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GR8 is a “Top Of The Line” international team of creative professionals dedicated to designing and customizing the most exclusive experiences the world has to offer for our portfolio of private and corporate clients. We have proven expertise to bring your most ambitious dreams and projects to life. we wish to give you the best gift of all: peace of mind that you and your guests will enjoy the highest levels of service, responsiveness and support on all aspects of your program. We pride ourselves on our ability to customize and personalize each experience, whether it is a romantic experience in venice for two people, or an international sales meeting of 500. a seamless organization, a friendly and knowledgeable, international team are at your disposal and make us your ideal partner for all your personal and professional needs: from curating a tennis clinic with your favorite atp legend, close to the public the number one restaurant in the world, privatizing some of the world’s most important monuments and museums, or designing an outstanding incentive or meeting.





Zühlke is a global innovation service provider. We envisage ideas and create new business models for our clients by developing services and products based on new technologies – from the initial vision through development to deployment, production and operation. We specialise in strategy and business innovation, digital solutions and application services – in addition to device and systems engineering. Our outstanding solutions provide unique business value and a reliable foundation for sustained success. Zühlke was founded in Switzerland in 1968 and is owned by its partners. Our 1,300 employees are based in Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hong Kong, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Vietnam, serving clients from a wide range of industries. In addition, our venture capital arm Zühlke Ventures provides start-up financing in the high-tech sector.


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Szukasz dedykowanego oprogramowania które usprawni działanie twojej firmy. Sklepu internetowego, który zwiększy dochody z sprzedaży twoich towarów czy usług. Strony internetowej, która wypromuje informację o twojej działalności. Mamy dla ciebie ofertę napisz, doprecyzuje tylko czego potrzebujesz a my sprawnie wycenimy, określimy czas realizacji a po wykonaniu zlecenia pomożemy w dotarciu do jak największej ilości odwiedzających.


Nowy Sącz

Information technology and services


Helping businesses leverage the full potential of AI Varix aims in changing the perspective of viewing the world. The company was established with the sole ambition of exploring unique ethical applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is our firm belief that this advanced wave of state-of-the-art technology will transform and reshape the dynamics of businesses by unleashing their full potential.


Computer Software

The Insights

Empower your Business with the exceptional AI services from The Insights We ensure that our AI solutions perfectly meet all your enterprise needs. From using latest tech tools to developing innovative and creative solutions, we deliver the best of AI empowering your businesses in every possible way. We Drive Smart AI solutions for Tangible Business Outcomes We transform your businesses by putting AI in action. We encourage digital transformation by delivering strategic AI solutions with the use of latest technologies. Our on-point customized services along with the consulting focused on your specific business requirements let you gain that extra edge among your competitors. - Customized AI solutions - Reliable solutions delivered on time - Maintenance and support service that go a long way - Result-oriented Business Solutions



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Story Health

You are not alone. Navigating illness can be isolating, but it doesn’t have to be. At Health Story Collaborative, we believe in story sharing for health. We are patient-centered, research-based, and committed to the therapeutic power of storytelling. We strive to create a space where story sharing is valued and honored within the healthcare system. Explore the site, listen to stories and consider crafting and sharing your own.


Better technology, better design, Great apps. We are a global digital product & UX agency focusing on new cutting edge technologies of web and mobile. We create disruptive change by crafting best-in-class design, software, and ventures. Explore our products

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Information technology and services

Quad Ventures SDN BHD

Creating Digital solutions that enable the business to achieve outstanding results In the current global scenario, to retain your existing users and grab new customers you need to outpace your competition. QuadVentures is the finest and well-established Web Design and Development Company which is specialized in providing professional and reasonable solutions to customers across the globe. We help our clients to achieve their strategic business goals through our Technical Expertise, Innovation, and Project Management Skills.


Information Technology & Services




Information technology and services

New Ocean IS

This is what we have been following for nearly 10 years. As a service company, we understand that our clients are precious and we will continue our quest to satisfy their needs.



Lobster Technologies

We help new Start-ups and established companies to flourish! A bunch of professional domain experts teamed up together under the umbrella of Lobster. We have one thing in common, that we value our clients and we don’t compromise over quality. Customer satisfaction is our goal because that’s the driving force behind our work satisfaction and success. We cannot say more “About Us”, and we would like to hear from you. Building a business in tech without technical skills can be tricky. You don’t know what you don’t know, but you also need to be careful about overextending before the economics make sense. At the same time, good people with tech skills are in extraordinarily high demand, which means that you’re competing with basically everyone to get someone you want. If you want to start a company but you do not have technical skills, you may be in a position where you need to look for a tech partner for your startup. Programming and other technical jobs are usually high-paying, and good people are always going to be in demand. If you are looking to hire someone, you will not only be competing against other startups like your own, but also against large well-resourced companies like Google, Apple, Salesforce, and more. In the initial stages of a project, there is not much you can offer a potential CTO or tech cofounder that can’t be topped elsewhere. Equity is useful to a point, but 50% of nothing is still nothing. On the other hand, working for too long without a tech partner you trust can lead to bad choices that can haunt you for years. Getting a prototype build on the cheap is one thing, but if it can’t scale or version, you’ll lose time and money doing work you’ve already paid for. The trick to finding a tech partner is all about a trusted experienced partner. If you know where you are in the development cycle you can make decisions that both help you take the next steps and pay off in the long run. Contact Lobster Technologies and Let us discuss your

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Information technology and services


ITTStar is a customer‐centric enterprise that delivers global software solutions with specialization in digitalization of business assets, using data analytics. Our unique approach facilitates solving complex problems by helping businesses build cloud‐native data platforms, enabling capabilities that drive innovative solutions.

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Information technology and services

Ishara Data Solutions Ltd

Ishara Data Solutions Ltd. is an Information Technology company based out of Nairobi, Kenya. We assist companies to optimize their operations by offering: - Flexible, cutting-edge infrastructure SYSTEMS at lower costs - Off-the-shelf and custom SOFTWARE that fit your operation - Insights into your business for informed DATA-driven decision-making


Information technology and services


Desenvolvimento de assistentes virtuais disponíveis 24 horas por dia para atendimento atraves de plataformas de mensagem como o Messenger


SignalPET offers advanced artificial intelligence-supported veterinary radiology. See how SignalPET can make a difference for your practice.



Metawave is a technology company that seeks to revolutionize the future of wireless communications. Leveraging adaptive metamaterials and artificial...



Syntiant's ultra-low-power deep learning processors enable Always-On Voice (AOV) control for most any battery-powered device, from earbuds to laptops, at near-zero power.



Display IDX real estate listings on Realtor websites and mobile devices with Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feeds provided by IDX Broker.

real estate


Fusemachines offers quality AI education programs worldwide for students and engineers to build a career in Artificial Intelligence.

professional training & coaching


twoXAR is a pharmaceutical company that has built a development portfolio targeting more than 18 different diseases. twoXAR's unique approach to drug discovery combines steps from the traditional multi-step approach to R&D that severely limits the pace of drug discovery.

pharmaceuticals makes universal working environment software for synthetic planning chemists.



CytoReason: Turning data into biology into clinical edge - machine learning for target discovery and drug development


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