Xbox Live Gamerhub

XBLGamerhub is a community of passionate dedicated gamers who together have created the most rapidly expanding Xbox community on the web. Mostly based in the UK, our team work tirelessly to improve it's members' online gaming experiences. So if you're tired of 'nerd rage', stupid kids, abuse, 'noobs', want some real competition or just want to play with some like minded people then this might just be the community for you! It couldn't be easier! Just join the site today and get talking to friendly gamers from the same time-zone and language - you'll be enjoying online gaming like never before. We place a great emphasis on social gaming, XBLGamerhub promotes this in every way, our aim: to round up all the funny, friendly, geeky, nerdy super awesome gamers! And get them all together on Xbox Live to take full advantage of all that the platform has to offer; we provide: - encourage member-lead events through our easy-to-use 'events system' - upload regular video blogs - blogs, reviews & news Our dedicated XBLG team will be on hand daily, updating and maintaining the Hub. However it's important to remember that you are also an important part of the Hub and for this reason we have enabled all users the ability to set up your very own gaming profile, upload blogs/videos and become an integral part of XBLG. Our members can contribute as much or as little as they wish, no pressure - just sign up and enjoy yourself. " We decided to bring this site to UK gamers to allow them to find people and make friends with gamers they wished to play with; instead of being matched with randoms.

Created on 2022-03-06