Imaging & Interventional Specialists

Harvard trained physician Dr Williams performs "pinhole" treatments for peripheral vascular disease, uterine fibroid embolization, prostate artery embolization advanced cancer treatments, varicose veins, pain management, pelvic congestion syndrome etc. Dr Williams is a vascular & interventional specialist who uses live image interpretation to guide needles, catheters, wires and miniaturized devices around the body under imaging control. Dr Williams has been a trusted specialist here for many years accepting referrals from the community's top doctors: PCPs, oncologists, urologists, pulmonologists, nephrologists, cardiologists, gastrenterologists, heptologists, orthopedists, podiatrists, endocrinologists to name a few Contact us: Phone: 9152606902 Address: 1601 Murchison Drive, El Paso TX 79902

Created on 2022-05-25