces reports for tax and accounting purposes. Read the readme file, manual, and PDF Book for greatest use of this App. Enjoy!

1252 . WebPayAS2019

This is a sample/working payroll program, and PDF book, for learning payroll and PHP/MySQL. It is a web app, written in PHP/MySQL. The webapp is for a small business, with 1-15 employees. It should give you practice in learning payroll, installing on the web, PHP and MySQL. The WebPay App calculates payroll, and produces reports for tax and accounting purposes. New features for 2019 include this years Tax Percentages, and ability to print W2 forms at year end. The current feature for 2019 is 2019c. It contains improvements of numeric formats. Read the readme file, manual, and PDF Book for greatest use of this App. Enjoy!

1253 . WebPayXL2020

This is a working educational payroll program, and PDF book, for learning payroll and PHP/MySQL. It is a web app, written in PHP/MySQL. The webapp is for a small business, with 1-15 employees. It should give you practice in learning payroll, installing on the web, PHP and MySQL. The WebPay App calculates payroll, and produces reports for tax and accounting purposes. New features for 2020 include this years Tax Percentages, and ability to print W2 forms at year end. The current feature for 2020 is 2020a. It contains improvements of numeric formats. Read the readme file, manual, and PDF Book for greatest use of this App. Find this and/or other free programs at:

1254 . WebPayXT2021

This is a working educational payroll program, and PDF book, for learning payroll and PHP/MySQL. It is a web app, written in PHP/MySQL. The webapp is for a small business, with 1-15 employees. It should give you practice in learning payroll, installing on the web, PHP and MySQL. The WebPay App calculates payroll, and produces reports for tax and accounting purposes. New features for 2021 include this years Tax Percentages, and ability to print W2 forms at year end. The current feature for 2021 is 2021a. It contains improvements of numeric formats. Read the readme file, manual, and PDF Book for greatest use of this App.

1255 . webzash

Easy to use web based double entry accounting software in PHP - MySQL under AGPL V3

1256 . weecon

Weekly Contractor. Contractor payment calculation system

1258 . We-Skey

We-Skey is intended to be an ERP written in php, easy to translate and to customize. It\'s based on mysql engine, but it\'s easy to convert with other db_server.

1259 . Wiaflos Accounting

Multi-platform server-client based accounting system providing a SOAP API for UI interfaces and easy integration. Capable of running on any system supporting Perl.

1260 . WILLPOS

WILLPOS stands for the at Work IndividuaL Lunch Pre-Ordering System. It was designed to automated the task of ordering from a take out service in a work environment. It uses HTML templates for a fully customizable interface along with GDBM database file

1261 . WiloLator

Ulatwia wyliczenie cen(z 2 miejscami po przecinku) na podstawie lacznej wartosci i ilosci. Posiada wbudowany kalkulator, z opcja zaokraglania, pierwiastkami, 2 pamieciami, f.trygonometrycznymi, Pi, przelicznikiem na liczbe bezwzgledna i calkowita.

1262 . Calculator

This is a Simple Win32 Calculator to look like the built in windows Calculator. It only does basic calculations. Source Code is include in the program after install. Written in Visual Basic 9. Looking for help to port Java and C#.

1263 . WinPayXL2020

This is a sample/educational demo payroll program, for learning payroll and MS-Access programming. It is similar to the web app WebPayAS2019, written in PHP/MySQL. WinPayXL is for a small business, with 1-15 employees. It should give you practice in learning payroll, installing on the Windows Desktop, and learning MS-Access. The WinPayXL App calculates payroll, and produces reports for tax and accounting purposes. New features for 2020 include this years Tax Percentages, and ability to print W2 forms at year end. Updates in AFPay3a.exe fixes deduction problem. Read the readme file, and manual, for greatest use of this App. Find this and/or other free programs at: Enjoy!

1265 . Workshift database

Source code/documentation/bug tracking for workshiftdb: . Please contact Janak if you would like to learn more about this project.

1266 . Worth: Portable finance

Worth is a personal finance manager to manage bank accounts, credit cards, investments and other credit or debit accounts that comprise the individual's net worth. Worth runs as a Web application under an application server such as Jetty or Tomcat.

1267 . WebPortal-Intranet System

Web Portal System ,is an highly configurable code, created for users with basic skills in php who're looking for a solution where they can easy include their own code.Intranet module also in Borland C++, Delphi/Kylix, with ERP & CRM.

1268 . WP-Service

WP-Service is a small tool for webhoster and webdesigner, which also sell webspace to their customers. This tool includes this features : customer-managment, user-managment, project-managment, domain-managment, timesheet, record bugs (in projects), create

1269 . Webills

Webills is a special-purpose, multi-user, double-entry accounting system designed to automated the splitting of bills by roomates. It uses a web browser to access PHP scripts that save their state in a relational database.

1270 . wxCash

wxCash is a free,open-source,cross-platform,easy-to-use financial-accounting software based on the wxWidgets GUI toolkit.

1271 . WyattERP-400

WyattERP is an open source ERP suite written in RPG for use on an AS/400.

1272 . XBRLComposer

A Java implementation of an XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language) Discoverable Taxonomy Set Compilation. This project is now inactive. XBRL Java API work has migrated to

1273 . XBRLiant

XBRLiant is a simple XBRL instance document generator. It is based on the DTS published by the Indian Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA). XBRLiant is licensed under open source and it is the first of this kind to be published as open source in India. XBRLiant is developed in HMG (Harbour MiniGUI), an open source XBase/Clipper based language. It uses MiniXML and SQLite libraries for processing. XBRliant can be executed in Windows versions 98/2000/XP/Vista/7.

1274 . XBRL Import

xbrlimport is designed to download and translate financial data encoded in XBRL into the turtle syntax for RDF as a means to import XBRL into the Semantic Web, and in support of W3C's work on in applying the Semantic Web to financial data.

1275 . XCAW-Cooperative Agreements Workflow Sys

Develop a J2EE application server for the management of grants, agreements, cooperative agreements, and the monitoring and tracking of award status. Currently, no formalized tool has been developed to manage the fluid environment and unique requirements

1276 . Compiere to pt_BR

XCompiere is a construction and maintenance of Compiere ERP+CRM wich Manufactures (CMCPS), especially gone back to the Brazilian business. They are mainly included the translation for pt_BR and the creation of the accounting plan.

1278 . Xendra

Xendra ERP -Xendra Historian (ISA I6051) adaptado a los requerimientos financieros e industriales de Peru. contabilidad facturacion POS compras ventas letras

1279 . XERP

XERP is a very flexible/extensible Java ERP that can replace and coexist seamesly with other legacy systems. It can interact with almost any data source that exists (Databases, LDAP, text files, sockets, you name it..)

1280 . XIWA (XIWA Is Web Accounting)

XIWA (zee' wuh) is a web based accounting package built with Perl and postgreSQL. It uses Double Entry Accounting with multiple Data Entry Views, Stocks, and a Powerfull, Flexible Reporting Engine.

1281 . Expense Tracker

Freeware JAVA Midlet for tracking expenses, focused on ergonomics (no nonsense free-type description fields).

1282 . xpnsqt

This is an expense tracking system written with C++ to use postgresql database for storing expense information in. The author uses this application to track expenses for tax purposes.

1283 . Yet Another GUI Ledger

Accounting software for a GUI, written using QT and storing the data in a DBMS. It should allow exporting of data and results to XML; reports would be generated using style sheets for xml.

1284 . yapa-accounting - Accounting made simple

yapa-accounting, yet another pointless acronym, is an easy to use, easy to customize accounting software for small businesses. Back-end written in C++ utilizing the SOCI sql-library and front-end written in python and gtk+

1285 . Yapbam

Yapbam (Yet Another Personal Bank Account Manager) is ... another personnal bank account manager. It's cross-platform (Java), portable, extensible (with plugins), and (I hope) easy to use. More information at If you think Yapbam is valuable, please vote up below.

1286 . yaphobia

The web application offers to import call protocols of phone calls and lists of billed calls from different telephone providers. They can be matched to existing call protocol entries to generate cross-provider phone bills.

1288 . Yep Personal Financial Manager

Yep is a Consumer Financial Software System (CFSS). This system is to be used by consumers to keep track of their finances and plan their financial future.

1289 . YOI :: YOur Invoice

YOI is a simple software for manage invoice, clients, providers for all business activities. YOI provides: immediate bills, accompanying bills, invoices deferred, transport documents, customer management and suppliers, primanota, operating budget.

1290 . zaiko

Zaiko is a simple application for small businesses, featuring sales and purchasing management as well as real-time stock control. Highly configurable, it is designed to adapt to the user's preferences. Written in PHP with a MySQL database, it can be run either locally or over the web, and accessed via web browser, thus being completely platform independent.

1291 . Open Zakat

OpenZakat is a free software for calculate, print, save calculate Zakat (alms) Easy to personal and professional use, can calculate zakat variety, such: business, investment, partnership firm, gold, silver, animal farming, etc Run on Windows, Linux, Mac

1292 . ZaraStar ERP

The ZaraStar ERP application software suite derives from nearly two decades of hands-on experience of business operations; covering: Orders, Fulfillment, Settlement, Accounts, Catalogs, Channels, Site, Workshop, Library, Mail, Fax, and Admin.

1293 . Zephyr Basecamp & Monkey Business Db

Zephyr Basecamp is a functioning enterprise project giving small and midsize businesses the same level of inventory, orders, sales & accounting expected from commercial apps. Uses ODBC & Postgres allowing other Apps to use data. Linux & Windows.

1294 . zena CMS

zena is a state-of-the-art CMS (content managment system) based on Ruby on Rails with a focus on usability, ease of customization and web 2.0 goodness (application like behaviour).

1295 . ZERP

An ERP/CRM solution, based on a object an open multi tier arquitecture. The advantage over other is a comprehensive C++ framework for business's object and a skin-lilke GUI tier. All elements are operated by a microkernel structure whose primary objec

1296 . Zion-IT-ERP

ERP accounting ( weberp ). PHP, MYSQL, PDF. Sales, Inventory, Purchasing, AR, AP, GL. Professional software engineering.Software architecture, Generated code, Component based, OO, SOAP, API, database design, documentation, testing.

1297 . Zillywiggler Suite

Zillywiggler is a suite of software I have developed for my employer who in their generosity have released them as GPL ventures. Most notably is Zillywiggler Time, an opensource, PHP/PostgreSQL based Time and Expense tracking and invoicing system.

1298 . Zippy ERP

Кроспатформенная учетная система с открытым кодом (бухучет, складской учет и т.д.) для автоматизации малого бизнеса. Основной репозиторий Скачать систему в сборе можно с домашней страницы проекта

1299 . Zoom Accounts

Zoom Accounts is a set of Delphi components and Application Templates intended for creation of integrated accounting and CRM systems for medium and larger size enterprises. HB Reports is required to compile this project ---------------------------------------------------------

1300 . PyMoney

PyMoney is a portable personal financial manager program for both PDA Sharp Zaurus and desktop written in Python with PyQt (Qtopia supported). Multiple accounts, currencies, categories, password protection etc.

1301 . ZZR-Chinese donation management system

ZZR is abbr. of Chinese word "ZiZhuRen",means Donators.This program manages donations online,is developed for small NPO dedicated to help underprivilege students in remote rural area of China) and also useful for other chinese charities.