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As Indians, everyone wants pure and fresh milk and other dairy products everyday. The keenness of getting fresh milk or dairy products is fundamental to our legacy and we all look back lovingly visits to our native towns and villages. However, it's seen that the quality of milk that gets delivered to our homes is far poorer to what we suppose, reconstituted with milk powder, adultrated and has questionable storage and weak cold chain. engages directly with the hi tech dairy farms like our own farms, eliminating all middle men, follows ethical and process oriented production and procurement practices and invests in cold chain logistics and quality testing infrastructure and promise customers to deliver fresh & pure milk and other dairy products to their door step every morning. not only delivers the high quality of fresh & pure milk but also our state-of-the-art user friendly mobile app makes our customer life easy like she order once and we deliver daily or alternate days or week days etc, an easy payment options, detailed and transparent billing and single tap order quantity change till 12 AM.

Our Mission
Mission at is to deliver natural, fresh and unadulterated milk to customer doorstep every day. Natural means straight from the farm with no addition of milk powder or preservatives, no hormones or antibiotics. Fresh means that the milk reaches the consumer in 24-36 hours of milking. Unadulterated means scientific quality testing of milk for adulteration at every stage.

Our Team
Sudhir Jain - Every family fundamently requires pure and fresh milk and we promise to deliver them same quality of milk like they have their own cattle next to their house.

Sanjay Kumar Jain - Using Technology it is possible to deliver the fresh and pure milk to large number of families everyday.
Ishu Jain - Customers are important to us, regular on time delivery o


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Zazá was born in 2005 in Napoli, Italy, after long R&D in the food industry. Core business is authentic Italian gelato, characterized by a low amount of fat. Authentic Gelato is surprisingly rare to find outside of Italy. London, the most cosmopolitan city in Europe, was selected for the first POS, traditional Italian food in an elegant design with global ambitions. The inspiration behind the name Zazà comes from the famous Italian love song “Dove sta Zazà?” – “Where is Zazà?” written in 1946 by 2 Neapolitan fellow-citizens named Cutolo & Cioffi, among the optimistic spirit that Italy had right after the second world war, during the period that was also known as “miracolo italiano” the Italian miracle. The singer of this emotional song is searching for his girlfriend Zazà while lost in the middle of an overcrowded, local celebration, the ‘festa di San Gennaro’. Gennaro is the famous patron saint of Naples, Italy and is still widely celebrated around the world. After desperately asking those around, much to his delight he eventually finds her. The founders of Zazà translated his longing to find his girlfriend to ice cream and the evident lack of genuine, Italian gelato ice cream and the difficulty in locating it among all these Italian-named non-italian icecream retailers! The founders of Zazà’s involvement in the ice cream industry can be traced back to 1898. It was at this time that the founding family printed packaging for small ice cream manufacturers.

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