3D Industri.es

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3D Industri.es is redefining the online 3D experience with its unique and powerful 3D search technology. Users can navigate the 3D web and search for 3D models accurately, intuitively and quickly, using 3D shapes alone. Amongst other things, this overcomes the limitations of language. The firm offers a range of products and solutions based on this 3D search technology, including industry-specific search portals, and data management solutions for large online and offline 3D databases. Mobile device apps for 3D search are also available. An example portal includes 3Dpartsource.com, a site dedicated to matching buyers and manufacturers of industrial components using 3D shape. 3D Industri.es is leading the way in developing solutions that provide 3D content authorship authentication, helping breed confidence in open sharing of 3D data. This will support rapid professionalisation and expansion of this area.

   London, United Kingdom

   Computer Software




Year : 2012
Annual Revenue : 10000000
Employees : 50
Total Money Raised  : 1,200.0K
Address  : 21-24 Millbank