Taylor Real Estate & Management, LLC.

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Taylor Real Estate & Management, LLC, is a full service property management firm which has been in operation since March 1, 1997. Steadily it has grown from 18 multifamily apartment units in the first year to over 600 today. We manage properties from the Willamette Valley to the Idaho border. Spencer Taylor started the company with no properties under management and a vision. It took six months, but on September 1, 1997, the first management contract commenced. There are many ways, however, in which the company and the vision started years ago. Mr. Taylor's father, a HUD property manager and former aerospace engineer, involved all four of his sons in site inspections and property tours. Eventually, Mr. Taylor was painting units, pulling weeds, cleaning, and performing a wide range of tasks. When Mr. Taylor started this company, he was working as a real estate and business lawyer at the Salem law firm of Churchill, Leonard, Brown, Lodine and Hendrie, LLP. To some people it seemed odd for a practicing lawyer from a larger Salem law firm to start such a management company. However, starting Taylor Real Estate & Management, LLC, was a natural outgrowth of Mr. Taylor's experiences in business, real estate, and property management. So the tradition continues.

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Year : 1997
Annual Revenue : 10000000
Employees : 50
Total Money Raised  : 
Address  : 876 WELCOME WAY SE