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ATO Automation Inc established in 2009, we are well-known as one-stop online store of supplying wide range industrial automation products. We provide services to customers around the world, and provide a large number of equipment/electronics/components for you to choose from, and provide the expertise needed to help your project. We have a large group of satisfied customers who rely on our expertise and guaranteed satisfaction. ATO can provide right angle gearboxes with high gear ratios of 4:1 and 5:1. If you need a higher gear ratio, we also provide customization. ATO Right Angle Gearbox Features: ・Spiral bevel gears, bearings, gear box, input shaft, output shaft and other components consist the right angle gearbox. ・The spiral bevel right angle gearbox is also a steering gear box, which 90° changes the transmission direction. Small mounting size, high torque, high speed. ・Spiral bevel gears are made of alloy steel, which is hardened by carburizing, and has high rigidity and wear resistance. The bearing is a tapered roller bearing, which can withstand greater torque. ・The gear box material is cast iron. The input shaft and output shaft are made of #45 steel, which has been carburized and heat treated. ・Spiral bevel 90 degree gearbox are used in textile industry, food processing machinery, conveying machinery, packaging machinery, automation machinery, etc. More detail please visit the website:

Right Angle Gearbox, BLDC Motor, Single Phase VFD, Gas Detector, Pump, Sensor, Load Cell, Frequency Converter, Power Inverter, Solenoid Valve, Relay, Voltage Stabilizer


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