Lykedin is more than just an executive dating site. It;s the the world's first free-access social network dating platform for executive singles which bridges the gap between Linkedin and the social networking environment- with none of the stigma and security issues associated with traditional dating sites.\r\n\r\nThe majority of today’s dating sites are now down-market, syndicated and vulgar. Existing dating site operators seem quite content to continue pedalling the same “free membership” (which is actually a subscription model) and marketing the same content (the content being people) under different brands targeting different niche audiences. And why wouldn’t they?- their business is to take money via subscription, and that’s what they do.\r\n\r\nlykedin is different- as well as being free, it offers substantially more than any dating site that requires subscription, including free chat, emails, video chat, forums, blogs and much more. It offers no quick fix for a date tonight, it doesn’t ask personal questions and doesn’t publish or promote your profile to inappropriate prospects, or worse still, prospects who are not who they claim to be, leaving you exposed and vulnerable.\r\n\r\nlykedin believe the best way of getting to know someone is by learning more about that person, one to one, over time, without pressure and in a secure environment. Don’t look for a quick result; look for the right result. Look on lykedin.\r\

Created on 2022-03-06