Jielan Information Company

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Hangzhou Jielan Information Company is a supplier of mobile Internet and financial service, mainly engaged in mobile Internet, convenient payment, as well as the binding and service of electronic financial instrument. The electronic financial instrument, launched by Hangzhou Jielan Information Technology Co., Ltd. in association with Union Pay Commerce, is an innovation in the O2O industry. Upon binding a bank card and associating it with a coupon online, the user can swipe the card on POS offline to pay the bill and enjoy the discount. Meanwhile, banks can also provide cardholders with value-added services byimplanting promotional information package of merchants into Union Pay card.

   Hangzhou, China

   Financial Services




Year : 2010
Annual Revenue : 10000000
Employees : 
Total Money Raised  : $0
Address  : Hengxin Building, 21st Floor, 588 South Avenue