2 Way Creative

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Juan & Annie, both passionate for film, photography, music, & the creative arts, decided to start 2 Way Creative to make high quality productions accessible to everyone. Because we are family owned, do the work ourselves, & own our equipment, not only are the prices the best around, but the quality is consistent since we are involved personally, in every step of the way. Bigger companies tend to outsource the work to various freelancers they have never even worked with before, we’ve been there. This company is our family, & we’d like to keep it that way. So you will always only have to deal with us & our friendly crew, no strangers.

   Miami, United States

   Media Production



    +1 786-693-3580

Year : 2013
Annual Revenue : 1000000
Employees : 10
Total Money Raised  : 
Address  : 479 NE 30th St