At Aaranyam, We believe in elevating and embracing natural beauty. Our sole mission is to create safe and non toxic skin care products that every individual can relish, Each batch of product is hand made by the owners themselves, Thus, what you get is a beautiful blend that has been created by us with love and care. Every ingredient has been added for a particular reason, creating an all natural and a safe formula, something that is rarely found in today’s cosmetic world. Our Natural Skin Care Products are divided into small batches for utmost care and supervision. We only use certified natural ingredients without any harmful chemicals, sulphates or any other additives that are found in mass market products which not only damage your skin but mother nature as well. All the products at Aaranyam are created by us and tested on us, on real people. Every product is cruelty free and no testing has been done on animals at the initiative of Aaranyam. We only source our raw materials from the ones who have no association to animal cruelty of any sort. With a love for environment and healthy skin, We have formulated skincare products that are not only sustainable for the environment but good for your skin. WHY AARANYAM? We believe that every individual is beautiful in their own intrinsic way. We want to change the way Indians look at the skincare industry and its products at large. We believe that if people focus and invest in good skincare, they would elevate their natural beauty. We strongly believe that beauty is all about embracing and enhancing what we have and not trying to cover up our natural authenticity on a daily basis. 60% of what goes onto our skin actually goes into our skin as well, as the skin tends to absorb what applies on it like a sponge. Thus, our main goal is to create natural skincare that are not only synthetic and toxic free, but give you effective results that makes you fall in love with your skin! We wish to elevate natural beauty w



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Last Updated : on 2021-11-25