10X Technologies

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At 10X, we want ambitious, talented software engineers to join us in building revolutionary DNA sequencing technology. Our multi-disciplinary team in microfluidics, biochemistry, mechanical engineering, computational biology, and software has a proven track record of delivering successful commercial products built on deep technological innovation. We are pursuing an enormous market with backing from tier-one venture investors. While DNA sequencing technology has advanced rapidly, its still at a level equivalent to what assembly language was to computing, with huge advances yet to be made. 10X is creating products that will do for sequencing what C did for computing, bringing a leap in higher-order clarity to what is now very low-level information. Software is a key part of that leap. The scale and complexity of analyzing and visualizing DNA sequencing data means this is an area with no shortage of hard problems, where brilliant engineering still matters and can yield big payoffs.

   Oakland, United States

   Information Technology and Services




Year : 2012
Annual Revenue : 10000000
Employees : 50
Total Money Raised  : $3M
Address  : 5799 BALMORAL DR