Trukkin is leading techno-logistics platform providing world-class cloud-based intelligent operations and services that unite shippers, transporters, brokers and drivers through one seamless, integrated interface. With its home bases in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan, Trukkin serves over 12 countries in the region and solves logistical needs by providing seamless connectivity all through. With their world-class tech product suite, unmatched ground operations and seamless connectivity throughout their service area, Trukkin simplifies transportation for everyone involved. Enhancing transparency, demand and profits while reducing overheads, Trukkin empowers drivers, brokers, shippers and transporters with its product suite which includes multi-lingual apps, a powerful web portal and other custom tech products providing an experience that is unmatched in the industry. Reaping the benefits of choosing Trukkin’s world-class platform is nearly instant, as transporters see reduced overheads and timely payments, shippers benefit from real-time tracking and updates and drivers get access to speedy payments, world-class training, benefits and optimized routes. Trukkin strives to revolutionize the trucking industry from the inside out by empowering everyone involved in the business to reap the benefits of using world-class technology and infrastructure.


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Dubai United Arab Emirates

Last Updated : on 2021-06-01

Janardan Dalmia
CEO and Founder
United Arab Emirates