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Shahen Logistics

Introducing Shahen Logistics, a platform that provides a trucking services solutions to all of those who need it. Shahen is a Saudi Arabian company, and its headquarters is in Riyadh City. The platform offers an application for partners and individuals, and a business website for companies. For individuals, carrying heavy loads in one’s car can be impossible, the traffic can be impossible, and the time is not enough. Here’s where Shahen appears for help. Individuals can order Pickup cars for carrying heavy loads within the city and order a Dyna truck for heavy loads between once city and another. As for the Partners, there is a way to ensure the loyalty of your own customers by ordering them a truck yourself to deliver their purchases. When the store owner orders the truck, the customer’s phone number must be submitted so the customer would receive an SMS and complete the details with the payment. This way, the delivery is confirmed and both parties are satisfied. As for companies, there is a complete business website to help simplify the whole logistic process. All trucks are available in the order section, Traila, Lorry, Six, Dyna and Pickup. There is a shared wallet that can be filled by one of the available payment methods which all are made online. There are also receipts and order history page to keep record of all your activity. There are options in which roles are added for employees, accountants or monitoring only. For a safer service, all drivers are licenced and confirmed by Wassel, a programme made by the Saudi transportations’ authority. All drivers are professional and trustworthy. Users can also ask for extra help to carry heavy loads during loading and unloading when booking a service. It is important to know that there are banned loads such are the ones that go against what the Saudi logistics policies and the dangerous loads such as chemical and harmful materials.

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