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About Us
As Indians, everyone wants pure and fresh milk and other dairy products everyday. The keenness of getting fresh milk or dairy products is fundamental to our legacy and we all look back lovingly visits to our native towns and villages. However, it's seen that the quality of milk that gets delivered to our homes is far poorer to what we suppose, reconstituted with milk powder, adultrated and has questionable storage and weak cold chain. engages directly with the hi tech dairy farms like our own farms, eliminating all middle men, follows ethical and process oriented production and procurement practices and invests in cold chain logistics and quality testing infrastructure and promise customers to deliver fresh & pure milk and other dairy products to their door step every morning. not only delivers the high quality of fresh & pure milk but also our state-of-the-art user friendly mobile app makes our customer life easy like she order once and we deliver daily or alternate days or week days etc, an easy payment options, detailed and transparent billing and single tap order quantity change till 12 AM.

Our Mission
Mission at is to deliver natural, fresh and unadulterated milk to customer doorstep every day. Natural means straight from the farm with no addition of milk powder or preservatives, no hormones or antibiotics. Fresh means that the milk reaches the consumer in 24-36 hours of milking. Unadulterated means scientific quality testing of milk for adulteration at every stage.

Our Team
Sudhir Jain - Every family fundamently requires pure and fresh milk and we promise to deliver them same quality of milk like they have their own cattle next to their house.

Sanjay Kumar Jain - Using Technology it is possible to deliver the fresh and pure milk to large number of families everyday.
Ishu Jain - Customers are important to us, regular on time delivery o


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Over 2 billion desktop owners worldwide now have the option to join GamerHash platform and put their computers to work, for them. 360 000+ users globally have already trusted us and as a result, we have successfully finalized 460 000+ payments to users'​ in-app wallets. How does GamerHash work? In a nutshell, GamerHash is an innovative, blockchain-supported application which facilitates the exchange of desktop computing power for various digital goods provided in our integrated store. In the same way, as Uber or Airbnb allow people to monetize their vehicles or unused living space, GamerHash enables monetizing computing power through cryptocurrency mining. Users make excess power available via the GamerHash application, in return, they select cash equivalents in the form of bitcoins, prepaid cards, retail gift cards, food delivery vouchers, telecom top-ups to name a few. For outsourcing PC's power, there are plenty of digital rewards users may choose from - love to watch movies, listen to music or buy goods - go for Netflix vouchers, Spotify top-ups, Amazon or Apple gift cards. Relax while playing League of Legends, Counter-Strike or Fortnite, don't forget to add Riot Points, top-up your Steam wallet for a better experience. Prefer cold hard cash - opt for Paysafecards or just withdraw BTC to your external wallet. Overall, our store carries 500+ products and the best thing about it is that you get them instantly, no waiting, no fuss. We are a fast-growing company currently on the lookout for partners who would make our store offer more diverse. Drop us a line, if you have digital products such as premium services/pro-accounts, gift cards, vouchers, telecom top-ups, or any other virtual product you think might be a good fit.


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Torque360 is an auto repair software company in the U.S. that provides workflow management software for repair shops such as: - Auto Repair - Detailing and Wrapping - Motorcycle Repair - RV Repair It is a cloud-based auto repair shop software tailor made for the aftermarket auto-repair and services industry, helping garage owners focus on their core business activities. Torque360 lets you schedule appointments, do quick digital inspections, carry out seamless digital payments and much more! All of this from one single platform. Torque360 auto repair management software allows garage owners to stay updated on everything happening in their repair shop. Furthermore, Torque360’s streamlined workflow allows you to get more repair jobs done in less time. Integrations are an essential part of any auto repair software. With Torque360, you get access to CARFAX and Nexpart, even in the free version. Torque360 introduces a dashboard for your technicians in the form of a Technician Portal. Your techs can view their jobs, check working hours and even see their earnings from a single location. Payments are where Torque360 helps you too. With Torque Payments, you get the best rates for every transaction you make. Torque360 values transparency and customer feedback. The entire software is built from the ground up on the feedback of garage owners. And we want small businesses to grow as well. This is why you can use Torque360 for free! There are no “lock-in” contracts, hidden charges or any other catch.

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AHD Clinic

AHD Clinic 448 E 147th St The Bronx, NY 10455 (929)-999-1880 Working Hours: Mon - Fr 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Sat - Sun - Closed Payment: cash, check, credit cards. The U.S. ranks dead last in preventable deaths among the 19 leading industrialized nations! We’re clearly off target in our approach to healthcare. Over 70 million Americans live with chronic pain—back pain and headaches top the list. Back pain is the leading cause of adult disability in America, costing more than cancer and heart disease combined. In 2008, the New York Times declared: “Despite spending $86 billion in 2005 on spine treatments, impaired function is increasing and we’re losing the battle against back pain. The biggest surge in spending has been for…narcotic pain relievers.” Newsweek stated that prescription drugs are the fourth leading cause of death, killing twice as many Americans as AIDS or suicide, and more than accidents or diabetes. This doesn’t even include outpatient care, malpractice, improper use of drugs or over-the-counter medications. My Strategy: Resolve your health conditions and other life problems from a holistic mindset and approach. “Holistic” means caring for the person as a whole (whole mind, whole body and whole spirit) instead of just as an accumulation of symptoms. I’ve dedicated my life to bringing holistic care to my patients and a holistic message to the world in order to solve pain and health issues and contribute to the solution of larger global concerns.

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