Best Office Suite Software of 2021

1 . is the world's most popular portable software solution allowing you to take your favorite Windows software with you. It works in any cloud drive folder (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc), on any portable storage device (USB flash drive, memory card, portable hard drive, etc), or from your local hard drive. With millions of users all over the world and a full collection of open source and freeware software (as well commercial software), is the most complete solution for life on the go. was founded by John T. Haller, whose Portable Firefox started the portable software trend. We've been making software portable since March 2004. Today, our team stands at over 200 developers, translators, application packagers, designers, and release testers with nearly a billion app downloads. Our goal is to centralize the knowledge and development of portable software and build an open platform that any software or hardware developer can use

2 . S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Word

Microsoft recommends methods for recovering corrupt Word files that won't open. This software provides buttons to easily invoke these as well as providing 5 independent methods for recovering and opening corrupt Microsoft Word DOC & DOCX files. Additionally the program provides links to two pieces of freeware not coded by the author, a free service (if you can wait 14 days!) and a featured commercial solution (which is an affiliate of the author's). Also it has its own native previous file version recovery tool which works in any version of Windows, Vista-Windows 10 if System Protection has been turned on in the System App of the Control Panel and a Restore Point made. Another feature is a GUI interface for finding temporary, deleted and lost versions of corrupt files. Future plans are to implement Microsoft's instructions for recovering corrupt Word files that will open. This program was formerly known as Word Recovery and more recently S2 Services Word Recovery

3 . AccessODF

AccessODF is an extension for ODF accessibility evaluation and repair in LibreOffice Writer and Writer. It supports the creation of word processing documents that are more accessible for people with disabilities, and checks the compatibility with DAISY and Braille.

4 . OS Optiek

OS Optiek is a open source customer relationship management (CRM) software application for opticians.

5 . Office 2007/2010 Classic Toolbar Addins

A completely free collection of add-ins for Microsoft Office 2007/2010 that create classic (office 2003) style menus and toolbars without loosing any of the new features.

7 . Clevit

Clevit is a text editor written on C++ and Qt Framework. It is a text editor closer to an office. With many features that make everything more practical and easy to use. It is customizable and every update becomes better and more practical. Please check our GitHub Repository to verify better all code, check any detail about the features and more things.

8 . gelsheet

GelSheet is a free and open source web spreadsheet that allow users to create, edit and export in many formats your everyday work. It's intended to run either standalone or integrated within another web tool. It was born as a part of Opengoo web office

9 . AlKatib

the arabic language manipulation software project

10 . Blackberry OfficeSync

Blackberry plugin allows synchronize Contacts and Calendar with Funambol server. This program is based on Funambol Blackberry Plugin Community Edition v. 3.0.8.

11 . Coach Booking System

This will allow a coach operator to be able to book out coaches to shows and other events. To be able to do all the business need for that company. This will be a vb 6 program. I want it to be able to do the books coach plans and be able to plan the coach

12 . DeepSeaOffice

DeepSeaOffice is a complete software package for use on board deep sea merchant vessels. It will include crew lists, ISM administration and ISPS administration amongst lots of other functions.

15 . GnuplotHelper

A set of macros which achieve some integration of gnuplot into OOo Calc. If you already know gnuplot, this will simplify your work in conjunction with OOo.

16 . IUOfficeAutomation

The project is given to the IU University Computer engineer groups. It will cover all office automation aspects.Meeting Management, Vacation , anagement, All out of office events,Task and project management,Performance and target management

17 . Jhive

Groupware in Java. Provides group calendar, scheduler, content management system, forum, and other groupware realted features. Easily extensible.

20 . MySXP Open Platform

Application SAP like for win32, based on MySQL,and mixed with the egroupware politics and database compatibility.

21 . OOo Dictionary Installer for Unix

OOodi provides an automated dictionary installer for the word processer. It uses GTK+ for the user interface and libcurl for automated download of selected dictionaries.

22 . Open Accessibile Information Processing

The Open Accessible information processing(OpenAIP) project intends to bring together several existing technologies in order to create a more integrated framework for Accessible Information Processing through open source tools.

24 . PHP Easy Life

PHP web-based project that includes modules for address book, birthday, reminder, bank-account, billing, articles... with includes multi language support and users-permissions/themes/configuration

25 . PowerPointBarCreator

This is a smart application, which adds a progress bar functionality to Microsoft PowerPoint 2003. Progress Bars can simply be set in the Master Slide and generated with a single click.

27 . Shotout

Shotout ist ein Verwaltungsprogramm für Schützenvereine, mit dem Ergebnisse, Mitglieder, Schützen, Ereignisse, etc. verwaltet werden können.

28 . Success community version

Success provides MS Access-like function, but because it based on Web Ajax technology anyone can access and share the data from Intranet/Internet via browser. It original is a part of accessunit admin console and the commercial version is released in 200

29 . Teuthida

Teuthida is a Linux diagram software for simple creation of diagrams.

30 . ValidateODT

This is an accessibility validation tool for the Open Document Text format.

31 . Word In-situ search

This is a simple Microsoft word add-in written in C# that helps people search the web. People are welcome to add-on to it. It is written in VS 2008 and works with Word 2007

32 . adamo: address database with openoffice

OpenOffice address book: Address management for It's based on a OpenOffice form and macros and allows the management of addresses for persons and corporations including managing distribution lists and groups. Currently only in German.

33 . exportToXL

exportToXL is a SAS macro for exporting data from PC SAS onto custom-formatted Excel spreadsheets using Dynamic Data Exchange. It works on all versions of PC SAS, Excel and Windows -- but notably not on any version of SAS running off of a server.

34 . jDelfin

jDelfin is a program for the administration of all important business processes for therapy- and occupations with a session character. jDelfin ist ein Programm zur Verwaltung aller wichtigen Geschäftsprozesse für Berufe mit Sitzungscharakter (Therapie).

36 . tDiary

The tDiary project is intended for keeping yours reminders. The application will store all reminders you want and then alert you, when the time comes. It will also store periodical reminders, so you will not forget to say happy birthday to your friends

37 . Кадастровые утилиты

Набор кадастровых утилит: - extract-order — заказывает и скачивает выписки из ЕГРН - extract-renamer  — переименовывает выписки из ЕГРН

38 . Apache OpenOffice

Free alternative for Office productivity tools: Apache OpenOffice - formerly known as - is an open-source office productivity software suite containing word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, formula editor, and database management applications. OpenOffice is available in many languages, works on all common computers, stores data in ODF - the international open standard format - and is able to read and write files in other formats, included the format used by the most common office suite packages. OpenOffice is also able to export files in PDF format. OpenOffice has supported extensions, in a similar manner to Mozilla Firefox, making easy to add new functionality to an existing OpenOffice installation.

39 . STAMP: Subtitling Add-In for PowerPoint

The Subtitling Add-In for Microsoft PowerPoint (STAMP) helps Microsoft PowerPoint 2016, 2013 and 2010 users add closed captions to the video and audio files included in their presentations, which boosts their impact for those with hearing disabilities.

40 . Corrupt DOCX Salvager

Previously known as Damaged DOCX2TXT, this GUI program will extract text from damaged/corrupted Word 2007 - 2013 DOCX format documents. DOCX files are actually zipped collections of mostly XML files. The main text in docx files is found in document.xml file in the collection. Corrupt DOCX Salvager uses 7Zip, an unzipper that sometimes unzips partially corrupt document.xml files despite reporting an error. XML as a format is unforgiving of data corruption but Corrupt DOCX Salvager uses a Perl routine used to extract the text from the document.xml file which doesn't care about well-formed XML, a recovery stumbling block for Microsoft Word. Recent changes include the pretreatment of docx files with InfoZip's zip.exe -FF repair command, improving success rates. Also added are links to other solutions. If you are unsatisfied with the results, try my other corrupt Word recovery capable programs here on Sourceforge, S2 Recovery Tools for Word and Savvy DOCX Recovery.

41 . Cryptographic

The Cryptographic Hash Functions UNO Component for computes hashes (message digests) of text and files using following hashing algorithms: MD2, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512

42 . Office Manager

Encompasing office management healthcare software for medical practices, doctors groups, DMEs, retailers, etc. It does User/patient management, point of sale, scheduling, sign-in, inventory, insurance claims, accouting, etc. Any OS!

43 . BlueOxygen Incubator Center

BlueOxygen Enterprise Platform, a new WebOS with Enterprise quality. This project is ideal for you to develop a modular enterprise grade application.

44 . Document Manager

Document Manager is a document management system with the ability to check-in/check-out documents, track changes, and support multiple users. It supports all usual operations (rename, delete, view, edit) and comes with optional support for a secure HTTPS

45 . iSlice

ISlice is Excel formula scripting framework. It allows to link worksheet cells by buildeing descriptive data models in iSlice Editor - without use of incell formula typing.

46 . All-Round Office Suite

The All-Round Office Suite is a project to bunch the viewing, editing and converting of a huge number of different office file formats together into one application.

47 . BlueOxygen Saphire

BlueOxygen Saphire is an e-office automation system. Developer using BlueOxygen Cimande. FEatures: - Minutes of Meeting with Approval - Expense Report

48 . Cocun Mail

Cocun Mail es una aplicación que te notificara la llegada de nuevos correos electronicos a las cuentas POP3 que esten configuradas, tambien podras administrar contactos y grupos, e incluso imprimirlos.

51 . FlashRecruit - Job Board/Applicant Track

Job board and recruiting software with applicant tracking system. Great for adding job listings to corporate or recruiter web sites. Java based: Struts, Hibernate and extensible architecture. Demo on home page:

52 . Gnutex

A new idea of Office, we want insert the powerfull of latex in an environment as openoffice, but most light!!!

53 . Iconic

A tool that handles the ooky programming part of designing of toolbar icons for, NeoOffice, and StarOffice. Meant to assist non-programmer types (and graphically inclined folks) to design their own interfaces.

54 . JobEngine

JobEngine is a powerfull job search agent which will help you to automate job search business process.

55 . Literata

A tool which allows writers to compare their vocabulary with their peers. Literata has a text analysis system which writers will use to save text analysis reports. Literata can work with text in any language.

56 . MimerDesk

MimerDesk is a Web-based groupware environment designed for a wide variety of uses such as personal management, computer-supported collaborative learning, carrying out projects, and setting up communities.

57 . N4B Knowledge Management System

The N4B Knowledge Management System will pick up where contemporary office suites leave off. Users will be able to create and maintain dcouments and data within an intelligent classification framework using DAML+OIL, and share their content and knowledge

59 . Open Collaborative Documents Editor

OCDE (Open Collaborative Documents Editor) is a spreadsheet and rich-text editor, which allows to edit documents with other people. It is developed in XUL and based on XMPP (Jabber) to synchronise documents between different computers.

60 . Collective Work

O3CW consists of o3cw server and o3cw plugin for applications. O3CW allows to work on the same document for multiple users at the same time providing real-time changes view, store docs, charges share, rights management, document protection

61 . PHP Human Resources Enterprise

This application aims to completeley remove all paper based processes within a business up to the filing stand point. Currently this project needs help. Email

62 . PowerPointMP3

Our project (PowerPointMP3) is designed in VBA for Powerpoint to convert embedded WAV files or separately linked wav files into linked MP3 files suitable for web distribution. The conversion process is handled by the LAME MP3 encoder. Requires VBA Macros

63 . Republic - ascii2oo converter

Republic enables old-style computer reports (formally known as 'ascii' reports to be parsed and turned into OASIS Spreadsheet documents. This data can then more easily analysed by management. Parsing Rules are held in a simple XML format.

64 . Siiac

SIIAC - Sistema Integrado de Inteligencia em Atendimento ao cliente é um sistema de Help-desk Auxiliando os Funcionarios de forma clara , objetiva e automatizada com o intuido de centralizar informações assim evitando a repetição dos problemas

65 . Suijin Toolbox

This Microsoft Excel Add-In is designed to help Management and End Users in companies to deal with some dificulties, which they could face when they are using MS Excel Application. It brings set of useful tools which could make work with excel spreadsheets more effective and less time consuming.

66 . Text2Picture

This software is a modified version of Text2Pic version 0.1.9 Copyright 2009 Rigpa IT modified by Robert Pinchbeck on 3/30/2013. This OpenOffice/LibreOffice extension inserts pictures into a document from a database using the Mail Merge feature. It offers a workaround to Issue #18651 which limits the use of the Mail Merge feature. Here is how it works: 1. Create a database which contains a table with a column that specifies a picture filename for each record. 2. Create a Mail Merge document which contains the picture field from the database. 3. Surround the picture field with placeholder delimiters (and optional resize parameters). 4. Perform a Mail Merge and save the merged document. 5. Open the merged document and click on the Text2Picture Toolbar button (or select Tools | Add-Ons | Text2Picture).

67 . VeteCheck

Un pequeño sistema de stock para veterinarias. Lo estoy desarrollando como un proyecto para la facultad.

68 . Word Picture Insert

WPI (Word Picture Insert) provides a rich GUI that facilitates rapid insertion of 1 to N picture or graphic files into a Microsoft Word (R) table. All WPI features are fully scriptable, which enhances its usefulness with image-generating applications.

69 . anybatch

所有事,所有想法,都能批量 数量是三维的一种尺度,所有工作、事务都能看做批量处理,而这就是anybatch要带给你的便捷: 1. 多线程批量处理 2. 自定义批量处理 3. 任意任务的批量化

70 . eyeOS ServerSuite

ServerSuite will provide companies, or anyone who wants to create an eyeOS network on their own Windows server, with an easy tool to setup and monitor the eyeOS Server. A liveupdate function will provide updates for both the server software as for eyeOS.

71 . jProject Business Suite

With this solution you can manage the various basics of working in projects from the human project resource point of view. It's not (another) project management solution. 100% J2EE Web Appl. using Hibernate, Jasper Reports, OpenAdaper, JAAS.

72 . phishingTool

Application de gestion de concours de pêche en mer. Ce logiciel permet de réaliser les classements relatifs aux concours pêche en mer bateau , le tirage au sort, etc... . PhishingTool est l'évolution du logiciel "GestionBalance".

74 . CleanSheets

CleanSheets is the first spreadsheet application that is both extensible and platform-independent. It features a formula language that closely resembles that of Microsoft Excel, and extensions for aiding end-user programmers develop correct spreadsheets.

75 . Scribus

Scribus is an Open Source program that brings professional page layout to Linux, BSD UNIX, Solaris, OpenIndiana, GNU/Hurd, Mac OS X, OS/2 Warp 4, eComStation, and Windows desktops with a combination of press-ready output and new approaches to page design. Underneath a modern and user-friendly interface, Scribus supports professional publishing features, such as color separations, CMYK and spot colors, ICC color management, and versatile PDF creation.

76 . Savvy DOCX Recovery

XML was designed from the beginning to be intolerant of errors. This decision adversely affects MS Word's corruption recovery. With one error in the document.xml subfile where all the DOCX file's text is stored, instead of a partial recovery, Word will stop and throw an error. Savvy DOCX Recovery attempts to do precise surgery on corrupt Word documents to reorder or excise bad XML tags. If this doesn't work, it uses the command line app xmllint first to attempt to repair corrupt XML subfiles of the DOCX. If this doesn't work a second attempt is made where the corrupt XML subfiles are truncated at the first error, and the correct ending tags are again added with xmllint. If all else fails, SilverCoder's DocToText is used to extract text. Try also and and my other SF projects: Corrupt Extractor for Microsoft Office, Corrupt DOCX Salvager, S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Word.

77 . AutoGTD

AutoGTD provides a set of Outlook Macros to help implement the Getting Things Done concepts in Outlook. It allows configurable shortcuts which are able to bulk move emails to folders, add categories, reminders, and flags with the press of a button. Uses the AutoHotkey code. The source code is available in SVN. Just click Code->SVN Browse and click on trunk.

78 . Nota - Fatture, Magazzino, Contabilità

“Nota – Il software gestionale” è un software che consente di gestire le attività contabili/gestionali di una piccola-media azienda. Il software inoltre prevede la possibilità di gestire il proprio magazzino e consente di curare molti aspetti del ciclo di vita aziendale. Potrebbe essere avvicinato molto anche ad un CRM, fornendo infatti come quest'ultimo strumenti per l'intera gestione aziendale. “Nota – Il software gestionale” è inoltre un framework che consente di sviluppare velocemente software gestionale per qualsiasi propria esigenza. Adatto sia per uso personale che aziendale è ideale per la gestione dell'attività di professionisti e piccole-medie aziende.

79 . OpenPMS

HIPAA compliant medical billing, scheduling, and account management system. Integrated with x12 standard electronic transactions, OpenBilling XML standards, and hcfa-1500 legacy support. Complete cross platform performance with java 2 standards.

81 . Evolved OpenOffice

Evolved OpenOffice is an add-on package for users of It adds extra speed, features and functionality, and simplifies the tasks associated with using and administering this excellent OpenSource Office Suite. More info on the Homepage.

82 . jTimeMaster

Desktop organizer with calendar, notes, contact list and birthday reminder. Has month and year modes. Cross-platform (written in Java).

83 . Alpha-Office

Alpha-Office is an office suite written in Just BASIC to offer an easy to use set of tools for anyone who has need of them. The suite will include: A Task Manager, Graphics Program, Spreadsheet, Notepad Clone, Wordpad Clone, and much more.

85 . CollabOffice

CollabOffice is a web based Personal Information Manager (PIM) which allows teams to share and work together. It provides email, documents, calendar, contacts, instant messaging, news (nntp), and online web based administration.

86 . Dentz

Dentz is a dental clinic management software -

87 . Excalibur Office

Excalibur Office is a document management software with powerful autocompletion features and archiving support. A powerful templating systems and case based management are its key feature.

88 . Flexi Reports

Flexi Reports is a Java based reporting tool for retrieving & collating data from multiple data sources.The predefined templates in the Report wizard assist you in creating, designing, viewing, and distributing your report in multiple formats.

89 . GoogleCalSugarCRM

Add events from SugarCrm (Meetings,Calls,Tasks) to an Google Calendar account ... with SMS alert enabled.

90 . InDE

InDE, developed by ChapTek, is a full office suite (and other tools) using HTML, CSS, JS and other common things in a web page. Flash is optional, meaning there is no need to download hefty plugins.

91 . JpegToPdf

Cross-platform tool for creation of PDF documents from scans/photos of pages in JPEG (.jpg) format Project has been inspired by jpeg2pdf: jpeg2pdf features command-line interface with options to fulfill most tasks. You can add handwritten comments to PDF scans (over original images) with xournal: It supports graphics tablets and saves comments to PDFs as vector data.

92 . Lotus LibraryBook

This Lotus Notes-application is easy groupware for the account of activity of library.

93 . MiniCalc GUI

MiniCalc GUI is a calculator that supports user-defined functions and graphing. It starts instantly and runs on both Windows and Linux. It is easy to use for the average user, but also supports factorials, exponents, logs, and trig functions.

94 . NExcel

The NExcel library allows a .NET application to read Ms Excel files, compatible with Excel 97 and upper. No need to install Ms Office Excel or any third-party libraries. Based on JExcelAPI by Andrew Khan.

95 . OOo UNO Utils

OOo Uno Utils is a utility library that makes it easy to develop macros in

96 . Open Notebook

Open Notebook is a system to allow construction of simple and complex documents using a graphical user-interface. The core design is to allow expandability for future use. The concept and idea is a simple one that will allow the technology to be used on

97 . PDF Importer

The aim of this project is to develop a Portable Document Format (PDF) importer for Writer based on XPDF. This project was inspired by the PDF importer within KWord.

98 . PHP PayMaster

To develop an application using php, mysql for manipulating all needs of pay slip generator, report generator, employee management etc.,hr management.

99 . PreDocs

A full blown office suite for the Palm Pre/Pixi devices supporting WebOS. Offers support for syncing with your desktop, reading/editing PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint and more files.

100 . Requirements_Extractor

Requirements Extractor was developed as an accessible and easy-to-use software that is able to extract requirements from Word document. Requirements Extractor manages to recognize requirements-ID's with the help of a Regular Expression that's been set by the user. The extracted requirements are saved into an Excel file.

102 . SupremePDF

SupremePDF combines two other side products from for producing high quality and small text PDF documents using the Windows Printers. Creating process isn’t automatic – it has two easy steps. Color and high resolution images not supported.

103 . TextFind2

TextFind2 is a program for searching in a TXT file. More specifically, for searching in books, which contains numbers written as one hundred forty years (140) and such. It uses the MMX instructions to compare 8 chars at a time. It is also able to extract each line and you can save it as a TXT or RTF file. It is written in C++, with MFC, with VC++6, for Win32. It makes use of 64 bit int. A Linux version has been made in an effort to diversify the Linux ecosystem. I have tested it with Kubuntu 18.04, 20.10. It is 64 bit. I compiled with Qt Creator. The MFC parts have been replaced with Qt. Best of all, I provide the source code and ALSO THE EXECUTABLE FOR LINUX! -Tested with Kubuntu 18.04, 20.10, 21.04 -Tested with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed -Tested with Ubuntu 20.04 -Tested with Linux Mint 20.1 (XFCE interface)

104 . Vim Add-In for Microsoft Outlook

cubiclevim is a COM Add-In to allow editing Microsoft Outlook messages (and some other objects) in an instance of Vim. Written in Visual Basic and using the Win32 OLE version of Vim, this is aimed at UNIX users stuck working in cubicles.

105 . Word Reference Java API

Java Library for the API. Translates a term provided, as well as provides list of synonyms (English only as of 10/14/2011). If a 'Local Library' path is provided, results are stored locally for later use--this store is searched before searching (refer to the (c) terms of service on storing their data locally). NOTE: As of 10/14/2011, you must provide your own API key (register @ This library depends on google's gson library ( Download the *.zip version file which includes the gson library, or the *.jar file if you already have the gson library (or wish to download it separately).

107 . ezbox

zbox is an intelligent network gateway for SOHO users, which provides network services such as networking sharing, firewall, web publication, email, file sharing...

108 . jTelBook

Address Book Web Application which is writen in java/j2ee. Framework: jsp/servlet Database: MySQL 5.0 Language: Persian/English/... (Pars-Novin-e-Farab-Rah

109 . phpGroupWare Apps

Please goto
This project is no longer active! This project has been incorporated into the phpGroupWare project.

110 . topentms

OpenTMS is an open source talent management suite that provide employee relationship management and applicant tracking capabilities.

111 . Open Office QuickStarter applet

Ooqstart is the Open Office QuickStarter applet. It preloads the Open Office binary to provide a responsive user experience. Both Open Office 641C and Star Office 6.0 beta are supported.

112 . Freeplane

Application for Mind Mapping, Knowledge Management, Project Management. Develop, organize and communicate your ideas and knowledge in the most effective way.

113 . Orthos

This is, primarily, a modern Greek language spell checking project. It is based on Hunspell/Aspell, provides the dictionaries and creates extensions for OpenOffice and LibreOffice. It also provides Greek dictionary add-ons for the Mozilla projects. Orthos NEEDS YOUR HELP! Help create a better Greek spelling dictionary. Do you think there is a missing word, a misspelling in the dictionary? Check the dictionary by going to the Orthos web site, below, and then file a ticket for correction. Thank you.

114 . The Chicago Project

This project seeks to provide a portable ANSI C library to read/write OLE 2 Compound Document Formats (libOle), and to provide a library for reading/writing the Excel file format (libXls).

115 . OOo Label Templates 1.0

Free blank ODF label templates for Over 50 sizes including CD, DVD, mailing, address, Avery Sizes, round label templates and many other types. Setup time is very quick. Designing and printing labels from these templates is easy.

118 . JavaPontoPC

JavaPontoPC grava o momento em que o programa é inicializado e quando o mesmo é finalizado. Sendo útil para gravação do ponto dos horários de trabalho em seu computador. Deve-se configurar o sistema operacional para que o programa JavaPontoPC seja inicializado quando assim que o computador seja ligado, e lembrar-se sempre de fechar o programa nos intervalos ou antes de desligar o computador. O sistema mantem um ServerSocket aguardando conexões de outro programa guardião, isto é necessário para garantir que programa de ponto fique rodando durante o horário de trabalho. Os arquivos de pontos são separados por mês e gravados em formato texto na pasta javapontopc dentro home do usuário, os arquivos pontos podem ser visualizados pelo programa JavaPontoPC. Cada registro gravado pelo sistema é acompanhado de uma assinatura, desta forma se um registro for alterado manualmente o mesmo constará como adulterado.

119 . tsipelina

An adaptation of MySpell to the malagasy language. And a malagasy online spell checker.

120 . AlphaCentauri

AlphaCentauri is a completely free office application, with various utilities resembling those distributed commercially on Windows. Functionalities are still quite limited compared to the commercial products, but more features will be added soon. Please note that update v1.1.0 has full featured programs, however you will see a watermark with "trial version" details. This is due to some features were used through Nevron's very useful and awesome libraries. Unfortunately, these libraries and dev tools are also very expensive. This should not interfere with working comfortably and saving clean docs. This is just a release version until I get my head around building those trialed features from scratch. If watermarks turn out annoying, one can always download the v.1.0.3 with basic features and UI.

121 . British Medical Spellcheck

A medical spell checking dictionary for British English, consisting of approximately 5,000 words. Still in the very early stages of development but could be of limited to use to people. See release notes.

122 . Commoda

Commoda is an office management system, based on ASP.Net / C# / SQLExpress which offers functionality like (Social) CRM and Lead management.

123 . DicTux Dictate Transcription Foot Pedal

Transcribe an mp3 file into a word processor with a foot pedal controlling pause play forward back & volume. Bookmark annotate & edit. Dictate with a hand device controlling record play back forward. Free open source Linux dictation and transcription

124 . Excel LectureCredits

Excel LectureCredits provides a handy set of Excel worksheets for students who have to hand in weekly exercises and want to determine their current points and/or marks.

125 . FlyDict

Client-server multi-language dictionary based on Java. Comes with multiple clients - GUI, web-based, command-line, etc...The server allows plugging dictionary and user databases in.

126 . Grab 'n Storz

This project converts either IE's "favorites" format to Netscape's "bookmarks" format or the other way.

127 . InNux

Web version of Outlook / Exchange, using SendMail, MySQL, Apache, PHP, htDig and HylaFax.

128 . Jurídico 2

Português: Software para gerenciamento de escritórios de advocacia. Controle de processos e rotinas do advogado. English: Software for management lawers offices. Process control and lawer routines.

129 . Lotus Notes Notifier

Lotus Notes e-mail (or any other document) notifier. Agent notifying about new emails through XMMP (used by Jabber IM service) protocol. Open architecture allows to write your own plugins supporting other types of communication channels.

130 . MiniOA

The OpenOA is a Web Application for small enterprise or company.

131 . NHunspell Spellcheck-Hyphen-Thesaurus

NHunspell is a .NET version of the open office spell checker. Functions: spell checking, hyphenation, thesaurus with the open office dictionaries. It is free (GPL,LGPL, MPL) and can be used in closed source software. NuGet Package: Release Files and Samples: Support:

132 . OOoSVN

A project to provide change control for OpenDocument files via subversion under Unix. Can check in internal changes in files and allows users to recover any previous version, view logs and compare with older versions.

133 . Open Office Mozilla Wrapper Plugin

Mozilla browsers (Firefox, Netscape, Google Chrome, Chromium etc.) plugin. It adds Open Office support for these browsers under Linux. Open your Office documents inside your browser

134 . Report AutoPilot

Create powerful reports within from any supported database with this easy to use Add-on written in's own macro language. Supports both tabular and columnar reports with breaks, sub-totals, totals, etc.

135 . PHP-Office

PHP-Office ist eine Buchhaltungs- und Warenwirtschaftssoftware (CRM/ERP Solution) mit integrierten Zeit- und Kundenmanagement.

137 . Retail Management System

Retail Management System: To help retail management and sales professionals keep track of employee sales, schedules, clients, and help through the use of a KIT Program (Keep in Touch)

138 . SimpSuite

A simple office suite designed to be lightweight, easy to use, and easy to download.

139 . Sushee

Sushee is an XML Office Management Framework: a set of application development tools designed to manage contents and activities (companies, institutions, associations, etc.) in a multi-language, multi-channel, multi-format and multi-project context.

140 . Thai OOo KB

Customize Drupal to develop a knowledgebase website for in Thai, including the development/customization of required modules and the content iteself

141 . Visio-EMF Bridge

The Visio-EMF Bridge offers the transformation of Visio stencils and Visio models into EMF metamodels and EMF models, respectively. The bridge enables the processing of Visio models with EMF tools, such as, openArchitectureWare or Eclipse Epsilon.

142 . Word-Excel-Image Processing Application

The project gives a generalized idea about how files of different formats can be processed through the same application. 3 key areas have been taken into consideration - text files, spread sheets and image files.

143 . archiPEx

archiPEx is a connector between hylafax and sidocre. Every time you receive or send a fax, archiPEx convert your fax into pdf format and insert it in sidocre. It support filter (the cid of the sender) and categories (of sidocre)

146 . phpMyLingvo

phpMyLingvo - Web-interface for dictionaries stored in MySQL, compatible with databases for PtkDic/GtkDic and JaLingvo.

149 . XDXF - XML Dictionary Exchange Format

XDXF is a project to unite all existing open dictionaries and provide both users and developers with universal XML-based format, convertible from and to other popular formats like Mova, PtkDic, StarDict, ABBYY Lingvo etc. * New drafts of format can be found here: * The development of dictionary converter moved to Github:

150 . Ayaspell project

Ayaspell project aims to provide arabic dictionaries for free office applications like, Firefox: spellchecking (hunspell-ar), thesaurus (thesaurus-ar) and Morphological lexicon (Grammar-ar). Maintained by Taha Zerrouki.

151 . pdf convert to jpg

Tool for converting files, pdf to jpg images. The interface is in English, translation into other languages do not. It made it through the other tools open source. Инструмент для преобразования pdf файлов в jpg картинки. Интерфейс программы на английском языке, перевода на другие языки нет. Сделан он на основе других инструментов с открытым исходным кодом. Официальный сайт конвертера из pdf в jpg https://xn--90abhbolvbbfgb9aje4m.xn--p1ai/%D0%BE%D1%84%D0%B8%D1%81/pdf-%D0%B8-djvu/pdf-converter-%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BD%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%80%D1%82%D0%B5%D1%80-pdf-%D0%B2-jpeg.html twitter:

152 . Tustena CRM

Tustena CRM is an Enterprise-Class Customer Relationship Management server written in C# for the .NET platform with many advanced features like Companies/Leads/Contacts Manager, Calendaring, Groupware, Email Marketing, Reporting, Orders, Catalogs, etc.

153 . PDFtk Bookmarks Editor

Free and open source GUI application for updating bookmarks in a PDF document using the PDF Toolkit command line tool, PDFtk Server. User selects the PDF via drag and drop and then edits the bookmark entries in a text file using a simple, 1-line data format. Program handles everything else in response to a few user button clicks. OS: Windows. Author: David King. License: GPLv3.

154 . Fiction

Fiction is a free word processor for Windows. It currently includes: |Undo, redo |Themes for both the text box and the menu |Printing capability |Character Count

155 . Just Office

This is an office suite based on the OpenDocument standards that will have, when completed: a word processor and a spreadsheet editor. All of it will be programmed in the Visual Basic.NET language.

156 . Office 42

Office 42 is an award winning office suite with a focus on speed, ease of use, productivity and customizabililty. It includes a text editor, web browser and personal organizer, with more coming soon. Office 42 is ideal for older PCs because it consumes very little space and system rescouces. Office 42 is free and open source and is not designed to replace similar products but rather to run along side them. It features a classic style which will be familiar to Ms Office users and new users. Office 42 currently only works with Windows but Android and Ubuntu versions are in development. Office 42 stable for Windows is avaliable for download now and alpha versions of the Linux port and new applications will be avaliable to download soon. Please note that you do not need to extract the zip file to install.

158 . Bulk-Emailer

It supports you search the specified keyword and get the related email address, then you can ues Bulk-Emailer to send wholesale ad or something else emails to those email address.

159 . Communications Suite

The project purpose is to allow SAP R/3 servers to communicate with external devices such as fax and GSM modems by sending and receiving a fax or SMS. The system provides an easy way of configuration based on web interface and JMX console.

161 . Excel Recovery Add-In

Update: It is probably wise to try to do a zip repair step on corrupt xlsx files as a first step before trying to invoke other methods. Microsoft recommends several methods for recovering from Excel corruption. This Excel add-in brings into one toolbar these methods while adding four data recovery methods of its own. For MS methods for recovering from Excel file corruption, see: or here: Requires at least Excel 2003 and Windows XP.

162 . FolderToOneNote

Imports a folder of text files as new Pages into a specified Notebook and Section.

163 . Grace Contribution Manager

The Grace Contribution Manager handles the tracking of contributions and donors for a non-profit organization. Grace runs on both Linux and Windows. Grace is no longer hosted on Please see

165 . KOffice

KOffice is a free and comprehensive office suite integrating perfectly into KDE.

166 . Lucane Groupware

Lucane is a free groupware platform written in Java, designed with extensibilty in mind. Bundled apps are instant messaging, file sharing, chat, forum, personnal notes, shared calendar,audioconf, whiteboard, todolist ... The platform is a simple way t

167 . MiniToolbar

Mit diesem Programm haben Sie immer ein Sucheingabefeld und einen Übersetzer im Vordergrund. Nach einer Eingabe in eines der Eingabefelder wird unverzüglich der ausgewählte Browser mit der gewählten Suchmaschine/Übersetzer geöffnet.

169 . OOoServer

OOoServer manages a configurable pool of OpenOffice processes. For UNO API clients OOoServer is an OpenOffice process. The server dispatches requests to available OpenOffice processes and makes sure such a process is handling only one connection at t

170 . Open Project Management

The Open Project Management Environment (PMOpen) consists of three components: - Open source tools to support every aspect of project management; - A quality system based on use of the tools; and - Sets of document templates to support project manage

171 . Romanian Localization

oo-ro project intends to carry on the task of localization of office suite in Romanian Language. This is an accessory project to the official Romanian Native Language Project located at:

172 . PHPAdvocat

PHPAdvocat (Anwaltskanzlei-Suite) is a web based office suite for lawyer offices to manage contacts, files/documents, invoices and events. It is written in PHP and stores data in a PostgreSQL or MySQL database. Though it is mainly designed for german offices it should be adoptable for other countries.

173 . Presiview Presentation Viewer

Presiview: A project to deliver an audio-enabled, special-effects-enabled presentation builder and viewer. The several available OSS solutions are good, but few of them provide a separate viewer or a browser plugin. Most contain no audio track.

174 . RetroMessenger: Secure & Serverless Chat

RetroMessenger is an Instant Messenger with a minimal GUI interface to the libretroshare library, in order to have a standalone Instant Chat Messenger. It will be developed using wxwidgets (additional: XUL, Qt) GUI toolkit.

175 . SimpleODS

A JAVA 1.3 library to create simple OpenOffice spreadsheet (ODS) files in an easy way within your Java program.

176 . Sword 2003

Sword is a Microsoft Office Word 2003 Alternative for Windows. Its just like Word.

177 . The Extensible Office Suite

A cross-platform, extensible, plugin-based GUI office suite. Includes plugins for office management, invoicing, customer management, sales management, PIM, collaboration, reporting and many other functionalities, all in the same integrated environment.

178 . Visual Formula

Visual formula editor. Goal 1, ActiveX Control Formula Editor, can be embeded into COM container, like MS Word. Goal 2, An application on MS Windows that can edit formula. Goal 3, An application on Linux that can edit formula.

179 . Word.Net

A Web-browser based Word Processor that allows users to access it from anywhere with a Java-Compatable web browser. It will have all functionality of a full-fledged Word Processor like Microsoft Word, Abi Word, etc.

180 . as-biblioteka

Автоматизированная система для учета выданных книг в библиотеке. В программе заполняется база книг и список читателей. В несколько кликов мышкой можно выдать книгу и вернуть. Полностью на русском языке. По умолчанию пароль администратор 1111. Официальный сайт: https://xn--90abhbolvbbfgb9aje4m.xn--p1ai/%D0%BE%D1%84%D0%B8%D1%81/%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%BE%D1%87%D0%B5%D0%B5/%D0%B0%D0%B2%D1%82%D0%BE%D0%BC%D0%B0%D1%82%D0%B8%D0%B7%D0%B8%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BD%D0%B0%D1%8F-%D1%81%D0%B8%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BC%D0%B0-%D0%B1%D0%B8%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%BE%D1%82%D0%B5%D0%BA%D0%B0-%D1%83%D1%87%D0%B5%D1%82-%D0%BA%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B3.html Twitter:

182 . kadry

Straight program for the service of the personnel department, helpful in the personnel management of the company, for determining the amount of the pay, for allotting to do tasks.

183 . phpProjectManager

This project will represent a software created specially for a big company that wants to organize or manage projects. In other words, it's a project manager written in php/mysql. Look on the homepage link to see the last version of the project working.

184 . trim suite

trim suite: Clean and light software that minimizes screen clutter and emphasizes usability and simplicity -- please see the Web Site

186 . ProjectLibre - Project Management

ProjectLibre is the #1 alternative to Microsoft Project. This is Project Management desktop software, we are releasing a cloud version in the future. Downloaded over 5,100,000 times in 200 countries on all 7 continents & translated in 29 languages. InfoWorld "Best of Open Source" award. Quick Start video We have a community with over 200,000 project management members ProjectLibre is compatible with Microsoft Project files. You can simply open them on Linux, Mac OS or Windows. Our new release has drop down to select your language, project cost currency and date formats. Here is a video The ProjectLibre team has been the key innovators in the PM industry and releasing a future Cloud solution. Looking for developers and documentation help.

187 . PDFTK Builder Enhanced

Free and open source GUI application for manipulating PDF files using the Windows version of PDF Toolkit (PDFtk) - split, merge, stamp, number pages, rotate, metadata, bookmarks, attachments, etc. This project is a fork of PDFTK Builder by Angus Johnson that enhances the user interface, adds functions, and enables use of later versions of PDFtk. OS: Windows. Author: David King. License: GPLv3.

188 . TurboPower OfficePartner

OfficePartner is the easy way to integrate your projects with Microsoft Office, the worlds leading business productivity software. With OfficePartner you can access COM services in Microsoft Office with easy to use VCL components.

189 . OOoLilyPond

OOoLilyPond (OLy) is an Extension for and LibreOffice. With OLy, you can include musical notation within text and presentation documents. The music expressions are entered as text codes and translated to images (png or eps) using LilyPond. The development has moved to GitHub ( You will not find new releases here anymore.

190 . Simple Inventory Manager

This isn't a huge app but if you have anything you would like to see implemented please let me know! Obviously most people would prefer using Excel but this was made for people who don't know how to use Excel or just don't want to. In the next coming update I've migrated to SQLite for the database. This will be coming within the next week or so! ____________________ Change log November 28th: - Added layout manager so application now scales. - Fixed dialog boxes not showing correctly. - Dialog boxes now appear in the center of the app. - Filtering should be quicker and less glitchy. - Filtering is now automatic as you type. Todo: - Migrate Remove button to right click popup on table/cell. - Create an edit function and add to the right click popup.

192 . METHIS /data.mill for Excel®

METHIS /data.mill for Excel is a convenient way to cleanse, correct and enrich personal data of your customers and prospects directly in your Microsoft Excel. Simply mark all data you want to process, right click on them and choose your preferred function. The data will be processed in the blink of an eye and the result is written next to the origin data. Key Features: - check and enrich postal addresses (worldwide) - recognize the gender based on the first name - check the spelling and mail server of email addresses - check and unify phone numbers - resolve information of companies within the European Union - check your records for duplicate entries - split first name and last name - capitalization of names - and more easy-to-use functions ======================================== All functions included in the Excel Add-In are available as API to enable the implementation in custom solutions:

193 . OpenCards

OpenCards is a flashcard learning extension for OpenOffice Impress. The basic idea of OpenCards is to use slide-titles as flashcard fronts and the slide contents as their backs.

194 . Anagrafica parrocchiale EGW

"Anagrafica parrocchiale EGW" is a component for eGroupWare. You can to store all your parish archive of people, to print certificate, to see status of sacrament of a person, to link a people whit calendar, addressbook, infolog, etc...

195 . BusinessWiki

BusinessWiki is a Enterprise level Wiki available on GPL Licence. BusinessWiki bases on MediaWiki Core

198 . Excel Stats Ribbon

This project adds a ribbon to excel with a number of statistical buttons. This is not intended to be a full statistical analysis package (like R), but only a source for quick visualizations and calculations. For Excel2007 and up

199 . Framing Workshop (russian version)

This program is written for the baguette shop, to help calculating the price of manufactured products, ordering and maintaining the client base. Now it works only localized Russian version. Программа написана для использования багетными мастерскими, салонами и их посредниками. Поддерживается пока только русский язык.

200 . GruaTSoft

GruaTSoft es una aplicación web. Esta primera versión es para una empresa que alquila gruas.

201 . Information Manager

Information manager is a personal information manager (PIM) that helps you organize and plan your business and personal life. It\'s a planner, notepad and address book. It needs Internet explorer 5+. I NEED DEVELOPERS...

203 . LyX - The Document Processor

LyX is a document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents (WYSIWYM) and not simply their appearance (WYSIWYG).

204 . Mitarbeiter Zeiterfassung Vorlage

Diese System verwaltet die Ein-/Ausgänge von 7 Mitarbeitern durch 1 Jahr für jedes Jahr. Es speichert Fehlzeiten, Überstunden, Krankentage, Urlaubsgeld, Weihnachtsgeld (und noch besondere), und berechnet PERSONALKOSTEN (Brutto/Netto) für verschiedene Zeiträume (Stunde / Tag / Woche / Monat / Jahr). Für mehr als sieben Mitarbeiter können Sie eine zweite Kopie der Datei nutzen. Vollständige Erklärung finden Sie auf der Datei.

205 . NetSuite / Outlook Subcribe New Contact

When creating a new contact from Outlook to NetSuite, a user event script executes and subscribes the New Contact to all communications. An administrator can then unsubscribe or subscribe the new contact to the appropriate subscriptions.


OpenArchitect Unites discrete Open Source projects into a functional Project Management/EDM 'package' for the construction industry. Including Electronic Document Management, Task management, Work-flows, and connectivity for critical applications.

207 . Open Source PDF Creator with VC++

A simple Windows PDF Creator/Printer with Microsoft VC++ & MFC. 1. Build with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. 2. Create PDFs from any program that is able to print 3. Send generated files via eMail 4. Encrypt PDFs and protect them from being opened, printed etc 5. AutoSave files to folders and filenames based on Tags like Username, Computername, Date, Time etc. To download the source code, please visit:

209 . PPT-Pixy (Powerpoint add-in)

The PPT-Pixy is an add-in for MS Powerpoint that aims at alleviating some of its shortcomings. Cumbersome tasks that usually have to be dealt with manually are automatized.

211 . Rivet Software Dragon Tag XBRL Enabler

Dragon Tag is a Microsoft Word and Excel add-in used to create Interactive Data (XBRL) filings from financial statement documents. It has been used by over half of the SEC Interactive Data Filing program participants. See

212 . SimplePad

SimplePad Yaklaşık 19 Adet Dosya Türünü Okuyabilme Ve Düzenleyebilmektedir Ayrıca Word Dökümanlarını Office Word Kurulu olmasa Bile Gösterebilmektedir. Tüm Özellikler Ve Diğer Bilgiler İçin Web sitesini ziyaret Edin:

214 . The Open Auction

The open source solution to help you manage your Auction. The Open Auction is an excel spreadsheet, specifically designed to help you plan and execute your auction. Learn more at the official website

215 . Visual Manager

Visual Manager(VM) is a WYSIWYG productivity tool, focusing on reducing the amount of "dirty work" involved in everyday business management. Future plans include creating a B2B marketplace for VM-based business plans - a new way to market your talents & e

216 . WordXML

WordXML is a extension for Microsoft Word in order to convert content easily into the XML format. Content can, without any special technical knowledge, be structured and saved as XML with a document template. WordXML is written in Python.

217 . audical

An software to manage a medical clinic, with many capabilities including management of patient record, staff rosters and appointments in a multi location/multi room environment

218 . freeword

An open source dictionary, for words and phrases. Add your own languages and start creating your own dictionary.

219 . karitata

Open Source Call Center Management System for Charity Entities.

220 . phpProjectSite

phpProjectSite is tool for project managers to help analyse information they get; create, organize and publish documentation.

221 . u_bookmark

use tomcat and mysql build a web-base app for record bookmark url and contacts info and record some note.

222 . JSignPdf

JSignPdf is an open source Java application which adds digital signatures to PDF documents. It also contains Add-On for

223 . Sentrifugo Open source HRMS

ADOPT. ADAPT. ADVANCE. FOR FREE! Sentrifugo is a FREE and powerful Human Resource Management System that can be easily configured to meet your organizational needs... Sentrifugo makes your organization’s HR process easier. It is packed with HR essential modules like Appraisal, Time Management, Leave Management, Employee Management, Analytics, Hiring/Recruitment, Background Check, Service Desk and much more. Sentrifugo furnishes a complete HRM solution facilitating a strategic and comprehensive approach to manage people and the workplace, thus enabling the employee(s) to contribute effectively and productively towards the organization’s goals. Sentrifugo is the only solution you'll need for managing HR processes. It offers a host of adaptable features to meet the needs of both managers and employees.

224 . PDF2Text Pilot

PDF2Text Pilot is open-source freeware text from PDF extractor with batch processing feature. Developers can use the code of the program as an example of solving text from PDF extracting task.

225 . Co-Create Office

CoCreate Office is a new branch of OpenOffice which aims at providing enterprise-class office suite.

226 . TBIS

Scope : Combination of CRM+ERP+Score Card/KPI Database : MySQL + Oracle Language : PHP Platform : Linux/Unix/Windows mail me at shukrijasin[at] if you want to access the demo account for TBIS NEW new purchasing system :- PURCHA demo link :- login :- oop/123 hamsani/123 (admin)

227 . Network Manager (NM)

NM (Network Manager) is a utility program designed to simplify the admin work on NT based systems. It provides strong tools for performing the usual tasks and introduces a new automation mechanism for performing serious tasks which require long times ...

228 . Nevrokode ToraOffice

This an office suite for end-users and developers.It is made in VB.NET 2005 and intends to be the best working companion for every user.It has an amazing GUI and an XML-based database. In the future it will have Live versions.Project owner:Nevrokode.

229 . .NET Access by Nevrokode

A database manager based on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 It uses xml files for data storage with .nvrd extension. It supports multiple tables, queries, forms, reports. It uses a pretty familiar and productive interface.

230 . Analysis

The goal of project is delivering useful and simple tools to creating charts. Functionality is provided by modules/plugins (OSGi technology). It allows you to create your plugins or customize Analysis application (by changing installed plugins in application). The Application, thanks to JAVA technology, is portable on the most operating system. In Files page you can find the application and also patches to its.

231 . C.A.T. (Customer Administration Tool)

C.A.T. ist eine Verwaltungssoftware für kleine Kfz-Betriebe. Mit C.A.T. werden Kunden und Kundenfahrzeuge verwaltet, C.A.T. unterstützt die vollständige Rechnungslegung, inkl. Erstellung von Kostenvoranschlägen, Aufträgen und Kundenkorrespondenz

232 . Core Office

A project attempting to design an application that provides the cornerstone functionality of an office suite, with a template and context-driven design philosophy for documents.

233 . Doc2Html Firewall

The Doc2Html command line operating program strippes the Word produced html files (by opening the documet, saving as html) leaving pure text + minimum html code. It also has a mode to convert data berween different charsets: DOS, Windows-1250 and ISO-8859

235 . FreeWERM

FreeWERM is a web-based application that can manage the HR side of any business. It stores attendance, payroll, personnel, and departmental data. It can also create Excel reports and PDF documents based on the information in its database.

236 . Gtk Applications Suit

GtkApp.Suit is an office software including a text editor (GtkEdit), an image viewer (GtkView) and a chat program (GtkChat).

237 . Inline Word Comments

This is a quick and dirty python script for taking text document with comments as exported by Word and in-lining the text of the comments at the comment marker in the document. The process is: * using Word, “save as” the document to a .txt file (choose ‘unicode – utf8′ but default should also work) * python -i infile.txt -o outfile.txt * open up outfile.txt with your favourite editor Be warned – the quid pro quo for doing this is you lose a lot of your formatting :( Try using Word’s compare to see the markup between the original.doc and outfile.txt to show the comments.

238 . Kalpa

Full featured multiuser Client-Server accounting,management, CRM, ERP, MRP system.

240 . MobileXpdf

Free open source PDF reader for smart phones using Windows Mobile 2003/2003SE, WM5 and WM6) This is a free PDF reader for smart phones using all the common Windows Mobile operating systems... Cab installer is also available for download for free.

242 . OPEN-XCHANGE Documentation Project

OPEN-XCHANGE ( is a excellent Groupware suite but can be quite difficult to install. There are a few installation documents but this project aims to provide a universal install for OPEN-XCHANGE 0.8. It will include instructions for To

243 . Open Source Practice Management Project

Browser-based Medical Practice Management System, written in PHP and Javascript, served by a mySQL DBMS. XHTML/CSS2 GUI for platform independence. Not restricted to any one medical specialty. Built to maintain HIPAA security standards.

245 . PUNO

PUNO is a PHP module (PHP5 and Linux/Unix only) written in C++ that brings the UNO Programming API to the PHP userspace. You can use it to write scripts that create, modify, read and save documents.

246 . ProTag

ProTag integrates biological web services and online databases seamlessly into the Microsoft Office applications Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It is extensible and offers smart tagging of biological objects (e.g. protein names) within Office documents.

248 . Sironta

Sironta is a tool for collaborative work that joins in a single environment different applications that help a group of collaborators to communicate.

250 . The Witima ERP project

The Witima Project is made for controlling a small buisiness. In the first step it supports the buisiness processes for direct sales, purchasing and Inventory. All transactions made in the system are booked in the general ledger. The intention is to de

251 . WavOffice Basic

WavOffice Basic is a new Office suite aimed at the home user for basic word processing tasks.

252 . WorkCity - Fatturazione elettronica

E' un'applicazione web 2.0 (Adobe Flex + J2EE) che consente ai liberi professionisti e piccole aziende di creare, archiviare, stampare le proprie fatture e condividerle con il proprio commercialista. Autore:

254 . g-pysnc

A module-based PyQt-User Interface to extract and download Infos of your Friends at different Sites (Xing, Facebook, StudiVZ / MeinVZ) using a pseudo-language and to serialize them into vCards/XML for Outlook or Kontact. This is a G-Services-Project.

255 . libmathml

libmathml is a library that allows MathML documents to be rendered and edited in any GUI and with any XML parser.

256 . phpVV

This is a php/mysql based software to run and manage a club. It allows the user to manage data of members and non-members. Create courses, write bills. Memberlists and courselists can be created and saved as pdf files.

257 . ultimate OCRer

This software which i want to challange is intended to capture the backscreen data that is continuosly changing into a .net application such that it can be used further to analyse the data that is changing....

258 . winPenPack

winPenPack is a project that aims at collecting the most frequently used and most popular open source applications made portable, so that they can be executed without installation from any USB Flash Drive or Hard Disk. The winPenPack suites offer a wide range of portable applications like office tools, internet tools, multimedia tools, development tools, security applications and other frequently used utilities. Everything you need, completely free, open source and portable!

259 . MDB Tools

A set of libraries and utilities for reading Microsoft Access database (MDB) files. THIS PROJECT HAS MOVED TO GITHUB:

260 . Date Picker Calendar OpenOffice Calc

Date Picker Calendar (Latest version 2.60) Set a date in selected cell/cells. Creates a calendar push button in the selected cell and places the date in the cell next to the button. All functions are also in the menu: Tools - Add-Ons. It is possible to change certain settings via the 'Settings' button on the help screen. Calendar Help is located in the help menu of OpenOffice. Toolbar buttons: - Date: the date from the calendar will be inserted in the selected cell/cells. - Date <-Button: a calendar button is created in the selected cell, the date is inserted in the cell to the left of the button. - Button-> Date: a calendar button is created in the selected cell, the date is inserted in the cell to the right of the button.

261 . SplendidCRM Community Edition

SplendidCRM was specifically designed for users of all versions of Microsoft Windows. The CRM has all the core features expected in a modern CRM including sales automation, email campaigns, product support and calendaring. SplendidCRM was inspired by SugarCRM and tends to follow their database schema to make it easy to migrate between the platforms. We provide 32-bit and 64-bit installers and the app runs on XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2012. For developers, we provide all the C# ASP.NET source code as well as the SQL source code.

262 . ods-php

PHP Class that provides a easy interface for read and write files in ods format (Open Document Sheet)

263 . PDFMultiTool

Merge, replace, extract, delete pages within PDF documents, while keeping the bookmarks (outline items in outline tree) or even edit them in the resulting document.

264 . Newpad

Newpad is simple text editor based on the MS Windows Edit control. It was created to study programming technique with Edit control. It is perfectly for beginners and useful for gurus! Test it and send me your opinion!

265 . 2text 2008

Een nederlandstalige multidocument richtextbewerker A Dutch multidocument richtexteditior

266 . Antiseptic Document

Antiseptic Document is a Web 2.0 project. This script allows the users to have an anline document archiving system.

267 . CAddress

Caddress will be an Open Source Cross-Platform Calendar and Address Book with native sync support. It is configurable through predefined profiles, and supports add-ons.

269 . Doc4All2OOo

Tool to add Doc4All annotations (field codes) to Writer documents

271 . Freeware Directory Script

Open source freeware directory script with configurable categories and allowing webmaster and user ratings. Included in the project is sample data for data recovery freeware. The sample data has 400+ rows. My programmer tells me the script was programmed from scratch.

272 . Guarani

Guarani is a set of Spell Checking and Grammatical dictionaries for the Guarani Language (International Language Code: GN), for use with Office Suites like OpenOffice

273 . InsideRecruit

InsideRecruit is a fully customisable and innovative front & back office management system for all areas of the Recruitment and HR industry, for use throughout the entire recruitment process.

274 . Keen CRM/ERP

complete ERP/CRM for a small company. Contact / customer history / register of documents / rought estimate / work sheet / time report. All integrated all in PHP and MySql. Different Login access (admin, user...)

275 . MERA

MERA is a Mailfilter developed for Outlook2k written in VBA. MERA replaces the Outlook-Rules-Wizard because it provides must more rules and actions.

276 . Mobiledic

Mobiledic - English mongolian simple dictionary application for mobile phone. It works on phones that supports J2ME. about 25000 word or phrases. The source code also available to download.

277 . NewsWare

NewsWare is PHP/SQL-based groupware designed specifically for coordinating the production of a news publication (digital or analog).


OpenDisk SOHO edition,Is a collection of open source software for the Microsoft Windows operating system. You will find all the tools a Home Office / Small office will need to run their businesses.

280 . Writer pre-export filter

This add-on component to 2.0's Writer program will convert the open document to be compatible with Microsoft's .DOC format. Documents saved to .DOC after using this component work as well or better than documents exported directly to .DOC.

281 . Paikan free Dictionary (PDIC)

PDIC is an open source English to Persian word translator developed as a KDE desktop application. It include more than 5000 useful vocabulary which can be upgraded by any flat database vocabulary file.

282 . Professionals Vitae Suite

Originally designed to provide a simple CurVitae system, this suite is best described as an online Toolkit For Professionals with needs of applications like CurVitae, CurCharts. Providing at the same time, Web-base System Administration(CurAdmin)...

283 . SCFJ

SCFJ is Shoping Cart For Japanese. Written in PHP. This my brance of my project.

285 . System zbierania CV pracowników

System zbierania CV pracowników jest aplikacją ułatwiająca proces zbierania oraz weryfikacji podań o pracę. System ten jest oparty o PHP u MySQL.

286 . TheOpenCD

This project is inspired by an article at Newsforge. It aims to create an easy to install and easy to use series of CDs aimed at Microsoft Windows users. These CDs are collections of Open Source software.

287 . We-Skey

We-Skey is intended to be an ERP written in php, easy to translate and to customize. It\'s based on mysql engine, but it\'s easy to convert with other db_server.

288 . Working Suite Deluxe

It is a free and compact office suite. It is cross-platform so as to make portabilityh. It will be programmed in JAVA to achieve this.

289 . book-worm

A little tool to manage your own book-reading plan and book-reading notes

290 . gedit Connected Terminal Plugin

A plug-in for the gedit software bundled in the Gnome desktop. It creates a terminal titled "gedit Connected Terminal" at start-up. The plug-in associates copying to that terminal in gedit with the F5 key. This works well with the R interpreter.

291 . lineDOC

Collaborative real-time online wordprocessor. Browser and SO free.

292 . phpWebMLM

phpWebMLM is a modular Multi-Level (MLM)/Direct Sales/Network Marketing engine designed to handle core MLM business functionality, while allowing for modular, 3rd-party components or additions.

293 . unit converter java

en: Unit converter for mobile phones. Has many converted units. ru: Конвертер величин для мобильных телефонов. Имеет много конвертируемых величин. ua: Конвертор величин для мобільних телефонів. Має багато конвертовуваних величин.

295 . Savvy Repair for Microsoft Office

DOCX, XLSX and PPTX files are collections of conventionally zipped mostly XML sub-files. This program first attempts repair any zip based corruption. From there it engages in four different algorithmic attempts at repair or recovery. With the first method using validation, the location of the first XML error is sought. At that point the sub-files are truncated and repaired. The second method works the same way except the XML validation is more lax. With the third, the strict XML validation is returned to and corrupt XML sub-files are truncated and repaired as before however, missing XML sub-files are brought in from blank full healthy docx, xlsx or pptx of the respective correct extension. The fourth method uses SilverCoder's DocToText to salvage text or data after which the file is opened as an old style MS Office 97 - 2003 format file including the naked recovered text or data. See my other projects here on Sourceforge for other ways to recover corrupt MS and Open Office files.

296 . OSSII OxOffice Community Edition

OxOffice 為晟鑫科技提出的整合性商用導入方案,相關套件是基於 LibreOffice 計劃,修正相容性及軟體問題後重新提供給商用客戶之版本,軟體重點特色為修正在中文環境中常見的軟體及中文問題,其他如文件格式、外觀等皆與官方版本相容,並符合 ODF 標準。 為推動華文地區 ODF 相關中文環境應用,晟鑫科技也在 2015 年 8 月推出 OxOffice Community Edition 計劃,將 LibreOffice 中文環境中所遭遇之問題、設定及調整,以及符合中文環境使用者之習慣之相關修正,以原有開放原始碼的形式釋出,並協助將其統一回報至 LibreOffice 官方,並透過 OxOffice 加速推廣至使用者端,藉此加速推展 ODF 文件標準、應用及本地端社群開發力量。

297 . XLW - A C++ wrapper for the Excel C API

XLW is a C++ wrapper for the Excel C API described in the Microsoft Excel 97 Developer's Kit. It makes xll programming automatic. Its powerful interface will empower your C, C# or C++ numerics by embedding them in Excel just like the built-in functions.

298 . BSPG, an opensource Balanced Scorecard

BSPG is a complete Balanced Scorecard environment comparable to many similar commercial softwares for measurement-based management, running on PostgreSQL. Manages a company strategy, through objectives, measures and targets...many reports and graphics, d

299 . Polskie lokalizacje PortableApps

Polskie lokalizacje najpopularniejszych programów dla platformy i innych. Polish localizations for Platform and more...

300 . Open Office Extras Extras is a place to accumulate third party templates, macros, document, and a clip art image library. The goal is to create a downloadable add-on package to greatly enhance's functionalities. It is under the GPL and will b

301 . 3PT

3PT (short for Python based PowerPoint) is a project in which a basic, native Python based PowerPoint in- and export has been implemented. The created PPT files are compatible with PPT 97-2003.

304 . Council Support System

This system includes two parts: 1.Calendar: It can show the monthly calendar automatically. Just click the date you want to start the record of the daily activities. This part helps senior officers to arrange th

305 . Docman

Scanning your documents and storing them electronically is a great way to clean up and keep organized. DocMan is a simple program that renames the scanned document and saves it in the directory of your choice with only a few clicks.

306 . ExcelReport

A dll wrapping MS Excel automation in user friendly classes and methods. No MFC used. Desgined especially to create reportings. Comes with Java classes using the dll through JNI.

307 . Funambol Yahoo Plug-in and Connector

The Yahoo PIM Plug-in and connector for Funambol enables the Funambol synchronization platform to synchronize contact list and calendar information with contact lists and calendar stored on the Yahoo service.

308 . HDataLoader

Load data to any target storage (may be database) easily with less code but more functionality. support various file formats such as *.xls, *.ods, *.csv, *.txt, *.mdb and ... you can create your own and plug it to loader easily at runtime.

309 . Insurance Management System

RxInsurance - Insurance Management System aims to create robust solution for Insurance industry. Focus area is small companies who deal with policy registration, claims, renewals, online registration, agents.

310 . KiCAD BOM Excel Add-Ins

KiCAD BOM Excel Add-In used to consolidate BOM (Bill of Materials) generated by KiCAD. This page is no longer up-to-date. You can find the latest version If you are looking for this Add-in bundled with KiCad in a Portable package please see Known Issues: Microsoft Office 2010 on a computer running Windows 7 will report an invalid signature. Since version 2.1 the application is digitally signed using SHA2. Microsoft released a hotfix intended to correct this problem. See

311 . MKS Interface Projects

INTERFACES FOR USE WITH MKS CORE SYSTEMS * MKS Project and Knowledge Management System * Collaborative Messaging and integrated Workflow engine * On-line voting, scoring and reviews * Template based Project Creation * Tree-based Knowledge Mapping

312 . Mocha

Mocha is a collection of tools and documentation to accelerate the development and deployment of OpenOffice components written in Java.

313 . NexusDoc

Для того чтобы исключить фактор невнимательности человека и была разработана данная программа для автоматизации процесса заполнения пакетов документов. Полностью на русском языке. Официальный сайт: https://xn--90abhbolvbbfgb9aje4m.xn--p1ai/%D0%BE%D1%84%D0%B8%D1%81/%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%BE%D1%87%D0%B5%D0%B5/nexusdoc-%D0%BE%D1%84%D0%BE%D1%80%D0%BC%D0%BB%D0%B5%D0%BD%D0%B8%D0%B5-%D1%81%D0%BE%D0%BF%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%BE%D0%B6%D0%B4%D0%B0%D1%8E%D1%89%D0%B5%D0%B9-%D0%B4%D0%BE%D0%BA%D1%83%D0%BC%D0%B5%D0%BD%D1%82%D0%B0%D1%86%D0%B8%D0%B8.html github twitter facebook

314 . Occam Office

Occam Office brings Occam's Razor to software, applying the "simplest solution is most likely to be correct" principle to applications rather than scientific questions. Initial applications will be Occam Word (ocword) and Occam Cell (occell).

315 . OpenChange Project

OpenChange is a portable Open Source implementation of Microsoft Exchange server and Exchange protocols. It provides a complete solution to interoperate with Microsoft Outlook clients or Microsoft Exchange servers. OpenChange client-side library is used in existing messaging clients and is the solution in new projects to communicate natively with Microsoft Exchange and Exchange-compatible servers. OpenChange server is a transparent Microsoft Exchange server replacement using native Exchange protocols and does not require any plugin installation in Outlook.

317 . ParsTeX

This project is a collection of fixes and extensions to Arabi package in LaTeX.

318 . Project @ssistant

Project @ssistant is a modular business system combining CRM, email ticketing, call management and project management tools into a central system. It is wriiten in PHP and uses postgreSQL for database access.

320 . SistemaCams

O SistemaCams é um software de videovigilância gratuito, que incorpora o sistema de detecção de movimentos da livraria Este software aceita mais do que uma webcam ligada em simultâneo e com uma vasta gama de opções completamente gratuitas.

321 . SzovSzerk EKTF

Szovszerk EKTF project is a development of a word processor program with open source which is going to include all the functions you can require from a word processor program. The language of the program is C#.

322 . Thetis

Thetis is the world strongest Groupware/CMS based on Ruby on Rails. It goes beyond just a groupware to be an information-sharing web platform integrating know-hows and ideas in the organization, with highly sophisticated functional UI by Web2.0/Ajax.

323 . Web Office Suite

A web-based office suite with an emphasis on real-time collaboration and built-in online research tools. It aims to compete with currently available online office suites in terms of features and ease of use. This is a highly ambitious and accelerated pro

324 . Wyatt - Enterprise Resource Planning

Wyatt aims to be a complete ERP package written entireley in Java with J2EE compliance. Our goal is to make Wyatt universally accessible, infinitely scalable and able to run on any operating system with any transaction aware database server.

325 . building and delivering OOo patches

This project is for binaries of the OOoBuild project for various platforms. OOoBuild is used by various groups to integrate patches before submitting them upstream to

326 . ghostword

GhostWord is an interface for the GhostScript package, which enables you to create PDF documents from Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. GhostWord installs itself in Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and you convert the documents by simply clicking

329 . vCard Tool for Outlook

vcard-outlook is a MS Outlook plugin that allows you to import multiple vcard files into an outlook contacts folder in one go.

330 . OpenProj - Project Management

OpenProj is an open-source desktop project management application similar to Microsoft Project. OpenProj has a familiar user interface and even opens existing MS Project files. OpenProj is interoperable with Project, Gantt Charts and PERT charts.

331 . Writer2LaTeX

Writer2LaTeX is a collection of converters from OpenDocument Format (ODF) to LaTeX/BibTeX, XHTML, XHTML+MathML and EPUB. It is delivered as a standalone java library, as a command line application and as export filters for LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice.

332 . muhasebeci

muhasebeci is a free accounting program. it is for all size firms.

333 . miniWork

-> miniColors is replaced by Colora ( <- miniWork is a project which includes a group of small and simple VB.Net WinForms office applications. It consists of the text and rich text editor miniEditor, the simple calculator miniCalc, the color picker miniColors and the image viewing program miniViewer. All applications are independent programs which are put together in this project. The project is kept very simple, so all applications only provide the most basic functions.

334 . Copy Worksheet

Copy Worksheet is a tool for automating the process of conditionally copying rows and columns from one or more source worksheet to a single target worksheet. Copy Worksheet allows the users to define multiple sets of rules that are saved and later executed against a set of source worksheets to a target worksheet. The rules can be as simple as copy column A from source Sheet 1 to column B in target Sheet 2 or complex in having conditional statement for both source sheet and target sheet, e.g. copy column A from source Sheet 1 if column D in source Sheet 1 is greater than 1000 paste to column B target Sheet 2 where column E equals column C in source Sheet 1.

335 . Validazione Fattura Elettronica

Tool per Fattura Elettronica. Versione in fase di sviluppo. Scaricate sempre l'ultima versione. In caso di Bug vi prego di scrivermi. Grazie. Programma portabile. Non necessita di installazione. Prevede 4 visualizzazioni. E' possibile fare la validazione a partire dalle specifiche fornite dall'Agenzia delle Entrate. Aggiunta una line command per effettuare la validazione ed estrarre eventuali allegati. Aggiunto esportazione Documento XML su immagine JPG Portable program. It does not require installation. Allows viewing of "Italian Electronic Invoice" documents. It is also possible to validate the documents starting from the scheme (XSD) provided by the Revenue Agency.

336 . Open Source Etailer

Open Source Etailer Suite - providing you with a new and exciting MVC PHP applications designed for flexibility in giving the online business important modules to make operating that business fun, enjoyable and profitable.

337 . A Java OCR Library

This project was initiated as a need for an open-source java library for building Optical Character Recognition software. There's no image processing library on the internet for Java which serves this purpose.

338 . Aplicativos Portateis

Aplicativos Portateis, são executados apartir de um pendrive sem a necessidade de instalação, podendo ser executado em qualquer computador e facilmente transportado. Tenha consigo todos os aplicativos necessários e seus arquivos pessoais.

339 . CFOfficeSuite

CFOfficeSuite is a web-based officesuite built around the ColdFusion programming language. It will provide an imap email client, contact & calendar management, todo, notes, and an integrated IM chat client (based in java) for the jabber server.

340 . Courier Cargo Delivery

An application to help companies working on courier/cargo/delivery services. With this application you will record addresses in categories of Streets, Neighborhoods, Districts etc. You can group and organize them, then print labels to stick on envelopes.

341 . DocsFree

DocsFree is the first and only open source java-based Docs App Server. DocsFree is offered as an alternative to proprietary Docs solutions MS Office Online and Sharepoint, as well as to proprietary Docs SaaS offerings such as Google Docs.

342 . ExcelReports

A C#/.Net library for creating powerful reports in Excel from an Excel template. The template can modified by the costumer (just basic Excel skills are needed) so each costumer can influence the design of his reports (e.g. bills).

343 . GACdb

GACdb is a database driven management system for the Gunnison Arts Center, but can be used by and organization that has a a need to track Membership, Classes, Prospects, Artists, etc...

345 . Intrigated Office Management System(IOMS

IOMS is simple, innovative, central . Information sharing and powerful search function are the salient features of the IOMS. It has Message , filecbinet ,Calling meeting, File/papers movement, Tour and leave module.

348 . MolliAdress

MolliAdress ist a professional database program, to work with adresses. The adressprogram is written in Delphi, lazarus for linux. You can see many screenshots to the latest MolliAdress Versions. The program is compatible to dBASE III, dBASE IV, Visual d

350 . Ofbiz Framework addons

Addons to Apache Open For Business framework. These have to be integrated as /specialpurpose components. There is a readme in each component to explain how to integrate each component.

351 . OpenCuts

A salon management software solution that allows stylists to have online booking and appointment management, customer management and a back office accounting system to track inventory, expenses and revenue.

352 . OpenOfficeBackup

OpenOfficeBackup is a lightweight tool to promptly and frequently backup your office documents. It silently saves a backup copy to one or more configurable backup destinations, including removable devices like USB sticks or SD cards, each time you save a document.

353 . ParseDoc 1.0

This is a GUI-Application to scan files in format Open-/Libre-Office, MS-Office, PDF, RTF, TXT

354 . Project Mango

Open-source content managment system for development of intranet and team websites. Built using PHP & XML, the database system is MySQL. It is being developed with an open API in mind to allow plug-in development.

355 . SCut2YourFiles

This Project will maintain your computer files easier to Open and Editing and also Downloading. You can keep your files at any place and maintain easly.

356 . Sketch Recognition for construct Diagram

“Sketch Recognition System for Diagram Construction” is the application supporting the new diagram sketching method. Predicting the intention of user while drawing diagram and changing the sketch to a perfect nicely drawn diagram.

357 . TS Client

TS Client is a multi-user desktop application to register data of clients like name, address, contact details, prescriptions and simple invoicing and payment requirements. The program is developed in 100% pure Java. It runs right out of the box.

358 . Toolshop

Goal of this project is the development of a web-based office suite (spreadsheet, calendar, mail, ...) using Java Servlets and JSP.

359 . Web Presentation

This project aims to create a webbased system to create presentations and allow multiple users to collaborate on creating those presentations and in the end displaying it.

361 . bz-htmlcss2rtf

This application was developed in PHP/Java and helps to you to generate RTF File including Images, Tables and Lists. It is useful to generate html files with css and script code in design mode.

363 . macronym4word

Two macros for MS Word. These were written and proven in Word 2013. First one is acronym_gather. This macro operates on whatever document is open and gathers every acronym into a list, then counts each occurrence of the acronym and sorts the list alphabetically. The count functionality can be turned off, and *should* be turned off use to the output with the acronym_highlighter. The second macro is acronym_highlighter. This macro asks for a .txt file which should be the file produced by acronym_gather. It will highlight the FIRST occurrence of each acronym in the list. This will help with ensuring that you have the first occurrence spelled out!

364 . phpopendocument

PHPOpenDocument is a PHP librairy designed to use OpenDocument file as a template for PHP. It's a kind of PHPLib for OpenOffice document.

365 . vCard to Outlook

Had trouble importing a multi-contact vCard into Outlook, well this is the solution, it will conect to outlook and read in the vCard creating the contacts, it will also mark each contact so that that they can be updated.

367 . XL Toolbox

XL Toolbox is a free Excel statistics addin that helps analyzing and presenting data: Smart custom error bars, chart design, chart export to TIFF; formula builder, transpose wizard, analysis of variance (ANOVA); automatic backups, workbook management and more.

368 . IGSuite - Integrated Groupware Suite

IGSuite is a web-based Integrated Groupware Suite oriented to be a CRM solution. In the Suite you can find: IGWebMail, IGCalendar, IGContacts, IGArchive, IGWiki, IGTodo, IGChat, Projects, IGFax an HylaFax client, IGFileManager, IGMsg and many other.

369 . AutomateIT!

AutomateIT! is called to automate the integration of OpenOffice with office software. MS Office objects are being replaced with OpenOffice analogues and after that any application that exports data to Microsoft Office exports them to OpenOffice instead.

370 . Delphi-UNO bridge

This project is a cross-platform Delphi to UNO bridge. It may be FreePascal to UNO bridge in future. UNO (Universal Network Objects) is technology similar to the MS COM and served as a basis of the OpenOffice.

371 . Virtual Access Open Source Project

The Virtual Access Foundation's Virtual Access Open Source (VAOS) is a well-established win32 mail news and collaborative conferencing tool. Modified BSD license. Please go to our homepage for more information and support.

373 . AODL

AODL,a C# .net library for creating / editing documents in the OpenDocument Format ( ODF ). Requires no knowledge about the ODF XML schema itself. AODC, an OpenDocument Converter & Embed OpenOffice as .net Control

375 . CMS/NG

CMS/NG is a intranet Content Management System similar to phpNuke and postNuke but completely redisigned from scratch. Features include: flexible, theme based, modules, SOAP interface, Smarty Templates, ...

376 . Covide CRM OS

Uk Covide CRM OS as can be downloaded here is a very outdated and been closed fork which is not supported anymore. Managed by Terrazur BV Business a new version was developed (NL, UK, ES), which is offered exclusively by Covide CRM ( itself via the Cloud. This new version is actively developed. If at any time a new OS fork will be presented is not clear at this time. (August 2014) NL Covide CRM OS zoals hier te downloaden, is een zeer sterk verouderde en inmiddels afgesloten fork, waarop ook geen support meer wordt gegeven. Onder beheer van Terrazur BV werd een nieuwe versie ontwikkeld (NL, UK en ES) welke uitsluitend via de Cloud wordt aangeboden door Covide CRM ( zelf. Aan deze versie wordt actief doorontwikkeld. Of in de toekomst nog een nieuwe OS fork zal worden gepresenteerd, is op dit moment (augustus 2014) niet duidelijk.

377 . Docwit

Web-based collaborative editing environment using TinyMCE.

378 . Express Gliederung for PowerPoint 2007

Express Gliederung is an add-in to create breakdowns or content directories to a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation on the easiest way. So far, only Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 will be supportet.

379 . GAPS

"Gestionale Associazioni di Pubblico Soccorso" (GAPS) Questo progetto ha l'ambizione di informatizzare un'ipotetica associazione operante nel campo del Soccorso Sanitario. Cosa aspetti? Diventa anche tu un paraprogrammatore GAPS! :)

380 . HPAS

Home personnel accounting system - provides IT solution for employment agency (recruiting domestic staff)

381 . Itadaki

Itadaki is a Japanese language toolset for OpenOffice. It offers features intended for students and translators, including furigana (reading) annotation for Japanese text and an integrated dictionary.

382 . Kopio

Kopio is a PC/Windows scripting language to extract and process data from and to various sources, such as SQL database and Excel, so as to simplify data management programming and enable quick prototyping or application development.

384 . MolliWord

MolliWord is a simple program for text calculating. You can many make with this program. The program is buildet for windows 3.1, 95, nt, 2000, xp, vista. A Linux version is on build.

385 . NumSó Portátil

NumSó Portátil, é uma ferramenta que traz diversas utilidades para vc acessar as mesmas de qualquer disco móvel. NumSó Portátil, it is a tool that brings diverse utilities for vc to have access the same ones of any mobile record.

387 . OpenDictionary

Open Dictionary Electronic dictionary reader The Open Dictionary allows you to search any item or word description - the quickest and easiest way to look up any description while you are working.

388 . OpenOfficeCMS

The aim of this project is to develope an easy to use CMS with on open standards and without a database driven backend structure.

390 . ProtoIn&Out

E' un semplice programma che serve a gestire i protocolli della corrispondenza in ingresso e in uscita. La specificità del progetto è data dal fatto che in uscita supporta una generazione completa della lettera da formati ODT.

391 . SE-OOo

Swedish translations of documentation.

392 . SkrubCRM

SkrubCRM is a world-class open source CRM written entirely in Java. Take Customer Relationship Management to a whole new level. See us on the web at

393 . Tank Calculator Java

This calculator supports quadratic, trignometric, permutation, combination functions with basic arithmetic operations, supporting one operator at a time, supports systems of equations ranging from two or more unkowns to any number of variables, and statistical operations

395 . Web Reporting

Fourfive is a powerful yet extremely easy-to-configure web reporting solution for Oracle and possibly other RDBMS.

396 . XDocs

Java program to allow uploading, removing, renaming and editing Google Documents on the fly.

398 . groowiki

Wiki application based on SVN as storage, Velocity to display pages, Lucene to search and programmable using Groovy.

399 . microfish

Personal Document Management System--Organize, store, annotate, retrieve - photos - records - etc.

400 . plutext

plutext enables people to collaborate on a docx document at the same time (like Google Docs). plutext is delivered as an Alfresco module. Sourceforge hosts our VMware developer's appliance (Ubuntu's Jeos 7.10, Xfce, Eclipse) also inc docxj and docx4all

401 . verdantium

Verdantium is an OpenDoc-like compound-document framework, and an open-source alternative to frameworks underlying OpenOffice, StarOffice, Corel Office, and Microsoft Office. Written in JUndo / Java JFC/Swing/Java-2D See

402 . Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware

"Software made the wiki way" A full-featured, web-based, multilingual (40+ languages), tightly integrated, all-in-one Wiki+CMS+Groupware, Free Source Software (GNU/LGPL), using PHP, MySQL, Zend Framework, jQuery and Smarty. Tiki can be used to create all kinds of Web applications, sites, portals, knowledge base, intranets, and extranets. Tiki is the Open Source Web Application with the most built-in features. Highly configurable and modular, all features are optional and administered via a web-based interface. Major features include a wiki engine, news articles, discussion forums, newsletters, blogs, file galleries, bug and issue trackers (form generator), polls/surveys and quizzes, banner management system, calendar, maps, mobile , RSS feeds, category system, tags, an advanced themeing engine, spreadsheet, drawings, inter-user messaging, menus, advanced permission system for users and groups, search engine, external authentication, etc. Security reports:

403 . docx2txt

Docx2txt is a Perl based command-line utility to convert (even corrupted) Microsoft docx documents to reasonably formatted text files, along with appropriate character conversions. Apart from Perl it also requires a command line unzipping program like unzip/7z/pkzipc/wzunzip.

404 . Outlook Open Converter

Tiny application based on readpst and dbxconv that provides a convenient GUI to convert Outlook and Outlook Express files into open standards. The program converts Outlook Express 5/6 .DBX to .EML and Outlook 2003/2007/2010 .PST to MBOX. The program runs only on Linux machines and doesn't need any Microsoft software!

405 . ChemicalFormulas Add-In for Excel

This Excel Add-In enables working with chemical formulas, like contracting them and calculating their molar masses. Dieses Excel Add-In erlaubt das Arbeiten mit chemischen Formeln, wie das Zusammenfassen zu Summenformeln und Berechnen von molaren Massen.

406 . Docx to Any

Get different varieties of output from a docx! It uses xsl which can be customized by the user to get whatever kind of output is expected. By default there will be a default xsl with which docx to text can be done.

407 . XFlow

XFLOW is a pure Open Source J2EE platform for building, executing and managing workflows/business processes. Using XFLOW you can easily workflow-enable your existing applications and components. XFLOW is designed to be extensible, easy to manage & deploy

408 . Openlogistics

Openlogistics is a web-based E-Logistics solution. Including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) module, Supply Chain Management (SCM) module, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module and Knowledge Management (KM) module.

409 . AODL2

AODL2 is a fork of original AODL library, seeking to improve code test base and performance

410 . Arabic typesetting

This project aims to develop means for advanced Arabic typesetting, including OpenType fonts and a text layout engine.

411 . CRIPESegr

Tools per la gestione dei volontari - Segreteria: fascicolo personale, brevetti, etc - Servizi svolti, riepiloghi from

412 . Crack&Pack

Select a folder and this app would zip every file .Tell it what number of files you can have in the archive and let the app do the job..Simple as 2 click's.And more to come!

414 . Eye Sky

when your eyes goes on sky there is millions of twinkling stars on the sky so our net work is sky you have eyes and our users are twinkling stars

416 . HREmployee

This will be a tool for a human relations department. AIESEC ChangeIT project implementation on Embarcadero Technologies Iasi. Wel will use this page as an aid for the project's workflow.It will contain the database for CVs and employees of the company.

417 . J2EE Adapters

The project aims at developing J2EE Connector Architecture 1.0 Compilant Resource Adapters for integrating various EIS's like XML files, XML DB, LDAP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, Point Of Sale, Properties File, Office Documents

418 . Kuckuck

The goal of Kuckuck is a clean and os-independent java-library for the german electronical tax system "Elster" (

420 . Mother of all Intranets

Commercial class Intranet. Capabable of full project management, help desk support, asset management, database reporting, custom rss streaming, blogging, wiki style functionality, intense remote worker support, embedded chat, everything!

421 . ODF Easy

ODF Easy consist in an alternative layer for the ODFDOM API. The main goal of the project consist in the creation of a basic API to facilitate the creation of ODF (initially only Spreadsheets) documents by Java developers.

422 . Office Diff

Performs a diff between 2 documents and presents a color-coded report. The documents may be in MS Office 2007, older MS Office or Open Office formats. It also supports PDF and html files.

423 . OpenDocument Text Library

Starting from a template document, ODTLib can replace a specified template string and/or add paragraphs, headings, or well formed tables.

426 . Puma-Pad

Puma-Pad is a notepad-like program written in python. Shouldnt your word processor have the power of a puma? Available for windows,linux,mac,bsd,etc. all that is required is that you have python installed. (currently working on making it so you dont need

427 . SG4001

Simple point-of-sale system for automating the University Souvenir Store.

428 . Slashing-Yam Business Management Suite

The Business Management Suite offers the functionality above and beyond that of traditional software, without the cost. Point-of-sale, inventory tracking, employee management, asset analysis, and more are included with ease to learn graphical interface.

429 . Te Papakupu Māori

Te Papakupu Māori project embeds te reo Māori into other dictionary based projects, i.e. spell-checkers. It combines publicly available word-lists, supports regional variations, and adds "hints" to improve spelling suggestions, e.g. Maori -> Māori.

430 . Translator's Tools

Translator's Tools is an extension designed to help translators perform a range of tasks useful in a translation process: online dictionary lookup, email or ftp backup, time management. It is largely based on Writer's Tools.

431 . WebHD Team

Web Hard Disk (WebHD) that lets user to access their files from your website at any time and place , WebHD not only can be upload, download, delete, share, move files bwteen user and folder but also can combine your account system into together of web

432 . XL

Speadsheet editor implementation

434 . handyq

This is a humble aplication made by a non-programmer (me), to have a tool to work online with my clients, in the maintenace of their quality management systems. I made it with peaces of code from here and there... ´till it works. So, excuse the ugliness. Only contain simple events as edit, delete... and some other things that is better you see by yourself. You can go to the homepage of the aplcation listed above. Between those things, the are some bar / line graphs connected to de DB tables (completely dynamic), made with Do whatever you want with this, and improve it. You can sell it; but remember me, in this case. There are still MANY things to do... Every day I have an idea. Hope you also.

435 . mionoffice

OpenOffice fork aimed at cross-platform stability, small footprint and Google Apps integration.

436 . ppalCart

ppalCart is a php mysql commerce shopping cart application. It works with most payment processors and comes with a live-help app.

437 . vermiva

Dieses Projekt soll zum Ziel haben eine Weboberfläche für Vereine bereit zu stellen dieser die Mitglieder verwaltet werden können auch auch Lastschriftverfahren beauftragen kann.

438 . PDFCreator

PDFCreator creates professional PDFs with just a few clicks and it's free. PDFCreator comes with many professional features to merge documents, send emails, and more. PDFCreator easily creates PDFs from any Windows program. Use it like a printer in Word, Excel, or any other Windows application. A PDF takes less storage space, and is easier to send with email. Make PDF creator part of your the software suite you have installed on your computer for easy PDF creation. PDFCreator also comes with a COM programming interface that allows to integrate PDFCreator in other applications and a server mode to share PDFCreator on a network.

439 . PDF Editor (Free Lite)

World's most comprehensive, powerful, process-based and lighting fast PDF editor, reader, and batch processor. Edit PDF with features like Extract Page, Split Page, Rotate Page, Merge Page, Duplicate page, Move Page, Printing, and Compress Page. Make PDF edit easier and faster. Try advanced features like pdf Imposition, Masking Tape/Hide Content, Reverse Pages, Resize Page, Scale Page, Booklet, N-up Pages, Page Repeat, Advanced pdf Compression, Batch Processing, Hot Folder, Advanced Printing, Replace Page, Insert Page, Delete Page, Add Link, Attachment/Add Files into PDF, Replace Text, Hide Pages, Crop Page, Page Box, Add Text, Add Image, Add Bookmarks, Remove Bookmark, Export Bookmark, Create Form, Delete Form, Flatten Form, Extract Text, Extract Images, Export To Word, Export To Excel, Export To PowerPoint, Advanced and Multiple Barcodes, Password Protection, Remove Password, Bates Numbering, Watermark/Background, Sign PDF files (Digital Signature), Repair PDF, PDF to PS, more.

440 . Rivet Software Dragon View XBRL Viewer

Rivet Dragon View XBRL viewer is the solution for viewing XBRL taxonomies and instance documents. Whether you are exploring XBRL for the first time or need more advanced capabilities, Dragon View is the easy to use, robust solution.

441 . Document Management System for Law Firms

Docs4Lawyers is an open source document management solution created specifically for law firms, based on ECM software from Alfresco. Downloadable in vmware format with documentation and community portal.

442 . Liberty Office

Liberty Office is a new open-source office suite for Windows written in Liberty BASIC.

443 . chinook, SVG export from powerpoint

SVG export script for powerpoint. You create a diagram using powerpoint's shapes, text boxes, drawing tools, etc. Then you run export_to_svg (a macro) and bingo you have an SVG fragment that you can view in your favourite browser.

444 . PDF*Merger for Windows

Merge your PDF files for upload to reporting engine or other needs. Command line, win32 Written in Python. Compiled with PyInstaller.

445 . APLAWS

APLAWS is an Open Source Content Management System. The system has been designed to help UK authorities deliver services online as part of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's Local Government Online programme.

446 . Asterisk GUI client Vio

This software suite is designed to extend the functionality of the Asterisk PBX through platform-independant web-client applications. Includes the VICIDIAL inbound/outbound call center application. The suite is scalable across multiple Asterisk servers.

447 . CSPB

Elenco Telefonico Remoto - Linguaggio C Remote PhoneBook - Language C

448 . CryptOOo

Crypto plugin for OpenOffice : it encrypts some parts of the document so that only the people you want can read it.

449 . Driving Instructors Dairys

DID (Driving Instuctors Dairy) is a web based dairy and contact management application based on grate EgroupWare project but has been customised for the drving instuctors

450 . FCOS

This is the web application, provide a website for a company to order food for a restaurant.

451 . GMOutlookNotifier

This is an Add-in for Outlook 2010 which displays Gmail-style desktop notifications when emails are received in the Gmail IMAP Inbox folder.

452 . HardCoder Competition Conductor

HardCoder - A powerful software for conducting online exams/competitions on C/C++/Java/C#. The software can compile, run, test and judge winners of code written in either of C, C++, Java or C# programming languages, all by itself.

453 . JFileSplitter

Using this app you can easily split huge files so that you can easily transfer them in to drives. CHECK OUT AND SUPPORT MY LATEST ANDROID PROJECTS IN HERE:

454 . LOPDFConverter

This project creates a command line java application that uses LibreOffice in a headless mode to convert a document to the pdf file format. The source document had to be in a file format that LibreOffice can open.

455 . MUSC

MUSC is multiplatform scheduling program and personal information manager with modern design. You can easily create and share your calendar and contacts with other people, get news from RSS, search on internet and more. Support for iCalendar and vCard.

456 . Movistar SMS Outlook 2007 AddIn

This is an AddIn for Microsoft Outlook 2007. It allows users to configure appointment to send reminders by SMS for the Spanish Movistar carrier..

457 . ODF-SVN

ODFSVN is a set of tools that allow you to manage ODF documents in a subversion. repository

458 . Office Online

Office Online is a web based system where users can manage typical files for ms office, open office and adobe acrobat online. It lets the user store and create these files on a easy-to-use web interface.

459 . OpenDocumentPHP

OpenDocument is an OASIS standard for storing documents. It is used by OpenOffice, KOffice and many more Office Suites. The target of this project is to give PHP 5 based website developers the opportunity to handle any OpenDocument Format files.

460 . OpenSourceWord

Full-feature word processing program to replace Microsoft Word, improving on OpenOffice.Org Writer. Uses ODF. Supports MS Word advanced features, including multi-level outline numbering. Designed by a professional WP operator for high-end WP users.

461 . PekiLine Dictionary

PekiLine is a personal English vocabulary designed to learning. Words are translated on-line using a Google dictionary include a pronunciation. The application stores all searched words in the local XML file for more learning.

463 . SIM Cost Manager

Simple application to handle SIM card costs. It enables user to setup SIM cards, users and tarifs; import monthly SIM costs specification, generate predefined reports.

464 . SlideBrowser

Enables remote slide view, control and navigation on any (mobile) device providing HTML browsing capabilities. Primary development focus is iPhone and Microsoft Powerpoint / OpenOffice Impress.

465 . Team C Management

This Software is Team C's Management Department Portion of AMS (Agriculture Management System)

466 . TreehouseCRM

TreehouseCRM is a professional solution for a real estate website. Minutes to install, easy to use, feature rich. Open Source Real Estate listing content management, CRM, and back office solution, with IDX integration.

467 . WebInventory Asset Management

Simple Asset management web application. Can keep track of assets regarding users and locations, generates tags with codbar codes, serial number, brand, model and name. This application is powered by PHP and MySql.

468 . XOffice

XOffice is a UI toolkit for developing cross-platform applications with the Microsoft Office style. XOffice provides an implementation of key MS Office UI components, including the new Ribbon component introduced in Office 2007.

470 . htGroupWorks

htGroupWorks offers an interface to use functions like calendar, adressbook, email, central file storing and much more per a normal internet bowser.

472 . proFILE

Powerful, versatile, open-source file / folder utility, not available in Windows & Linux O/s. E.g. Graphical Explorer

474 . Group Office groupware and CRM

Installation instructions can be found here: Group Office is an open source groupware application. It makes your daily office tasks easier. Share projects, calendars, files and e-mail online. It is a complete solution for all your online office needs. From a customer phone call to a project and finally an invoice. The support system helps to keep your customers happy. Group Office is fast, secure and has privacy by design. You can stay in full control of your data by self hosting your cloud and e-mail. Our document editing solution keeps all data on the secured server instead of synchronising it to all user devices. GroupOffice is open source and modular. Which means it’s easy to customise and extend. You can turn off and on features and it enables any developer to create new modules for the platform.

475 . Binary(doc,xls,ppt) to OpenXMLTranslator

The main goal of the Office Binary (doc, xls, ppt) Translator to Open XML Project is to create software tools, plus guidance, showing how a document written using the Binary Formats (doc, xls, ppt) can be translated to Office Open XML.

477 . Java to SpreadsheetML

Xelem is a compact Java-library to read and write Excel files of type SpreadsheetML. It can produce sophisticated, intricate and complex spreadsheets from within any Java program. And, since the release of xelem.2.0, it can read xml-spreadsheets.

478 . Mass File Renamer

This is a software to rename all files within a folder with a specified starting name and file extension. CHECK OUT AND SUPPORT MY LATEST ANDROID PROJECTS IN HERE:

479 . freeplane-collaborative-addon

Freeplane in an application for mind mapping. This addon brings versionning control to freeplane enabling team working on a single mindmap. Currently supports diff/update/commit operations on a map via cvs and git (experimental).

480 . PHP Control of Supply of products in Web

Em Portugues: Controle de estoque de produtos, com cadastro de clientes, fornecedores, vendedores, produtos, compra e venda, alteraзгo nos mesmo, contas а pagar, contas а receber, comissгo, e diversos tipos de relatуrio. Em Inglкs: Control of supply of

481 . AROUNDMe collaboration server

Create collaborative social websites (like Ning, Myspace, Yahoo or Google groups). Each group can create a multiple web pages. They get a drop in guestbook, blog, forum and wiki. Each group is fully customizable using xHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

484 . Cube45's PPT remote

/!\ This application is currently incompatible with Office 2016 : Everything works fine except the slide preview on the smartphone, which is pretty annoying for me. /!\ A mobile application (only for android 2.3+ at the moment) that allows you to control a PowerPoint (2007, 2010 or 2013) slideshow via wifi. You can see the current slide on your mobile phone or tablet and simply swipe to change slides or show comments. ---- Please see the wiki section for installing


Firefly is a multi-user professional help desk system with several additional applications including company and contact management, knowledge database management, and contracts management. Firefly is also an application framework providing services such

487 . GMail Contacts List Reader

.csv file from GMail can't read and edit in any table look office program. This will make you easy to read it. You can do anything with .csv file via this GUI application. Make It Easy!

488 . Harmoni Local Search Engine

Harmoni is Python-based application for searching any files on your PC. It can also search any keywords in some formats of document, such as; .txt, html, docx, xlsx, pptx, and pdf. Harmoni is a fast search Engine, it also supported by some tools; multi deleting, renaming, moving, and so fourth. It is just like google on your computer. It is recommended for anyone who are working with office documents.

489 . JKeyNotes - multi platform notes manager

Another keynotes software but multi platform. Notes are organized in a tree and written with rich styles (bold, italic, url ...). Notes could be stored in a SQL data base or in a XML format. This software could be extend with plugins in order to add new

491 . MacacoEdit

Using the web standards the Macaco office solution allows users to create professional looking documents that are truly multi-platform.

492 . MugShots

MugShots is a directory tool for containing and maintaining contact information about people within an organization. It can create directories in printed form or PDF format, with or without pictures. People can be organized into subgroups as well.

493 . ODF-UOF Converter

ODF-UOF Converter provides a way to convert the docs(text/spreadsheet/presentation) between Open Document Format for Office Application(ODF) and Chinese office file format based on XML(UOF).

495 . OpenEngage

OpenEngage is a complete, integrated talent and performance management system. It provides web-based multi-rater assessments, cascading business goals, personalized development plans, surveys, reviews. Environments available for VMware and Amazon EC2.

496 . Optimization Solver for

The Optimization Solver is designed to compute an optimized set of decision variables that either maximize or minimize a given objective function while also satisfying a set of arbitrary constraints.

498 . QOffice2003

QT4 Wrapper class for Microsoft Office 2003. Requires Office 2003 and a QT4 commercial license with ActiveQT.

499 . SWordy

SWordy is an Office add-in which allows data import from Stata into a Microsoft Word document. SWordy can also create automatic documents, namely Word documents which can automatically update their data by retrieving it from Stata.

500 . SlideMate

SlideMate is a On-Screen Annotation Tool to mark Screen in anytime, anywhere, and any application. it can Open/Close by One-Touch only.

501 . Team Elements

Team Elements is an Enterprise 2.0 team collaboration suite. It ties discussions, wikis, RSS, project and document management, and federated search into a unified application. It is database-driven with rigorous role-based access and permissions.

502 . Trinity

Trinity is an XML-based information engine that liberates data, view and function from each other - making each more flexible and powerful. It uses WebDAV to access XML data, and comes with both a GUI environment and an Apache based web interface.

503 . WebPortal-Intranet System

Web Portal System ,is an highly configurable code, created for users with basic skills in php who're looking for a solution where they can easy include their own code.Intranet module also in Borland C++, Delphi/Kylix, with ERP & CRM.

504 . XSteam, Water and Steam properties

MS Excel, OOo Calc, Matlab steam and water properties based on IAPWS IF-97 Standard. Provide accurate steam and water properties such as enthalpy from 0-100 bar and 0-2000°C. The perfect tool both for replacing paper tables and for advanced calculations

506 . iAirWork

iAirWork is more than a normal text editor.All is written in Visual Basic and iAirWork has an fantastic User Interface with more than 120 features ! Only in german yet !

507 . mozOffice

Cross-platform office suite based upon the Mozilla framework. Using the power of XPFE, XUL, and XPCOM, mozOffice runs anywhere that Mozilla runs.

508 . pyBuero

Python based office software including ERP and CRM aspects. Developed to be run as a distributed server and a web-client.

509 . webXell Editor

Web-based spreadsheet-like application written in PHP and uses dynamic and interactive user's interface written in JavaScript with jQuery library. Data based on XML.

512 . pyexcel

A collection of python modules to produce MS Excel files. This is a fork from the pyexcelerator project. My contribution is mainly adding extra helper utilities and documentation, fixing bug issues and adding extra functionality.

514 . OOoPy

OOoPy is a library in Python for inspecting, creating or modifying documents. It uses the existing ElementTree XML library by Fredrik Lundh for manipulation of the OOo XML.

515 . BestOffice

The BestOffice Suite. The goal of the project is to develop personal Office Suite and productivity package solutions for general use. It is yet another free alternactive to actual proprietary Office suites. The BestOffice is now being developed by a team

516 . PHP to Excel

This project allows PHP programmers to export data into Excel workbook. You can create multiple sheets, use fonts, colors and borders. Exported data is in XML format, recognized by Microsoft Office Excel

517 . ASP.NET PDF Viewer by GroupDocs

This sample project is created by the GroupDocs showcase team to demonstrate key benefits of an ASP.NET PDF viewer built using the commercial library – GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET. The viewer allows you to display PDF documents across all standard web-browsers (IE8+, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari 5+, Opera, etc.) without having to install any software or plugins on end-user machines. Another core feature – is the ability to display PDFs in a read-only mode, so that end users can’t download, print or copy original PDF files while viewing them in a browser. Please note that GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET is a paid library. In order to setup and run this project, you will need to download the GroupDocs.Viewer for .NET library from the GroupDocs website. For more details on the sample ASP.NET PDF viewer and to download the library, please read this article: >

518 . Aurox Linux

Aurox is the most popular European distribution based on Fedora. It's a fast and stable operating system that focuses on better hardware support. The graphical configuration tools and installer help new users to get started with linux distributions.

519 . Caplan Capacity Planning

This tool will try to be a capacity planning tool. A demo of the SVN version is available at It make plots from KPI ( CPU , Memory, Volume ) collected by an agent. Warning and critical levels are toogled by night collecte, load, analyse treatment This tool is designed to check your infrastructure capacity and challenge it against your capacity planning. The project contain a Server - Front-end web based - Back-end with a night job for data collect and load. A client - An agent that run on the monitored unix servers or computers to collect data - An agent distributor

520 . Cubox

Cubox is a PIM suite,its initial version is concentrate on diary(or notes) by now.It is planed to become an Universal Platform for personal Information(UPI),and because of based on Eclipse RCP,many plugin will be easy to added on.

521 . ECC

Enterprise Control Center - this is set of portlets for managers (Such as OrganizationalStructure, BSC Dashboard, Mail, Documents etc.)

522 . FIS

FIS (Furnesse Integrated Software), will be made as PT.Furnesse standard. It is planned to release as Opensource software and lincense under GPL. Hopefully by release as opensource, everyone can involved to develop it and improve it.

523 . GNOME Clipboard Manager

GNOME Clipboard Manager is an environment made for managing your clipboards. It will automatically fetch new clipboards, and will push all the formats of that clipboard to a shelf

525 . JLabeler

A lightweight framework for printing labels in pure Java. The goal is to provide functionality that is similar to office suites and closed-source programs, with a pluggable architecture that can be embedded in other programs.

526 . LaTeX Edit Kit

LaTeX EditKit is a text-editing tool that can convert the edited text to LaTeX

527 . Magi OutlookConnector

Export Microsoft Outlook data using the Outlook COM Object Library and Microsoft .NET XML DataSets in C#.

528 . MultiMedia Office

Plata Software's MultiMedia Office (tm) combines, GIMP, VirtualDub, Audacity and Mozilla. Create/Edit: Documents, XML, HTML, Charts, Photos, Videos, Music, Spreadsheets, Databases, Sounds, Presentations. Full support is available.

529 . ODT Accessibility Checker

Project submitted for the IBM Accessibility Phase 2 Contest at This program will open an open office .odt file and check different accessibility options to see if the program is fully usable by all users.

530 . Office Web Document Cleanup Tool

Using a series of Regular Expressions this application scans web documents generated by Microsoft (TM) Office Products, and converts them to proper syntax. This is done by checking cross checking legitimate HTML tags againts those in the generated doc...

531 . OpenEnterprise

OpenEnterprise is a J2EE 5 compliant CRM/ERP/GroupWare/Project Management/ SFA software built for the Small and medium size business. The software can be installed separately or as a package and compaitble with exisiting directory services

532 . Opyo

A set of office programs written in Python, initially supporting just OpenDocument, with abstraction of storage methods (allowing seamless remote storage & retrieval), with a new approach to the user interface and document functions.

533 . PiA Soft HR

This is Open Source Project for Human Resource Office Will provide access via Web browsers as PC desktop client as well.

534 . QtopiaPIMS

Personal Information Management (PIM) suite designed for devices running the Qtopia desktop environment (Calendar, Notes, Todo, Contacts). Works great on the Sharp Zaurus!

535 . SaaSpose.NET

This is a .NET wrapper for the free public REST API for document automation, provided by The .NET SDK makes it easier for developers to use the API by providing a .NET assembly on top of the HTTP-based interface

537 . Technical Services System

Web based application designed for small to medium sized businesses developed in Zope/Python with a MySQL backend. Included modules: Contact Management, Quoting, PO/Invoice, Service Requests, Item and Asset Inventory.

538 . UGrammar

UGrammar aims to be a Grammar Checking library fit for commercial use in a word processing environment.

539 . WebPresentation

Online Presentation Software. Show presentations online without the need of any specialist software, simply use your website. Create presentations instantly with our XML creator.

541 . chung_edit

chung edit is a small text editor with recall of the name and type of the latest opened file , written in Liberty Basic v4.03.

542 . iBadge

iBadge is a badgemaking suite for OS X. It consists of a badge designer, and a badge producer. It connects to Adress, mySQL, FileMaker, Bentoo or a comma separated list.

543 . mpftools

mpftools is a collection of tools for manipulating mpf files, Microsoft Media Package Files used by recent versions of Microsoft Office. Currently, the perl script mpfextract exists, allowing for individual file extraction from mpf files.

544 . pyOffice

pyOffice is a full office suite written in python using the wxPython library. Suite will include a word processor, spreadsheet software and general organizatioal software.

545 . weblaunch

WebLaunch is a user downloadable "Web Operating System" that allows the user to access all of their commonly used web applications from a single compact interface. WebLaunch is completely user editable and customizable.

546 . OpenXML/ODF Translator Add-in for Office

The goal for this project is to provide translators to allow for interoperability between applications based on ODF (OpenDocument) 1.1 standards and ECMA Office OpenXML based Office applications.

547 . XML2CSV Spreadsheet Converter

An MS Excel VBA macro converts XML to CSV. It demonstrates this capability by converting an XML-based Continuity of Care Document (CCD) into a slim Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.

548 . JosePdfTool

With it you can concatenate pdf files, extract a part of a pdf file as another pdf file, save pages as individual images or pdf files, extract the content text as a text file and generate a tiff multimage file from a pdf file. It need ghostscript previously installed. Enjoy working with it.

549 . Tcluno for OpenOffice

Providing access from Tcl to the OpenOffice UNO interface and the OpenOffice UNO urp protocol. Tcl only packages itcluno, unospection based on tcluno and tclurtp packages for (hopefully) easy access to All the packages are Tcl only.

550 . Office2fO

The Office2FO project is a set of XSLT files which will transform OASIS Open Document Format files to the XSL-FO format. The XSLT files can be used directly within OpenOffice to export documents to the XSL-FO format.

551 . ExcelToPdf

ExcelToPdf scan recursively through folders and subfolders for Excel files and copy them in PDF format. It retain the original name of the file (only the extension change) and the folders hierarchy. A handy tool, surprisingly rare (at least for free and without having to upload files on remote servers). Future versions will work with various file types. Installation provide both GUI and contextual entry (on folders). Distributed under BSD license. Require a valid Excel 2007 license or above. Require .net 3.5 or above.

552 . PPT Remote

A java based presentation controller/remote CHECK OUT AND SUPPORT MY LATEST ANDROID PROJECTS IN HERE:

553 . Access SVN Versionierung

This accessprogramm manage your accessprogram(s) and export/import the acess-objects to a SVN-server. With this tool it is possible to programm a accessprogramm in a team an d manage the source-code f the accessprogramm in a svn-server.

554 . AuthorSupportTool

AuthorSupportTool is a java extension for Writer. It adds new features for scientific publishing like source and citation management, better support of collaborative work with subversion and a visual editor for managing focalpoints.

557 . EFOeLibrary

The aim of this project is to create a programming library which enables automating, or in other words, providing programmatic access to certain tasks in Outlook Express.The central idea is to provide an easy to use object model to developers

558 . FPS Stick

The softwarecollection "FPS-Stick" is a collection of portable freeware made for pupils and teachers at the Friedrich Paulsen-Schule Niebüll, Germany.

559 . GPlan - Gaurabda Planner

GPlan - Gaurabda Planner is a impress vaishnava planner generator based on Excel templates, VBA macros and xml file of ISKCON GCal - Gaurabda Calendar generetor (

560 . HoldallProduct

HoldallProduct is a content management Zope product. It allows to manage contact, file, document, project, task, etc...

562 . LibreOffice (mirror)

Free and supported alternative for Office productivity tools: LibreOffice: -- formerly known as Open Office. An open-source office productivity software suite containing word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, formula editor, and database management applications. LibreOffice is available in many languages, works on all common computers, stores data in ODF - the international open standard format. It is able to read and write files in other formats, included the format used by the most common office suite packages. LibreOffice is also able to export files in PDF format. LibreOffice has supported extensions, in a similar manner to Mozilla Firefox, making easy to add new functionality to an existing LibreOffice installation. * Download latest version: * Documentation: * Questions and Answers:

563 . Manage-XPS

open source project management software language:--vb -6.0 * A-O-N,Gantt chart genration. * Critical path,float calculation. * Resource profile genration. * Resource leveling through simulation. * Resource allocation based on various priority rules

564 . Musician Master

This project will build an application that will help band leaders and solo artist manage contacts, song lists, demos, contracts, calendars, venues, personnel, equipment, payroll, and itineraries. .

566 . Office Works:Work Flow and Collaboration

This project aims to create a client-server based work flow and collaboration infrastructure for an organization which uses for day-to-day office work and to establish paperless work-flow and collaborative document creation systems.

567 . OpenForm

OpenForm is a software solution for creating forms. You could design your own input mask and print the resulting form.

568 . Outlook Bridge FBF

You can select your friends Facebook profile photo for save them to your Outlook Contacts, so if you want , when you sync. your windows mobile device with your Outlook, you can see your friends profile photos on your mobile phone.

569 . Pilorama

The program for the accounting of raw materials and products on the saw bench.

570 . QuasiWiki

QuasiWiki implements some of the basic principles of wiki in Writer. It doesn't turn into a fully fledged wiki tool (hence the "quasi" prefix), but rather adds some wiki-like capabilities.

571 . SalihiODF

Salihi (swahilli for useful/accessible) will take an ODF document and assess its accessibility, i.e how well is it likely to be "readable" by users with various impairments.

572 . Small Calculator

This is a small calculator I have created from C++. It takes two numbers and will allow the user to add, subtract, multiply or divide. It's nothing really that complicated. Please feel free to update it.

574 . UOF Converter for OpenOffice.Org

The goal for this project is to provide an Add-in to OpenOffice.Org to allow opening and saving Chinese Uniform Office Format(UOF). This project is based on OpenOffice.Org

575 . WebWeaver

Web based html wordprocessor. Can be used as standalone webapp or as a module for content management systems

576 . Xfig2sml

The aim of this project is to export the xfigure library (.xfig) to provide free stencils/shapes for kivio (.sml) and (.sxd,.wmf). The images (over 900) can be used in the`s Gallery.

578 . iDocs

iDocs is a intellectual document work flow with text mining options project.

580 . pySpreadSheet

A spread sheet engine running over python. Any formula is pure python! You can do Macro in python and include any python package like NumPy. There is bult-in functions like D([list]) which automatically extend the list in cells.

581 . wordcheck

Command line spell checking script that checks single word. User doesn't have to open file or word processor just to check single word. Simply type: "wordcheck " where is the word you want to check. Uses GNU Aspell.

583 . Excel Writer

Excel_Out is an Ada package for writing easily and dynamically Excel files with basic formatting. Enables the automatic production of reports. Standalone and unconditionally portable code. No interaction needed with Excel or MS Office. More information on:

584 . КЛАДР-браузер

Программа для просмотра данных из КЛАДР. 1) Скачиваете официальные базы КЛАДР-а тут 2) Распаковываете полученный архив в любую папку на компьютере (в папке должны оказаться файлы ALTNAMES.DBF, DOMA.DBF, FLAT.DBF, KLADR.DBF, SOCRBASE.DBF, STREET.DBF). 3) Запускаете мою программу и выбираете File->Create, а там указываете папку куда была распакована база данных КЛАДР и её имя (при желании). Запускаете импорт и ждете несколько минут. 4) Если база КЛАДР была удачно импортирована выбирайте File->Open и нужную БД.

586 . en Español

Proyecto de soporte a la versión en Español de y sus herramientas relacionadas. Entre ellas el diccionario de sinónimos LGPL (tesauro) y el separador silábico LGPL (hyphenation).

587 . GenerateSignatureFromLDAP

Small signature generator for Microsoft Outlook, ideal for use in logon scripts. Outlook signature files are generated based on templates that pull data from Active Directory using LDAP. Also includes a wizard to generate the templates based on your existing Outlook signature(s), without modifying anything on the Exchange Server. Can be run in a logon (or logoff) script to pull Active Directory data and merge it with design template(s) in order to provide unified Outlook signature layout across your organisation.

588 . Postcodes

search cities by zipcode or the other way around. Very simple interface. Perfect for a quick search. Supported countries: AD, AR, AS, AT, AU, BD, BE, BG, BR, CA, CH, CZ, DE, DK, DO, ES, FI, FO, FR, GB, GF, GG, GL, GP, GT, GU, GY, HR, HU, IM, IN, IS, IT, JE, JP, LI, LK, LT, LU, MC, MD, MH, MK, MP, MQ, MX, MY, NL, NO, NZ, PK, PL, PM, PR, PT, RE, RU, SE, SI, SK, SM, TH, TR, US, VA, VI, YT, ZA,

589 . Accessibi Add-on component of OpenOffice

This is the project for IBM ODF accessibility contest. It's a plug-in for OpenOffice, to make OpenOffice be able to Check whether the documents have been optimized for people who are experiencing vision loss and/or people who are experiencing hearing lo

590 . Automotive Repair Shop Suite

A complete automotive repair station business suite including A/R, A/P, invoicing, Purchase Orders, inventory control. Everything to make the 1 to 5 man shop run like the pros without you learning a stick about business.

591 . CharityCRM

Web based CRM and Event Management for charities and non-profit organizations. Core CRM functionality includes contact and event management, donations, calendaring and more. Built in ASP.NET and supports SQL Server.

592 . Customer Management J2EE Application

Ohioedge Customer is a Web-based, J2EE application built using Ohioedge J2eeBuilder. It is composed of Org., State, Employee, Name Prefix/Suffix/Title, Customer, Contact, Requirements, Requirement Status, and Buyer mgmt. It is now part of Ohioedge CRM.

593 . EGG crm (Easy Graphical Genuine)

EGGcrm is an open source CRM web based. It provides reports with graphs, sales-management, e-mailing/webmail, data export, internal news, etc.. Online demo at

594 . Factura Libre

Desarrollo de un sencillo programa para facturación electrónica de acuerdo a la legislación mexicana

595 . GQLx

GQLx is a SQL-like query language for Google Doc's spreadsheets. The initial release includes both a Java GUI application as well as a console application - while a demonstration Javascript implementation is available online at

596 . Horizon

A collection of software and guidelines to create a outlook-killer app for Linux. The applications include use of Open-Xchange (a replacement for Suse Linux Open Exchange), Apache, WebDAV, LDAP and iCal.

597 . JMailerP.9.1

JMailerP is a pure-java Mail-Programm. This have various abilities to work with the attachments without other helping programms.

598 . LibreOffice Java MessageBox Class

The LibreOffice Java MessageBox Class simplifies generation of a with a custom title and message, a selected icon (determined by MessageBoxType), and selected response buttons. The selections are made using the same values as for XMessageBox. Return values are identical to those of XMessageBox excepting addition of an error return value. For convenience, the selection and return values are included as comments in the source file. USAGE INFORMATION Instantiate loMessageBox, and then call show() with appropriate values for its parameters to display a messagebox.

599 . Manux Office Suite

Manux intends to provide an office documents suite in LaTeX. The suite will consist of a number of document templates, LaTeX styles, and add-ons for Emacs, Textpad etc. to conveniently start new documents and include text snippets.

600 . My OPM

MyOPM is an Online Property Management system for small and mid-sized real estate businesses. It provides a back-office suite tailored to the needs of real-estate businesses.

601 . OGES - Open Groupware Exchange Standards

OGES tries to discuss and introduce a standard exchange format for datas like adressbooks, time tables or todo-lists. Based on this standard the implementation of conversion tools to/from free and commercial programes will be coordinated by OGES.

602 . OfficeLaunch

Replacements for the New Office Document and Open Office Document Start menu shortcuts that Microsoft deprecated in MS Office 2010.

603 . OpenInsure

Open Source Insurance automation software. Complete policy processing system, contact management, full accounting module for managing income and expenses.

604 . Outlook Calendar Merge

Calendar Merge is a VBA-based extension/add-on to Outlook 2003 and 2007, providing users ability to merge a number of Calendar folders - especially Internet Calendars in Outlook 2007 - into a single folder.

605 . Platform Independent Presentation

Platform Independent Presentation is a program that will allow you to view presentation1 on various platforms. To make it work on various platforms it will be written in Java 6.

606 . ROTE9

A mini text editor that can be used in Microsoft Windows and Linux Distributions. It is a very basic text editor that has a GUI (General User Interface.)You can leave bug issues at:

608 . Smart Mailer

A mailing service code written in JAVA where users can mail content without logging in their respective email ids. Very useful for organizations with high security.

609 . TeleMarketing Software System

TeleMarketing Software System is specifically designed for outbound calling. * To make outbound telemarketing calls generate leads for your product * For market research activities * To increase productive and efficiency of Staff

611 . Webmail for Postfix

php-based webmail for postfix-mysql with integrated features like Calendar, RSS-Reader, Folders, Journal.

614 . iHaus

Property management (Hausverwaltung) for the austrian and german market.

615 . odfav

odfav is validation software for accessibility of the OpenDocument format (ODF) file. This project for IBM ODF coding challenge 2006.

616 . pymeGNU

pymeGNU es un software de Punto de Venta (PoS) para la Pequeńa y Mediana Empresa (PyME) programado en PHP con acceso a Base de Datos usando ADO-DB.Desarrollo implementado bajo licencia GNU/GPL.

618 . OpenMiracle

Miracle I The next stepping stone of open miracle Miracle i. which helps in showing you the graphical representation of the company status. A unique software with unique features in it and also to be the first in market. Miracle irepresents entire openmiracle modules by projecting various graphical representaions with most idealistic view. Financial statements can be easily analyzed using pie-charts,user interface is more flexible now with the help of coloring system and bar-chart rating. An over all statistic view of a company in a single click!! Miracle Skate..! Fed up of data base migration ?!!Try Miracle Skate Miracle Skate helps to migrate data from Tally accounting software to Open Miracle without any loss of data and it helps the customer to enjoy the features of latest business accounting software-Open Miracle.

619 . Mr Tooth Dental Software

The software basically consists of a simple and functional application for a dental office, aimed at streamlining administration processes them. Done through an analysis of the data that is processed through reports, did during his visits to the clinic. Through a previously scheduled interview with staff of this clinic noticed the lack of technology making it difficult to register and control the flow of patients and payments.

620 . Corrupt Open Office Recovery

A simple GUI program that attempts to fully recover unopenable corrupt Open Office files or at least salvage the text. The program now offers an Alternatives menu with links to advice, services and software alternatives for recovery, including a shortcut to Recoveronix File Repair Online's corrupt file recovery service. Using the coupon "S2SERVICES" after a demo recovery of an Open Office odt or ods file will allow for a free full recovery until Nov 1, 2013, a $39 value. Also the program now features a zip repair pretreament in both modes. This program was previously known as Open Office Recovery.

621 . uOffice

A Pure Java Office suite which is compatible with the MS file formats. Since it doesn't require native libraries, it can be loaded inside any browsers and any platforms. Notably it promotes Enterprise 2.0 by combination of uEngine BPM and web office

623 . GridSheet

GridSheet is a command line-based printable graphing paper generator, allowing user to generate quadrille paper with custom page size, background color, margin, grid spacing, line thickness, and line color; with two different line styles supported on the same grid. Output format is PDF 1.3. Other than command-line program, it also come with a CGI front end that can be installed as a web application, allowing intranet users to generate graphing paper from their web browser. GridSheet is written in Perl with no dependency on third-party modules, thus works on any platform with Perl 5.6+ interpreter available, including GNU/Linux, UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and DOS.

624 . Presto

Presto is a JavaScript file which, when added to an ordinary HTML document, turns it into a full-screen slideshow, complete with transition effects and a user interface to jump between slides. A companion script can turn a Markdown text file into a Presto-enabled slideshow, allowing you to create professional-looking slideshows in just a few lines.

625 . Accessible Resident Information System

An extremely ambitious project, ARIAS is designed from the ground up to be the most comprehensive Long Term/Sub-Acute medical facility management and Electronic Charting (EC) system available and the ONLY solution available developed for Mac OS X Leopard

626 . Avian Freeware Suite

Avian Freeware Suite (AFS) provides two things: Developers with libraries for Java Swing Widgets, XML handling, Fortran95 and Pascal; End users (Medical students, doctors, scientists) with productivity tools they can use (quizzes, XML databasing & PDF)

628 . CuteLibrary

CuteLibrary is a tiny video rental management application to manage small video rental shops

629 . EGroupware Enterprise Collaboration

EGroupware has moved to Github, please find all our downloads there: EGroupware is a multi-user, web-based groupware suite. Currently available modules include: email, addressbook, calendar, infolog (notes, to-do's, phone calls), content management, wiki, project management, tracker, timesheet, knowledge base, CalDAV/CardDAV

630 . Facturacion Libre en CakePHP

Sistema de Gestion Simple en PHP-Mysql. Gestiona clientes, proveedores, cuentas corrientes, facturas, resumenes, y los libros de iva. Es un software muy sencillo, el cual practicamente no requiere capacitación. Pruebenlo!


Gramoo est un correcteur grammatical du français pour Openoffice Gramooo is a french grammar corrector for Openoffice.

632 . Hospicjum

Hospicjum is used to to store and manage people (worker, volunteer and patient) who is worked in hospice, home/institutional care.

633 . JMailerP.9.1.1

JMailerP is a pure-java mailsoftware. It has various possibilities to process the attachments of mails. For Example is possible to read pdf-files, hear sounds and more...

635 . MedOffice

Medoffice is a cross platform medical CMS and billing system built using and mysql (and witten in staroffice basic).

636 . My Outlook Add-Ins

My Outlook Add-Ins consists of a set of useful customisations for MS Outlook 2010. At the moment 4 cool Add-Ins are provided: 1) MyOutlookAddIn: Generates "Waiting for Answere" MS Outlook Tasks for E-Mails marked with a special "Wait-For" MS Outlook Category at the moment of sending the E-Mail. 2) OutlookOneNote: Integrates MS Outlook 2010 and MS OneNote 2010. When closing MS Outlook it looks at all the Tasks and adds a MS OneNote task reference based on the Tasks category. The reference is added to a special MS OneNote "Overview" Page of the corresponding OneNote Section. 3) ProjectManager: Allows creating and removing Projects, thereby creating the folder structure in MS Outlook 2010 and the page structure in MS OneNote 2010. QuoteFix: Enhanced functionality for simple text answers in MS Outlook 2010. Color highlights different levels of conversation. Fixing also some aspects of MS Outlook quotation problems.

637 . OIEICMs

A open source project on Integrated Enterprise Internal Corporate Management Software. Mainly created for managing a total corporate house using the same software. This project is based on PHP so that it will be OS independent.

638 . OfficeLine

OfficeLine is a php library and a project structure template. It will be used to create office applications in php similar as in ms access database with tables, forms and div. queries. The library is simple and stabile.

639 . OpenJeks - a free java spreadsheet

OpenJeks - free software. It's a "brick" to improve the spreadsheet Jeks from eTeks Openjeks can be plugged on a Jtable to format it with somes options (format, police, background, borders) for a cell or a cell set.

641 . Plone Resource Management

Plone Resource Management (PloneRM) is a Plone add-on product, which will help an organization to manage overall IT hardware resources. It will log hardwares' configuration, track hardwares' usage, and analyze hardwares' workload.

642 . Re/Mind

Re/Mind is a small application that allows the handling of distributed reminder notes ("Post-Its"). It enables to access notes from different locations.

643 . Saturn Writer

Saturn Writer is a simple word processor that will take all the best features of all word processors on the market, and put them into an easy to use form.

645 . Templario Intrusion Detection System

Templario is a security event audit and compliance suite which helps you to monitor enterprise security from one central console. Templario automates and consolidates complicated enterprise network security auditing and requires near-zero administration.

646 . Ubuntu Power

(ITA) Ubuntu Power è una versione potenziata della distribuzione ufficiale Ubuntu e completamente in Italiano. Include tutti i programmi di uso comune, aggiunte per la personalizzazione e codecs audio-video per tutti i formati. In questo modo a installazione conclusa c'è già tutto l'occorrente per usare il computer! (ENG) Ubuntu Power is an enhanced version of the classical Ubuntu Linux distro and is completely in Italian. Other languages can be also installed from the control panel. All most commonly used apps and codecs have been integrated, so you're up and running fastly.

647 . Wegaware

Wegaware is PHP web application that bring together CMS and CRM. This project bring the best of RoundCube, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCRM, Vtiger, and Bitweaver. With in the redesign we will look to confirm what works with low cost hosting providers.

648 . YOD :: YOur Diary

YOD, YOur Diary, is a shared online calendar, which monitor all the important events, whether related to work or personal life. Using Yod, you can add events and invitations, and share them with colleagues or friends.

650 . iOutNotes

This project is aimed to provide a simple solution to synchronize notes between Microsoft Outlook and Apple iPhone via USB Connection.

651 . onlus

Gestionale Open-Source per le associazioni ONLUS. Base Entrate Soci Assemblee Verbali Uscite Stampe

652 . qchmviewer

qchmviewer is a chmviewer for Qtopia platform porting from kchmviewer.

653 . workware

is virtual appliance with a suite of turn-key applications ready built and configured for business. It is composed of the best in open source software; configured and tailored to the needs of SOHO/SMB businesses and distributed workforces.

654 . OxygenOffice Professional - Office Suite

OxygenOffice Professional(OOOP, O2OP)is an enhanced version of free what is a multi-platform office productivity suite.OxygenOffice Professional contains more extras like templates, cliparts, samples, fonts and VBA support. Get 3.2.1

655 . Open XML to DAISY XML Translator

The “Save as DAISY XML” add-in was created through an open source project with Microsoft, Sonata Software Ltd. and the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) Consortium and can be downloaded on sourceforge.

656 . AikSaurus

AikSaurus is a GPL'd thesaurus library for C++. It returns many results, separated by part-of-speech information. The library itself has no particular GUI, and it can be used with any interface you'd like to create for it.

657 . Excel Comparator

The Sheet Comparator is a tool intended to highlight the differences between two excel files, or two worksheets, or even tables within the same spreadsheet. It differs itself from other excel comparators by the being able to treat database like tables, and also because it can annotate the differences directly on the spreadsheet comments. Using the tool's diff table, it allows the user to quickly scroll into the differences. For merging updates made in two different tables, the updates done on the diff table can be propagated directly to the source table.

658 . XSL-FO Wysiwyg MiniScribus

XSL-FO Formatting markup WYSIWYG editor & PDF tree BookMark. XML document which is most often used as PDFs or RTF generator. It can read and edit 95% from Apache fop sample. Export to fo,pdf,rtf,tif fax, page, Import fo,html,page,odt OpenOffice 1-2

659 . Haccess 97

Cross platform, library for reading Microsoft access ( MDB / jet) databases, for data export and recovery.

660 . Solversa CRM -SFA Business Solution

Solversa Sales Force Automation(SFA) is full scale end-to-end SFA covering Contact, Account, Opportunity, Tasks, Activity management, Sales Funnel Analysis. Its a part of Solversa CRM suite, now donated SFA to Open Source Movement

662 . BNF4OOo

The goal of this project is to create a BNF parser embedded in an Open Office file, which can transfer customizable BNF types into XML documents and diagrams. This will be achieved by using ooRexx, BSF4ooRexx and the OpenOffice java API

663 . Church Office Management

Church Office Management (COM) is the easiest way for your office to manage the details of the family members in your church. Keep track of all of your families, sacraments, pledges, and know who is involved.

665 . EMR Touch

An EMR / EHR (Electronic Medical Records) and POS (Point-of-Sale) system designed to closed the gap between the keyboard and paper. Intuitive information flow. **Help wanted** ActionScript 3 PHP, Adobe AIR, Flex, RIA, MySQL. Optometry model.

666 . FairTradeNet

"Fair Trade Global Communication System". FT relies on fair prices to provide sustainable development for excluded producers. Complex environment, spread over the world. GOAL: create ad hoc Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) mul

668 . HotLine Manager

Software oriented help desk application designed to help support operators answering customers about questions, bugs and their workaround or any other stuf of a software. Build with ASP 2.0 and comes with an MS Access/MS SQL Server/ODBC database

669 . JOutlookMSG

The JOutlookMSG project is intended to provide a simple library for reading and writing Outlook .msg files. Since this project is written in Java this should allow non-MAPI enabled OS's to import/export Outlook compatible messages.

670 . Libuzic

Libuzic is a free software used to manage the teams sport's clubs. It can be used to manage different clubs and teams in parallel. The main functionalities are the creation of notices, e-mail sending, the follow-up for the matches and trainings,..

671 . Medi-Car Driver Home

If you work for an Ambulance and do long distance transports of the patients this is right for you! With this Software you are able to store und manage your worktime as well as the kilometers you drove.

672 . My Virtual Office

The web application is a little Office's tools: Virtual Hardisk, notepad, calculator and calendar.

674 . OfficeMaestro

OfficeMaestro Web Office for small-medium service oriented businesses. 3-in-1 staff screens, customer extranet and public web site.

675 . OpenMoka, the easy ERP

OpenMoka is a simple ERP software (gestionale) written in java, jsp, jsf to manage a small company. You can create invoices (fattura/fatture), orders and control your customers(clienti). It is translated in english and italian.

676 . Outlook Macro: Moving and reading mails

What does this macro do? (Step by step) - Find the mails which have the specific subject in Inbox folder (In this case, subject is "New resume has been received!") - Creating a folder named like "Resumes 8/26/2012 1:29:50 PM" under Inbox. - Moving those mails to "Inbox > Resumes 8/26/2012 1:29:50 PM" - Creating a folder named like "Resumes 8/26/2012 1:29:50 PM" under C: drive - Saving those mails' attachments under "C:\Resumes 8/26/2012 1:29:50 PM" - Reading content of those mails and creating Excel file Notes: - A reference named "Microsoft Excel 14.0 Object Library" must be added - It searchs mails under only Inbox folder

677 . Pocket Universal Synchronizer

Universal Synchronizer allows you to synchronize contact database in your PocketPC or MS Mobile Device with any other contact database. E.g. with Thunderbird address book.

678 . Real Estate Manager

A real estate agent management application incorporating lead prospecting tools, a buyer/seller contact database, sale process and workflow, campaign management and other functions. Developed in C#, backend mySQL and/or SQL2000.

679 . SaveExcelToDBF

Please refer to the project ExcelToDBF at the following link:

680 . Soul

Soul assembles J2EE ERP systems with a few clicks.. Any relational database can be connected and based on the available tables, foms and reports are generated.

681 . Templates for KOffice

KOffice is an integrated office suite designed for KDE, the K Desktop Environment. This project is an attempt to make some useful templates for Koffice. Most templates are for business use, but some templates are also suitable for personal use.

682 . Ukrainian Linux applications

Ukrainian Linux support site. / Стор╕нка ╕нформац╕йно╖ п╕дтримки укра╖нського Linux (локал╕зац╕я програмного забезпечення, документац╕я та ╕нше).

683 . White Knight

White Knight is a media-intensive word-processor and webpage creator. Users can embed executable Java programs into White Knight documents. White Knight possesses image understanding technology.

684 . York Bitwise

Tool to enable user to plan the layout of open plan offices and large shops such as supermarkets, having the Planner and the Routine Finder.

685 . eNoteBook

Electronic notebook, main function is quick note taking. It includes text, drawings, electrical schematics, formulas, simple and fast table input a manipulation. Main motto less is more. GUI is visible only when needed.

686 . iTar

Java project for managing fixtures. It can be group and devided into arbitrarily categories. iTar is showing the the independency between GUI (Swing, Servlets in future), BL and multiple persistence concepts (DB, XML).

688 . qnote

Software to capture, organize and publish information (notes, text based data & graphic). The software is a "active" intelligent notepad, which help people to change information to knowledge.

689 . wxIDoc

Extensión wxWidgets inteligente para manejar documentos.

690 . A Java library for reading/writing Excel

JExcelApi is a java library which provides the ability to read, write, and modify Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This project mirrors the files on, which has been known to go down on occasion.

691 . openPDF

openPDF is based on a several open source software products, such as iText, JPedal, CryptoApplet among others. Allow users to view/modify PDF documents and forms, barcodes generation, data extraction and signature validation.

692 . EasyOffice

EasyOffice is a complete, programmable office application with word processing, database and spreadsheet. It runs so far only under Windows - porting should be nearly impossible as it heavily depends on commercial ActiveX controls.

693 . Gerenciamento Comercial - GECOM

Gerenciamento comercial de pequenas empresas e comércios. Possui cadastro de clientes, fornecedores, transportadoras, controle de estoque, controle de vendas, devoluções e relatórios. Informações e customizações:

695 . Linux Webstartup LITE

Distro Linux based on Lubuntu 14.04 LTS for Mini and Lubuntu 12.04 LTS for Full with all codecs installed and openjdk-7 out of the box. Multilingual with Italian and English language by default and inside many improvements and tweaks. Updated on the 08/02/2015. Compatible 100% with Ubuntu's repository. Only 110 MB of Ram with boot completed! Follow us on Facebook and Google+ to keep you updated on future developments ... Available in versions Mini and Full 1.5 The mini version is now based on Lubuntu 14.04 LTS while the full is conservative resulting from the 12.04 LTS yet. Small outside but big inside, this underlying video guide shows an express install for everyone. ______________________________________________

696 . Student Information System

This is a software written in CPP to be used as Student information system by a small scale educational institution to manage few attributes like grade sheets, attendance, enrollment etc. This can also be used as for tutoring CPP.

697 . Address Book

Address Book is simple,small and handy address book tool written in Python using WxPython Toolkit. Main Features like Stores Address details,Stores Photos and Shows Events based on Birth Day or Anniversary.

698 . BetterRef

Add-in for Microsoft Word that offers an alternative to the build in reference dialog. The dialog provided with this Add-in offers the same features as the build in reference dialog but with a distinctly improved user interface.

699 . Clinic Soft

Project Name: Clinic Soft A complete solution for clinics. It will be a fully integrated highly modular solution. This solution is to be used by doctors at their clinic.

700 . D-Soft Disk Cleaner

The program is intended for cleanings of the HDD from so named "rubbish files". Disk Cleaner using technology of the surplus scan allows to find and delete - 77 types of the all the manner of rubbish.

701 . EXPAD

Nice easy to use notepad software. Faster, more efficient, XP Compliant, and much more updates and new features to be added along the way. Plans are also to add more support for more file types in the future and also to make it smaller and install free.

704 . Hotel

Sistema frontoffice, backoffice y tiempo compartido de hotel, para windows.

705 . JToDoMe

jToDoMe is a Midlet written in J2ME for editing and maintaining a ToDo list on your mobile. It needs java MIDP 2.0/CLDC 1.0 support or later. Every ToDo has a description, a priority, a status and a label and you can send your todo to your friends.

707 . Media Sentry

Media Sentry stands for Multimedia Alarm Clock for Windows. It exploits Windows Media Player for playback, has low power consumption despite of OpenGL GUI.

708 . MyCRM

Web-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

709 . OO-TTS

"OO-TTS" Macro per OpenOffice: E' un analizzatore sillabale, che mediante un motore di lettura, legge un documento e traduce la sua lettura in un messaggio vocale.

710 . OfficeShare

OfficeShare is a designed to be a fully functional office suite, written purely for web browsers, so that people can edit documents from anywhere with an internet connection.

711 . OpenNotary

OpenNotary GNU is a suite of solutions to notary public of Brazil developed using open software and according to the laws of that country.

712 . OutlookDialer

OutlookDialer is an Outlook 2007 plugin that provides one-click telephone dialing from Outlook contacts pages via the Telos Asterisk web service.

713 . PopDrive

Set of scripts to install and execute apps directly onto removable media (USB/SD/CF) under Linux/Win/Mac. Set a temporary $HOME path and other environment settings to store all of your settings, bookmarks, passwords, documents, feeds on the media.

714 . RealOffice

RealOffice is an add-on project. It is supposed to add a ribbon style interface and new improved visual styles for

715 . Scale Assistant

Scale Assistant is an extension designed to give OOo Calc additional power that meet some needs of social sciences researcher.

716 . SpamCop autoreport frm MS Outlook folder

A Visual Basic Script (VBS) using CDO and XHTML objects to automatically report Microsoft Outlook 98,2k,2k3 (and ?) mailItems placed by the user in a folder named spam (directly under Inbox) to, and log the result in HTML format and move

717 . Teneffüs

Teneffüs is a tool for schools that provides playing music between courses defined by timetables.

718 . UniOffice@Etersoft

UniOffice@Etersoft allows to use Open instead of MS Office, to carry out translation of COM-requests to MS Office in calls to Open At present, some COM-interfaces of Microsoft Excel are realized.

719 . Wikieditor

WikiEditor is a offline editing system using wiki-style markup and interface. You can easily edit your wike pages even you don't know the wiki-style languages.

720 . Zephyr Basecamp & Monkey Business Db

Zephyr Basecamp is a functioning enterprise project giving small and midsize businesses the same level of inventory, orders, sales & accounting expected from commercial apps. Uses ODBC & Postgres allowing other Apps to use data. Linux & Windows.

721 . eOfficeWare

eOfficeWare is a multi-user, web-based groupware suite developed using PHP. Currently available modules include: bulletin, calendar, doc, project, customer, web, course, and users. It is module based and it's easy to develop more modules.

722 . iTrack

iTrack is a Client-Server Application developed using VB.NET. iTrack is a ticketing application for any internet cafe.

723 . ooconvert

command-line utility to convert between all 183 formats supported by openoffice. Convert doc to html, html to png, etc. Requires OpenOffice but does not require any previously installed openoffice macros. Uses the python interpreter that is integrated in

724 . research-develop

this is an opensource eclipse based reach client platform which creates for researchers.

725 . x-os

A (somehow successfull) attempt to make an 'Integrated Work Environment', with a simple Linux GUI look, some tools (available as separate projects, x-kanban, x-treepad), sitcky notes and a simple notepad. Persistence is not working fine (well, I didn't expect to, as I didn't plan to make this, I was just too idle at home and ended up doing this) I don't know where I took the background image, sorry for that. Obviously, it's NOT mine. IMPORTANT: JUST PLAIN JAVASCRIPT, NO FRAMEWORKS. MORE IMPORTANT: LAST PROJECT OF THE 'X' series XD

726 . Pdf Split and Merge with Bookmark Import

PDF Split and Merge tool is implemented using the PdfSharp library and is either GUI or command driven.It is useful for automated document creation.It allows bookmarks from the input pdfs to be imported and flexibly embedded in the destination document. PDF pages can be numbered and annotated with a footer label.

727 . ExcelToDBF

ExcelToDBF is an open source Add-in for Excel 2007 enabling Excel users to accomplish two kinds of operations: saving an active Worksheet to DBF IV format and changing a DBF file using Excel.

728 . Precurio Intranet Portal (v2) [UPDATE]

********* THIS PROJECT HAS BEEN CLOSED ****************** We are still in the business of providing an open platform for intranet collaboration and business process automation; BUT it is no longer free. (see details here: ) Please visit our website. Thanks.

729 . ISS BusinessOffice

The program complex is among other things suitable for different groups of users, which want to mix several CSV, LOG, PGN or TXT files to only one file. You can find further information and sample applications on our website.

730 . kwLuftlinie

A set of excel templates that provide and use a new function "Luftlinie". This function determines the direct distance between two German (Polish, Czech, Austrian, Swiss) postal areas. Based on the geo data from the opengeodb and projects.

731 . LyX for Windows

LyXWinInstall is an installer that installs LyX and a complete LaTeX-environment on Windows in one step.

732 . Word Html 2 Formatting Objects

WH2FO is a java application that separate the content and the stile from an html file generated by Word 2000. The conversion is made in a way that the content will be stored inside an XML file and the style is saved in a XSL Attribute file. WH2FO also gen

733 . AddressBook

This Address Book is used to store the information about a person including both personal as well as official details.In order to quickly retrieving important information about the person and manage over all details about each and every person, to whom you are currently deals with. This things can be achieved by using efficient algorithms which are more dynamic and consistence in nature.

734 . BiDiTeX

BiDiTeX - automatic bidirectional support for LaTeX. It was designed to work with IvriTeX and provide bidirectional support for Hebrew in LaTeX according to the Unicode standard.

735 . Clio

Clio is an application intend for calculation and print forms to declare tax for Venezuelan law.

736 . DACContable

Sistema contable conformado por un nucleo que implementa las reglas de negocio del dominio contable. Expone servicios/recursos vía SOAP y REST para ser integrado a otras aplicaciones en una arquitectura SOA. Interface de usuario web.

737 . Easy Excel Report

Easy Excel Report provides a easy way to create MS Excel report from C++ applications. It makes MS Excel report automatically. It's very flexible all source code are available. It's compatible with MS Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007.

740 . Hotelix

A hotel administration office suite with graphical booking view, contact management, room management and billing system...

741 . Jaguar Calc add-in

A library of Calc functions. The current version adds the SQLREQUEST function to Calc, allowing to query a JDBC data source in a similar way to the SQL.REQUEST function provided by MS-Excel.

742 . LingNUX Russian-FR-EN Dictionary

Linux client for ABBYY Lingvo DSL dictionary files. It has been especially developped for French and English speaking users practising russian language. It is desktop independent.

743 . Medical Office Record Data System

Pain Management Medical Records system. This software provides a combination of file and database records to track patient data and produce required documentation. In addition to records-keeping, it also has a drop-in template area for new forms

744 . MyDataBars

MyDataBars is a Microsoft Excel add-in program that draws data bars in worksheet cells. This program will enable you to create data bars in Excel prior to 2007.

745 . OODoc2Pdf

A command-line tool to convert between file formats, which are supported by (.doc, .xls, .odt, .odg, etc) and PDF. Documents can be append to a PDF and the count of pages returns. Requires the OOo, OOo SDK and .Net Framework.

746 . OfficeXSL

OfficeXSL allows for filling templates represented by MS Office 2003 documents using XML data and receiving office documents as a result of this process. Useful for generating any type of MS Office formatted reports from XML data.

747 . OpenOA

It is a open source web oa system, includeing workflow engine and forms desinger. provide document managment/report/calender/message/email etc.

748 . OutlookXML

Integration to Microsoft Outlook. Import and eksport through XML. Ant integration with XSL to generate HTML.

749 . Popp!

Popp! PHP Open Presentation Parser is a tool to generate rich web presentation from standard file.

751 . ScribusDB

A Database-Publishing solution for Scribus Open Source Desktop Publishing.

753 . Terp Manager

TerpManager is developed by students. It evolves every year. The vision is to have a manager for all TerpOffice apps.

754 . Unified Versatile Document

1. What's uvd? uvd is a tool enabling users to edit their documents on various platforms and office suites without the need to manually manage their files. (…) 4. What do they all do? uvd — main program, interprets documents, requests to open them; also makes backups and repair documents. uvd-man — executables manager, imports and exports executables for use portably on various platforms. (only Windows) uvd-desktop — desktop integration, run only once, associates uvd extension with uvd program and appends uvd installation path to PATH variable. ======================== Note to Apple devices users: Apple devices are not supported and—when it comes to me—they will never be. I have no such device to develop nor test the program. However, I encourage anyone to contact me (ego95nemo [at] gmail [dot] com) and contribute. From uvd Readme file

755 . Windows 7 Power Saver

This powershell script is intended to be deployed to a range of computers running Windows 7 and will change the power profiles from a conservative plan at night to a normal performance plan during the day when the computer is being used.

756 . Zip Code Finder

Zip Code Finder is an application written in Java for cleaning up mailing lists. It will lookup the zip code of any address missing a USPS zip in a tab-delimited input file and it will output the results to another tab-delimited file.

757 . eQMC

eQMC is the next generation portal to manage an Organization's Quality & Program Management Office. The portal is intended to streamline & automate workflow processes throughout the lifecycle of a project.

758 . ideaman

That is organizer program, with ability to store your notes, reminders, contacts on server and get them anywhere.

759 . oogalleryimport

oogalleryimport is a command line tool to import media objects into OpenOffice 2.0 or greater. It can import any media supported by Oo's gallery, as well as mpf files, Microsoft Media Package Files used by recent versions of Microsoft Office.

760 . sewatOOol

sewatOOol aims to provide some tools to manipulate Open Office documents. The first one is a software that generate some table of contents for Impress documents.

761 . xml2doc

xml2doc is a tool that allows you to convert an easy xml document to another formats like PDF, HTML, TXT, TEX, DocBook...In other words xml2doc is a lightweight version of DocBook (just 25KB against 100MB)


ONLYOFFICE is a business service that resolves collaboration issues for both small medium-sized teams. Available in more than 20 languages ONLYOFFICE increases the overall performance of any team no matter how remote the members are located. The platform allows for optimization of your business processes from lead generation to order fulfillment. Combining a versatile set of tools ONLYOFFICE helps entities in any field from retail sales and to industrial engineering and banking. Broad access rights settings make ONLYOFFICE an asset to any executive striving for business excellence.

763 . Kordil EDMS

Kordil EDMS the Electronic Document Management System with power tools is a user friendly document control and management system to gather all documents and key and important information within your organizations under a single database.

764 . S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Excel

Microsoft recommends several methods for recovering Excel data from corrupt spreadsheets. S2 Recovery Tools for Microsoft Excel makes it easy to follow these recommended routines by just pressing buttons. The application also adds five methods of its own for recovery. Additionally it has its own native previous file version recovery tool which works in any version of Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Another feature of the program is a preloaded search interface for finding temporary, deleted and lost versions of your corrupt file. For completeness sake the program has shortcuts to 2 major commercial solution providers for corrupt Excel files including providing the coupon "S2SERVICES" for using Recoveronix' online corrupt file recovery service for free until Nov 1, 2014, a $39 value. This program was formerly known as Excel Recovery and more recently, S2 Services Excel Recovery.

765 . POM

POM-Pdf dOcuments Modifier.A 100% pure java GUI,based upon the iText library.Features are(or will be) [1]Merging(Complete documents*Range of pages*Set bookmark for each merged document) [2]Converting(pdf2ps*pdf2a)[3]Batch[4]Creation(ps2pdf*a2pdf*doc2pdf)

766 . odf-converter-integrator

odf-converter-integrator is an easy way to open Microsoft Office 2007 files (also called Office Open XML, .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx) with a high-quality conversion on any Linux or Windows system in any

767 . Utility Library Utility Library modules for creating and Open Document Format (ODF) documents. Note: I have started a new project to accomplish this. It is a complete rewrite of the code base, so method names and code is different. The new project called odslib-python is hosted at

768 . Word2Wiki

XSLT-based converter from WordProcessingML (XML format generated by Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007) into MediaWiki markup language

770 . BibWorm

Stop searching for your notes on that interesting book written by some person called Smith - now they're only a few clicks away. BibWorm is your complete research management tool, bringing together your bibliographical data and your documents/notes.

771 . Clipboard Tool

A tool to transform clipboard content, primarily focused on alphabetical transformation (e.g. Cyrillic to Latin and similar). It also allows other functions to manipulate the clipboard content, like clearing the formatting the content might have.

772 . DVDTotal

Este é um projeto acadêmico, desenvolvido pelos alunos da Univali do campus de São José, estudantes da disciplina de Análise de Projetos e Sistemas. O objetivo deste trabalho é desenvolver um projeto de aplicação para uma vídeo locadora.

773 . Easy Media

A combination web and desktop application for cataloging and orgranizing your books, cd's and dvd's.

774 . Fax Viewer in Python

Application in Python for simple, paperless use of faxes. Speeds up usage of faxed documents (i.e. view them, make notes on them, print, and save the editted version somewhere). Has a GUI and will cooperate with pharmacy tracking software.

775 . Geographically Independent Office

Geographically Independent Office A WWW application to allow SOHO companys to manage their business where the office is spread over a number of geographically seperated office locations.

776 . ICalc

Easy, quick and useful calculator. Lighter enough for quick calculations and powerful enough to provide the most complicated computations.

777 . Java Desktop Environment

This project final target is to provide a layer of abstraction between Java and modern desktop operationg system (win32,KDE,Gnome). Actually the first phase of this project will be to create a bridge between Java and Win32 automation.

778 . Lingual Quanta

The Lingual Quanta is an organization created by software engineers that are interested in Natural Language Processing technologies focused in libraries useful for projects such as grammar checkers, text markups etc.

779 . Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-In

Memba Velodoc Outlook Add-in lets users send large files from within Microsoft Outlook 2003 or above using various server platforms including Velodoc XP Edition, Velodoc Enterprise Edition, BITS servers, FTP servers, UNC file shares and Amazon S3.

780 . MyGoogleSync

It's a MS Outlook 2007 Addin to synchronize MS Outlook 2007 and Google Contacts/Calendar

781 . OOIMapping

OOIMapping is an Add-On assisting the user in generating Documents that comply to Information MappingŽ standards. Information Mapping is a registered trademark of Information Mapping, Inc

782 . Offima

An office suite. It's still in a thought state, not even started to write the code (obviously). I will be uploading all of the project as soon as I start writing the code. Haven't yet even though of which language to use.

783 . OpenOSSAD

An application to design, manage, comunicate, improve and control processes and procedures implementing the ossad methodology. The openossad project has the goal of create two applications (OpenDESIGNER and OpenSERVER)

784 . PCS (Pest Control Suite)

PCS (Pest Control Suite) is written in Microfocus COBOL (Workbench) 3.2. The goal of this project is to convert it to Opencobol or TinyCobol. The original GPL release date for the software was March 1st, 2009.

788 . SpillGuard

SpillGuard is a Data Loss/Leak Prevention (DLP) plugin for Microsoft Office designed to help prevent the opening, saving or printing of Microsoft Office files containing classification markings higher than the classification of the user's computer.

789 . TerpCalc

This project was developed by students of a Software Engineering course. For additional information, please look at the Teaching link at

790 . Universal Access for Family Management

Public Computing Services strives to provide essential information management to families that can't afford commercial software. Browser-based applications help users manage health, communications, education, legal, financial, home and employment data.

791 . Windows Package Manager

Windows Package Manager is a free application created to simplify installing software from all different corners of the web.

792 . Zodiac Calculator v1.0

a perfect program wrote in visual basic.Net Language its find your zodiac by select a year and month ,day,and,hour of your birthday and you will see a wonderful results the program is free the program language ui is Arabic this program by OsaMa.NET

793 . earn

earn: a C console program to calculate the month earning of an employer you can isert your monthly earning how many hours and how many minutes you've done each day and it will calculate all automagically.

794 . ignition

ignition is a powerful spread-sheet application for AmigaOS.

795 . ooooasys

The goal of this project is to make an import filter of Fujitsu OASYS file format for

796 . softorganiser

SoftOrganiser is a simple emulation of a pocket organiser, with data shared by many users. It has a contacts page, schedules page which can be alarmed, and context-sensitive help. First thing I install on any new computer to this day to keep organised!

797 . zip2xml

A tool for direct ZIP archive (ODF/OOXML format, etc.) processing in XSLT.

798 . OOoDocs

OOoDocs is the Free and Open repository and development home for all documentation regarding the use, marketing, and anything else about OpenOffice.

799 . Bulgarian language support

The goal of this project is to provide spell check, grammar check and hyphenation for Bulgarian language for Open Source products such as, aspell, ispell etc.

800 . Yerase's TNEF Stream Reader

DEPRECATED - This is now hosted at ytnef is a program to work with procmail to decode TNEF streams (winmail.dat attachments) like those created with Outlook. Unlike other similar programs, it can also create vCalendar/vCard entries from meeting requests, address cards, and task entries.

801 . Portable Scribus

Portable (on-the-go) version of Scribus, an award-winning open source professional DTP with a combination of "press-ready" output and new approaches to page layout. Portable Scribus can be run on a pendrive, without installation.

802 . Warranty Tracking System (warrantytrack)

This is a web browser-based tracking tool. It helps you keep track of warranties of each piece of your products issued to your clients. Ideal for B2B and B2C businesses. Eg: sellers of hardware, electronics, machine parts, tools, etc.

803 . concalc

Concalc is a console spreadsheet program for windows written in dev-c++ (mingw) what has all the most common features, all files are available and fully working from the moment when this project was created on SourceForge, includes FAQ.

804 . WordWrap-macro

This macro removes line breaks (CR/LF characters) automatically when pasting text into Microsoft Word. Goal: save the busy writer a lot of tedious formatting of copy/paste text, such as quotes from PDF files.

805 . Adresse Copieur

Adresse Copieur permet de copier des phrases dans un bloc note et de le copier une phrase en un clic. Ce programme à été developper pour copie des Adresses. Le language de programmation est le C#. Le projet Fonctionne sous Mono(Windows, Linux,Mac).

806 . BigAnt IM Messenger 2.37

BigAnt IM Messenger is an effective solution for office communication.Secure, simple and stable!Easy for maintenance and with advanced features.

807 . CloudBeamer

CloudBeamer is a web-application useful for creating slides with the beamer package of LaTeX. Allows you to compile your presentations online, without installing anything.

808 . DaMaDesk

Java Interface From WEB with Servlet, enabling to have a small os from anywhere, with some applications

809 . EasyNote

EasyNote is a french Open Source (GPL) Java software wich offer means to take notes by writring or drawing, and to share while editing a note on local network. It's a digital notebook!

810 . Faxalo Printer

FAXALO printer driver is a module used to convert documents from various file formats to black and white TIFF FAX G3 format and forward them to any fax machine via internet fax services only to all italian fax for free. It is based on Popfax pr

813 . JavaPoint Web App

The project JavaPoint( converted to a java applet. This is basically an online open source PowerPoint. Please go to the web page to use the app.

816 . MyKubuntu 11.04 G

Linux distribution based on Kubuntu 11.04. Remastered version. Last kernel and updates. More then 90 applications pre-installed, nicer look, wallpapers, styles, tutorials... Prepared for new users. Simple installation. Just burn ISO file on DVD.

817 . OOSearch

OOSearch is a full text search program for files. It opens all files in a specified directory or volume and searches for a given keyword. The found files can be opened via OOSearch directly.

818 . Online Proposal Appraisal JAVA(OPA-JAVA)

OPA-JAVA is a full-featured online proposal appraisal system suitable for end-to-end administration of proposal request, submission, appraisal, selection and budgeting process, through to reporting, report review, approval, dissemination, and discussion.

820 . PDF Import Filter for KOffice

PDF import filter for KOffice (at the moment only for KWord). It currently imports text with formatting (font, color, tabulations) and images.

821 . PowerFiler

PowerFilerwill be a document storage system PowerFilerwill offer a unique approach to the user interface. The primary interface will be a file cabinet with a series of animated binders that represent collections of related documents.

822 . ReelWrite

ReelWrite is a project that develops a modified version of AbiWord (an open-source cross-platform word processor) to function as a screenwriting program and to support the standard hollywood scriptwriting format.

823 . Sethsoft Utility Suite

This is a miniOS that was created in VB and has a Internet Browser, Weather Forcaster, and many others. This is still under construction so please bear with us.

824 . Squirrel Fax

This project is to design a Gnome/GTK based fax application aimed at gnomeoffice. It provides a front-end for mgetty+sendfax (including full configuration), and can act as a fax interface for and fax to e-mail interface.

825 . TerpOffice

This application provides a uniform user interface for six applications developed and maintained by Prof. Atif Memon at the University of Maryland as part of many undergraduate and graduate courses.

826 . Universal Graphic Import Filter for Word

A general purpose passthrough import graphics filter compatible with Microsoft Word 97 or 2003, allows the ability to paste graphics of potentially any format into a Word document. Compiles with Microsoft Visual C++ 6 or above.

828 . Zoho plugins

A set of plugins that allow to edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations stored in open source content management systems (CMS/DMS), online file managers and other web applications. Zoho Remote API is used.

830 . instantWork

instantWork - a multi-platform office bussiness applications suite

831 . opendias

NB: openDIAS is moving away from Please visit the homepage link for the most update to date information, support and files. Document Imaging Archive System. Home document imaging, with OCR. Scan documents (with SANE) or import ODF documents, assign tags. Use openDIAS to store all our letters, bills, statements, etc in a convenient, safe and easily retrievable way.

834 . PkPdfConverter

A Windows Graphical User Interface for XPdf and PdfToHtml Tools. An easy way to convert PDF files in simple text, jpeg, html and or extract images. It use xpdf ( and pdftohtml

835 . odt2braille

odt2braille is a Braille extension to Writer. odt2braille enables authors to print documents to a Braille embosser and to export documents as Braille files. The Braille output is well-formatted and highly customizable.

837 . doc2pdf

Doc2pdf is an email robot that converts Microsoft Office attachments (.doc, .ppt, and .xls) to PDF. Next time you email a Microsoft Office document, CC doc2pdf. Doc2pdf will convert the attachment to PDF, and send it in a reply to all recipients.

838 . Access 97 Database Password thief

Access 97 Database Password thief is a tool which recovers forgot/lost password of database created in Microsoft Access 97. The project has been developed in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0.

839 . pdf2oo

pdf2oo converts pdf to odf. It creates an image for each page, allowing to overlay drawings and text and export it back to pdf. Handy for rewiews of scientific papers. The closest thing to a free pdf editor, "almost" an openoffice pdf import filter.

840 . clContacts

clContacts is a simple, small, and easy-to-use command line address book. The application let's you add, remove, find and edit your contacts. The entries are stored in a simple text file. clContacts has also built in command line arguments.

841 . Advanced Address and Calendar Tools

ACAT is a Web-based address and contact management system including a full user accountment written in PHP4. ...we also want to provide a collection of perl/java clients to guarantee fast access to the information stored in the database.

842 . BiomederNET35

Invoice/Stock/Ordering management system for our small Italian company using .NET 3.5 and Visual Basic Express Edition 2008

843 . CloudBeamer Development Project

CloudBeamer is a Cloud application which supports the creation of LaTeX presentations with the Beamer package. It allows you to edit and compile your LaTeX presentations online, without having to install anything. CloudBeamer adds the flexibility of seeing your slides compiled as you type without having to compile the entire presentation first, along with the option of exporting the presentation as an HTML5 page which shows the slides as if they where on the faces of a cube. Actually this feature, which appears in the editor too, is only supported by Google Chrome browser. This development project is intended to design new features for CloudBeamer and has so far reached the goal of adding Cloud Storage for presentations and images contained within them. This feature is designed in a modular way, which will allow in the near future to support other Cloud storage platforms than the one which is actually avaliable (Dropbox).

845 . Eclipse Office

Eclipse Office is based on Eclipse/EMF/GMF. Preconditions: Eclipse 3.4 and latest GMF runtime

846 . Feng

Online collaboration and productivity tools for the office. Manages organization information, projects, documents, e-mail, social network, etc. All in a centralized and integrated environment.

847 . Giggle Computer Suite

If you need an office suite, Giggle Computer Suite (GCS) can help. If you need a productivity suite, GCS can help. If you need a suite with tons of functions, GCS, can help. GCS is able to do all of these things. It can do things from, viewing a text file, to scanning a photo into a swatch collection, to compressing files into .zips. Also, you can view images, do math problems, and create simple sketches. Need a comprehensive, sustainable, and free computer suite? Also, we have three versions, one for a writer, one for a developer, or designer and one that has all of the tools (The Government Suite). Try GCS today. (If you wish to contribute to project, you may download the file in order to update this project)

848 . ISIS Hotel Management System

The ISIS Hotel Management System (ISIS HMS) is a collection of programs designed to ease the operation of a small to mid size(20-100 rooms) hotel.

849 . Jenius

Jenius - модуль раскраски слов-паразитов по заданным шаблонам в текстах. Предназначен для уменьшения времени вычитки статей, рассказов и пр.

850 . Linux Webstartup PLAY

Distro Linux based on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS with Unity desktop environment with all installed codecs, Libreoffice, Oracle Java 8 and Pipelight out of the box. Multilingual with Italian and English language by default and inside many improvements and tweaks. Updated on the 18/08/2014. Compatible 100% with Ubuntu's repository 32-bit operating system using 300 MB of Ram at boot completed!

853 . OOXML Validator

Scope of the project is the development of an IS29500 validator. This validator shall test the validity of documents regarding the document-standard ISO/IEC 29500 known as Office Open XML.

854 . Online Virtual Office using FOSS

This project aims at designing and implementing an Online Virtual Office using Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). Tools used in achieving this feat are Drupal Web Content Management System (WCMS), several existent FOSS and a handful of freeware. All the FOSS used to realize the features of the web application are indicated in the wiki section of the project. Putting the cost factor into consideration with respect to free and open source software being that they are always available, cost effective, stable and reliable, developing a software to relieve organisations of the cost and availability burden of existent virtual office software will definitely be a notable contribution not just to industries, but to the general body of knowledge surrounding free and open source software, and information technology as a whole.

857 . PowerMaker

PowerMaker will be a fully developed Text/Word Processor and Presentation/Slide Manager for MacOS X. Name comes from two commercial Apps it tries to resemble and mix in look and feel as good as possible: PowerPoint by Microsoft & FrameMaker by Adobe

859 . Shambiro

Shambiro is a web-based groupware, that is developed in PHP using MySQL as database. If you have proposals for new features - let us know!

860 . Star/OpenOffice SSP-Extensions

The aim of this project is to provide exportfilters and extensions that enable the popular Star/OpenOffice Suite to be used as a single source publishing application. Initial target formats are PDF and HTML customized for Print, Web and Presentations.

861 . TerpSpreadSheet

TerpSpreadsheet is a spreadsheet program. It is a pure Java product written primarily academic transactions. This program is unique in that it is a part of the TerpOffice suite.

863 . Woodrat Reader

Woodrat Reader is a fast and lightweight viewer for reading OpenDocument text files on Windows.

865 . engroup

Engroup is the web enterprise groupware promotes various collaboration methods plus adding company business management modules. Features are included: CRM, HRM, Document Management, Project Management, Chat, Wiki, Forum, News, Todo.

866 . jAddress

open version of Mac OS X address book, solving what jartisan believes to be serious limitations in the original app.

867 . openformula

OpenFormula is a specification for exchanging spreadsheet formulas, extending the OpenDocument specification. See for current information.

868 . statproof

An automatic proofreader using a category-based language model.

869 . Şerit Led

Şerit led aydınlatma ürünleri ve ışıklandırma ekipmanları konularında sipariş verebileceğiniz eşsiz kontrol panelli programımız ile sizde şerit led sarfiyatınızı ve sipariş vermeniz gereken led ürünlerini sitesinden sağlayabilirsiniz.

870 . AbiWord

The AbiWord word processor is a full-featured cross-platform word processor.

871 . ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is an open source and 100% free office suite, combining text, spreadsheet and presentation editors for working on documents offline. The application features all types of formatting options and allows users to edit complex documents. Collaboration features such as reviewing and real-time co-editing are available as well. The editors offer 100% compatibility with MS Office and support other popular document formats including OpenDocument. The application also allows connecting third-party plugins, making it easy for developers to write their own extensions and add new features to the editors. The application works across all popular platforms, including Windows (both 32-bit and 64-bit systems), Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives, Red Hat and derivatives, Mac OS 10.10 or higher.

872 . PHPRtfLite

PHPRtfLite is an API enabling developers to create rtf documents with php. PHPRtfLite is designed on OOP principles.

873 . MLA Auto-Generator

Generates correctly formatted(MLA, APA, Chicago, CPE, Turabian) entries for works cited or bibliography pages.

875 . ABL_xls.i

Library of procedures and functions that manage Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. Import Excel Spreadsheets (xls/xlsx) from Windows servers to ABL temp-tables via ActiveX. Generate native Excel Spreadsheets (xls/xlsx) from Windows servers via ActiveX. Generate native Excel XML Spreadsheet 2003 (xml) from Windows or Linux servers via native ABL. ---- There has been significant effort on my part to produce this code. It works and it works well. In return, I have two requests: 1. Please don't steal my work or remove the attribution. I wrote it and it's free for you to use in any project, commercial or otherwise. What harm is there in letting everyone know that I wrote it? 2. Please consider writing a review. A little feedback goes a long way.

876 . dksWordArt : WordArt java implementation

DKSWordArt est une librairie développée entièrement en Java permettant de créer des titres originaux et personnalisable. Vous avez ainsi la possibilité de modifier le texte, la police, la bordure, la texture, l'ombre et déformer le texte . DKSWord

877 . Ajax Office

Office Suite entirely usable via a browser, working with XHTML documents (via the DOM model) and entirely written in Javascript, using AJAX techniques. Nothing to be installed on your computer, the files stay on some server.

878 . BlackHawk OrGaNiZeR

Virtual Multi-Language Organizing application, like a virtual electronic diary which includes diary, planner, and many more little applications...

879 . ClubGear

ClubGear - A supporting system for a small/medium organization. Based on PHP/MySQL. (If you want to report a bug(or any in the tracker) in Chinese, please make sure you are using the UTF-8(unicode) encoding when you input in any field. Thanks:)

880 . DbMask

Another backend all-databases manager, yet!This will enable you to manage all kind of webpliance. Backend per amministrare database, ti permette di amministrare qualsiasi tipo di front-end sviluppato con estrazione di dati da DB

881 . Edit

Edit is a Visual Basic.NET program for all of your text editing needs. It is easy to use and is fully functional. Small size and small amount of memory needed.

882 . Finnish localisation of

Finnish localisation development project of The localisation project complements the Finnish native-lang project at, which publishes and promotes in Finnish.

884 . IT Management System

IT Management System is a project in progress to provide a web based application that integrates CRM, SFA, Work Orders, Cases, Dispatching, Live Support, Billing, Accounting and more come for businesses in the computer repair, sales and related industry.

885 . Jeppers

Jeppers is a full featured web-based spreadsheet editor written in Java. It also provides an LGPL grid component that can be used in Swing applications.

886 . Linux Webstartup WHOA

Distro Linux based on Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS 64-bit with Pantheon desktop environment and all installed codecs, Libreoffice, Samba, Oracle Java 8 and Pipelight out of the box and much more ... Multilingual with Italian and English language by default and inside many improvements and tweaks. Updated on the 02/10/2015. Compatible 100% with Ubuntu's repository. The operating system using 350 MB of Ram at boot completed. Available the 1.4 version updated with bug fixes.

888 . MyPDF Creator

MyPDF Creator allows you to easily create PDF documents from any Windows application that can print.

890 . OoOfficeAutomation

you can integrate and fully automate your work on openoffice CALC using openoffice SDK and my lib make it easy

891 . OpenOffice Search

OpenOffice Search is a document indexer and search engine for OpenOffice documents. It is Java-based, so it will run on any J2SE enabled platform and uses an embedded Derby (Cloudscape) database.

894 . Rendezvous Groupware Suite

Rendezvous is an open source web-based collaboration suite including e-mail, calendar, tasks, contacts, documents, projects, rss reader and mobile access. It features a rich user interface based on Adobe Flex.

895 . SharpPPT

A small piece of software browsing directories for powerpoint presentations and helping to get the latest version of particular slide.

896 . SuPreMe Addons v 1.0

SuPreMe Addons v1.0 Primeira versão do novo addons para Counter-Strike. Contém vários plugins e será atualizado constantemente. Utiliza AMX Mod X. Produção Brasileira

898 . ValidODF

A validation tool for accessibility standards & guidelines within OASIS Open Document Format (ODF) files.

899 . Word Doctor

Word Doctor is a word editor/ writers aid, designed to analyze writing "Content" and "Style". Inspire your creative process and get to work fast using dictation (Speech to Text), or the Ink-Blot test to inspire creativity. Analyze what you already have and Identify imagery, weak writing structures, and more. Content is king, and Word Doctor can certainly help with that!

901 . exportFromXL

exportFromXL is a SAS macro for exporting data from Excel into CSV or TXT files using Dynamic Data Exchange. It works on all versions of PC SAS, Excel and Windows -- but notably not on any version of SAS running off of a server.

903 . openhrm

Open source web based Human Resources management software.

904 . sxw2any

This program batch converts OpenOffice 1 and 2 documents to any format supported by OpenOffice 1/2 using the experimental COM-interface.

905 . Бот заказа ЕГРН

Бот заказывает и скачивает выписки из Единого государственного реестра недвижимости (ЕГРН) вместо пользователя. Будет полезен лицам, имеющим право бесплатно запрашивать сведения ЕГРН