Uber for Tow Truck services

Hello everyone Shall we start a business with our RebuTow Truck? RebuTow truck (Uber for Tow truck) is an application that offers online truck booking. Use our rebutow truck is the most customized software solution with the latest new features for towing roadside assistance. Nowadays vehicles are suddenly stucks on highway roads, also without fuel, soo people are struggling without any nearby mechanic shop. And people are feeling bad, So we introduced our rebutow truck. The customer can contact the nearest roadside service support using our RebuTow Truck. In rebutow truck application available in both Andriod and Ios supported. There are more features in our rebutow truck they are: Real-time Geo tracking Responsive web panel Call masking Toggle driver availability Advanced analytics integration White label solutions Heatmap view Multiple payment gateways Wallet payment Waiting charges To explore more:

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