Draslaric is a high-end Metaphysical designer label that provides high-end metaphysical products and services established by renowned Master of Metaphysics (Spiritual & Religion), Ajahn/Master Jarius Draslaric. Throughout the years, it had helped countless in improving their lives, homes, and businesses metaphysically. Draslaric had also evolved numerously to provide better identification, products, and services, to play a greater part. Today, Draslaric had evolved to a group consisting of three companies, Draslaric Consultation, Draslaric On The Move, and Draslaric Metaphysics. In addition, our founder and CEO, Ajahn Jarius, had the honor to be presented the appointment of Chairman of the prestigious Metaphysics Association Singapore (MPAS).




Singapore Singapore

70 Shenton Way, #21-06 Singapore 079118


Last Updated : on 2021-09-07

Jarius Draslaric
Chief Executive Officer
Metaphysician, Designer, Psychologist