Over 2 billion desktop owners worldwide now have the option to join GamerHash platform and put their computers to work, for them. 360 000+ users globally have already trusted us and as a result, we have successfully finalized 460 000+ payments to users'​ in-app wallets. How does GamerHash work? In a nutshell, GamerHash is an innovative, blockchain-supported application which facilitates the exchange of desktop computing power for various digital goods provided in our integrated store. In the same way, as Uber or Airbnb allow people to monetize their vehicles or unused living space, GamerHash enables monetizing computing power through cryptocurrency mining. Users make excess power available via the GamerHash application, in return, they select cash equivalents in the form of bitcoins, prepaid cards, retail gift cards, food delivery vouchers, telecom top-ups to name a few. For outsourcing PC's power, there are plenty of digital rewards users may choose from - love to watch movies, listen to music or buy goods - go for Netflix vouchers, Spotify top-ups, Amazon or Apple gift cards. Relax while playing League of Legends, Counter-Strike or Fortnite, don't forget to add Riot Points, top-up your Steam wallet for a better experience. Prefer cold hard cash - opt for Paysafecards or just withdraw BTC to your external wallet. Overall, our store carries 500+ products and the best thing about it is that you get them instantly, no waiting, no fuss. We are a fast-growing company currently on the lookout for partners who would make our store offer more diverse. Drop us a line, if you have digital products such as premium services/pro-accounts, gift cards, vouchers, telecom top-ups, or any other virtual product you think might be a good fit.

Created on 2022-04-11